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Library of Heaven’s Path (Web Novel) - Chapter 877 — Heart of a Teacher

Chapter 877: Heart of a Teacher

"Master teacher?" Zhang Xuan's body stiffened.

It had been half a year since his transcension, and he had encountered many different master teachers in his time. Be it a normal 1-star master teacher or a powerful 6-star pinnacle master teacher, be it joy, anger, sorrow, or pleasure, all of them possessed emotions like an ordinary human being, and they had their own desires and goals that they pursued as well.

Despite being a master teacher himself, he had never felt how heavy the occupation was. However, upon seeing this sight, he finally understood what being a master teacher meant to these men.

For mankind, they were willing to put aside their differences and lay down their lives when the time came.

All because they were master teachers!

They were only two mere words, but they carried heavy significance behind them—the hope of mankind.

"That's right!" Zhao Bingxu nodded. "Being a master teacher is more than about glory, it is a responsibility. Take Lu Feng for example, he has already applied to head for the Subterranean Gallery! Even if he might meet his end there, he is still determined to protect his dignity as a master teacher!"

"Subterranean Gallery?" Zhang Xuan's body trembled.

He had read about it in the books, so he knew very well what kind of place it was.

The Subterranean Gallery was the passageway connecting the Master Teacher Continent to the world of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, as well as a dangerous battlefield where one could easily lose one's life in a moment of carelessness. Lu Feng… had volunteered to head to the Subterranean Gallery?

Even if Lu Feng was stripped of his master teacher license, he could still live lavishly with his prowess as a Half-Spiritual Perception realm expert. Yet, he had chosen to veer down this difficult path to guard his honor instead!

"The reason School Head Lu spoke on You Xu's behalf was due to their close ties. Such emotions are ingrained in all humans, and it has never been the Master Teacher Pavilion's aim to destroy human nature. In fact, Kong shi even encouraged the development of each person's unique character instead, saying that it was the true way to further the prosperity of mankind! If other master teachers lose their individuality and act as if they were cast from the same mold, that would turn into a disaster for mankind instead!" School Head Mo said.

"This…" Words couldn't express Zhang Xuan's current emotions.

There are no humans who aren't born with emotions, and they served as the key to drive us further, allowing us to exceed our limits.

If one were to destroy the human character in pursuit of perfection, even without the intervention of the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, we would have already limited and destroyed ourselves.

Perhaps, this was the reason the Master Teacher Academy condoned conflicts among the students, allowing them to sort things out among themselves.

"Master teachers can be selfish. They may choose to side with their kin and friends against justice, and they may come to blows over a treasure as well, but… in dire times like this, they have to put aside their differences and charge forward bravely. This is the responsibility of all master teachers, as well as the vision Kong shi had in mind when he established the Master Teacher Pavilion!" School Head Mo continued.

"So, this is a master teacher!" Zhang Xuan muttered as he closed his eyes.

He had met many master teachers on his journey. There were those who were kind and upright, but there were also those who were greedy and selfish. He had thought that master teachers were no different from anyone else, but his thoughts had been wrong all along.

Master teachers could be selfish, greedy, and even narrow-minded. But when the survival of mankind was at stake, they would be the first to step forward and shoulder the burden.

This is what a master teacher has to do and must do.

In that instant, Zhang Xuan felt as if his soul had been cleansed and initiated.

He was a transcender, and in the world he had come from, many of the fine cultural traditions had already eroded. Students no longer respected their teacher, and teachers no longer felt pride in their occupation. Some of them even committed unforgivable acts that a teacher should never commit.

After coming to this world, Zhang Xuan had gotten a glimpse of the nobility of the occupation. But nevertheless, his subconscious mind still retained the view he had from his previous life.

It was only in this instant that he realized the responsibilities he shouldered from the moment he had chosen to bear this identity!


A crisp crack sounded from Zhang Xuan's chest, and as if a caterpillar breaking out of its cocoon, a unique and solemn power fell from the sky and onto him. At that moment, it felt as if he was a divine being descending from the heavens.

