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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 53 — A Wasted Effort

Chapter 53: A Wasted Effort

“Sneaky b*itch.” Zhang Yang whispered to himself.

“The third boss’ skill is called <Earth Spear>. This skill will be casted on 3 random players. It will look like a muddy puddle that’s about 2 meters wide. In that puddle, you will have 50% movement speed reduction and also receive 150 damage per second. You must quickly move away from the puddle the moment it appears! The damage and slowing effect will not immediately take effect when it appears as there will be a 0.5 second delay before the effect kicks in! You must be quick and alert at all times!”

Zhang Yang took a breather, giving sometime for the party to absorb all the information.

“Lastly… and this one is the problematic one, is after every 15 seconds, the boss will gain 5% increased damage. This is a damage battle. The longer we drag this battle, the worse situation we will be in. Our healing powers will diminish over time and when the boss has grown to 150% or 200% increase in damage, it will be the end of us!”

“All in all, what you guys need to do is to avoid the <Earth Spear> and give it everything you got!”

“What a load of bull crap! You could have just said that last sentence to summarize everything!” Fatty Han scratched his head. “Man! All your talking makes my head hurt! What a waste of my brain cells trying to remember all of that junk!”

Zhang Yang laughed.

“If there isn’t any problem, we can just go ahead and start now! The “Firsts Clear” achievement is right in front of our eyes!”

“WOAH! Let’s go!”

The party marched into the boss’ chamber with big smiles on their faces. The fight started with Zhang Yang’s <Charge>.

To maximize damage output, Zhang Yang prioritized his attack using <Cripple Defense>, adding 5 stacks to reduce 50% of the boss’ defense value. Being a physical type, it naturally had a high defense value. Reducing 50% of his defense was equivalent to reducing 30 Defense attribute. 30 Defense value was not much but it was enough to help Hundred Shots and Fatty Han; classes that used Dexterity as their main attribute.

Zhang Yang had the passive <Eagle Eye> skill, along with 5 stacks of <Cripple Defense>, ignoring a total of 100% defense. Zhang Yang’s attack was directly attacking with 0 Defense damage reduction, it felt as if he was attacking a completely naked boss! This kind attack was significant.

The higher the player’s level, there more skill that was available for them to use. The problem with having too many skill was the priority of it. To be able to use different kinds of skills in different kinds of situations was the key factor to differentiating a rare professional and a common casual. Both of those players could have the same equipment set and the same level, but they could not deal the same damage output. One would deal an extremely high damage while the other gives out a normal amount. This was the importance of prioritizing skills in situation.

Under Zhang Yang’s guidance, Fatty Han formed his own attacking strategy and made obvious progress. Zhang Yang was not familiar with the Hunter class’ skills and tactics even with his 5 years rebirth experience as he played the game as a Guardian previously. He could only teach Fatty Han the most common skill rotations to maximize his character potential.

Zhang Yang had his eyes on Drizzler, though. Drizzler was a battle-driven girl. She liked to fight and compared her damage with others. Because of that, she was willing to learn new tactics and skill rotations to further increase her damage output! The one that had made the most obvious improvement was Drizzler!

‘Ding! Player Zhan Yu has the effect of <Open Wound>. Receiving 100 physical damage every second for 20 seconds!’

A debuff icon appeared on Zhang Yang’s head. ‘-80!’ red damage text popped repeatedly above him.

Before the skill was cast, Little Snow was having the time of her life, healing slowly and leisurely. After the debuff appeared and Zhang Yang HP was slowly draining off, she began to frantically cast her <Healing Spell>.

‘Ding! Player Zhan Yu had received <Smash>! Stunned for 2 seconds!’

Several stars could be seen above Zhang Yang’s head, and he could not control his body. He began to sway his body back and forward, head bobbing around like a drunkard.







Earth Spirit Oz was as in a frenzy. In just two seconds, Oz had attacked Zhang Yang with four consecutive strikes. With the damage <Open Wound> had caused, Zhang Yang HP was instantly robbed away by 1403 points! Luckily Zhang Yang swapped a new helm earlier, raising his already beefy HP to 1840l even then it was still not enough!

It was only after the attacks that Little Snow’s <Higher Healing> conjured, healing Zhang Yang with a ray of light.


Half a second later, <Regeneration> also healed another ‘+120’, recovering almost half of Zhang Yang’s HP.

Having only half of his full HP, Zhang Yang had no time to catch his breath. The boss’ right fist was in front of him, flying right into his face! Zhang Yang dodged it but another left fist came flying just as quickly! His quick judgment concluded that he could evade that strike, so he quickly raised his shield and used <Block>!”

Even though this boss had double physical attacks, it was still just as agile as a thief. Each time Oz attacked with both fists, Zhang Yang could only physically dodge the right fist but used <Block> against the other. He was not able to dodge both!

Little Snow was still not done with her healing. She quickly chanted a <Higher Healing> and after a ‘+387’, Zhang Yang’s HP was no longer in the danger zone!

“My god, this is tiring!”

The first few seconds after the battle started was already as exciting as it was. She felt like her heart and lungs were going to burst out of excitement!

“Xixi, who asked you to be a Priest!” Drizzler tried to provoke her cousin.

“Aiya. Only a Priest is suitable for a person like me.” Little Snow purposely patted her overwhelming chest and winked at Drizzler. “F-L-A-T~”

Drizzler face was flushed with rage. “Han Yin Xue! Enough with my boobs!”

‘Ding! Earth Spirit Oz has gained <Growth> effect (1 stack). All physical attacks are increased by 5%!’

