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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (207) Side Story Torerul’s investigation

Chapter: (207) Side Story Torerul’s investigation

Translator: Tseirp

Inside My World, Haru, Carol, Malina, Norn and Kanon were having their meal outdoors.

There wasn’t any meat available so it was a fish party.

Freshly caught fish could easily become a luxurious dish just by grilling it with salt. But that wasn’t all.

The dishes lined up in front of the girls were all luxurious dishes made using vegetables. After all, they were completely pesticide-free and the taste and freshness were first-class.

“Transfer magic huh? If a Peddler had that, it would definitely lead to a path of success. Since they wouldn’t need to pay tariffs and such.”said Carol.

“Carol-chan, that’s called smuggling. You should never do that. If you do that, I would have to apprehend Carol-chan okay.”said Norn.

“Eh? Didn’t Norn-san quit from the vigilante group?”said Haru.

“Didn’t she say it before that she was only taking a break? But won’t you be in trouble if you don’t return soon?”said Kanon.

“Ev-everyone. I-it looks like the fish is grilled.”said Malina.

Pionia and Sheena brought the grilled fish over.

Incidentally, there were eight fishes.

Even after counting in Pionia and Sheena’s share, there was still one remaining.

Just as they were wondering whose portion that was for,

“It’s for me.”

The girl snatched a plate from Pionia and ate the grilled fish on a skewer.

“Yup, it’s delicious. Even though Goddesses don’t need to eat, just like this, I still love to eat food that was made by others.”

She said as she then proceeded to snatch Pionia’s grilled fish.

Seeing that girl’s domineering behavior, everyone except for Pionia and Sheena was at a loss for words.

“Mother. If you want, I could grill more?”

“I recommend grilled corn.”

“Then, um, Sheena was it? I will follow Sheena’s recommendation and have the grilled corn.”

She said with a grin.

“As you wish, Torerul-sama.”

Sheena bowed and moved towards the field to pluck some corn.


Haru and the others all raised their voices in unison.

“So noisy. Keep quiet when in the midst of a meal.”

Torerul ate the grilled fish but she was unwilling to eat the meat surrounding the bone and the internal organs so she passed it back to Pionia while there was still more than half left.


She magically cleaned the sides of her mouth.

“Pionia, brew some tea for me.”

“Yes, mother.”

”… Why have you been calling her mother since just now?”

“Although it was Master Ichinojo who poured me out from the test tube, I was created by Torerul-sama. That’s why Torerul-sama is mother.”

“Just call me whatever you want. It’s a hassle to argue otherwise anyway.”

Pionia bowed to Torerul and moved indoor to brew tea.

“Um, why is Goddess-sama here?”

Kanon was the first to ask.

“Nothing really. I have a small window of time while he’s not around — he’s currently with Minerva… um, Ichi-whatwasitagain and his sister are visiting her so I thought I would take the chance to do what I had to do.”

“Minerva-sama and Master!?”

Haru raised her voice in shock.

“Right right. Seriously, if the Church was a little slower in their Goddess statue replacement work it wouldn’t have come to this —”

“Here you go, Herb Lemon Tea.”

“Thank you… by the way, Pionia. Usually one would serve green tea with grilled fish though?”

“I’m sorry. I will brew it again.”

“Never mind, it’s troublesome.”

Torerul said and drank the black tea in a gorgeous cup.

Incidentally, that cup was made by Pionia.

“Here you go, grilled corn.”

Following that, Sheena brought grilled corn over.

“Ah, I’ve already had tea so I don’t need it anymore — more importantly.”

Torerul stood up and, Haru, Carol, Malina, Norn, Kanon, she looked at each and every one of them.


“Um, you two — come over for a bit.”

She beckoned Haru and Carol over.

“Your names?”

“I am called Haurvatat.”

“I am Carol.”

“I see. Haurvatat and Carol, name everyone you know that have spent more than an hour together with the both of you and Ichi-whatshisname. It’s all right if you don’t know their names. But limit it to people who never really interacted with the others apart from you three.”


Haru nodded and listed the names.

But the number was limited.

Since, for most situations, Malina was with them most of the time.

First would be Quince. Oregeru. Sebastian. Lastly would be the lady they met in Gomaki village who owned the inn.

“Um, what about Jofre-san and Elize-san? Although I’ve not seen them a lot. The Cat Sith village was in a remote location too.”

Malina asked. True, Jofre and Elize were with Haru, Carol and Ichinojo in the labyrinth in the town of Belasra for over an hour.

“Ah, but I’ve been with those two for quite some time.”

Norn gave her opinion.

“That’s all?”

That was all they could come up with.

“I see… hn — but it stinks of a miss… I’ll have to investigate it.”

Torerul said and she suddenly disappeared.

Just what kind of question was that?

They had no answer to that.

However, Pionia kept her head bowed towards the spot Torerul disappeared from.

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