"Could this be…"

Noticing the changes surrounding Zhang Xuan, Zhao Bingxu and School Head Mo traded glances, and their eyes abruptly narrowed. With a quivering voice, they uttered simultaneously, "Heart of a Teacher!"

Heart of a Teacher, just like the Eye of Insight, was a unique ability that only master teachers could comprehend. Only those who persisted in their path as a true teacher would be able to comprehend this ability and reach greater heights.

Legend had it that only 8-star master teachers could comprehend this ability, but to think that… Zhang shi would comprehend it despite only being a 4-star master teacher!

A person with the Heart of a Teacher was no longer confined by the boundaries of race. His Impartation of Heaven's Will would be effective on even savage beasts and spirit beasts, allowing him to turn them into his students, achieving, in the truest sense, enlightenment devoid of discrimination.

Back then, Kong shi had comprehended the Heart of a Teacher as well, as his students didn't just consist of humans but beasts and even Otherworldly Demons as well.

In a sense, a person who had comprehended the Heart of a Teacher could be considered to be nearly on par with a Celestial Master Teacher!

"Principal Zhang actually managed to comprehend the Heart of a Teacher… It seems like the rise of our Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy is just on the horizon," School Head Mo said as his body trembled in agitation.

Even in the entire history of the Master Teacher Pavilion, only a handful had managed to comprehend the Heart of a Teacher. Yet, their principal had actually succeeded in comprehend it! Just based on this in itself, he would surely accomplish great things in the future.

Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy would also make its mark on the world, becoming a sacred land where all master teachers desired to head to.

School Head Mo swiftly set up a barrier around him with a wave of his hand to conceal what was happening within before turning to Zhao Bingxu.

"School Head Zhao, the matter concerning Principal Zhang comprehending the Heart of a Teacher has great implications. If he were to be targeted by the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe due to this matter, we would become sinners of mankind!"

It would only be a matter of time for a master teacher who had comprehended the Heart of a Teacher to advance through the ranks, becoming one of the powerhouses of the Master Teacher Pavilion.

Thus, if the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe were to learn of such an existence, they would surely hunt that person down with their full force. For Principal Zhang's safety, they must keep this matter a secret.

"Don't worry. I swear on my identity as a master teacher that I will not tell a single soul about this matter," Zhao Bingxu vowed.

"I also swear to do the same on my identity as a master teacher!" School Head Mo nodded.

While they were talking, the unique power finally vanished, and Zhang Xuan slowly opened his eyes. Unlike before, there as a resolute glint in his gaze.

As one who had comprehended Heart of a Teacher, the confusion that had plagued him before had disappeared, and he understood what he should and shouldn't do.

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan said calmly, "School Head Mo, propose a ceasefire with the beasts of Cloudmist Ridge. Tell them that the succeeding principal of the Master Teacher Academy wishes to negotiate with them!"


The two school heads were taken aback for an instant before School Head Mo hurriedly exclaimed in astonishment, "You can't do that! The reason we refused to tell you about this matter before is because we feared that you would do this! None of us can bear the consequences if something happens to you!"

"Indeed! It isn't easy for a principal who has the approval of Mu shi and the entirety of the Ten Great Master Teachers to appear. You are the one who will unite the Master Teacher Academy and bring it to greater heights; we can't afford to lose you!" Zhao Bingxu added.

Zhang Xuan shook his head. "Won't my identity be revealed tomorrow in the inauguration ceremony anyway?"

Since his identity was going to be revealed the following day, what harm would it do if others were to learn of his identity a day before?

"That isn't the same! After the inauguration ceremony, you will be qualified to wield the Principal's Seal, and it will help to ensure your safety… No matter what you say, I won't allow you to reveal your identity now!" School Head Mo exclaimed.

"Principal's Seal?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"That's right. Infused in the Principal's Seal is the will of the students and teachers of the Master Teacher Academy. Even if the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe attempts to harm you, they will be kept at bay by the power of the Principal's Seal. Only with that can your safety be guaranteed!" School Head Mo explained.

"If that's the case… did the missing old principal possess the Principal's Seal?"

"Of course!"

"Then how did he go missing?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"This…" School Head Mo was unable to answer that question.

