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Chapter: (213) Epilogue

Translator: Tseirp

“Ichinojo, tell me what happened here.”

Torerul-sama asked that as soon as she appeared.

I explained together with Haru and the others.

Miri rampaged around here.

When suddenly a flying ship breached the space and appeared.

And that ship kidnapped Miri.

“I see I see, that Demon Lord girl was abducted by Daijiro. That feels good after she threatened me when she reincarnated.”

Torerul-sama found it very interesting and laughed.

It seemed like that Miri was quite disrespectful to Torerul-sama when she first came to this world. I probably should have apologized then but I didn’t feel like it at that time.

“Ah, that’s right. That Demon Lord girl is your sister. Sorry.”

“Ah, no, I should be apologizing instead.”

Which reminds me, Goddess-samas are capable of reading minds.

Won’t that mean Torerul-sama would find out that I call her the Loli Goddess in my mind?

“Hou, so those are your thoughts huh?”

”… I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t help but think of stuff I shouldn’t think about.

“Oh well never mind. That’s 400 times better than Koshmar-sama’s Orc Goddess. Ichinojo, you shall pursue that Daijiro from now on.”

“Erm, Torerul-sama. My name is actually Ichinosuke ― I can’t hope… that it can be changed back to that right?”

“Umu, it’s a hassle. Be thankful that I actually remember your name.”

It would be troublesome trying to remember a wrong name too though.

“However, if you find Daijiro and bring all the people who were here just now to me, I at least offer to change just your name.”

“Really!? Then is it possible to change my sister’s name back to Miri when that time comes?”

“Hn? Are you sure you don’t want to change your name?”

“After all, calling a girl Miryuu is kind of”

”… Well, all right, I’ll help you change a name when the time comes ― so, I leave it to you. Even I am not aware of Daijiro’s whereabouts.”

Said Torerul-sama before her figure disappeared in an instant.

Pionia who was born through Torerul-sama reverently bowed her head towards where she disappeared.

Torerul-sama doesn’t know the whereabouts of Daijiro-san huh… I was certain she would tell me Daijiro’s whereabouts through some mysterious Goddess power.

“… Hn, I guess we can head towards Mallegory for now.”

“Master, you are a little calmer now.”

Said Haru.

“I was able to calm down and judge the situation after speaking with Torerul-sama… I feel that I should try trusting her.”

“Try trusting… Famiris-sama?”

It seemed like Miri properly told Haru her identity.

I shook my head.

“Of course I also trust Miri but I meant Daijiro-san… maybe? If that person was Daijiro-san, I don’t believe she would do anything bad to her.”

I ― no, not only me, Malina and Suzuki was also saved by Daijiro-san. Because Daijiro-san left the bible for reincarnators from Earth, we are able to accept the Otherworld without falling into confusion.

“Furthermore, Jofre and Elize were with them. Those two are good people in their core. I don’t think they would travel with Daijiro-san if they felt that she was a villain.”

“But, those two were companions of the thieves who kidnapped me?”

Norn brought up such a distant past. Well, even though it was in the past, Norn was an involved party after all.

In that case… yup, that’s right.

“Well, Jofre and Elize seemed to have misunderstood those thieves as chivalrous thieves and they had never met that mountain bandit boss before.”

I wondered why was I covering for Jofre and Elize.

“Well for me, I have to stop you from saving Miri-sama.”

Kanon said as she sat on the chair.

”― Why is that, Kanon?”

Marina asked.

“I was asked by Miri-sama to not let Ichinojo Onii-san pursue her.”

“To not let me chase after her? Why?”

“Miri-sama gave me this. She asked me to pass it to Ichinojo Onii-san once she was gone.”

Kanon said as she tossed an item bag to me.

“Inside seemed to be the magic tools from Onii-san’s country and the gold she earned in this world.”

I tried taking something out of the item bag and the first thing to come out was eel sauce.

”… Miri knew about it? That she would be kidnapped?”

“Rather than know about it, she made a deal. Daijiro-san had already contacted us when Norn-chan went to the city for groceries. That was when Miri-sama made a deal with her to obediently be abducted once she created some memories with Onii-san and resolved some matters she was anxious about. She received a button that would call Daijiro-san ― I never imagined that she would come all the way to this alternate space to abduct her though.”

Kanon continued as she took a single talisman out from the item box she passed to me.

Then, she stuck that talisman on her own collar. The black ring around her neck dissolved and disappeared.

“With this, I have regained my freedom, please let me off here ― Marina, what would you do? Are you coming with me?”


Marina was about to say something before she shook her head.

Then, she took off her mask.

”… Kanon… sorry. I… will go with everyone. If I leave with Kanon now… I will probably regret it.”

“Malina, you’ve become stronger.”

Kanon said before she tightly hugged Malina and kissed her forehead.


“Well then, I should hurry up and leave.”

“Ah, please wait. The exit is inside a labyrinth now so”

“I don’t mind. It’s my own desire so I will escape with my own ability.”

Kanon waved and headed to the exit.

Then, before she left, she threw a paper airplane over.


I thought to myself as I stopped the paper airplane and there were words written on it.

【Our destination is determined so if you have anything, please contact us by sending a letter to the Adventurers Guild in Handmill. by Jofre.】

It was a letter from Jofre.

”… Carol, do you know where Handmill is?”

“Yes, it is a town to the East of Mallegory… is it a trap?”

“No, I trust Jofre.”

Since that guy is an idiot.

Our destination is set.

We’re going to Handmill.

After we return the Kiriri grass to Port Kobe Adventurers Guild.

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