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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 64 — A Boss that Didn’t Drop Equipment

Chapter 64: A Boss that Didn’t Drop Equipment

“I was…actually poisoned to death…” tears flowed down Fatty Han’s cheek.

“I object this! This is absurd! How could there be a venomous frog!” Drizzler scolded.

Zhang Yang laughed. “Ah come on! Even something like milk, or…or…eggs has poison in them! What’s so strange about a poison spitting frog?!”

Fatty Han continued to wail alone.

“Woo…I got sprayed in the face…”

“Ew…” The girls turned away from Fatty Han in disgust.

Zhang Yang and Hundred Shots burst into laughter after they understood what Fatty Han meant.

“I-It’s fine Fatty. Haha…You’re won’t get inseminated by the Frog seme- I mean, poison!” Zhang Yang quickly ran off to his body.

“Noob tank! Since when did you learn all the indecent stuff from Fatty Han?!” Drizzler turned and gave a scornful look at Fatty Han.

“Hey! What did you mean by that? Zhang Yang was the bad influence! Not me! I was young and pure when this guy came along and dragged me down into the dark side! Ladies! You must set the facts straight!”

While they were having their conversation, everyone went back to their body and revived.

“Now that you have seen what the frog can do, you should now know what to do! But just to be sure, don’t stand together! Don’t let the poison infect another person. We cannot withstand that kind of damage!”


Zhang Yang walked towards the boss and triggered its aggro. The fight started as the monster leapt towards him.



Wielding a one-handed weapon, Zhang Yang could still deal a much stronger damage than Drizzler with her two-handed weapon. Still, it was all because of the sword Zhang Yang wielded. The Level 20 Gray-Silver sword was still the strongest sword so far. Coupled with the passive skill <Eagle Eye> and 5 stacks of <Cripple Defense>, Zhang Yang was practically fighting a boss with 0 defense! Any attack in that state would be extremely devastating! Fatty Han and the rest could only stare in jealousy.

‘Ding! Venomous Frog King has used <Poison Spray>!’

The dark-reddish liquid was sprayed all over the place, hitting everyone with the liquid. Upon contact, their body glowed in a deep red color. Beneath their feet, there was a circle shaped red mist, measuring approximated 1 meter in diameter. A debuff icon appeared on everyone’s head and they started to receive damage from the poison.

However, having died once under this skill, everyone proactively moved around and spread across the battlefield, preventing further infections. Little Snow quickly did her job without having Zhang Yang to remind her.

Her current magic attack exceeded 300 and her <Regeneration> heals were over 120 HP per tick, overshadowing the boss’s DoT damage. Her <Regeneration> completely nullified the boss’s poison effect! That is, if the team did not do something foolish like infecting each other with the poison.

80%, 70%…the boss HP started to drop at a steady rate.

“Haha! You smelly frog! Let’s see how long can you hold on!” Drizzler laughed out manically as she swung her weapon around like a true psychopath.

“Croak croak!” The frog “answered”.

60%, 50%, 40%!

The boss damage was undeniably strong, but Zhang Yang’s evasive capability was stronger. Little Snow’s healing strength was also on another level to begin with. With the both of them working together, even a tougher boss could not stand a chance against them.

5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 0%!

A loud thud could be heard when the boss’ huge body fell.

‘Ding! You and the party members around have killed the Venomous Frog King. Obtaining 30,050 Experience Points (50 points party bonus)!’

“Sheetty boss! Rah! Take that!” Drizzler stomped the lifeless body.

“I wonder how many [Frog King’s Blood] would this boss drop…” Zhang Yang reached out his hands and opened the corpse.

[Frog King’s Blood]: Quest item

Thank god there were 5 of it.

“I think it depends on the number of people who accepted the quest!” said Hundred Shots.

“Who cares about that! As long as there’s enough for everyone to complete the quest!” said Fatty Han as he took one of the [Frog King’s Blood] and kept it inside his inventory.

“Has everyone collected one each already?”

“Okay, okay! Move aside! I want to get our prize now!” said Drizzler as she pushed Zhang Yang aside.

Zhang Yang laughed and talked to Little Snow.

“Didn’t you guys use to compete for the right to open the corpse? What happened to your petty squabble? Are you guys at peace now?”

“What are you saying? To let the young ones have their way is what an elder sister is supposed to do!” Little Snow winked.

“Tch! What are you lying about this time! You cheated me of my limited-edition cologne! Both of them!” Drizzler quickly overruled Little Snow’s sweet talk.

Little Snow rolled her eyes and said, “You’re still too young to put on cologne! And I didn’t cheat. I was taking them away for your own good!”

“Hmph!” Drizzler scoffed, unconvinced.

[Poison Essence] (Green-Copper, Special Item)

Use: Causes all targets (Including the user) within 30 meter to be poisoned, receiving 150 Nature Damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. Effect cannot be stacked.

Charge left: 50/50

“Eh? What is this? I have never seen this kind of item before!” said Fatty Han.

“A Special Item class. It’s some sort of a play toy like item. You can’t really keep using them as they have limited usage. If it can be used unlimitedly, it would be the same as having another AoE attack skill!” Zhang Yang explained.

“Gimme! Gimme! I call dibs!” Drizzler’s demanded. She wanted this extra little tool to increase her damage as she had always lost to Zhang Yang in damage power. Drizzler was quite overbearing whenever she voiced out her demands, so everyone gave it up for her.

