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Chapter: (197) Younger sister route 1

Translator: Tseirp

The plan was for Miri and me to explore Port Kobe with just the two of us… but.

“Miri, are you sure about this? After all, you are quite notorious in Port Kobe. At the very least, your name is well known.”

“It’ll be all right, Onii. Apparently, they still do not have an accurate depiction of my face so there will be no problems as long as we coerce the pirates into spreading the word that Miryuu and I are different people.”

“Coerce… fine. I’ll convince Hallock to do so when I go apologize to him… sheesh.”

As I sighed, Miri looked at me from below and asked.

“Onii, have you given up on living rationally?”

Miri’s question made me ponder.

Now that she mentioned it, I wonder when did it begin? That I stopped saying that I wanted to live rationally. Thinking back, in the past I would never consider acting like a pirate to attend a negotiation.

“… Now that you mention it, I have temporarily given up on living rationally since coming to this world - - maybe because I’ve died once?”

“Even if you ask me that, I don’t have the answer.”

Miri laughed, finding it amusing.

“But, I think that it is quite like you to live like this. Let’s aim to become an unprecedented pair of siblings!”

“I can never become as unprecedented as you.”

When I said that,


Kanon cleared her throat.

I looked around and saw all the members staring at me and Miri.

“Swordsman Onii-san, don’t tell me you forgot about us?”

“Master, please enjoy yourself. I will be combing Fuyun’s fur.”

“Ichino-sama. If you plan to have a meal I would recommend the green-roofed café in the East Street? You can have the best view of Port Kobe if you get the terrace seat.”

“Yeah, it is apparent that Miri-chan really missed Onii-san after all. Pionia-san mentioned that she will be making an open-air bath for all of us after this so let’s enter the bath together later.”

Kanon, Haru, Carol, and Norn each gave their support for my stroll with Miri.

“Then, I shall get to work with the construction of the bath. Sheena No.3-san, may I enlist your aid?”

“Understood, Pionia-san.”

Pionia and Sheena hit it off without me noticing and they left to construct the open-air bath.

“Then, I’ll take everybody’s recommendations and have some family time for the first time in a long time.”

I looked downwards at Miri and nodded.

After exiting My World, I woke up the tied up pirates and told them that I won the match and the fishing grounds were to be split equally. As there wasn’t anybody to verify the conclusion and my armor was already taken off, I wondered what would happen if they claimed that the match was invalid but Miri directly cast Darkness Magic and made a portion of the cliff disappear before pointing her hand towards the pirates and raising her bloodthirst, making the pirates all prostrate on the ground and said “We are glad to have half. Please leave us with our lives.”, appealing for their lives in tears.

I untied Hallock and concluded the mediation between the pirates by having the fishing grounds split equally for the following ten years.

“Gosh, I was shocked to hear that the Demon Lord Miryuu was actually Sensei’s long-lost younger sister.”

Hallock spoke in jest but his legs were clearly trembling.

“I’m sorry for the mess my younger sister made.”

“No no, don’t mention it. You settled the fishing ground problem and besides, you guys gave the pirates on the other side a terrible experience. They said that they would give up on pirating and go on a journey to become monks.”

“Really? Maybe they would run into the former Port Kobe pirates one day.”

I gave a wry smile. I stopped myself from retorting the fact that the Demon Lord actually increased the number of Clergymen.

“Hey, Onii. I wonder how long has it been?”

“Hn? I have ridden on quite a number of boat rides recently.”

“I mean with just the two of us.”

“The two of us… I only recall that boat ride in the park?”

“Ah, that rental boathouse. It filed for bankruptcy last year.”

“You can’t really say the business failed, wasn’t the owner a retired grandfather who only opened the shop out of interest? The boat rental was just a hundred yen after all.”

When I said that, I felt a tear run down my cheek.

“Eh? Why - - I thought my lingering attachment to Earth was just Miri… I wonder why am I crying.”

“I understand Onii’s feelings. After all, we can no longer return to that side no matter how much we wish for it.”

“I’m aware of that. But why this timing?”

“It’s probably because Onii didn’t have the leeway to think about it a lot. Onii only thought of me and worried about how I was doing that you didn’t have the time to feel nostalgic for the other matters… Onii is gentle after all.”

Miri said and held my arm.

“But that is not a bad thing. After all, it isn’t a memory that you wish to forget. That’s why I feel that it is all right to reminisce about the past like this and cry. Don’t worry, I will always be by Onii’s side.”

Miri - - my younger sister’s tender voice roused my tears.


“So, why are we here?”

The first place Miri and I visited was Port Kobe’s Adventurers Guild.

“That’s because I wish to directly see Onii’s status.”

Miri said in a child-like manner.

To see the status of another person, the condition was that one has to obtain permission to be the other person’s party member. Even though I knew Miri’s job and level, I also did not know her status so I wanted to see hers as well.

“But only adventurers can use this facility to do that right? I’m not an adventurer you know?”

And there’s no way Miri with her job as a Demon Lord would be an adventurer either.

“Don’t worry, Miri may look like this but Miri is an adventurer.”

She showed me her Adventurers Guild Certificate.

“I will apply for Onii’s temporary transfer to my party. Of course, I will pay the processing fees so don’t worry.”

“Don’t be stupid. Even I have also earned quite a sum of money. I’ll pay the processing fee - “

“Oo, so Onii has grown too. You have safely graduated from being jobless. Yup yup, I’m really glad. Furthermore, I look forward to finding out Onii’s job. I’ve never heard of a magic called My World after all.”


“Hmm? What’s wrong? Onii.”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Now that I think about it, I haven’t told Miri yet.

That I had not graduated from being jobless.

Note: Why do I have a feeling Miri isn’t being completely truthful… and it feels like Ichinojo’s memory has been manipulated? With the boat rental place memory and how Ichinojo isn’t asking any questions… Like how is it that she can remember Malina but he can’t, and why isn’t he asking about how she ended up as the demon lord? Interesting…

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