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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 59 — One More Time!

Chapter 59: One More Time!

Zhang Yang reconnected to the game exactly on 5pm. He strolled for a little while and the rest of team appeared beside him almost simultaneously.

“Wow, I’ve got to tell you! After I had an awesome meal and had a warm bath, I feel so relaxed!” Drizzler sounded refreshed and energetic. “I feel like I could punch a tiger if one comes out now!”

“Haha! Very well, Tiger Slayer! I have high expectations of you!” Zhang Yang snickered. Drizzler snorted and proudly replied, “Hmph! Just watch me!”

The party team re-grouped together and enter the dungeon once again. They could not even remember how many times they had entered and re-entered. Now that the first boss was killed off before; the entire arena was empty. The only remaining monster in this dungeon was the boss; until the dungeon was refreshed and respawned all the missing monsters at midnight.

“Alright, I’m not going to waste my breath to explain again. I believe everyone knows what they should do by now. We can win this if each of you do your part! Remember! WE ARE THE BEST!”


“Let’s go!”


Both Zhang Yang and Drizzler used <Charge> at the same time. Zhang Yang then activated <Provoke>, drawing the boss’ attention towards him.

“Puny mortals! Die in hell!” Almost every boss loved to use this kind of arrogant, powerful, and even provoking kind of speech to officially start the fight.

90%, 80%… The boss’ HP reduced smoothly without any complications.

‘Ding! Air Spirit Ains has used <Summoned Cloud>!’

“Careful! The farts are coming!” Zhang Yang screamed to alert the members. In an instant, Hundred Shots, Fatty Han, and Little Snow had their eyes locked onto the clouds and started their attacks.




Having only 5,000 HP, the cloud was quickly destroyed under the concentrated chain attacks by 3 players.

“That’s right! That’s the way to do it! Look at how easy that was!”

Zhang Yang moved around, pulling the boss on the hand, and evading incoming <Air Bomb> on the other. In fact, all five of the party members were not stationary. Everyone was always constantly moving around. The bomb was not meant to be taken lightly; one touch and they would be completely wiped out again!

70%, 60%, 50%…

The battle went better than expected this time. Their reaction speed and attention were raised after having proper rest and a decent meal. While performing at their best, the cloud was killed off in no time. No one ignored the <Air Bomb>, and each of them carried out their role properly.

This was the true way to raid a dungeon. Each player had to play their specific role properly. An attack must have had enough damage power. A tank had to be strong enough to withstand attacks and had good crowd control skill. A healer had to be a good support and healing power. The remaining extra players filled in with the others while not making mistakes. However easy the strategy may be, it always seemed harder to execute the plan in actual battle. It was hard to make sure that everyone could perform their part flawlessly!

With that theory in mind, a 5-man dungeon was easier than a 10-man dungeon which was easier than a 20-man dungeon, and a 20-man dungeon was far easier than a 50-man dungeon! It was much easier for a 5-man team to make no mistake, but to make sure a 50-man dungeon to run smoothly was not impossible, but extremely hard!

40%, 30%, 20%, 10%!

“Guys, fight harder! Victory is just one step ahead! Don’t let your guard down! The fight is hardest at the eleventh hour! The last part is always the hardest! Do not fret!” Zhang Yang immediately tried to boost the team’s morale. They were excited and agitated.







Thud! The boss falls defeated!

‘Ding! You and the party members around you have killed Air Spirit Ains. Obtaining 28,850 Experience points. (50 points party bonus)!’

‘Ding! Your party has successfully conquered Marzerway’s Lair: Middle Wing (Hardcore mode) and obtained the “First Clear” Achievement! This glorious accomplishment will be recorded in the Hardcore First Clear Achievement Board. As the party leader, please name your party!’

Without needing to ask anyone for it, Zhang Yang immediately keyed in “Lone Desert Smoke” into the confirmation box and the server channel was dyed in red color again.

‘Server announcement: Party Lone Desert Smoke has obtained the “First Clear” Achievement: Marzerway’s Lair, Middle Wing (Hardcore mode). This glorious achievement will be recorded in the Hardcore First Clear Achievement Board (China Server)!’

‘Server announcement: Player Zhan Yu (Party Leader) has obtained the “First Clear” Achievement: Marzerway’s Lair, Middle Wing (Hardcore mode). Obtaining 10 gold pieces, 1 Skill point, and 500 increased all races reputation from the system reward!’

‘Server announcement: Player…’

“WE DID IT!” Fatty Han’s thundering voice could be heard clearly among the cheering of the other party members. Being stuck for roughly 4 hours at this boss, they could finally let loose their built up stress.

The guild channel was also in complete chaos. Everyone was extremely happy, jumping around crazily. With their guild name out in the open, everyone was celebrating this joyful event! Imagine walking in public with the guild tag on your head, all swag and cool.

“Hey, hey! Look at this player here! Don’t you know? This is the guild that claimed two consecutive “First Clear” Achievements! Huh? You’ve never heard of it? Hah, you’re outdated now, bro!”

“Hahaha!” Fatty Han had been laughing uncontrollably for a while. “Little Yang! How about we take down the Main Wing as well tonight?!”

“Sigh! Ignorant people sure are dangerous!” Zhang Yang shook his head in disappointment.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Fatty Han turned and looked at Hundred Shots, pleading for an explanation. Both of them were Hunters, and since they had several common features, they became best friends immediately.

“The Main Wing is a 20-man dungeon! We can’t do it alone!” His best friend explained.

“F*ck! Why did it suddenly turned into a 20-man dungeon!?” Fatty Han became angry.

“Hahaha!” Zhang Yang laughed. “That’s because the Main Wing will drop a set equipment!”

“Set equipment?”

