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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 48 — The Old Scammer

Chapter 48: The Old Scammer

‘He hit me! He hit me!” the man screamed at the top of his lungs as soon as he got hold on to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang could only sigh. This old scammer is really shameless. There was only a meter between Zhang Yang and the old man, and yet he could roll over that distance to grab Zhang Yang’s calf.

Zhang Yang did not hold back. “Old man, are you really going to go that far?” Someone as cunning and sly as this old man did not deserve to be treated with an elder’s respect. The old scammer kept repeating the same thing.

“He hit me! He hit me!”

The crowd reacted the same way as Zhang Yang; having no remorse and began scolding him.

“There are so many eye witnesses here. Do you really think that you could wrong someone like this?” Zhang Yang let out a little anger in him. How many innocent people has this man tricked?

The old scammer finally opened his mouth to reply. “Hm hm. So what?” His face was like a cunning snake; 2 shiny golden front tooth could be seen as soon as he opened his mouth. “I’ll surely get you! Who do you think the judge would listen to? The crowd, or the victim?”

This guy has the guts to actually do it!

Zhang Yang’s rage boiled immensely. He was famous because of his fighting skills from young, and he further refined it when he entered university. He would never have thought that this merciless brawl would be forgotten in a mere four years.

“Dad! What happened?”

“This son of a b*tch actually knocked me down!”

Two 30-year old skinny men came out from the crowd, knelt on each side of the old man, and put up a façade of a son respecting his father.

“You bastard! Was it you who knocked my father down?!” The two men then stood up quickly and stared at Zhang Yang with a sense of hostility. Zhang Yang did nothing but laughed coldly. “You guys sure have a keen eyesight. You quickly came to the conclusion that the man was knocked down when you saw him lying on the floor. Why didn’t you say that he was beaten down? Or perhaps he slipped and fell on his own?”

The two of them wavered a little until one of them shouted, “You little brat! You dare talk back when you were the one who knocked down my father! You’d better reimburse the medical fees or we will sue you for attempted murder! That will be at least 8 to 10 years in prison life for you!”

Among the bystanders, someone voiced out their unfairness, “You bunch of rotten family have been playing this game for god knows how long! Everyday you’d be conning someone off their hard work! You’d better prepare to face punishment in the afterlife!”

“Shut the f*ck up! Do you want to get stabbed?!” and then the scrawny man drew out a blade, gleaming with its sharpened edges. The crowd was frightened with its presence and took a step back in silence.

“Haha!” the man felt contented with the crowd’s fear. He then waved the blade playfully in front of Zhang Yang and said, “Kid, give me 100,000 and we’ll close an eye on you!”

“I’m about to go home and play some games. You… you’re in my way!” Zhang Yang’s expression turned solemn and mean.

“What? Games?” the man with the blade laughed. He patted on his partner’s shoulder and said, “Bro, this boy is frightened silly! He thinks we’re playing a game with him!” The other man laughed too.

The old man who was still on the floor cried out, “Hurry up and pay! I’d be lying all day here!”

“You heard the man! Pay up!”

“Hmph. Eat my fist!” Zhang Yang threw a straight punch, landing clean onto the man’s face. His strength had always been powerful. That punch has been honed to perfection for 4 years in university; it was definitely not just for show! The man with the blade flew a good three meters away and landed on the floor with a loud thud, oozing fresh blood from his nose and mouth. He was knocked out for good.

The other man was left standing in rage and fear. There was a hint of fright in his voice as he tried to threaten Zhang Yang, “You… you date! My uncle is… is… a c-cop! He’ll c-catch you a-and put you in j-jail!”

Zhang Yang only laughed. With a chain of punches, he dominated the fight and knocked him out as well. He then looked down at the old man he had been dragging along for a few steps and smiled, “How long do you plan to hug my leg?”

The old man was shocked! Back then, he could just con anyone with his two sons stepping out to frighten the victim, yet today, he picked the short stick!

“Hmm, sorry. I’ve mistaken you for someone else?”

Zhang Yang laughed. “Mistaken?”

“Yes! I-I’ve mistaken!” said the old man as he withdrew backwards. Zhang Yang advanced forward to him, and grabbed the old man up. “Dear elderly man, just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you can throw your respect for others away. I want you to carve this lesson well in your memory. Don’t ever do this kind of scamming business anymore!” Rather than letting him go, Zhang Yang threw a punch at the old man.

“Buah!” he was thrown backwards, and blood spat out along with his two golden teeth.

“Ah! My golden teeth!” The old man hurriedly crawled over to pick it up.

And then, a round of applause roared from the crowd. Zhang Yang looked around and saw many bystanders were clapping away, while some were cheering “Good punch!” All the commotion caused the 3 conmen to sneak away like rats in an alley. Everyone cheered for him. Zhang Yang's actions and punches managed to capture the hearts of the crowd!

“What’s all this ruckus! What’s going on here?”

