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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 46 — Ridiculous Reasons

Chapter 46: Ridiculous Reasons

Fatty Han began cursing furiously in the party channel, “Little Yang! Those bastards dropped my level only because their boss didn’t like me to be higher than him! F*ck. They even sent me a private message, warning me to stay in the city and never leave, or else they will kill me every time I try to do so!”

Zhang Yang inquired more, “Who is their boss?”

“Some guy named Floating Fire Ball. The Guild Master of Pride. He was the guy at first place in the Level Ranking Board and they were mad with the fact that we snatched their position away! They’re also planning to kill the other four players that are above him!”

Drizzler responded with a chest full of justice, “How could he be so arrogant? Is the first rank only for him? Who died and made him king of the game?!”

Floating Fire Ball? Zhang Yang took some time to think. He could not bring himself to remember that name in his previous life. Even in all guilds, Pride was not famous at all! Perhaps when he entered the game previously, Pride had already collapsed and disbanded.

“These bunch of players… what nerve!” Hundred Shots had always been well-mannered, but even he was getting angry now. “Hmm, ‘nuff said. Let’s wreck these guys first!” Zhang Yang exclaimed as he stared coldly at the still parading Pride members. They had a total of 13 players, 4 of them were Silk Armored. They could be Spellcasters or even Priests, but that he would not know.

The most obvious strategy would be to start from the Silk Armored and progress from there. Being a high defense tank, he would not need to be afraid of physical attacks. Zhang Yang used <Charge> and dashed into the fight, stunning a Silk Armored player called Death Law, and with a swing of his sword, he caused a “-402” damage text to float across his head, effectively reducing his HP down to only 228!

“Holy crap! Someone is attacking me!” cried Death Law as he hurriedly used a red potion and immediately casted a <Frost Arrow>.

“He must be one of the hunter’s comrade. Let’s kill them all!” The rest of the players saw Zhang Yang’s entry and raised their battle cry to charge towards him. They all thought the same thing that Zhang Yang’s brain might have been kicked out by a donkey to charge into a fight like this knowing that he was outnumbered!

Prideful Precepts, Prideful Babysitter, and Floral Pants faces turned pale as they saw Zhang Yang’s face. The recollection of the painful memory when they were killed down to Level 3 reemerged.

Being mentally traumatized by him, Floral Shots advised the rest in the channel, “Piggy bro, this warrior is crazy strong! I think he’s using some kind of hacking program! We have to withdraw for now!”

Prideful Piggy yelled back, “Hack my ass. You need to be a genius to be able to hack in this game! Now, get your sorry ass back out there and kill him! We’ll stand guard!”





The others tried their best, but as hard as they could hit, they could never reach a double digit damage number!

“Sheet!” The ‘monumental’ damage that was being dealt left everyone wide-eyed!

“Fatty! It’s your turn now! Use <Barrage>!” Zhang Yang yelled in the party as he casted <Horizontal Sweep>.






10 brutal damage texts appeared! Two critical strikes! With just a single stroke, there were only two players left standing with 50 HP remaining! These guys were just around Level 13 to 15 with Level 5 Black-Steel equipment obtained from Normal Mode in Bangar Crypt Dungeon. Even if they did use all their AP on Vitality, they could only cough up 1,000 HP. There was no way they could survive Zhang Yang’s godly skill!

It all happened so suddenly that not only the members of Pride were surprised, but also Zhang Yang’s party as well! They almost forgot to hold back their attack!

“Little Yang! Don’t kill them off yet! Leave some for this Fatty to kill!” Fatty Han revived himself and in the next split second, he drew his bow and used <Barrage>, dealing enough damage to kill off the two remaining players. <Barrage> was an AoE skill a hunter could learn at Level 20.

[Barrage]: Fires arrows randomly into a targeted area. Causes 200% ranged damage to all enemies in the area for 10 seconds. This skill requires channeling. This skill will be cancelled instantly if the player receives any movement-impairing damage.

Cost: 100 Focus

Within a few moments, the 13 Pride members were down to three ranged attackers.


Hundred Shots regained his senses and drew his bow to strike at the enemies while commanding his pet to attack at the same time. Drizzler was a good battle comrade, too. After the shocking scene, she excitedly used <Charge> to attack them. Little Snow was quick to chant a healing spell on Fatty Han.


Her equipment were already up to standard and now her magic damage has increased to 300 points after she obtained the Level 20 Green-Copper magic staff. After the two-second healing chant delay, she had already recovered more than half of Fatty Han’s HP.

“Cutie Snow! Fatty loves you!” Fatty Han threw a flying kiss towards her and returned to attack the remaining 3 enemies.

Although the last three were above Level 20 with Green-Copper tier equipment, their strong attack power was still no match to Zhang Yang’s; normal players would consider them as god killers, but facing the current overwhelming odds, they had been outmatched.

