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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 52 — Earth Spirit Oz

Chapter 52: Earth Spirit Oz

Zhang Yang’s party revived one by one. Luck was not something you can control. There’s really nothing you can do about if something went bad and luck did not favor you.

On their second run, Hundred Shots’ first <Silencing Shot> was already a miss, leading the team to death once more.

“What the f*ck is going on!? I swear that this is just an easy boss, but how did we get ourselves in this freaking sheetty situation!?”

“Fatty, I think it’s your karma biting back at you. This is probably a payback for peeping at your neighbor’s little sister.” Zhang Yang joked.

“Go to hell little Yang! I’m a true gentleman! Why would I try to peek under a girl’s skirt?” Fatty Han said a honest face.

“Big Bro! Zhan Yu didn’t say anything about peeking under a skirt. Did you just dig your own grave?” Drizzler giggled away happily.

Zhang Yang frowned, suddenly feeling envious of Fatty Han. “Why did you address him as Big Bro and I’m the uncle?!”

“Little Yang, you’re the type that gets old quickly. Don’t be jealous of Fatty Han’s eternal youth!” Fatty Han reached out his hand to pat Zhang Yang’s shoulder but his hands just went through his shoulder like air; they are still in the soul state.

“Handsome, my ass!”

The five of them revived again and proceeded towards the Water Spirit Wattland. “I’m pretty sure that all of us are used to the strategy by now. Winning or losing depends on luck now!”

Zhang Yang unsheathed his sword and pointed it to the air. “Let’s go!”

90%, the first <Hail Storm> was disrupted by Fatty Han.

80%, the second <Hail Storm> was disrupted by Hundred Shots.




There was no “Miss” this time while the boss’ HP dramatically dropped. In a while after, Wattland’s HP had almost reach its red zone.


“Don’t let your guard down! What needs to be disrupted must be disrupted. What needs to be evaded must be evaded! Don’t get us all killed at 1%!” Zhang Yang warned. He was not looking forward to repeating the process all over again.

“Almost there! Ahhh! I can see it. The glowing luster of gold pieces! Ahhh!! Almost there!” Drizzler’s strange feminine cries filled the atmosphere, and her attacks got faster and wilder in the heat of the moment.





And the boss finally fell.

‘Ding! You and the party members around have killed Water Spirit Wattland. Obtaining 25,250 Experience points (50 points party bonus)!’

“Aww yes! We are the best! YEAH!” Drizzler was jumping about in joy, much like a little girl who had just won her first teddy bear in a circus; the rest of the party members just smiled happily.

Zhang Yang smiled with satisfaction. He was pleased to see the team working hard together, achieving victory hand in hand. His vision of seeing the team together became clearer.

Zhang Yang then clapped his hand to get their attention. “Alright, guys! It’s time to open the corpse!”

“Oh! I wanna touch it! I wanna touch it!”

“No! I want to do it! Let me do it!”

Fatty Han knees felt weak as he heard the cousins fighting over the right to open the corpse.

“A-Ah girls? Stop fighting. Come, touch me! I’m pretty nice to rub around. I assure you that you’ll be extremely satisfied after a session with me!”

“F*ck off!”

Same rule, same game, and Little Snow won another round of rock-paper-scissors. Drizzler looked sadly at her fist making the shape of a rock and sighed.

“How could I always lose at this game?”

“That’s because you’re a big idiot!” Zhang Yang sighed. He could not believe that she did not realize her own mistake.

Drizzler got up with her hands on her waist, angrily speaking with her cheek bursting with anger. “Where did I go wrong?!”

“This game only needs one of your hands to play. Your playing hand was behind you but their other hand was out in front. I don’t know why your other hand would have the same gesture. That’s why everyone could see through your act. Even a dummy could know what you’re playing next in scissors-paper-stone! And if they can’t see through you, they’re as dumb as you are!” Zhang Yang explained in his stoic face, holding back his urge to laugh out loud.

“Kyaaa!!!!” No wonder Drizzler could never win her elder cousin sister in this game! No, she never stood a chance because of this habit of hers!

“Han Yin Xue!! I’m cutting ties with you!” Drizzler screamed from the top of her lungs.

“Right, and this is the… hmm I can’t recall the times you’ve wanted to cut ties with me.” Little Snow replied her screams nonchalantly, ignoring her and reaching out for the corpse to open it. The others may not show it but they had been waiting for the equipment excitedly.

[Frost Crown] (Green-Copper, Metal Armor)

Defense: +6

Vitality: +24

Strength: +12

Dexterity: +4

Level requirement: 20

“Hey, little brat. Let’s forget about the system roll and settle this with a game of rock-paper-scissors!”

“Sneaky little kid!” Drizzler rolled her eyes and quickly rolled for the equipment. Zhang Yang laughed and rolled for the item as well. He won with 84 points.

[Briskly Crown] (Green-Copper, Leather Armor)

Defense: +4

Vitality: +20

Strength: +6

Dexterity: +14

Level requirement: 20

Fatty Han gave up the equipment humbly and offered them to Hundred Shots again.

‘Ding! You have distributed 10 silver pieces!’

As the body started to disappear, Fatty Han got upset, “That’s it? Two equipment only?”

“Uh, yeah. That’s about right. Getting two equipment in a 5-man dungeon is already considered quite good!” Zhang Yang nodded.

“And it’s all just hats! Tch! This boss sure has some weird hat collecting habits, huh.”

“This first boss would only drop helms and boots. We’re lucky enough to get all helms.” Zhang Yang explained. “Alright then. Let’s proceed to the next boss and claim the “First Clear” achievement!”

