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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 70 — Freyna The Shadow Assassin

Chapter 70: Freyna The Shadow Assassin

“Eh? That’s weird. How come there aren’t any monsters around?” Curious and childlike, Drizzler squeezed out from behind Zhang Yang and stood in front of him.

Zhang Yang frowned. It is impossible to have no monsters on the field! Either there were really no monsters around or perhaps they were…


The sound of a hollow knock could be heard and stars appeared on Drizzler head, indicating a stun effect. Immediately her character began to sway back and forth.


A black clothed figure appeared out of thin air and stood behind Drizzler. It then raised a pair of shiny daggers and started to stab at Drizzler’s back.

“I’m being attack!” Drizzler cried out.

Zhang Yang immediately used <Provoke> and hacked his sword into the monster.


Being affected by Zhang Yang’s <Provoke>, the black clothed man turned around and began to attack Zhang Yang instead.

“Sheet! It’s a stealth monster!” Fatty Han cried.

[Shadow Assassin] (Normal)

Level: 25

HP: 2,500

The monster was weak and was killed off effortlessly. However, the main problem in this third floor was the fact that they did not know where their targets were nor did they know the number of their enemy! If the number of monsters were the same as the second floor, with the same volume of aggressiveness, they would most definitely be annoyed to hell!

“Let’s go!”

The party moved forward, not knowing when nor where the monsters would attack from. However, within just a few steps, they were attacked. The number of monsters varied from time to time. There were times where they were only attacked by 1 monster, while in the worst case scenario, they were attacked by a group of 7 assassins! These assassins had the Bandit’s active skills <Ambush> and <Kidney Shot>.

As the party proceed on, Little Snow and Drizzler reached Level 21 while the 3 guys were almost reaching the next level.

“I’ll be damned. If someone would have come here alone and accidentally ran into 4 to 5 monsters, they would surely have been dead!” said Fatty Han with traces of fear in his voice. At some point before, they were all attacked by a group of 7 assassins simultaneously. Fatty Han got the worst of it and he was left traumatized by them.

“There will be tougher monsters in larger groups in the future dungeons. These kind of monsters are extremely common. What’s more, almost all of the monsters are elite tier, players could be killed off if the party’s tank’s reaction rate is slow.” Zhang Yang walked to the front.

“That’s just wrong!” Fatty Han shook his head.

“If you want to fight a stealth monster properly, you’ll need to farm yourself a [Flashbang]” said Zhang Yang.

“That’s too tough. According to the official database, [Flashbang]’s drop rate is only at 1 over 10 thousand. That drop rate is just too much to handle!”

Lately, Fatty Han had picked up the habit of studying about the game in the official website. He had improved his understanding about his own class, better than when he was only a beginner.

“Of course the drop rate would be bad! Otherwise, all of the Bandit class members would cease to exist!”

Even though the monsters on this floor were quite tough and troublesome to deal with, the party managed to fight their way to the end of the floor.

“Stop! Don’t go in just yet!” Zhang Yang halted in his steps. “Walk around and make sure that the field is clear of all monsters. I’m pretty sure that this floor’s boss will be in stealth as well. We won’t know when we could trigger the fight. If we did trigger it and accidentally drag in more monsters into the boss’s fight, it would only cause us trouble!”

The party took extreme steps to make sure there were no monsters left out in their way to the end of the floor.

“Where is the boss?” asked Fatty Han quietly as they arrived at the end of the third floor.

“I bet that the boss is hidden in some corner. It will not appear until we stepped into its aggro range!” said Zhang Yang. “I think that we should just move on, the boss will surely appear later!”

Zhang Yang walked ahead of the team. The entire team walked carefully in a single file and into the fourth floor entrance. Out of the sudden, a black shadow flashed across and appeared beside Hundred Shots. A pair of blade could be seen reflecting some light and Hundred Shots was quickly sent into a stunned status. Damage text appeared rapidly on his head as his HP bar dropped like a landslide.

Zhang Yang was prepared, he quickly activated <Charge> and <Provoke> to grab the monster’s aggro away from Hundred Shots.

The shadow quickly turned around and changed its target to Zhang Yang. It’s dagger in its hands moved back and forth like a flash of lightning! Zhang Yang could not dodge every attack even though he had maximized his own body to evade. It could not be helped, the character’s own Dexterity attribute was not high enough to keep up with his own reaction speed.

Seeing the monster was no longer “raping” him, Hundred Shots left out a sigh of relief. Little Snow quickly healed Hundred Shots and also Zhang Yang at the same time. Hundred Shots was struck to the point of having only 137 remaining HP. If Zhang Yang were to act only a millisecond slower, he would have been killed off!

When Zhang Yang had managed to fight with the monster at a standstill, the party could finally observe the true nature of the monster. The monster was a sexy and slender female NPC wearing an extremely tight unitard that was plastered against her skin, accenting her slender, voluptuous body line. Especially those pair of ripe watermelons!

Even though her body was ironically covered in the most vulgar way imaginable, her face was covered in a black cloth. Her appearance was hidden carefully.

“Woah! That boombalicious body!” Fatty Han drooled.

[Freyna the Shadow Assassin] (Green-Copper)

Level: 25

HP: 250k

“Jealous, Little brat?” said Zhang Yang as he noticed Drizzler was staring at her breasts.

Drizzler was caught off guard and stuttered as she replied.

“W-What…No I…I was just…I…No! I w-was not j-j-jealous! Having such a large b-b-breast is very troublesome! Not only it will cause you to slouch which is bad for your posture, but it would also very tiring, carrying t-t-that thing around! I do not want to have such l-l-large breasts!”

