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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 68 — Guranda the Chameleon

Chapter 68: Guranda the Chameleon

Zhang Yang dashed towards the boss head on. When the two of them made contact, a star symbol appeared on the boss head, indicating a successful stun. Even though the stun lasted only a few milliseconds, it was still a successful stun!

“Haha!” Zhang Yang swung his sword and sliced the boss, taking away ‘-339’ damage.


The boss cried in pain. Bright piercing light started to burst out from the boss’ body, blinding those who would look at it.

Fatty Han and the rest of the party quickly turned around. “What’s happening!?”

How could Zhang Yang still be alive? On the other hand, the boss seemed to be having a bad time! The four of them started to feel happy and surprised in the same time. Could they be a God Killer? A God Killer! According to the official website, to fight a boss of this scale, you would need to gather several hundred thousand to even millions of players! The war would also last for several days and nights! If they could defeat a Celestial boss with just the 5 of them, it would be the greatest achievement any human could ever receive!

The flash of light shone and went off quickly, and when Fatty Han could have a good look at Zhang Yang, he noticed something odd…

The boss was gone. In its place, there stood a tiny dwarf that did not even reach 1 meter of height. In its hand, it was still holding a magic staff that was so much taller than it was. Everyone quickly checked on its system information.

[Guranda the Chameleon] (Green-Copper)

Level: 25

HP: 250,000

Fatty Han wavered and he cried. “Little Yang! Where is the boss?”

“Can’t you see him standing right in front of me?” Zhang Yang lifted his sword and pointed the dwarf.

The little dwarf opened its tiny mouth and started to insult Zhang Yang.

“Damned Mortal! You’d dare to raise your sword at me! I will crush you! I will smash you!” It raised its staff high and directed it at Zhang Yang’s direction and casted something. A debuff icon appeared on his head.

‘Ding! You have received the effect of <Shadow Decay>. Receive 300 Shadow damage every 3 seconds for 30 seconds!’

“That’s weird. Wasn’t he a Celestial-tier?” said Fatty Han.

“It’s fake.” Zhang Yang answered him quickly. Zhang Yang quickly noticed something was odd the moment the boss appeared. Mardevich was the strongest of the 7 Spectre Magus Lords who resided in the Malevolent Tower located in the Spectre’s Sacred Land. How could it be sealed in a place like this!

Based on his reasoning, he immediately concluded that this boss was an imposter! With his attack, he had confirmed his suspicion and proved his hypothesis was true! A true Celestial-tier boss would be completely immune to the stun effect! Even the Gray-Silver boss Unduin had the immunity effect!

“F*ck! Cheeky little dwarf! You dare to cheat me! The old great Han! Is it death that you seek!?” Fatty Han drew his bow furiously and attacked. “Little Fat! F*ck him up good!”

“Roar!” Litte Fat the bear growled, dragging its little white butt and charged onward.

The rest of the team shared the same feelings as Fatty Han; they were furiously angered and attacked to punish the dwarf.

“Bunch of little rascals! I’ll kill you all!” Guranda raised its staff and pointed it at Zhang Yang again. This time, it started to cast a spell and a progress bar appeared on its head.

“Fatty! Try and interrupt the spell!” Zhang Yang did not know this boss’ abilities nor capabilities. It would be better if he could interrupt the spell and prevent the unknown attack.

Fatty Han quickly casted a <Silencing Shot>.


“Sheet! It’s useless!” Fatty Han cried out loud and continued his attacks.

‘Ding! Guranda the Chameleon has used <Plague>!’

Five ray of lights appeared and beamed at everyone, casting a debuff on everyone.

[Plague]: You will receive the Plague and be infected with various diseases. All your attacks will be reduced by 5%. You will receive 150 Shadow damage every 3 seconds for 24 seconds. Effect is stackable, removable.

“Little Snow! Dispel all of the debuff!” Zhang Yang quickly ordered. One stack of <Plague> was not much to be afraid of, but when the effect stacked up to 20 layers, you could basically just stop attacking since there would be 0 damage.

Little Snow nodded and quickly casted <Dispel> to remove the debuff. In five seconds, everyone was cleansed.

[Dispel]: Remove a debuff on an ally or remove a buff on the enemy. Cooldown time: 1 second.

“Puny Mortal! You have angered me! Eat my wrath!” Guranda swung its massive staff towards Zhang Yang. Its physical attack was not as strong since it was a magic caster type. Zhang Yang felt annoyed at the fact that he would not gain any Rage for avoiding its attack. Zhang Yang would rather not waste time dealing with its physical attack.

“Raise from the ashes O’ heroes of the past! Serve me!” Guranda chanted a spell and waved its staff. The ground shook and 10 dark pits appeared on the field. White skeleton hands grabbed onto the ledge and crawled out of the pits. One by one, the Skeletons stood above the pits as it closed and disappeared.

“Kill them all!” Guranda bellowed.


Dark flames emerged from the dark eye sockets of those Skeletons and emitted a strong killing intent. The monsters shook their arms and out came a bone-shape sword.

“I don’t like where this is going…” said Fatty Han.

“KIIKIKIIIKIII” The Skeletons screeched loudly and charged towards the party.

