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Chapter: (194) The Demon Lord’s true identity

Translator: Tseirp

“I’ll take you on seriously.”

I said to the Demon Lord even though I was looking for a way to retreat. In other words, I confirmed with my side view my escape route, to use the ship of the fainted pirates who hired Haru.

Judging by the way the Demon Lord fought until now, her fighting style was more towards magic specialization and her speed was not that quick.

Meaning she might not be able to catch up… if I focus everything on escaping. It will be my victory if I escape to the ship, meet up with Malina and we escape into My World.

The fighting style of Jobless, in other words, there is no shame nor lack of honor in escaping. Escaping is victory.

But the Demon Lord stood in the way of that escape path.

I’ll first have to make her move.

“You’re lying abouch fightching, you plan to eschape.”

“I’ve been found out!”


“Don’t call me pathetic! I have almost no magical power left and am in a weakened state after all! Hey, can’t you let me go? I have no intention of fighting against you.”

“The answer is no”

So there’s no way other than to fight?

“Then lets at least take off this armor. I’m afraid of getting put on the wanted list but that can’t be helped.”


The Demon Lord rejected my suggestion and attacked with flying darkness blades.

I continued to just barely dodge the attacks but just getting scratched by them would form a hole in the gold armor and leave some scratches on my body.

What offensive power.

I have no choice but to run away after all. I should be able to slip away from the Demon Lord when she’s on her own ― or so I thought when I was struck with even more despair.

The Demon Lord extended her hand.

Upon doing so, a rift suddenly appeared beside her.

That is ― is that magic similar to my own My World?”

‘No way’, I thought to myself but a huge hand emerged from that rift ― correction, it was a huge front paw.

Just a single one of that front foot covered in white fur was larger than me.

And the thing that ultimately emerged was an enormous white wolf.

She summoned a seriously insane monster.

Maybe it is the Demon Lord’s kin?

Isn’t it ten times larger than an ordinary wolf?

And then, there was a single shadow on its back. When I saw the single young girl riding on that monstrous wolf,

I inadvertently sucked in a breath.

The person riding on Fenrir’s back was Sheena who I previously met on the uninhabited island.

But if I remember correctly, Sheena was with the Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei.

“Don’t tell me, you are the Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei?”

”… I am the reincarnation of that Demon Lord.”

She hesitated for a moment but the Demon Lord affirmed it.

“Then do you recall a white wolf race girl named Haurvatat?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then all the more we don’t have to fight! Haurvatat is my companion.”

”… Don’t jest. That child is an earnest child. She will not become the companion of a pirate.”

She claimed. It’s true that Haru is stubbornly earnest. I would probably not believe it either if I was told that Haru was the companion of a pirate.

However ― it was true that the battle was meaningless.

Sheena No.3 leaped off from the enormous wolf.

“Sheena, you fight too. It’s an order.”

The Demon Lord’s voice suddenly changed. It didn’t change the fact that it still sounded like the voice of a young girl but it had become the voice of a girl about primary school age.

It sounded familiar for some reason though.

“Yes, Grandmaster.”

“Wait, Sheena! I don’t want to fight with you guys! Please persuade the Demon Lord for me.”

“I am sorry, Master Ichinojo. I also do not wish for it but this is an order from the Grandmaster. Ahh, I don’t want to do this.”

She said as her hands transformed like how Pionia does it. Into the shape of swords.

Sheet, can I really not avoid this fight?

That’s right, maybe I can open the door to My World and call Haru out ― as long as she waits for me to take off this armor ―


That’s right, as long as she waits — eh?

I wasn’t the one who stopped Sheena, it was the Demon Lord.

For some reason, the Demon Lord was squatting down and holding her head.

“Sheena, what did you just say?”

“Ahh, I don’t want to do this.”

“Before that.”

“This is an order from the Grandmaster.

“Even before that.”

“I am sorry.”

“After that!”

“Master Ichinojo.”


Said the Demon Lord.


The Demon Lord asked me.


“Kusunoki Ichinojo?”

“Ah, no, in this world I am just known as Ichinojo… eh?”

Why does the Demon Lord know my name?

Did she hear about it from Sheena? Eh? Did I even mention my name to Sheena in the first place?

”… Take off your armor.”

”… Ah, okay.”

I’m grateful to be able to take it off but what is she planning to do?

I took off my armor and I noticed just as I was taking off my helmet.

The Demon Lord was no longer in my sights.

Correction, the Demon Lord was leaping towards me.

— Sheet!

I’m going to be hit if she’s this close already.

I thought to myself when the power of Darkness exploded from the Demon Lord’s body and blew off her copper armor.


No, the strength was too weak so it’s probably a blinding attack.


The person who appeared from within the Darkness was —

“It’s Onii, the real Onii! Onii Onii Onii, what are you doing dying off on your own you idiot! I was really really really really really worried!”

“Miri! Are you really Miri!?”

“Yes, did Onii forget your own younger sister’s face!? Even though I have never forgotten about Onii even once. What’s with you? Are you an idiot? Do you want to die?”

— Ah, this brooding darkness, it certainly is Miri.

In the past when I came back from my Middle School excursion trip, it wasn’t this bad but she did react similarly. Even though it was just a three days two nights trip.

“Wait, ehhhhhh! Why are you here!? Eh? Did you die too?”

“I didn’t die! I only jumped into the flames at the crater in Mount Fuji.”

“That most likely meant your death! Why did you do something so stupid?”

“Ah — Onii doesn’t know about it. Onii is not dead. More importantly, Onii, are you hurt!? Ah, you’re hurt here, what happened?”

“You’re the one who did it just now.”

“Ah, there’s no helping that then.”

“At least apologize!”

“I had no choice! I heard that Onii would be heading to Port Kobe from the southern island so I thought you would be in danger if you encountered pirates so I wanted to crush all the pirates! It was done for Onii’s sake so I’m not guilty.”

“You’re guilty! Leaving that aside, what’s with this turn of events? I thought I was going to die just now but now I’m feeling quite fortunate —”

“Me too, Onii ― I really missed you.”

A smiled leaked from my face as I looked at Miri hugging my chest with her eyes closed.

Even though I wanted her to live happily in Japan, I really wanted her to but I was really happy to be able to reunite with Miri this way.

Of course, I’ll have to ask her a lot of questions.

“Grandmaster, until when should I continue waiting?”

Sheena and that huge wolf stared at the two of us.

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