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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 40 — Attack on the Gray-Silver Boss

Chapter 40: Attack on the Gray-Silver Boss

Looking at Zhang Yang, Little Snow felt a chill run down her spine. “Yo, look at the way you smile! You’re such a pervert! Drizzler, take a look at the ‘bad uncle’!” Just a second ago, they were in a heated argument, but now they were the best of friends.

Drizzler hurried to Litte Snow and hid behind her, looking at Zhang Yang and said, “Cousin, here’s your glorious mission. Sacrifice your dignity and use your sex appeal to lure this uncle into our guild!”

Little Snow didn’t take that suggestion too kindly. “Stinking little brat! What do you take me for, someone you can just buy and sell?!”

“The two of you stay here. I’m going to try and take on this boss myself. Even if things get out of hand, don’t try to enter this fight!” Zhang Yang was not in the mood to pay attention to them. While applying a whetstone on his weapon, he fixated his eyes on the boss; a man dressed in white robe, kneeling in front of the altar and on his left side, there was a purple wand.

[Martyr Unduin] (Gray-Silver)

Level: 25

HP: 300,000

300,000 HP! That is insane!

“Hey, hey, hey, are you really going to take this boss on? Alone?” Little Snow cried out as she saw Zhang Yang wielding his sword and rushing towards the boss. She remembered the first time she met him, and he did the same thing in the past as well. It seemed that the word “death” is not in his vocabulary!

There was a level gap of 7 levels between Zhang Yang and the boss, but he still stepped forward into the aggro range. Immediately, Unduin stood up, picked up his wand and said, “Intruder! You have tarnished the sacred altar. I must now use your blood to purify this boundless sin!”

In all honesty, the boss did have a handsome face on him. His untrimmed beard carried a sense of maturity in life that made a three-decade aged man look wiser than he should be. One could say he had the potential to seduce plenty of lonely housewives!

‘Ding! Martyr Unduin has begun casting <Fireball>!’


As soon as his <Charge> was in range, Zhang Yang dashed in to strike, but he soon discovered that the boss was immune to stun. Unfazed, the boss glaringly looked at him while continuously chanting the spell. But Zhang Yang only used <Charge> to quickly reach the boss’ side, and without staggering, he ran towards the huge rock to his right.

‘60%! 70%! 80%! 90%!’

Just when Unduin’s chanting was almost complete, Zhang Yang managed to hide behind the rock, out of the boss’ vision. Unduin chided angrily and cancelled the magic symbol on his hand and moved to where Zhang Yang was. When he was within line of sight, the boss began chanting once more.


Zhang Yang struck the boss, but his normal attacks could not even exceed 100 damage! His attack damage was supposed to be 153-161 points after applying the whetstone, but he suspected that the boss’ defense might be around 100 points! Having such low damage, the generated Rage will be equally low. After 10 points from <Charge>, he only had 16 Rage. After two seconds, Zhang Yang swung again to deal 53 damage and quickly moved back behind the rock and out of the boss’ vision with just two steps.

Unduin bellowed fiercely as his nearly completed <Fireball> was interrupted once again. He moved a few steps again to regain sight on his target and began casting once more.


Zhang Yang casted <Horizontal Sweep> and there was finally some significant damage.


After another two seconds, Zhang Yang swung his sword again to deal 57 damage and while paying attention to the timing, withdrew behind the rock and out of the boss’ vision for the third time. Unduin kept roaring, but due to how he was designed, he did not execute any form of melee attack and could only chase Zhang Yang to chant the spell that could never be completed.

“What… Is this really happening?” Drizzler was left with her jaw dropped, feeling dumbfounded.

“Now that’s a real professional!” nodded Little Snow.

“Cousin, it all depends on you now! Come on, pull him into our guild!”

“Hey, hey! I’m your one and only beloved cousin! Are you really going to sell me out like that?”

“Aww, you are my dear cousin! Now, please help me! You have that charm in you! I believe with just a lift of your finger, you’d definitely charm that weird uncle!”

“Damn! Maybe he prefers flat chests more?”

“Han Yin Xue! I’m warning you! Don’t you ever mention about my chest!”

“Haha! Sunny side-up!”


“You two! Come and join the fight!” Zhang Yang was not aware that they were bickering again as it was through private messaging. On his own, his attack speed was slow, but with the two of them, it would be an added advantage to have more damage dealt. The two girls stopped their squabble and ran to his aid. They emulated Zhang Yang’s hit and run tactics.

“Just attack! You don’t have to hide, I will take care of the aggro! Don’t worry about the <Fireball>. It will never be executed!” The two understood his orders and started attacking the boss from behind and began to do some damage.