“Guys! There’s always a time and place for everything, and we can’t joke around right now. Don’t be slacking on the attack and healing! Look, the boss had gained a buff! If I was in danger before, imagine how I would be when the boss stacks up his <Growth>. I’d be ready to meet my maker soon!” Zhang Yang scolded.

‘Ding! Earth Spirit Oz had used <Earth Spear>!’

Zhang Yang quickly looked down to his feet to check, and a black goo-ish mud puddle appeared underneath. Zhang Yang hurriedly moved away from the circular area and shouted when he was safe from the skill.

“Everyone! Be careful! Check your ground!”

Shing! Shing! Shing!

The sound of clashing metal could be heard as 7 to 8 razor sharp stone pillars pierced out from the muddy puddle. After a split second, the pillars retracted back into the puddle, and then re-appeared the next second.

Fatty Han tightened his butt, thinking something naughty is his mind.

“Hey, if I was actually pierced by these things in the ass, is it considered an*l sex?”

“@#$%! Go to hell!”

“Fatty Bro, you’re so perverted!”

“You seriously need some help.”

“Die, you sick son of a b*tch!”

When everyone was having fun laughing and scolding, the boss gained another buff, increasing its damage by 110%.

80%, 70%, 60%!

At the same time, the boss’ HP was dropping as well. After all, there were 3 strong attackers, with Zhang Yang having the stronger attacks!


‘Ding! Earth Spirit Oz has gained <Growth> effect (8 stack). ). All physical attacks are increased by 40%!’

‘Ding! Player Zhan Yu received <Smash>! Stunned for 2 seconds!’

Again, Zhang Yang had stars circling around his head.









Zhang Yang’s heart jumped with the same feeling as riding a roller coaster. Luckily, Little Snow managed to slide in a <Higher Healing> and a <Regeneration>. If it were not for those two skills, Zhang Yang would have already sent to the revive point.

“Phew!” Zhang Yang let out a sigh of relief. He then dodged one of the boss’s fist and used <Block> on the other, giving enough time for Little Snow to chant another <Higher Healing>.

“You know…You should get yourself a skill book called <Holy Shield>. That way, both you and I won’t have to fear of getting a heart attack every time we fight a boss of this caliber!”

[Holy Shield]: Cast a magic shield that will absorb damage equal to the caster's 200% magic damage. Last for 30 seconds. Cooldown time: 15 seconds. Instant casting.

Instant casting. That was the most valuable point of Holy Shield. The absolute trump card to save a life.

“I’m but penniless. Would you like to buy it for me?” Little Snow winked around crazily.

“Cousin! Please stop doing that! I’m completely ashamed by you!”

“Would you guys stop doing that! Please focus on the boss! If it boss gets any stronger, I’ll be dead by the next <Smash>!” Zhang Yang scolded. He did not sound normal anymore.

30%… 20% … 10%… 7%!

‘Ding! Earth Spirit Oz has gained <Growth> effect (12 stack). All physical attacks are increased by 60%!’

‘Ding! Player Zhan Yu received <Smash>! Stunned for 2 seconds!’








‘Ding! Player Zhan Yu had died!’

Little Snow failed to cast her <Higher Healing> in time which led to Zhang Yang’s defeat.

“Don’t give up! Continue attacking! There’s only 6% left! Fight for your life!”


Once Zhang Yang fell, Drizzler immediately became Oz’s punching bag. It turned around and started to attacking furiously!

‘Ding! Player Drizzler had died!’


‘Ding! Player Slim and Handsome had died!’

‘Ding! Player Hundred Shots had died!’

‘Ding! Player Little Snow had died!’

Complete annihilation.


The team appeared at the revive point and sighed together. Wiped out at 4%, what a waste!

“Little Snow, the next time I get <Smash>, don’t use <Higher Healing>. Instead, switch to <Holy Prayers>. Even though the recovery rate for <Holy Prayers> is slower but the incantation is much faster! <Higher Healing> requires two seconds to cast, but <Holy Prayers> only needs 1.5 seconds so it can be cast in between the two-second stun! If you used <Higher Healing>, you might have been in time to save me!” Zhang Yang gave a long talk to Little Snow, trying to help her revise her healing tactics.

“Remember, once I’m out of the stun, I’ll use <Block> immediately. You will have enough time to cast <Higher Healing>!”

“Okay!” Little Snow nodded obediently. She looked like she was blaming herself for the team’s downfall. Even though it was not her fault to begin with, she did feel a little guilty for the waste of effort. It’s rare to see her obedient face, not winking around like a madwoman.


Another five souls appeared at the revive point. They were the The Dominators. Humbly Gentleman was not among the party, which meant the party was the secondary raiding team.

“Hey! Where did you guys die at?” one of the party members from The Dominator screamed.

Zhang Yang looked at Fatty Han with a certain look in his eye. Fatty Han quickly caught his intention and replied, “The first boss!”

“F*cking hell! They’re actually the same as us!”

“Tch! So what if they’re at the same stage as us! The important thing is the boss, not the minions!”

The Dominators started to discuss among themselves.

“Hey, neighbor! We managed to damage it up to 60% HP left. What about you guys?”

Fatty Han looked at Zhang Yang, who was smiling silly.

“Better than you did! We were at 40%!”

The five of them exchanged a look and smiled sly-fully. They switched to party channel and said, “Hah! Only 40%! Boss was already beaten down till 20%. Just a few more and we’ll win this match for sure!”

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