[Skeleton Warrior] (Elite)

Level: 20

HP: 10,000

Zhang Yang quickly stomped the ground and used <Thunder Strike> to lure as much monsters as possible. Once he got a hold on the monsters that were charging on him and Drizzler, he quickly chained his attack with <Charge> and attacked the Skeleton Warriors that were heading towards Little Snow.

“Ignore the minions! Don’t attack them, I haven’t gotten enough aggro yet! Focus on attacking the boss! Fatty, Hundred Shots! Come closer to my side!” Zhang Yang commanded.

Zhang Yang was unable to attack all the monsters at once since both the party and monsters were scattered everywhere. But with everyone gathered together, it made it easier for Zhang Yang to establish a proper crowd control.





Slash! Zhang Yang used <Horizontal Sweep> and managed to strongly generate aggro for the monsters.

“Use your AoE skills!” said Zhang Yang.

Fatty Han and the team had their skills ready and waiting. When Zhang Yang gave the green light, they unleashed hell from above. Hunters used <Barrage> and Drizzler used <Tornado Cleave>. Instantly, the party’s attack power rose tremendously.

“This is awesome! HAHAHAHA! Really awesome! I can’t get enough of this! Hmm… Oh… AH…” Drizzler was on cloud nine as she screamed weirdly among the group of monsters. Even so, her scream was overly erotic that it would immediately lead others to think something indecent. It was so weird, even Hundred Shots and Zhang Yang both smiled as they understood the situation. Fatty Han on the other hand was already smiling like a pervert.

“Enough! Drizzler! Stop making that noise!” Embarrassed, Little Snow quickly tried to stop her cousin. Drizzler’s face was flushed in red but she was not aware that her cries were creating an awkward situation. “B-But it’s really just so addictive AH…”

Eventually, no one cared about her anymore and continued to attack. The summoned minion were quickly killed off by the team’s AoE skills while the boss was reduced down to 67%.

“Impossible! A mere mortal! I was actually hurt by a mere mortal!” Guranda started to look serious. “Looks like I have to stop playing with my victims!”

The boss stopped its attacks and started to chant something in an unknown language. A black light engulfed the boss rendering all attacks from Zhang Yang’s party useless.




“Hold your fire! The boss is about to evolve to the second stage!”

After a few seconds, the light dispersed, revealing a humungous Bone Tiger with sharp spikey bones that protruded out like a spear.

“Holy crap! This boss has the Shape Shifting ability?” Fatty Han dropped his jaw in shock.

“Luckily he didn’t turn into a sexy Sailormoon or it would be hilarious!” Zhang Yang laughed as he continued to swing his sword to attack.

“Grrrr…” The Bone Tiger growled and jumped at Zhang Yang.

“F*ck me! The boss actually turned from magic to physical attack!” Zhang Yang let his guard down and let the boss attacked him with its huge fangs.



“Haha! Bite that fellow! Haha! Good tiger!” Drizzler cheered.

“Hey! Little brat, I have no quarrel with you! Why would you say something like that?!” Zhang Yang said while he laughed.

“Hmph! Fatty’s mouth is his negative points! As for you, your bad side is your intentions!” Drizzler complained.

“Oh my…” Fatty Han covered his mouth like a woman in shock. He then talked like an old lady. “Oh little Drizzler! Since when did you learn to talk like that?”

“Grr…” After turning into a beast, Guranda had completely lost his ability to speak.

Suddenly, a black light gleamed across the tiger’s body and all of the bone spikes protruded further, like it was ready to fire off.

Zhang Yang’s heart skipped a beat and quickly yelled. “Everyone get behind me!”

‘Ding! Guranda has used <Bone Arrow Assault> Lasts for 10 seconds!’

Shush! Shush! Shush!

Arrow-like spikes continuously flew out from the boss’ back and into the sky. The arrows formed a huge circle, as it gathered more and more arrows to become bigger. Up to a moment, all the arrows were unleashed down to the ground, like a rain of arrows.





Everyone was unable to avoid the attack as it came down from the sky instead of the front as Zhang Yang hoped. Everyone suffered around 200 damage every second. Luckily, Little Snow was proficient enough to flash cast as many healing spells and other recovery skills as she could. She withheld the <Holy Shield> for the person with the lowest HP in case she could not heal in time.

After 10 seconds, everyone in the party lost close to 2,000 HP. If it was not because of Little Snow’s powerful healing power, everyone would have died. Instead, they were left alive with 300 or so remaining HP. Zhang Yang had strong defense, massive HP, and amazing dodging skills; his remaining HP was at least 1,500.

“Little Snow, I need you heal everyone to full health in case of another attack like that! Everyone else, attack faster please! We need to get him back to his original form to prevent more ultimate skills!” said Zhang Yang as he attacked faster and faster.

Everyone else joined his frenzy and attacked the boss as well. 60%, 55%, 50%… eventually the boss’ HP dropped down to 33%. It was then a similar black light engulfed the boss that rendered all attacks to be immune.

“I wonder what it would become this time?” said Fatty Han with his eyes wide open.

“Damn! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! I WILL KILL YOU! KILL YOU, I MUST!” An extremely thundering voice could be heard and the boss revealed its true form. A huge 7 meters long giant crimson scorpion.

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