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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 42 — The Brother Dragon of the Massage Parlor

Chapter 42: The Brother Dragon of the Massage Parlor

A Plain Copper Mine spawned, but Zhang Yang could not harvest it as he had discarded that skill; someone else harvested and gave it to him. As promised earlier from both parties, Zhang Yang could have all three [Plain Copper Ore]. Lone Desert Smoke members had no objections regarding this as the only reason they were there was to look for better equipment.

While Zhang Yang led the party into the secret chamber of Momorermo, a private message appeared from Fatty Han. “Little Yang, lend me a hand in Hard Mode!” Surprised, Zhang Yang replied, “What the f*ck are you doing in Hard mode?! Hurry up and raise your level, and I’ll bring you in to get the “First Clear” achievement of the Level 20 dungeon!”

Fatty Han continued pleading, “Please? I’m carrying a lovely girl to farm for some equipment! These two noob tanks can’t even get past the first boss. We got wiped out three times! I’ve already made a promise to her, so please come and help me!”

“Damn, you sleazy pervert! Okay, but I’m still in the middle of a dungeon run and I’m fighting the last boss. Add me into the party after I’m done!”

“As expected, my brother. I will wait for you!”

Zhang Yang shook his head, and then began to explain the boss strategy to his party members. They started the fight and was wiped out twice, but they eventually cleared it. Zhang Yang was in a hurry, and as soon as the boss was defeated, he went straight out from the dungeon without checking the loot. He left Drizzler’s party when he reached the dungeon entrance and sent a private message to Fatty Han, “Ok, party me!” After a while, a party invitation was sent from a stranger.

‘Ding! Player Dragon Swordsman invited you to join his party. Will you accept his invitation?’

Zhang Yang accepted and joined the party of 10. He re-entered the dungeon and saw nine others waiting for him at the dungeon entrance. “Wiped out again?” Zhang Yang asked. “Yeah, all noob sheet!” scolded Fatty Han. Dragon Swordsman chipped in, “Haha… Now that the professional is here, we can surely clear this dungeon now. Let’s go!”

Zhang Yang scanned the team and saw two lovely ladies standing beside Fatty Han, and they seemed to be in their twenties. One was rather slim while the other was fairly plump, but she had an impressive bosom. Their tag read ‘Floating Flower’ and ‘Round Swallow’, and both were Level 12 from the same guild called ‘Blazing City’. Floating Flower was an Elf Priest and Round Swallow was a Human Sacred Knight. I guess these are the two being babysat. From the looks of it, the other party members were like a group of birds flocking together. Aside from Dragon Swordsman and another spellcaster called ‘Little Tyrant Zhou Tong’, the four other members were young girls. All of them had an acceptable level of beauty, and there were no “dinosaur” cases here; although none of them could compare to the all-female guild that is Crimson Rage. At the current stage of the game, the number of male players overpowered the number of female players, but the male and female ratio in this party was very strange.

“Fatty, which is your girl? The Priest or the Sacred Knight?” asked Zhang Yang. “Sacred Knight!” Fatty was shy and bashfully said, “and also the Priest!”

“F*ck. You sick pervert!” scolded Zhang Yang. “How does it feel to have two targets?”

“Aww, come on. I’m still pure! I won’t be doing those kind of disgusting acts!” Fatty Han’s face was filled with righteousness. “I’m just enjoying the buns and a little lip service on the side! Little Yang, this high quality virtual reality is truly impressive. The sensation of soft flesh is completely the same as reality!”

“In the end, you’re just a sick pervert!” Zhang Yang scorned. Chatting while walking, they soon reached Black Claw, the first boss. “Let’s go!” Zhang Yang bluntly said as he wielded his sword and rushed forward. With his current equipment and skills, he was almost able to go solo in Hard Mode. Brandishing his sword, he was able to beat the Black Claw to a pulp and defeated the first boss.

In the team damage statistics, Zhang Yang dealt 48% in total, and with Fatty Han, they dealt 78% together. The two of them were enough to kill to boss! This party’s damage output was terrible and the healing was all over the place. The two healers had the equipment but they did not have the power to use it.

Dragon Swordsman started a private chat with Zhang Yang shortly after, “Zhan Yu! It’s an honor to finally meet you!”

“Haha… You are welcome!” replied Zhang Yang.

“Please, join our guild! Name your price!”

It seemed like Dragon Swordsman could be someone rich and powerful. Zhang Yang only smiled and said, “Thank you, but I currently have no plans to join any guilds.” Dragon Swordsman suddenly changed the topic. “This Slim guy is your friend, I presume?” Zhang Yang was confused. After realizing that he meant Fatty Han, he said, “Yes!”

“Your friend is in our guild. There’s no point in playing alone! Join us and play together! You know, the more the merrier! Our guild, Blazing City, has plenty of lovely ladies, and most of them would be happy to let off some steam. Uh huh, you know it!” Dragon Swordsman was trying to bait him in. Zhang Yang glanced back at the two girls that were slobbering all over Fatty Han, and finally understood what Dragon Swordsman really meant by “letting off some steam”. What was the difference between them and common hostesses?

Zhang Yang was right! In reality, Dragon Swordsman was the owner of a massage parlor. He was commonly known there as ‘Brother Dragon’, and has been running that parlor for several years. He really made a living for himself! He was recently assigned to be Vice Deputy President of Public Security Bureau in Chang Cheng, resulting in a conflict of his business. With no one to run his parlor, how could he go on?

