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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 71 — Onward, to the Fourth Floor

Chapter 71: Onward, to the Fourth Floor

Being attacked by the boss, it would take a miracle for Hundred Shots to escape unscathed, however, it did provide a valuable opening for the rest of the team to attack the boss.

14%, 13%, 12%!

‘Ding! Player Hundred Shots had died!’

Freyna turned and attacked Zhang Yang.

“Huh! This boss is smart! She killed off the easy targets first! Hm! Her IQ must be over 200!” Fatty Han could still find the time to joke.

“Pervy Fatty! Your IQ on the other hand is just only one digit lesser than hers! Only 20!” said Drizzler mockingly.

Fatty Han appeared to be unfazed by her insult. He laughed instead. “Hoho~ I’ve actually graduated properly from high school! I have a certificate!”

“Hah! So what?!” Drizzler was not impressed.

“Well then, shall we try and test our knowledge. Where is your progress on your syllabus?”

Drizzler paused. Right then, she was still in high school and have yet to graduate. She was sure to lose to Fatty Han! Drizzler could only stare venomously at Fatty Han before going back to focus on fighting the boss.

11%, 10%, 9%…

Even though the team had lost 2 players, their total firepower was not greatly affected since one of their losses was a healer!

The boss’ HP was still dropping down at a reasonable speed. Zhang Yang had unleashed his full potential to fight the boss, dodging every possible attack. However, he was still receiving damage from the boss. He could not properly maintain his current HP from being completely drained!

Out of the sudden, the boss stopped again and vanished into thin air.

Since he had only used the [Course Rough Bandage] less than 30 seconds ago, he could not use it again since it was still in its cooldown phase. However, Zhang Yang had 1,100 HP remaining while the boss only had 6% left. The fight had become more and more intense. It was now a battle of speed and damage!


Freyna popped out from behind Drizzler and knocked her out.

“Fatty! It’s up to you guys now!”

“Leave it to us!”

6%, 5%, 4%!

By the time Drizzler dropped dead, the boss had about 3% HP left.

“F*ck! We have to kill her!” said Fatty Han as he drew his bow as haphazardly as ever. “You dared to take away both of my Little Snow and Drizzler! I’d really f*ck you up good!”

Freyna turned and faced Zhang Yang after killing Drizzler. The sound of her blade clashing with Zhang Yang’s shield could be heard over the entire field.




Bam! The boss dropped down, leaving Zhang Yang with only around 400 HP left standing. It was not as intense as it would have seemed.

“Well…damn! This boss isn’t that strong but how did we lose so many players?” Fatty Han said discontentedly.

On the other side, the 3 dead players had released their souls and had begun running to their corpse.

“Hm…This is how the future high level bosses should be like. Bosses that are Yellow-Gold tier and higher are completely immune to any Provoking effect, they are different from this boss who could only be immune to <Provoke> when she is attacking someone in <Ambush>. Other higher level bosses also have this kind of high burst damage skill that could instantly kill a player! The developers are tired of seeing this kind of standard play style where the tanks would hold the aggro, attackers attack, and healers heal. They thought that this kind of play style was too rigid and concrete!”

Fatty Han walked around as he listened.

“However, sooner or later, there will be a time when players are strong enough to even go solo on a boss!” Zhang Yang said as he reminisced about his time in the game 5 years ago. That time, players who were lucky enough to obtain the only Inheritance could out-perform anyone in their party! They were also very strong in dungeon raiding that led to their success. They could activate a long cooldown skill and handle a boss alone!

Fatty Han nodded. He then walked to where the boss’s body was and grinned.

“Hey Little Yang…Do you think I could remove the clothes?”


The boss’s dead body was certainly alluring. Her clothes were torn apart everywhere, revealing a metallic color of her inner undergarments. Within that sexy armor, it was holding up her “ripe watermelons”, the skin fair and smooth.

“Pui! Bloody perverted fat f*ck!”

“Eww…pervy Fatty!”

The two ladies who were running to their coprse expressed their disgust.

Zhang Yang on his side frowned. “Come on bro…How many barrels of Viagra did you eat till you got so freaking horny?”

Fatty Han only laughed in response. “Oh! I’m just joking around! It’s not like I’m gonna actually do it! Guys! Come on! I’m just trying to liven things up a little here!”

After a while, the party revived and Drizzler went up to open the corpse.

[Queen’s Chest Plate] (Green-Copper, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +2

Vitality: +20

Intelligence: +16

Spirit: +4

Level requirement: 20

Seeing the equipment what Drizzler was holding had no difference compared to an actual woman’s undergarment, the 3 males started to grin. Their eyes swiveled back and forth between the bra and Little Snow and imagined how she would look like wearing it. They started to drool. But then the thought of Drizzler putting it on rendered them emotionless.

To have perverted thoughts was only a male’s privilege! This had nothing to do with love or loyalty here! They were just thoughts, nothing else!

“I don’t need it!” Little Snow bellowed with a note of finality. If she had put on that piece of equipment, she should have just quit her job and become a belly dancer!

“Give it to me then!” said Fatty Han. “I just thought of giving it to someone else!” The girls from Blaze City came into his mind.

Little Snow did not have the face to sell this thing on the auction house. She had no other choice but to pass it to Fatty Han unwillingly.

[Winter’s Dagger] (Green-Copper, Dagger)

Weapon attack: 44-60

Attack interval: 1.3 seconds

DPS: 40

Level requirement: 20

“Argh! Another equipment wasted!” Hundred Shots sighed loudly.