Drizzler was a Berserker and carried a two-handed weapon. Her basic attack damage was relatively high at about 190 points, but the attack interval was at 3.8 seconds between each strike. It was clear that high basic damage dealers could overwhelm monsters with high defense. The Berserker’s passive skill increased 10% of all attack damage, which allowed her to damage the boss with 100 points per strike, and a single hit was more than what Zhang Yang could deal. As for Little Snow, she was much weaker due to the 10 levels of gap between the boss and her. Thus, along with the boss’ basic magic immunity, she was rendered completely useless.

Although the progress was slow, the boss’ health was constantly dropping. After half an hour, the boss’ HP was left with 130,000 points; 57% remaining.

Drizzler began to cry out in fatigue, “Oh my god, how much longer is this going to take? I’m exhausted!” After doing some calculation, Zhang Yang said, “With this speed, it would take another 40 minutes to kill this boss!” Drizzler pouted her lips, “Wow! If I had known earlier how draggy this would be, I wouldn’t have dismissed the party!”

Little Snow interjected, “Stupid girl, less people means bigger share!” As soon as she heard that, Drizzler’s eyes sparkled and even Zhang Yang could see her eyes were radiating with shiny gold pieces!

Most players would have preferred fewer party members to get more equipment drops, but these two wanted money more than anything else!

“A Gray-Silver grade boss… he should be dropping quite the amount of gold pieces, no?” As soon as Little Snow said that, Drizzler’s fighting spirit and desire exponentially rose.

“Cousin, let’s do this! F*ck this boss up!”

“Okay! Let’s go!”

Their desire and lust for gold drove their fighting spirits to greater heights!

Martyr Unduin was really strong. The <Fireball> skill could release 10 projections upon casting, carrying the destructive power of 1,000 damage each. Players considered this to be an unbreakable monster, but the existence of that particular stone has become Unduin’s Achilles Heel! Unduin has been absolutely oppressed!

Another half an hour later, Unduin has only 10% HP left.

9%, 8%, 7%…

Ten minutes later…

“Vile invaders, the gods will punish you!” And with his last words delivered, the World Boss finally cried out in humiliation and fell.

‘Ding! You and your party members have killed Martyr Unduin! Obtained 100,500 EXP (50 points party bonus)!’

‘Ding! Congratulations! You are the first party to kill a Gray-Silver boss. Your glorious achievement will be recorded in history! As the party leader, please name your party to be enlisted into history and the world can praise you for your might!’

Drizzler was surprised, and an input box appeared on her interface that came with the notification sound.

“Zhan Yu, we can enter the ranking board! But, what should we name our party as?”

Drizzler was being polite, knowing that Zhang Yang was the main reason they managed to defeat this boss. She and Little Snow contributed almost nothing to it!

Zhang Yang laughed, “Just key in your guild name!” After all, they discovered the boss and with Defiant Monk in the guild, it was also a sign of respect.

“Thank you very much!” Drizzler was grateful and immediately keyed in her guild name. This was the best opportunity to spread their name as the server announcement has the best publicity effect.

‘Server Announcement: Party Lone Desert Smoke has successfully killed the Martyr Unduin, Level 25 Gray-Silver Boss (China Server). This achievement will be recorded in the Hall of Fame! Please celebrate and cheer for them!”

‘Server Announcement: Player Drizzler (Party Leader) has successfully killed the Martyr Unduin, Level 25 Gray-Silver Boss (China Server). Obtained 10 Gold Coins, Luck attribute +1, and 500 Reputation points across all races in the league are awarded!’

‘Server Announcement: Player Zhan Yu (Party Member) has successfully killed the Martyr Unduin, Level 25 Gray-Silver Boss (China Server). Obtained 10 Gold Coins, Luck attribute +1, and 500 Reputation Points across all races in the league are awarded!’

‘Server Announcement: Player Little Snow (Party Member) has successfully killed the Martyr Unduin, Level 25 Gray-Silver Boss (China Server). Obtained 10 Gold Coins, Luck attribute +1, and 500 Reputation Points across all races in the league are awarded!’

The entire Chinese server began to get lively. At this point in time, most players were still happily raiding the Bangar Crypt in Easy Mode, and only 10% of the players could raid in Hard Mode, while the elites from the big guilds would take on the Hardcore Mode. Out of the blue, came a server announcement bearing news of the first kill on a Gray-Silver boss. How could anyone be calm? On top of that, the boss was killed by a party of three! What on earth was happening?! The server was filled with chatter, causing a large number of parties to be killed in the dungeon!

Now, the ones that regretted the most were probably the Lone Desert Smoke players that left the party earlier! Had they known that there was such a possibility, they would have certainly stayed on to obtain the server announcement as well! It would be exhilarating!

“It’s money! Money, money, money!”

Completely disregarding the equipment, Drizzler happily hugged the heap of money dropped by the boss. Zhang Yang could never comprehend their love for money! The other players would already be weeping as there were Gray-Silver equipment lying all over the ground… there was even a skill book!

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