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Chapter: (205) Job Hunting Skill

Translator: Tseirp

Acquiring the Job Hunting skill caused me to have flashbacks of my past.

The first day I went to Hello Work. The day I paced left and right without knowing what I wanted to do and even though I took a number, I wasn’t actually called after a long time and it became time for my part-time job so I ran away and escaped.

The day after having been taught how to identify black companies by the Hello Work staff, I realized that I was flooded with employment inquiries by black companies one after the other and fell into employment depression.

And the worst was the day I established the record of hundred successive failures to land a job.


I fell prone on the spot.

“Ahhhhh, Onii has burnt out and turned completely white!”

~Please wait a moment~

“Onii, are you all right now?”

Miri stared at me and asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I was just reminded of unpleasant memories… thank you. How long was I unconscious for?”

“About three days.”

“I see, three days have passed… no wonder I’m feeling hungry.”

“I was lying! You were only dazed for 20 minutes!”

Twenty minutes huh… Nevertheless, I lost consciousness for 20 minutes.

Or rather, I can say that I was lucky that I could regain myself in just 20 minutes.

“Onii, what just happened?”

“Ah, I learned a new skill. The skill when I reached Jobless Lv100. Oh, apparently Lv100 is the limit for Jobless.”

“Ooo. So what is the skill?”

“Hey, Miri. How much would the level limit rise by when I drink the Limit Breaking Medicine?”

“A bottle would raise the initial level limit to twice its original level so I believe it would be raised to Jobless Lv200… Onii, what about the skill?”

“Oh right, we have to get our hands on the Kiriri grass.”

”… Yeah, that’s right.”

Miri nodded with gentle eyes. Those eyes were implying something.

Saying that I don’t have to say it if I don’t wish to.

What a capable younger sister.

This won’t do. It’s not good to go on like this.

“To be honest, I got a skill called 「Job Hunting」.”

”… Onii, you don’t have to push yourself. That’s most likely an illusion due to Onii’s employment stress.”

“No! It’s not an illusion, it’s really called Job Hunting.”

“Serious? There’s actually a skill with such a silly name?”

Miri was only half-convinced so I told her to take a look at my status.

I had not hidden it with Skill Organization so she should be able to tell that I wasn’t lying once she saw my status.

“Alright. ‘Status Open, Ichinojo’.”

Miri chanted and viewed my status.

When Miri was looking at my status, it was as if time had stopped as she was completely still. She didn’t even blink.

Ten seconds passed. Miri smiled like an angel and said to me.

“Ah, Onii. Sword of Creation is an ability that uses magical power to create a sword that can even cut ghosts. It will not dissipate even if you alter your magical power so it doesn’t consume MP and you should use the Sword of Creation instead of your steel sword, unless when you wish to hide your strength.”

“Don’t gloss over it! You saw my skill right!”

“I saw it! I want to gloss over it! I was a Demon Lord for over a thousand years but I had never seen a skill named like a joke like that!”

Miri raised her voice.

“I have totally no idea what kind of effect it would have.”

“Ah, I kind of know the skill effect. I have a skill called ‘Skill Description’ after all.”

“Like that guy who goes ‘Let me explain!’?”

“Hn it’s not like the guy from Yatterman, it’s more like those regular appraisal skills.”(Note: Reference to the Japanese animated series Yatterman’s narrator’s catchphrase when he wants to explain a certain mechanic)

I investigated the Job Hunting skill.

Job Hunting: Miscellaneous Skill 【Jobless Lv100】

Upon using the skill, five jobs will be displayed and you may select one and the chosen job at Lv1 will replace Jobless.

24 hours after using the skill, it will revert back to Jobless. After reverting back to Jobless, the Job Hunting skill can’t be used for 24 hours.

Upon reverting back to Jobless, its job level will return to its original job level before skill use.

Skills acquired through level up can continue to be used but skills that have already been acquired will not be acquired again.

I told Miri everything without leaving a word out.

“Hey Onii, isn’t it like…”

“Yeah… this is…”

I looked up at the ceiling.

The rock ceiling was slightly damp and it would probably be cold to the touch.

It could be described as a skill that would not let Jobless grow even if I raise its level. In exchange, it is a convenient skill that can become another job with the restriction of 24 hours. With my growth cheat skill, I will be able to acquire all kinds of skills if I go at it seriously for 24 hours.

However, I was troubled if I should use it since I would not be able to raise Jobless while I am using that skill.