The Deputy Chief had some problems with his reputation which directly affected his business. He could not proceed with his business since and had to shut it down. However, Brother Dragon was a smart man! He recalled that his nephew mentioned a newly released online game, and the biggest selling point was the high quality virtual reality! He researched ‘God’s Miracle’ and bought two gaming helmets to try it out. After entering the game, he conducted many tests on the best girl in his parlor. He tried to knead, pinch, touch and nip her sensitive parts, and he also ordered her to strip down. Brother Dragon felt excitement that was beyond compare! He had the epiphany. Times have changed and technology has advanced. His future now lies in the internet!

Without hesitation, he spent a large sum of money and bought game helmets for every female employee working under his business. He brought the parlor’s ‘waitresses’ and security boys together and entered ‘God’s Miracle’. Brother Dragon took the first step in this game of chess and wanted to establish a brand new massage parlor in the game itself!

Even in the midst of all the confusion, he could see a clear vision of his prosperous future. His first step was to raise his guild’s reputation and recruit as many members as he could. Having high popularity meant being able to promote all the lovely girls under his business. The ladies that went through face adjustment features during character selection will look as bedazzling as if they undergone plastic surgery in Korea. He was certain they would be able to seduce those perverted men!

If the business grew bigger, he would be able to make a deal with others to expand the business. Brother Dragon had the utmost confidence that he could build the largest red light district in history! However, the first step was always the hardest; how could he raise his guild’s popularity? Just as he was frowning to the point his brows were knitted closely, he saw the server announcement; the same announcement that belonged to Zhang Yang when he cleared Bangar Crypt! Brother Dragon had another inspiration!

He then sent his trump cards to lure in 10 party members. Unfortunately, Zhang Yang was out of reach as he turned off his private messaging and friend request service. The four Lost Paradise members could not be tempted and as for the remaining 5 players, Fatty Han, having the weakest resolve was easily seduced.

Brother Dragon went through the dungeon several times before, and he knew the importance of a good tank in a party, and was desperate in trying to recruit Zhang Yang in. Even though contacting him had failed, he found out that Fatty Han was actually Zhang Yang’s good friend in reality. That was why he always betted on Fatty Han and used him as bait to draw Zhang Yang to his side!

Unable to hold back his feelings, Zhang Yang sent Fatty Han a private message, “Fatty, don’t tell me you’re actually serious with these two girls?”

Fatty Han replied. “Tch! Look at them go at me! It’s the same as the salon girls from ‘Happy Street’. I just want to enjoy their service for a little while!”

Zhang Yang finally understood, that Fatty Han knew what he wanted.

“Fatty, I’m going to start our own guild very soon. Stop slacking and pay attention to those players that might have some skills or personality. We could recruit them next time!”

“Ok, I got it!” Fatty Han then paused and said, “Those two seductive ladies are flirting with me again, and they want me to pull you into the guild! How about this? Join this guild temporarily and give me some respect! Hehe… Little Yang, the members of this guild are all really pretty! Plus, they all like to have ‘fun’!”

“You go ahead! Don’t drag me into you own fantasy!” The party proceeded on. With Zhang Yang’s passive <Eagle Eye>, his attack power rose to another level. It did not take long for Zhang Yang to defeat the second and third boss; Hard Mode was fairly easy for him. Brother Dragon wanted to proceed with the Hardcore Mode, but Zhang Yang left the party, claiming that he only had limited dungeon entries. Brother Dragon wanted to insist more but even he knew when to stop persuading. It did not matter much since he had Fatty Han in his grasp, and one day he could use Fatty to bring Zhang Yang into his guild. There will always be a chance!

Zhang Yang returned to the capital and the first thing he did was to buy all the [Brassica Weed] and [Gingko Flower] from the auction house and turned them all into Anti-Shadow Potion. It was about 11pm or so when he was done. He decided it was time to log out. Laying in his bed, Zhang Yang hopped onto his train of thoughts. Right now, he needed to set up his own dungeon party. He cannot depend on wild or random parties to raid a dungeon.

Marzerway’s Lair was a Level 20 dungeon, split into three sections. The ‘Front Wing’ and ‘Middle Wing’ were 5-men dungeons. The equipment drop from the three difficulties were Level 10 Black-Steel grade, Level 20 Black-Steel grade and Level 20 Green-Copper grade respectively. The main section, ‘Marzerway’s Lair’, was a 20-men dungeon with only one boss, Marzerway. The equipment drops from the three difficulties were Level 20 Black-Steel grade, Level 20 Green-Copper grade and Level 20 Gray-Silver grade respectively.

In other words, there were three Hardcore Mode “First Clear” achievements obtainable from this dungeon! That also meant three extra skill points to gain! Currently, he decided to keep Fatty Han and Hundred Shot in the party. For the 5-man dungeon, he needed a healer and an attacker. Zhang Yang only knew a few healers, namely Ocean Despair, Silky Snow, and Little Snow.

Although Ocean Despair was a big fan of Zhang Yang, his skills and spatial awareness were not up to his expectations and he could not leave Ocean Despair to handle healing alone! Silky Snow was good, but she was in Lost Paradise and would definitely not follow him! As for Little Snow, she might become a potential A-level Professional League player with some honing. It would definitely have been a great help if he could recruit her! Drizzler was also already good to go as she was… truly a wonderful piece of jade.

Was it possible to get them on his side? Zhang Yang started to ponder on this matter.

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