Gesturing at the many master teachers charging forth bravely below, Zhang Xuan said, "Danger is always existent. Since even the students below aren't afraid, what do I have to fear?"

He was a master teacher just like the rest of them. Since they could face death without fear, what did he have to hesitate over?

After a moment of hesitation, School Head Mo eventually relented. "Fine, I will do as you have said. However, I will be proposing a negotiation in the name of School Head Zhao and myself instead. I hope that you can understand our concerns!"

Even if Zhang shi didn't fear death, they couldn't allow the Master Teacher Academy to lose its principal once more.

"Un." Knowing that this was the bottom line of the other party, Zhang Xuan agreed to it.

Retracting the barrier from the surroundings, School Head Mo leaped off the back of the Inferno Dragon Saint Beast and stopped in midair. Taking a deep breath, he roared, "The kings of Cloudmist Ridge. I, Mo Zhu, propose a negotiation with you as the representative of the Master Teacher Academy!"

Hong long!

As if a massive wave, his voice swept across the entire mountain range, reaching the ears of each and every being in the area.


"Why should we negotiate? These beasts have trampled on the dignity of mankind; we can't let them go so easily!"

"Indeed! How can we face the many master teachers who have been wounded or even killed in this conflict if we negotiate with them?"

Upon hearing that School Head Mo was proposing a negotiation, a huge uproar immediately broke out amid the master teachers below.

Proposing a negotiation was a sign of weakness!

If the Master Teacher Academy, facing the onslaught of the beasts, were to choose to negotiate instead of returning the favor back to them, what would become of their dignity?

A powerful voice boomed from the back of the spirit beast stampede.

"You want to negotiate? Fine by us. Come to the Cloudmist Ridge, we will give you a chance to negotiate all you want!"

It was likely that the one speaking was one of the most powerful existences among the saint beasts of the Cloudmist Ridge, their 'king'.

"They want to hold the negotiations on the Cloudmist Ridge? School Head Mo, you mustn't agree to their demands!"

"That has got to be a trap!"

"If even our school head is captured by them, we will never be able to raise our heads before others anymore!"

The master teachers panicked.

It was clear that the other party was up to no good.

The Cloudmist Ridge was their den, and if School Head Mo were to head over, he would be encircled by countless Half-Saint, Nascent Saint, and Saint realm beasts. Should negotiations break down, he wouldn't even have the chance to escape!

Moreover, as the side proposing the negotiation, they were already in a disadvantageous position. If they were to negotiate on the other party's territory on top of that, wouldn't they simply be exploited?

The Master Teacher Academy served as a pillar of support for mankind, so how could it bow its head to others like that?

If word were to spread, wouldn't it create a huge uproar among the population?

"Principal Zhang…"

While a huge commotion was going on beneath them, School Head Mo turned his gaze to Zhang Xuan hesitantly.

He also felt that it was too dangerous to negotiate in their territory as well.

"Accept it!" Zhang Xuan said calmly.

Zhao Bingxu hurriedly clasped his fist.

"Principal Zhang, it's too dangerous. We can think of some other solutions…"

"There is no need for that. If we don't enter their den, how can we meet their kings?" Zhang Xuan waved his hands resolutely, signifying that this matter wasn't open for discussion.

"This…" School Head Mo and School Head Zhao traded gazes and sighed.

That was indeed the case.

The saint beasts treasured their lives dearly, or else, they wouldn't have had the spirit beasts charge at the frontlines in their stead either.

If they were to turn down the negotiation, they wouldn't have any other opportunity to meet the other party's kings.

"Fine, we agree," School Head Mo bellowed back.

Knowing that Zhang Xuan's mind was made up, the both of them could only resign themselves to it. They solemnly vowed that they would protect and send Zhang Xuan out of the Cloudmist Ridge safely, even at the cost of their lives.

"What? School Head Mo, you can't!"

"School Head Mo, this won't do. They are lying!"

Hearing those words, the master teachers below yelled in panic.

"Enough! This is the decision made by the Master Teacher Academy. All master teachers, retreat and assemble at Leiyuan Peak!" School Head Mo roared.

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