[Frog King’s Flap] (Green-Copper, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +1

Use: Grant you the ability to jump higher, last for 10 seconds. Cool down time: 1 minute.

Level requirement: 20

“Fuh! Good item!” Zhang Yang eyes quickly glinted. “Mine!”

“Noob tank, this is a Cloth Armor! Death sentence to you who takes item without consideration!” Drizzler complained with her puffy cheeks.

“Are you really that dumb? This item is designed to be a Cloth Armor so that the 6 main classes could equip this!”

“What so special about it?” Fatty Han started to show some interest.

“With this item, you can reach places you normally could not reach!” Zhang Yang had no intention to keep it a secret. In the game, there were places that could only be reached with equipment such as the [Frog King’s Flap]. Those hidden places may contain treasure chest and also NPCs that could issue special quests!

Fatty Han faces morphed into a perverted look.

“Places that could not reach…like a girl’s bathroom window…”

“Go to hell!”

Before this, Zhang Yang had rarely ever voiced his wants, so everyone willingly gave up their roll when he asked for the item.

[Unhatched Little Tadpole] (Green-Copper Pet Monster)

Use: Hatch a little Tadpole. Who knows, someday it could become a handsome prince!

“What is a Pet Monster?” Fatty Han turned and looked at Zhang Yang, waiting for an explanation. All of them knew that Zhang Yang was a “beta player”.

Zhang Yang walked and stood in front of them. He dusted off his clothes and adjust his cloth.


Everyone took a step closer, expecting the explanation to be epic.

“A Pet Monster is…a pet monster!”


“Ahaha, I’m just kidding. A Pet Monster is like a pet dog or cat. A companion that you could bring along anywhere you go. However, this pet monster and a Hunter’s pet is not the same! This pet cannot attack nor has it any attacking ability!”


“This is nonsense!” Fatty Han puffed an angry breath through his nose.

“This boss only dropped these 3 stupid toys and no equipment at all! This is preposterous!”

Zhang Yang shook his head. “Tch Tch Tch! These 3 “toys” are worth much more than some equipment! You must keep this in mind. With our leveling speed, how long do you think an equipment will last? A Level 20 equipment could only last until you reach Level 30! The turnover rate for equipment at our low-level period is very fast! However, non-combat items are different! They can be used for as long as you want! Especially Pet Monsters! Pet Monsters’ drop rates are extremely low! After half a year, you could probably sell this Pet Monster for at least 10,000 gold pieces in the auction house!”

Zhang Yang was not making thing up. In his previous life, pet monsters could be sold for a very high price, especially those are extremely rare. Those rare pets could be sold for at least a few hundred thousands! What he told them was an understatement.

“T-ten thousand!?” Both Drizzler and Little Snow eye’s glinted with the money symbol! Both of them rolled for the item in the same time.

Zhang Yang gave up the item because he was not all that fond of the money. Fatty Han and Hundred Shots also gave up the pet because they were not as interested.

Little Snow obtained the item with 76 points, while Drizzler only got 43 points.

“Alright, time to submit the item and complete the quest! Once we have completed the quest, we will get a reward. And that reward is the one that we should be excited about!” said Zhang Yang even though he never did complete a single main story quest in his previous life!

The party then headed back to the Antelope Village and killed themselves to talk to Emmy.

“Wonderful! You have gathered the ingredients to make the antidote!” Emmy smiled happily.

“Big brother! Elder sister! Please head to the evil Necromancer’s Lair and save all the villager’s soul!”

‘Ding! Emmy has a quest for you: Rescue the Villagers’ Souls. Will you accept it? This is a main story quest. Complete the quest to receive a luxurious reward!”

Here it comes!

The party quickly accepted the quest.

‘Ding! You have obtained the item [Properly-Made Antidote]!”

[Rescue the Villager’s Soul] (Difficulty Level: S)

Quest description: Emmy pleads with you to save the souls of the residents of Antelope Village. You will have to defeat the evil Necromancer Zac in order to release the imprisoned souls! You can find the evil Necromancer Zac at the Cave of Bones, west of the Desolated Ghostly Flatlands.

Be wary! Zac is extremely strong and powerful. Make sure you have enough players to fight him together!

Progress: Released Villagers’ Soul 0/1

[Properly-Made Antidote] (Quest Item)

Use: Grants you the immunity to the deadly poison! Last for 10 minutes.

Charge left: 3/3

“We finally got the main story quest!” said Drizzler excitedly.

“Haha! Furthermore, Emmy is no longer the NPC that we will need to meet to complete the quest! In other words, we do not need to kill ourselves anymore!” said Zhang Yang with a smile on his face.

Everyone quickly turned their sights to the girl’s head and there is no white exclamation mark on her head! The NPC to complete the quest is someone else!

Hundred Shots suddenly said, “We did an A-level difficulty quest and fought a Green-Copper boss. Now, our quest is an S-level difficulty; which means the boss we will be fighting is a Gray-Silver boss?”

“Ah! Right!” Little Snow’s voice overwhelmed Hundred Shots. “Remember the Gray-Silver boss Andoin or Andola… I can’t remember his name. Has he spawned already?”

Zhang Yang scratched his head and thought for a while.

“Hm…That Gray-Silver boss will re-spawn after 3 days. Which means…it’s today!”

“Awesome! We must fight it later!” Little Snow licked her lips. “So much money…”

“Sure! However, we must first kill this current quest boss!” Zhang Yang waved his arms forward. “Let’s go heroes! We have ourselves a bad guy to kill!”

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