“Let’s go!”

The team was filled with thirst for victory; everyone was eager to win the fight. Their morale could never have been higher.

After the first boss, the element changed from water to earth. The next enemy is a huge earth elemental with 7 to 8 smaller earth elementals around.

[Inflated Earth Elemental] (Elite)

Level: 21

HP: 50,000

[Deflated Earth Elemental] (Normal)

Level: 20

HP: 1,000

“Sigh. These smaller minions are quite troublesome!” Zhang Yang frowned as he rubbed his forehead. He missed the days where he could just kill off skill-less minions in Bangar Crypt.

“It’s pointless to kill the smaller ones. As long as the big one is still alive, it will quickly re-spawn the dead minions! Still, we can’t drag the battle too long or else the big one will command the small ones to self-destruct. Each of those pesky little minions could cause 200 damage per explosion. You’ll actually get blasted and literally be at cloud 9!”

“So…we are supposed to fully focus on the big one before it commands the small ones to explode at us?”



“Let’s start!”

Shush! Zhang Yang rushed over with <Charge> along with Drizzler doing the same.

With Zhang Yang there to pull in the minions, the others did not have to worry about aggro problems; they just focused their attack on the elite monster. With such strong focus fire, it was defeated fairly fast. The party then used all their AoE skills to clear of rest of the surviving minions.

Hunter’s <Barrage> and Berserker’s <Tornado Cleave> were AoE skills, and they were much stronger than a Guardian’s <Thunder Strike>! But neither one of those skills could be compared to Zhang Yang’s 200% damage <Horizontal Sweep>! Stacked with the powerful Grey-Silver sword and the <Eagle Eye> skill, the final damage was truly remarkable!

“Zhan Yu, I want your <Horizontal Sweep>!” Drizzler was feeling envious.

“No way!”

Drizzler tried to tempt him with something else to make him yield, “But I can give you Little Snow’s address!”

Fatty Han’s ear’s suddenly twitched. Little Snow may not have the best beauty complexion but that ridiculous body of a succubus was truly something worth. Furthermore, the in-game appearance and real-life appearance are not necessarily the same. There was still a chance that this lady might look like a goddess in reality!

“You little brat! You must be sick of living for so long now! Are you so eager to die?” Little Snow raised her fist.

“Don’t worry, Drizzler! I’m here to protect you!” Fatty Han stood out with his chest up high. “Quickly! Reveal her address!”

“So what if she told you. China is such a big place! Can you really find it out?”

Zhang Yang laughed. “Tch! Who knows? We might be in the same city!”

“We’re living in Zhou Su City. How about you?” Drizzle asked.

Zhang Yang and Fatty Han froze at the same time. “What a coincidence! We’re also living in Zhou Su City!” Zhang Yang flinched. Zhang Yang did have some suspicion that they were living in the same city before.

“Ah! This is destiny! This is fate!” Fatty Han began to feel extremely grateful.

Drizzle giggled happily. She blinked her big eyes and said, “Little Snow is living at No.105, Shi Zi Street! Got it?”

Fatty Han began to chant the address like a mantra, fearing of forgetting the address later on.

Zhang Yang shook his head. If memory served him right, No.105, Shi Zi Street was the police station! Thinking of it, he recalled the policewoman he met earlier that morning! The soft and supple sensation of those melons. They were surely ranked number one if he compared them with a previous encounter in his previous life!

Zhang Yang smiled evilly. The thought that he could Fatty Han’s face when he would discover the truth of that address made Zhang Yang refuse to let him know about the police station.

The party went onwards and after 20 minutes of fighting more small minions, they arrived at the entrance of the second boss.

[Earth Spirit Oz] (Green-Copper)

Level: 22

HP: 132k

There was a large brown-colored Earth Elemental; its size looked sturdy and enormous, being as high as 15 meters tall. Even without a visible weapon, the spirit’s own gigantic body gave off a certain kind of pressure.

“What’s the plan?” they all asked. They “knew” that Zhang Yang was a beta player!

Zhang Yang walked up confidently. Several days before this fight, he had been squeezing all of his brain juice to remember all of Marzerway’s skills and fight strategy, which was why he could casually explain everything as if he already knew it all.

“This boss is basically a physical attack type. His attacks are like a bulldozer; very strong and powerful, which means we’ll need to depend on Little Snow for this round as well!”

Little Snow turned to Zhang Yang and winked seductively. “In that case, I want some overtime pay!”

“Cousin! Would it kill you to just stop behaving like a slut?!”

“Heh heh heh. I’m used to it!” Little Snow then winked at Drizzler, sending a cold shudder all over her.

“This boss’ first skill is <Open Wound>. He will only cast this on the person with the highest aggro, which is me. If he casts this skill on anyone else, that would only mean that I died! This is a DoT attack, so I will lose 100 HP every second. The damage will not be affected by defense value. F*cking sheet!”

As a Guardian, he absolutely hated skills that would ignore his defense attribute.

“The second skill is <Smash>! This skill will also be cast on the person with the most aggro, which is again, me! <Smash> itself does not do any damage but it stuns me for 2 seconds and casts a debuff, increasing his attack frequency by 100%! This skill cannot be blocked or evaded, which means I would have to take it head on! The most dangerous part is when I’m hit by it. I can’t voluntarily move to block any attack. The boss originally has a very fierce attack and I could get killed off any time!

Little Snow rolled her eyes glamorously and said, “Well then, I must ask for a raise!”

“Cousin, can you please be a little more lady-like?”

“And where am I not a lady?” Little Snow threw another wink. Her glamorous and show-off behavior made the other party members a little awkward to put up with.

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