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Chapter: (209) The start of the girl’s talk

Translator: Tseirp

But what exactly is the basis of this goodwill/affection?

On the basis of love ― probably not. Miri is included and so is Norn.

I guess it can be said that Miri loves me as family.

Norn… might see me as a benefactor?

But if it is goodwill as friends then the same gender Jofre and Suzuki should be included as well. Although Jofre and Suzuki might not actually think of me as a friend ― but I definitely don’t consider Jofre a friend.

”… Pionia’s name isn’t listed though.”

“She is a homunculus. Don’t you think she would be outside the range of consideration?”

I see… it would be great if that’s true.

At the same time, I got a shock from sudden realization.

“How is it? It’s a convenient magic right?”

”… This spell is no more than a spell to travel to a girl’s house for some fun.”

“Or a ‘gentleman’ who would send a woman home only to make a pass at her.”(Note: Written as ‘Escorting Wolf’ in Japanese.)

I see… an escorting wolf huh?

But Haru is the wolf, not me.

“To be honest, it is useful. I would be able to return home with this even if I get transferred to some strange location like before.”

“Right… Onii, whose names are written there?”

“That is personal information. Ah, but your name is here too. Thanks. I’m happy even if it’s just love as family.”

”… Un, yeah ―”

Miri smiled shyly.

“Miri, must this list be opened whenever I wish to use this spell?”

“Nope, it will activate if you say the name along with the spell chant. Like ‘Home Return, Miryuu’. Why?”

“I feel that I shouldn’t look at this list that often. Although it is convenient to know the heart of others, on the contrary, I would lose the heart to trust others.”

If, for example, Haru’s name disappeared from the list. Or Carol’s name. Or Malina’s name.

How would I take it?

I would think that they don’t actually like me anymore.

I might think that they were just utilizing me instead ―

In actual fact, I was actually shocked when I realized that Pionia’s name wasn’t there and thought if Pionia actually didn’t like me.

And I ended up thinking if Pionia only tended to the vegetables, made the wine and constructed the ship because I ordered her but she actually hated it.

“Onii, you’re thinking too deep into it. Haru and Carol-chan and Malina-san are on that list right? That’s your answer.”

“Really?… Yeah, that’s right.”

Ahaha, it’s pathetic that a brother had to be consoled by his younger sister.

I thanked Miri and ―

“Ah, right. I’ll call Haru and the others over. They could get the labyrinth conquer bonus if they pray here so I would like that they received it too.”

“That’s true ― hey, Onii. It’s thanks to me that we got to find the Kiriri grass right?”

“Hn? Yeah, I am of course thankful for that. Thank you, Miri.”

“And so, I have a tiny request. Could you let me have a girl’s talk in My World for 30 minutes?”

“Girl’s talk?”

“I think that I should let Haru know that I was the Demon Lord after all.”

Miri said with a bashful smile.

“You must do it now?”

“Yeah, I would like to do it now if possible.”

“All right. Then, I’ll come over after 30 minutes. Miri”

“Hn? What is it?”

“No, it’s fine. Yeah, if Haru and the others get angry at us for keeping this a secret from them, we’ll apologize together.”

Well, I was certain Haru would not get angry.

But saying that might make it easier for Miri later.

I said that as I opened the door to My World and sent Miri off.


(Onii… thank you. And sorry. As expected, I can’t forgive those children.)

Miri’s smile completely vanished after entering My World.

『Haru and Carol-chan and Malina-san are on that list right?』

Ichinojo affirmed to that question by Miri.

(You have to be careful of the slip of the tongue if you find that to be personal information… at the very least, you shouldn’t get tricked like that.)

Even without utilizing that trick, she already knew that the three of them held affection towards Ichinojo.

Upon entering My World, she saw the girls having a tea party in the distance.

”… For the crime of irresponsibly having affection towards Onii, make amends with that body of yours ― 《Thousand Dark Swords》.”

A thousand swords suddenly materialized above Miri’s head — and flew towards the ladies having the tea party.

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