“Pui!” Fatty Han spat furiously. “These bastards surely got what they deserved! I slogged my way to reach Level 21 and yet here I am, brought back down by a bunch of nobodies!” Hundred Shots jokingly interjected him, “Hey Slim, the one who did all the work was Zhan Yu, though. You just closed your eyes and shot blindly the whole time, no?”

“Should we guard the bodies?” Little Snow asked. Although not as battle-crazed, she did express an edgy feeling.

“Of course!” Fatty Han firmly answered. “I want these bunch of dumb little bunnies to remember this lesson: Never anger this Fatty!”

At the revive point, Lone Wild Cat’s face had dread written all over it. His eyes expressed so much fear that he was imagined getting killed off by Zhang Yang. “Piggy bro, should we call for backup?”

“Useless piece of sheet!” Prideful Piggy Lover slapped him across his face, but being in the soul state, the slap only went through their hollow figures. “We were called to kill that whole bunch, but we got killed instead. How could you still consider asking for help! Go ahead if you’re not ashamed to do so, because I am!”

“Piggy bro! That Zhan Yu guy is really strong! Back in the days, Hairy bro and the three of us were killed down to Level 3 from Level 10!” Prideful Precept was really scared of Zhang Yang. How could he ever try to raise his sword against him again?

“Curse you! You’re useless! You motherf*cker! So what if you died a few times? Follow me! Everyone spread out and ignore the noob tank and strike the other four! We’ll take him on last. His strong AoE attack is nothing if we attack individually. What can he do then?!” After Prideful Piggy Lover’s bashing, the group of souls came to their bodies. Everyone could see that Zhang Yang and the other four were happily chit-chatting to themselves, but they could not hear anything while being in the ghostly state and everything they saw was in monochrome.

“On the count of three, everyone revive themselves and hit them with everything you’ve got!”

“Understood!” Everyone nodded, but Floral Pants and his own gang glanced at each other.




10 figures formed from where the bodies lay, except for Floral Pants, Prideful Precepts, and Prideful Babysitter.

“Kill ‘em all!”

As they say, experience is the greatest teacher. Floral Pants and the other two made the right choice! In only two minutes, Prideful Piggy Lover and the rest were strewn across the floor again!

“Flowery! What the f*ck are you three doing! Why didn’t you guys revive?!” Prideful Piggy Lover furiously yelled at them as he returned to the revive point.

“My hands were shaking. I couldn’t press the revive button!”

“Me too!”

“Hm. Hm.”

“Shake your own ass! That’s what you’ve been doing! This game is controlled by brain waves, not by a mouse! You’re all scaredy-cats! If you three joined us just now, we could have won!”

The three of them exchanged looks, thinking to themselves. If you guys are already beaten like street dogs, what’s the use of three additional players? It would’ve just meant three extra deaths. Though they knew these words would hurt someone, they decided to remain silent, not wanting to say more.

After venting out his frustration, Prideful Piggy Lover calmed down. He was not stupid. He knew that they could not stand a chance against Zhang Yang after having the team wiped out twice. He hurriedly opened voice messenger and contacted Floating Fire Ball.

“Fire bro! It’s me! Piggy Head!”

“Hm. How’s the job going?”

To earn back his rightful place, Lu Min gathered many high level members to help him with his leveling. Because he reached Level 20, he managed to learn the Spellcaster’s AoE skill called <Rain of Fire> which increased his killing rate tremendously.

“That guy you asked us to kill, the rank one Hunter. We killed him, yeah… but he called for backup and those people were also in the Level Ranking Board! They killed us all! Fire bro, we all dropped 4 levels; we can’t fight anymore!”

“How many players are there?”

“… 5 players!”

“You useless trash! You have more than 10 people there!”

“Fire bro, please send more people over, and I’ll surely be able to kill them off by then!”

“Tch! The higher leveled players in the guild are helping me with my leveling. If I send more people over, would you reimburse me for the slower leveling rate? With so many people aiming for the top rank, how could I do anything that would slow my down?!” Lu Ming rejected helping him without hesitation. If he wanted to take the top position, he could not depend solely on killing those who were ahead of him, but at least compete to get ahead of them!

Even if all of the guild were to chip in, could they kill all those players over and over again? That was why he needed to retain his current progress! That was the righteous way.

“What now, Fire bro?” Even though Prideful Piggy Lover spoke with modesty and respect, deep down there was cursing and yelling.

“Let’s see… Dominating Blades and his party joined ‘God’s Miracle’. I’ll have them take care of these people!”

“Fire bro, weren’t those professionals playing another game called ‘Dragon Age’?”

“Bullsheet. Look at how the hype of ‘God’s Miracle’ got within the past few days! To think that these guys would ever let this chance slip away! This is good. These guys would do anything for a good pay. Alright then, it’s settled. You guys better get going and grind those levels up! We will claim the first clear achievement for the next dungeon!

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