“Set equipment will grant a secondary effect when worn together. Out of the 5 equipment, there is the Head, Chest, Hands, Sheen, and Legs. If you have 3 of out 5 equipment you will gain an effect. If you have all 5 of the set, you will gain the second effect! A set equipment effect is very strong; just like putting on one more piece of equipment. Having two effects is like wearing two extra equipment! Very OP!

Zhang Yang patted Drizzler on her shoulder and when she turned to at him, he pointed his finger to the corpse, gesturing her to open the corpse.

“What about the set effect of a Hunter’s equipment?” Fatty Han added.

Zhang Yang could not recall anymore. A level 20 equipment was just a temporary equipment that would be quickly replaced. Plus, he was never a Hunter and level 20 was something he had forgotten years ago!

He shook his head and said, “Sorry! I’ve forgot! The only thing I could remember was the warrior set effect. 3 equipment set effect was that every time you take damage, you have a chance to generate a barrier that can absorb up to 500 damage. The 5 equipment set effect was 10% damage increase.” While Zhang Yang was explaining to Fatty Han, Drizzler opened an equipment.

[Air Spirit Sword] (Green-Copper, One handed sword)

Weapon attack: 88-104

Attack interval: 2.4 seconds

DPS: 40

Level requirement: 20

The only person who could use this sword was Zhang Yang. However, since he already had the Grey-Silver sword in his hands, he did not need a lower grade sword!

“Take it up to the auction house! We’ll share the profit!” said Zhang Yang. All the other party members nodded their head in unison and Little Snow took the item. Being gold misers, Little Snow and Drizzler were the only ones who would try to snatch it away. If other Bandits, Guardians, or Defenders found out what they were about to do with the sword, they would literally cry their eyes out! How could any situation lead to the equipment being unwanted!?

“Little Yang, when could we fight the Main Wing?” Fatty Han had the set equipment in his mind.

“Hm. Let’s try this. Tonight, we should all split up and try to form two teams to raid the Bangar Crypt Hardcore mode. We try our best to quickly pick out 20 players with strong, above-than-average equipment.” Zhang Yang started his train of thoughts. Once he became the guild master, he was fast enough to get into character. His responsibility had increased, and so did his expanded way of thinking.

Right now, Little Snow, Drizzler, Hundred Shots, and Fatty Han were level 20. There was hope that they could dominate the Hardcore Mode with just their level and equipment.

[Engineering Recipe: Gas Bomb] (Engineering Recipe)

Use: Teaches you how to make a [Gas Bomb]

Requirement: Engineering.

This boss was quite stingy. Aside from the sword, it only gave a recipe and a skill book.

Among the team, Hundred Shots took the recipe because he was the only one that learned Engineering.

“That would take days! Little Yang, what if someone else claimed the Main Wing ‘First Clear’ Achievement first?” Fatty Han was already addicted to claiming the achievement. In his mind, the achievements was rightfully theirs!

Zhang Yang laughed. “If someone can and have taken it, well, it can’t be helped! However, you must know that a 20-man dungeon is extremely hard. It’s easy if it’s just Normal mode and it would just drop normal equipment. But the Hard mode and Hardcore mode is a whole other story!”

There was a fact that Zhang Yang chose to hide; if anyone had the intention to conquer Marzerway’s Lair before level 30, they had to depend on the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] to do it! And with the rarity of the recipe, Zhang Yang wholeheartedly believed that only very few people in China possessed this particular recipe!

As long as he did not release the potion out in the market, it was downright impossible to get past through the fifth stage of the lair!

[Skill book: Holy Shield]

Use: Teaches you the skill <Holy Shield>.

Requirement: Priest.

“Hah! It actually dropped!” Zhang Yang suddenly let out a scream. Now Little Snow can support the team better!

The skill book <Holy Shield> was considered to be a global drop, which meant that almost every monster in the world could have the potential to drop this skill book and not just Air Spirit Ains alone.

Once all of the loot was distributed, the party left the dungeon and went to the elf NPC to complete the quest. The elf smiled with satisfaction and awarded them with huge amounts experience points and also granted them the qualifications to enter the last dungeon, Marzerway’s Lair: Main Wing.

“Now that we have achieved what we planned, I thank you all for your efforts. Now let’s split up and do what you need to do! Remember! Tonight, we must be online! Please do your best to form a 20-man party!” Zhang Yang smiled happily.

“Okay!” All of them nodded their heads. Even though they had some rest, there were still people who were quite worn out and chose to log out to rest more. Zhang Yang was one of them.

It was a sudden change of character for Zhang Yang. He now had many more aspects and matters to give his thoughts to.

He was, at the very least, the vice guild master for the guild Clear Water in his previous life. A person with a degree of leadership, which helped him when he became the guild master for Lone Desert Smoke now. There was nothing that he was not used to here.

The game itself encouraged players to join a guild. The system granted a certain level of benefit to players with a guild, like extra experience points, a level 35 mount, and discount on equipment repair or shopping. Although these extra services did not help in increasing a player’s combat ability, but it was still beneficial to a certain extend.

In ‘God’s Miracle”, guilds were categorized into 10 ranks. To increase a guild’s rank, the guild would need the corresponding [Guild Upgrade Order]. The higher the guild’s rank, the better the benefits a member could receive. However, aside from the [Guild Upgrade Order], the guild would have to accumulate the required amount of guild experience points.

Zhang Yang remembered clearly, the first piece of [Guild Upgrade Order] would be dropped at the level 30 dungeon, Shadowmoon Castle. However, his guild’s current accumulated experience points was only 16%!

To obtain the guild’s experience points, its member had to complete the guild quest! Zhang Yang then decided that the first thing he would do later was to get everyone to complete them!

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