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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 56 — Fire Spirit Farr

Chapter 56: Fire Spirit Farr

“Its third skill is called <Lava Flow>.” Zhang Yang continued to explain the boss’ skills. “Once it’s activated, eight rivers of lava will flow out in a specific pattern with the boss at its center. The lava will continue to flow for 30 seconds so remember to avoid it at all cost! Anyone standing in it will take 500 damage!”

“Hmm, sounds pretty simple. We should be fine as long as we can avoid the lava!”

“The fourth skill…”

“Holy crap, there’s a fourth skill?! Little Yang, please finish your sentence! Don’t leave us hanging here!”

Zhang Yang laughed at Fatty Han.

“The fourth skill is quite simple. For every party member’s death, the boss gains 50% damage increase; which is why you have to survive at all costs! In summary, stay alive and don’t die!”

“Let’s go!”


“Ho! Where did these pests come from? How dare you step into my domain! Hmph! Water Spirit and Earth Spirit are completely useless! How could they let these pests get past them?”

Being completely immune to <Charge>’s stunning effect, Farr raised its fiery fists and hurled them at Zhang Yang. “Hahaha! I will burn your soul into the depths of the abyss! Enjoy wandering forever, never to return!”

“Little Yang, is it just me, or does this boss love to talk a lot?” Fatty Han asked while firing a shot.

“Yeah, I feel the same way too! Zhan Yu, this boss could actually be on the same level as you! Annoying as hell!”

Drizzler used <Charge> to dash towards the boss and began hacking and slashing. Noticing high damage texts that were popped out rapidly, her face flushed with excitement.

Hmph, if I were to keep my mouth shut, do you think we could reach to this stage?

Zhang Yang had a little monologue and smiled bitterly by himself.

“Some boss’ difficulty factor lies on their attack and skill. For others, like this one, have another way to annoy players, and that’s through trash-talking!”

Fatty Han laughed. “Huh? Trash-talking? Can they actually do that?”

“Yeah, just wait for it! This will be our first encounter of a trash-talking boss!”

While they were happily conversing, Zhang Yang had already stacked 5 layers of <Cripple Defense> and made the vulnerable boss even more vulnerable.

“You stinky piece of walking flesh! I’ll use my flame to burn all of you into roasted meat, and then I’ll eat you for dinner!”

Fire Spirit Farr began to chant <Flame Shot>. Three seconds later, a giant fireball flew rapidly towards Zhang Yang. He could not block nor escape from it and took a hit while simultaneously a huge ‘-800’ damage text flew across his head.

“Haha! Foolish mortals! How does it feel being burnt into a crisp?” Fire Spirit Farr then switched to its fiery first to strike. “Perhaps I shall keep your skeletons and fashion them into a table! That would be a perfect decoration for my palace!”

After a few fist attacks, Fire Spirit Farr started to chant a <Flame Shot>. Being a Spellcaster-class monster, it would naturally prioritize its magic attacks as it’s main.

Boom! A fireball flew off, hitting Zhang Yang again.

“Impossible! You, a mere mortal withstanding my almighty attack! No! Why are you still alive?! NO! You must die! You must die NOW!” Fire Spirit Farr growled loudly.

‘Ding! Fire Spirit Farr is enraged!’

‘Ding! Fire Spirit Far has unleashed <Knockback>!’

A circular wall appeared with Farr at the center of it. The wall then blasted away in all directions and knocked back Zhang Yang and Drizzler, while leaving a debuff effect on them. “Foolish creatures! I will not hold back any longer!” The fire spirit then chanted another <Flame Shot>, aiming at Zhang Yang.

Fatty Han could not hold it in any longer. “What the hell?! This boss can really talk… a lot!”

Zhang Yang snickered, “Haha, trash-talk! This is considered as a challenge. Once you encountered enough of these kind of bosses, you’ll get used to it soon enough. Still, you wouldn’t really get yourself mad from a computer, right?”

Little Snow was holding on for quite some time, but eventually she lost it too. “Would you guys just kill it already?! I’m suffering here!”

After casting <Flame Shot>, Fire Spirit Farr scanned the party. “Hmph! You who would only sneak behind and attack, I will burn you all!”

Woosh! Eight rivers of lava flowed out from the boss’ body, across the battlefield. Fatty Han and the rest managed to evade it by a hair’s breadth, but the melee fighters did not have enough time to react at all. It was only luck that the boss’ <Lava Flow> did not target a specific player. When the lava started to spew from the boss’ body, it went past Zhang Yang and Drizzler, scaring the hell out of them!

90%, 80%, 70%… the boss quickly lost its HP at a fast pace. As it talked too much, the party began striking and shooting at their best and maybe even a little more as they were pretty much annoyed by the trash-talking.

“Despicable human! Curse you!” Fire Spirit Farr cried in pain after being attacked. “Let the flame cleanse you away!” Using <Knockback> again, the boss blasted his firewall everywhere and almost killed Zhang Yang with only over 600 HP left.

“Thank god this boss didn’t curse my future baby child or something like that, or I’d be really furious!” Fatty Han said as he happily drew his bow and shot at his own pace.

“Slim and Handsome, you’ve been shooting for almost half a day, and yet nothing came out! How could you call yourself a man?”

That was it. Fatty Han stopped his attack suddenly and furiously walked up to the boss! “Who said I can’t shoot it out?! People call me the ‘7 shot man’! I can shoot it out in five minutes! Hmph! I can’t shoot? I’ll shoot in your f*cking face!”