But that wasn’t on Miri or my mind.

This — this skill was —

“Isn’t it the same as being a day laborer!”

The result of maxing out Jobless was to be hired as a day laborer!

Hinting that the skills (know-how) that I acquire through the day labor would be useful for employment!?

“Hey, Onii. Why don’t you give it a try?”

“I guess I should…”

Well, since the format is to choose one out of five, as long as I don’t choose a risky job like Carol’s Temptress, I should be able to mitigate the risk.

“All right, I’ll give it a try! Activate skill 「Job Hunting」!”

Please choose the job you wish to switch to.

(If none are selected, one will be automatically selected after five minutes)

Tank: Lv1

Pimp: Lv1

Amazon: Lv1

Apprentice Cook: Lv1

Conman: Lv1

What the heck are these!

“Onii, what’s wrong?”

“There are regular jobs too but the lineup is way too hideous. Miri, do you know about the job called Pimp in this world?”

“Ah… yeah. The job has a passive skill that makes older women love you and also a skill that can obtain half of the experience points your party leader obtains. It is not a job that you can change to normally but a job acquired through a Goddess blessing.”

“Isn’t that a scrap job… Amazon meaning… a female warrior?”

“Yes, it’s for female warriors… males absolutely can’t change to that job though.”

What would happen if I change to that job?

It’s terrifying to think that I might transform into a woman as soon as I change to that job.

Also, isn’t Conman a regular criminal?

Actually no, there are jobs called Thief, Bandit and Pirate so I guess it would be a valid job too.

“The other jobs are Tank and Apprentice Cook.”

“Oh. Tank is usually a rare job. You can change job to it if you receive the body tackle of the Rare Monster called Tank Turtle ten times but the encounter rate is considerably low so it is said to be a legendary job. The skills you can acquire are mainly those that make your body more sturdy while there is also a skill that can allow you to receive damage dealt to your companions in their stead.”

“Ah, that’s a good job. Very well, I’ll set that then.”

I chose Tank.

It would automatically choose if I didn’t select one after five minutes after all. I would not be able to return to town if I got stuck with Conman.

【First job has been set as Tank】

Very good, I don’t have to worry now.

However, if I can change job to criminal jobs, I can acquire skills that only criminal jobs can.

That might be convenient in a sense.

Now then, since I’m done with confirming my skills, I guess we should quickly harvest the Kiriri grass and go home.

I walked to the Goddess statue room at the back with that thought.

I tilted my head in confusion when I saw the Goddess statue there.

I heard that the Goddess statue placed there — was the statue of a Goddess that has been forgotten.

However, I have actually seen the Goddess statue placed there.

I saw it in the Belasra church, a Goddess with sunken cheeks.

“Miri, this is —”

“Uh… yeah. The Goddess Minerva.”

Miri said frankly.

“I guessed right. I thought it would be the Goddess statue of Metias-sama.”


“Ah… it’s the name of the Goddess-sama I saw in the dungeon near the Cat Sith village. Am I wrong? I recall Stella saying that the Demon Lord was involved.”

“I was involved?”

Miri stiffened.

Then, her complexion paled and she trembled like a child that foresaw a massive earthquake.

“Eh? Hold on — I really can’t remember. Metias — I should remember that name, it is supposed to be an important name but…”

“Miri, calm down!”

I unconsciously hugged Miri.

“Don’t push yourself! It will be all right — actually, I don’t know what will be all right but it will be all right because I’m with you.”

It didn’t sound comforting at all but Miri finally calmed down due to my hug.

Miri held my clothes.

“Thank you, Onii.”

She said as she closed her eyes.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.”

I lost myself for about 20 minutes due to the shock from Job Hunting but Miri calmed herself in just 30 seconds.

“It looks like you’re fine now. You can think about Metias-sama slowly after we return.”

“Yeah, all right.”

“Oh right. Since there’s a Goddess statue of Minerva-sama, will we get a labyrinth clear bonus if we pray to her?”

After I muttered that, I heard a voice coming from the Goddess statue.

『… I want to die. It’s tiresome to live any longer… I wonder how can a Goddess die… fufufufufu.』

What’s with this voice that can make a person depressed just from listening to it.

”… Ah, that’s Minerva all right.”

Miri said with a tired voice.

I see, it’s a pitiful Goddess huh?

Author’s note:

Kadokawa has decided to comicalize Growth Cheat. The first volume is scheduled to be released on 21st November.

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