Little Snow laughed arrogantly and puffed out her own chest. The result movement of her voluptuous pair would leave anyone nose bleed in its wake.

“Little brat. Don’t deny your true heart! If what you say is true then try stop doing the “self-massaging exercise”!

“Han Yin Xue! Why must you reveal everything about me?!” Drizzler got angry.

“Little Yang. I think your <Cripple Defense> does live up to its name!” Fatty Han sighed disappointingly.

“Huh? What?”

“F*ck! You’ve hit her so many times with the <Cripple Defense> but I don’t see any of her armor getting torn apart! What kind of armor reduction is that!?” Fatty Han raged on.

“Dude!” Everyone but Fatty Han scolded.

Freyna whispered something unintelligible and vanished out of sight. Her entire body blended into the darkness.

“Eh? Did she just quit and run?” Fatty Han laughed.

“No! She just turned invisible! Watch your back, she might appear at any time!” Zhang Yang said.

Just after Zhang Yang finished his sentence, Freyna appeared behind Fatty Han and hammered on his head with the back of her dagger. As he staggered in the <Stun> status, she quickly brandished her daggers and dealt a combo-infused flurry of swift cuts and shanks on Fatty Han.

Zhang Yang quickly casted <Provoke> hoping to catch her attention.


Little Snow quickly acted in response. First, she casted <Holy Shield> and then <Regeneration> followed with the longest casting time of <Higher Healing>.

The attack on Fatty Han lasted until the <Ambush> skill effect timed out. Only then did Freyna turned her sights on Zhang Yang and started her attack on him. Fatty Han had sustained heavy damage. To think that in that short moment, Fatty Han had received more than 2,300 damage. He would have been killed off if not for Little Snow’s quick reaction.

“Damn! This boss’ sudden burst damage is pretty nasty!” said Hundred Shots.

Zhang Yang nodded in agreement.

“This is the power of a Bandit. It can cause a high sudden burst of damage the moment it comes out of stealth. The chain attack that follows could eliminate half of any class’s HP! However, keep in mind that after the chain attack, the attack would be reduced! When the boss disappears, it will ignore all aggro and randomly pick one player and attack him for 5 seconds! That is why <Ambush> is so frustrating!”

“Hm. Luckily it wasn’t Little Snow. If it did, she would die instantly if she couldn’t heal herself!” said Hundred Shots.

“Haha! Let’s just hope that a woman would not hurt another woman!” Zhang Yang laughed.

“Oh please, why would she hurt me? I’m still a pure young maiden!” Little Snow winked seductively at Zhang Yang.

“Han Yin Xue!” Drizzler got angry.

90%, 80%, 70%…

Upon being afflicted with 5 layers of <Cripple Defense> the boss’ defense was reduced; the party’s strong attack was only made stronger and her HP bar continued dropping at a faster rate than before. However, the most troublesome factor of her was the <Ambush> skill. She could pick anyone out of random and inflict extremely high damage. If Little Snow wavered just a little, that person would definitely die!

50%, 40%, 30%…

Once again Freyna disappeared and enter stealth mode.

“Don’t pick the healer! Don’t pick the healer!” Fatty Han quickly chanted.


Freyna appeared behind Little Snow and knocked her out. She raised her dagger and started inflicting damage.

“F*CK! F*CK YOU FATTY HAN!” Zhang Yang cried out.

“Damn your bad mouth! Jinx!” Zhang Yang scolded. It was a pity that Zhang Yang could not use <Sacrifice> to save her. All he could do now was just stare at her.

<Sacrifice> was a Level 40 Guardian skill.

[Sacrifice]: Cover a teammate, sharing all inflicted damage for 5 seconds.

Cooldown time: 1 minute.

Range: 30 meter.

The high burst damage of a Bandit is the natural enemy of all low defense Priests. Before the boss could even finish her combo attack, Little Snow’s HP was reduced to none. With a nudge, her slender body fell on the ground.

‘Ding! Player Little Snow had died!’

“What!? F*cking boss! How dare you kill my beautiful Little Snow! I will f*ck you up real good!” Fatty Han screamed as he drew his bow and attacked.

“Hey! Pervy Fatty. You can stop the act now. I’d never like a fat guy!” Little Snow posted in the party channel.

“Oh! Why would you say that! My heart and intentions are pure! Why would I think of having the two of you in my arms!”


After Little Snow’s death, the boss turned and attack Zhang Yang. Without Little Snow’s healing support, Zhang Yang could still dodge and evade most of the attack, but there were still some attacks that got past his defense and reduced his HP!”

“Don’t waste any time! Attack!”

25%, 20%, 15%!

Freyna suddenly disappeared when Zhang Yang HP dropped down to 700 points. He quickly used the [Coarse Cloth Bandage].





Having the title [Physician’s Friend], Zhang Yang’s recovery rate was doubled when he used the [Coarse Cloth Bandage]. While others would only recover 500HP, Zhang Yang could recover up to 1,000HP! He recovered back to full health after only 7 seconds!

“Little Yang! Is that the effect from the reward you got from that bloody quest?” Fatty Han was jealous.


“F*ck! I should have done that! Argh! Crap! What a waste!” Fatty Han screamed.


The boss appeared behind Hundred Shots. She raised her dagger, stunned him, and start to attack him with a chain of attack.

Both Zhang Yang and Drizzler quickly used <Charge> and dashed over. Fatty Han quickly drew his bow and attacked.

Not only have they lost their only healer, they would lose this fight if they do not kill her in time!

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