“Hey, take a chill pill there, horny brother!”

“Disgusting prick!”

“Fatty, you just revealed your secret here!”

It was then Fatty Han realized that he had been played by a computer! How could he allow himself to be fooled by a computer to lose his temper?

“Haha! Fatty, I think you’ve completely tarnished your good name!” Zhang Yang laughed loudly.

“Oh, get out of there!” Fatty Han was angry right down to his bone. “This boss’ perverseness is just as good as mine!”

“Bullsheet! You’re the only one here with that kind of mind! The boss is insulting your marksmanship, not your… you know! Hey, Fatty Han. Could it be that a certain part of your body isn’t working properly? I know an old medical officer that lives just down the alley here…” Zhang Yang could not help himself to laugh even more.

“Mind your own business! My little brother is as fine as it is!” Fatty Han defended his own “ability.”

Fire Spirit Farr began provoking Hundred Shots as well, “Hundred Shots, you’ve been shooting for almost half a day, and yet nothing came out! How could you call yourself a man?”

Being Hundred Shots, the man that never lost his “chill”, he remained steady and undisturbed as he continued to fire his arrow unfazed.

“See that, Fatty Han? That’s what I call style. Cool as a cucumber!”

“Tch! Hundred Shots, tell me the truth now, how old are you?” Fatty Han asked.

Hundred Shot sniggered before he answered, “30!”

“When you are 30, you’ll have that problem. When you are 40, you can’t do anything about it besides having those thoughts! This is not style, it’s a fact! I’ll never have the problem about shooting it out!”

With this topic now in the air, not a single man would leave themselves undefended. Hundred Shots curved his lips and said, “Well, according to my wife, I’ve no problem with my little brother. And if it’s a problem, it’s not a problem at all!”

“Bullsheet philosopher!”

Both Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were surprised at Hundred Shot’s comment and laughed out loud.

“Hey, are you guys fighting or not?!” Drizzler angrily cried out. She could not take it any longer; it was not about the dirty adult talks that revolved around their private matters, but the fact that she could not understand any bit of it! If she could not understand it, then it did not matter anymore!

“Drizzler! Are you giving me a massage? If that’s the case, it would be a waste! I could barely feel anything!” Fire Spirit Farr turned and pointed at Drizzler, starting to say something insulting again. “I will flatten you!”

“Huh? Flat? Flat chest? Did you just call me flat-chested!?” It’s hard not to admire how Drizzler interpreted that. From the word “flatten” to “flat chest”. Still, the angered little Drizzler was triggered to fight even wilder than ever!

Fatty Han laughed and said, “This boss sure is fun to play with!”

“Horny boss! Perverted Fatty!” Drizzler continued to land more hits on the monster.

“Hey, hey, hey! I’m a normal and serious man!” Fatty Han was quick to refute.

“Despicable mortal! Feel my wrath!”

Lava began to flow out again, causing the entire party to jump like cats and dogs. As the party regained their composure, the boss’ HP was left with only 20%.

“This boss is quite easy to defeat! If it wasn’t because of its crap, I could fight this kind of boss anytime!”

Zhang Yang shook his head. “We were only lucky. We didn’t get hit by the <Flame Shot> and <Knockback> combo! That one is a lethal skill!”

15%, 10%, 7%… The boss’ HP continued to drastically drop.

5%, 3%…

Boom! A <Flame Shot> landed on Zhang Yang and reduced his HP down to 512 points. At that moment, the boss opened his mouth and said, “You’ve angered me, mortals!”

‘Ding! Fire Spirit Farr has unleashed <Knockback>!’


Zhang Yang was instantly killed by the attack.

‘Ding! Player Zhan Yu has died!’

“Don’t stop! Kill it! Kill it!” Zhang Yang shouted.

‘Ding! Fire Spirit Farr has gained a <Sacrifice> effect. All attacks have been increased by 50%!’

“Haha! Delicious soul! I can feel my powers grow stronger!

Fire Spirit Farr’s body grew larger. Now that Zhang Yang died, the boss changed its target to the second most aggro player; Drizzler. Luckily, this boss did not have the tendency to use <Flame Shot>. Even if Drizzler was hit by a <Knockback>, it would only cause 450 damage and then kill her off easily with a few normal attacks. It did not need to use the 3-second delay <Flame Shot>!

2%, 1%…


Carrying the <Combustible> debuff, Drizzler was vulnerable to attacks. Even if Little Snow could heal her back to full HP, her pitiful 1200 HP could only withstand a single attack from the boss. Soon after, Drizzler also died.

‘Ding! Fire Spirit Farr has gained a <Sacrifice> effect. All attacks have been increased by 100%!’

“Such a wonderful feeling! My powers grow stronger again!” Fire Spirit Farr laughed evilly, and then turned to face Fatty Han and casted <Flame Shot>.




The boss had a little over 1,000 HP left!



‘-2000!’ <Flame Shot> was cast. Fatty Han was defeated.

‘Ding! Fire Spirit Farr has gained a <Sacrifice> effect. All attacks have been increased by 150%!’

This time around, the boss did not cast a <Flame Shot>. It rushed over to Hundred Shots and attacked him with physical strikes.



A simultaneous attack came from both Hundred Shots and Little Snow.

“No, no, no! This isn’t happening! I am the Immortal Fire God! No one could have killed me! No…!” With an unwilling expression, Fire Spirit Farr fell defeated.

‘Ding! You and your party members have killed Fire Spirit Farr. Obtaining 69,050 Experience Points. (50 points party bonus)!’

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