Zhang Yang thought a while and said, “Don’t sell it yet. We should put this into the guild’s storage. We can let the guildmates exchange this with their contribution points. We need a party of well-equipped players to fight the Main Wing of Marzerway’s Lair after all.”

Since this mattered in a long run, even being greedy misers, Drizzler and Little Snow agreed to keep it in the guild storage.

“Little Yang, how about Gray-Silver equipment? Are we going to store them in the guild storage as well?” Fatty Han asked.

“We’ll see to it then. If we get a Gray-Silver equipment, that is.”

After distributing the items, the party went on and headed into the fourth floor.

As usual, Zhang Yang led the way and peeked into the entrance carefully. There, approximately 40 to 50 meters away from where he stood, was a humanoid monster that held a sword.

It was a large Skeleton monster that stood at most 4 meters tall. It was heavily equipped with armor, from a helmet on its head to the heavy chest plate on its body. The sword in its hand was long enough to take up two thirds of its own height. It would seem that the monster had been standing there for a while. The sword was completely covered in dust and cobweb that it was no different from the torches that lit the hallway.

Another 30 to 40 meters away from the Skeleton monster was another similar monster standing behind. Based on this, Zhang Yang calculated that there could only be about 10 or more monsters in this floor!

Zhang Yang quickly checked on the monster’s system information.

[Skeleton Guard] (Elite)

Level: 25

HP: 20,000

The rest of the party followed Zhang Yang and came out of the entrance. They stared at the huge monster and could not help but be stunned by its size.

“Sigh…Why would all monsters be larger than players?” said Fatty Han confused.

Drizzler giggled and said, “Well, that’s not entirely true you know. Fatty bro, if you were to gain some weight and put on some muscles, you could be the same as a boss!”

Fatty Han knew that Drizzler was making fun of his weight but instead of being angry or infuriated, Fatty Han was happy, as if he had won a jackpot! His completely unforeseen reaction left Drizzler speechless.

“Let’s go!” Zhang Yang waved his sword and charged towards the monster fearlessly. He had seen many bosses now, why would he be afraid of some Elite-tier monster?


Zhang Yang chain attacked the monster and dealt a substantial amount of damage.

The hollow eerie eye sockets suddenly lit up with a pair of emerald orbs. The monster let out a loud shriek. Its entire body shook and dust fell off its body. The way it moved slowly was as if the monster was asleep the entire time and had just been aroused from slumber by Zhang Yang’s attack. It turned around, lifted its gigantic sword and raised up sparks as it dragged it across the ground, and slashed Zhang Yang at the speed of light.

The power of the swing was displayed immediately when the sword passed through Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang moved away quickly and he could not anticipate the sword would carry some sort of lighting elemental attack that hit him.


Zhang Yang suddenly felt a little numb when suddenly he lost control of his body, he could not even activate block and could only see the huge sword slashing the air, rushing towards him.



Luckily the effect only last for a brief millisecond. Zhang Yang gained control of his body and immediately referred back to his battle log.

‘You have received the effect of <Electric Shock>.’

‘You have received 160 Natural damage (40 points reduced damage effect) from <Electric Shock>.’

‘You are attacked by the Skeleton Guard, receiving 330 physical damage (170 points reduced damage effect).’

“Electric…Shock?” Zhang Yang muttered. If every attack carried by the monster had the effect of <Electric Shock>, the fight will be completely one sided! He could not even grab hold of the aggro properly!

While he was deep in his thoughts, Hundred Shots and the other had been attacking the monster. These people had such high attack power that they managed to kill the monster off fairly quickly. Zhang Yang then studied the log carefully and found that out of 15 sword swings, only 6 carried the <Electric Shock> effect.

However, the collected data was too isolated and vague, he could not determine whether the activation rate of the <Electric Shock> was truly at 40%.

“Eh?! The monster actually dropped an equipment!” Fatty Han reach out and touched the monster’s corpse. A boot appeared.

[White Skeleton Battle Boots] (Black-Steel, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +3

Vitality: +6

Strength: +4

Level requirement: 20

“How rare this is! Elite monsters are considered to be the stingiest monsters ever and yet here we have one that dropped an equipment!” Zhang Yang laughed. “Fatty Han, keep the equipment first! We will put this in the guild storage as well. Hm…Level 20 Black-Steel equipment would cost 20 guild contribution points! A Green-Copper equipment would cost 40 points! When there are many people wanting to exchange it at once, prioritize the one with the most points!”

“Okay!” Fatty Han replied. Zhang Yang and him loved to fight, always allowing their childish minds to run wild. Sometimes Zhang Yang would be the one that commanded him; sometimes it would the other way around. Sometimes they would be lenient, sometimes they would be firm. This kind of camaraderie was not weird to them.

“Let’s go then!”

The party pushed forward. Even though the Skeleton Guards were strong they could not endure the party’s strong tank and healer. Their current speed was much faster compared to the second and third floor. In just a matter of time, the party managed to arrive at the deepest ground of the fourth floor. The Elite monsters were as stingy as Zhang Yang had said, while only the first Skeleton Guard dropped an equipment, the rest of the monsters on the floor did not drop anything at all.

Zhang Yang had calculated that the activation rate of <Electric Shock> was at around 30%.

On the exit of the fourth floor stood a large Skeleton Warrior similar in appearance. However, this one was different than the others; its body size was twice as large as the Skeleton Guard. Its presence alone was so strong that it gave out an ominous, pressuring aura.

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