A clear and crisp voice could be heard. Among the crowd, a woman in police uniform walked out. She looked like in her early twenties and was very tall, maybe about 170cm. The uniform she wore brought out a strong sense of valiant; not to mention she was quite beautiful! She looked exactly like the ones you would see on screen, carrying a cold aura around her, signifying her nobility. Truly admirable!

Under her appearance lies the devilish body of a woman! With voluptuous curves at her front and back, along with those incomparable long legs, she brought out a beauty that people would think a waste if she was not a fashion model!

If Zhou Su city had a policewoman beauty pageant, this woman could be in the ranks! There was a chance that she could even top every other women in all of China!

Zhang Yang’s eyes gazed at where her breasts were. He could not help it; who asked her to allocate all her excess fat there! With that perky shape and size, one could not resist looking at here!

“Ah! Police!” The old man cried out loudly as if he met his own father. “He beat me! He beat me!”

The policewoman listened and averted her gaze and looked at Zhang Yang coldly.

“Excuse me, miss, you can’t blame this young man here. All of this is the father and sons’ fault!” The crowd began to talk, explaining what sort of crime they had done. The policewoman became furious as she listened to the explanation. Her once beautiful eyebrows narrowed and frowned. She clenched both her fair fists.

“Police…” the old man continued his wails but before he could finish, the policewoman roundhouse kicked him off. The golden teeth that he picked up dropped again.

The crowd was surprised for a moment and applauded. At a day and time like this, having a policewoman who was on the right side of justice like her was very rare!

Zhang Yang felt it was funny and laughed it off, and he turned around to leave the scene.

“Halt!” the policewoman rushed towards and grabbed him. Her expression was cold.

“Eh?” Zhang Yang raised an eyebrow, not understanding her action.

The policewoman asserted her view on the matter with a sense of justice and fairness, “What they did was wrong, but what you did was wrong as well! Fighting in broad daylight!”

“Are you serious?!” Zhang Yang tried to refute. “That guy was holding a knife! He was about to stab me with it! What I did was self-defense, not fighting!”

“That’s true!” The crowd pleaded on Zhang Yang’s behalf as well. After all, bad guys did not deserve the public’s pity.

The cold policewoman took her time to think, and the said, “I’ll give you a chance. If you could defeat me, I’ll let you go! Otherwise, you’ll follow me back to the police station and confess your crime!”

“You’re not joking, are you?” Even if Zhang Yang was the king of street fights, he would never cross fists with the police, what more a policewoman.

“I never joke!” the policewoman replied coldly.

Zhang Yang replied in a serious manner, “Well then, I’m sorry if I hurt you!”

“Hmph! I will not hold back!” The policewoman went into her fighting stance. She kept her legs wide apart, firmly on the ground. Her hands moved around, gesturing a sort of movement that her left hand represents Ying and her right hand represents Yang, emitting a strong killing intent.

Zhang Yang could not help but be cautious; this policewoman cannot be underestimated! He too, got into his battle stance and said, “Come at me!”

A police and a civilian having a duel, and the police was a beauty at least. A scene like this was not something to be seen every day! The crowd spread out across the scene, withdrawing and forming a large circle, giving fighting space to the two of them.

The young men had their eyes fixed onto the woman’s chest. If they were to bounce about, they would be bleeding by the nose at any moment!

The cool policewoman ignored the crowd, focusing intensely on Zhang Yang. She suddenly struck forward but only grazed past Zhang Yang’s left ear. “Such speed!” Zhang Yang thought. If he had not moved a little more, he would have taken a beating.

Before the strike, Zhang Yang was looking down at her. He would never have thought that this woman’s ability was anything but weak! With that attack, Zhang Yang started to lose the upper hand in this fight!

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Once the opponent had the upper hand, she wasted no time and unleashed a series of combo punches! As fast as lightning, Zhang Yang did not have any gap to counter the attacks!

Fast! Accurate! Powerful!

“Huargh!” The woman used her last attack, with both her hands enveloping Zhang Yang’s waist. She wanted to do a suplex! If the fight continued on like this, Zhang Yang would definitely faint!

His heart tightened, he had to rush back home to bring Little Snow and the team to rain Marzerway’s Lair later on! How could he kick the bucket here!

His arms reached out far, trying to grab hold onto anything he could get as long as he would not be thrown over! The policewoman intended to use her back power to flip Zhang Yang over but she never thought that he would reach out and grab her busty chest!


A loud, crashing sound was heard, and the two of them fell down! Zhang Yang on top, while the woman was underneath him.

“Ehh…” The crowd wondered. The fight was on the policewoman’s side, and after a few trading of punches, the woman’s legs went weak and was pinned down by Zhang Yang. The sensation that was in his hand was as soft as cotton; full of elasticity! A heavenly sensation in his hand! Zhang Yang squeezed with a little coincidence, and a low, soft lingering voice was instantly heard. One could not help but feel a little hard!

“Let go!” Her voice now filled with rage. She was gritting her teeth while speaking.

Zhang Yang was being held on by the policewoman. He looked up and could not look down at his body. Once he realized the situation he was in, he immediately knew… Both of his hands were holding on to those mountains!

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