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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 73 — Magic Scroll

Chapter 73: Magic Scroll

“I wonder what kind of crazy item this boss would drop…” Fatty Han was eager to open the corpse, anxiously anticipating the loot.

“Little brat! Open the corpse!” Zhang Yang moved aside and gestured her to proceed.

Drizzler helped herself to the body and claimed the prize.

[Beginner’s God Oil: Light as a Feather] (Useable)

Use: Strengthen your boots. Permanently increasing your movement speed by 5%.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh. “Hah! It actually would appear here!”

“Is this any good?” Drizzler asked. She did not think that 5% increase in movement speed is something amazing.

“In future battles…” Zhang Yang stopped after 3 words. Movement speed was a very important factor that could help in winning a fight. With a slightly faster movement speed, you could dodge an enemy attack or chase after an enemy to deliver the last fatal strike! However, the Professional League would only be available after 5 months or so. A beta player should not have any knowledge about the League!

“A warrior is famous for being slow. If one applies the 5% movement speed bonus, one could evade easier! It would be an advantage during PK!” Zhang Yang quickly rephrased his sentence.

“God oil huh…Why does the thought of Indian Assam came into my mind?” Fatty Han laughed. “I must say…the infamous Indian God Oil is not for speed, but endurance and strength! If you **** too quickly, aren’t you being a fast gunner?”

“Just go to hell…”

Since everyone had no interest in this item, Zhang Yang automatically obtained it. He thought that his current Level 20 boots was not worth using the oil on. He would rather wait until he obtained a Gray-Silver boots and then use it with the oil!

However, the oil was still a beginner’s grade. There were higher and stronger grades. The highest grade could even increase up to 15% movement speed, and that would provide a noticeable speed increase.

[Moutain Cleaving Blade] (Green-Copper, Two-handed sword)

Weapon attack: 180-216

Attack interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 52

Level requirement: 20

“Wah! I want it! Gimme! Gimme!” Drizzler squealed.

“Eh? Why would you need it? Aren’t you wielding a Level 20 Green-Copper weapon right now?” said Zhang Yang even though he knew the reason. He wanted to gauge Drizzler’s understanding.

Drizzler rolled her eyes and said, “My current weapon has an attack interval of 3.5 seconds, that new weapon has 3.8 seconds! If a weapon attack interval is longer, the skill damage would be higher! As a Guardian, what would you know about a Berserker huh!?” Drizzler raised her nose high.

Zhang Yang shook his head and laughed. He had never thought that he would receive a lecture about the game mechanics.

Drizzler did not behave as greedily as he thought she would. After equipping the new equipment, she expressed her desire to deposit the [Spider’s Long Spear] into the guild storage.

[Magic Scroll: Rising Morale (Level 1)] (Usable)

Use: Encourage your teammates, increasing all damage and healing rate by 5%, last for 5 minutes. Effects cannot be stacked.

Charge remaining: 3/3

Level requirement: 20

Note: This magic scroll was made personally by the great Necromancer Almark. You still smell the lingering scent of putrefaction in the air!

“This is a very useful item! Especially during a boss fight! This little item here could make a whole lot of difference!” said Zhang Yang happily. Never look down at the tiny 5% damage increase; if they were to use it in a 50-man dungeon, their attack could be increased by 5% fifty-fold. They could even turn the tide when fighting a difficult boss!

No wonder this place was always occupied by huge guilds! They were also hunting for this item as well! Those guilds have always been at each other’s necks for the right to farm at this place! This little piece of scroll was the reason behind their quarrel. Not to mention the shape shifting tool that played a role in their skirmish as well!

This little playground would belong to them!

Zhang Yang thought that he had to establish a certain power to occupy this field so ensure a successful capture! It was and always will be a treasure mine!

Since everyone belonged to the same team, they had no qualms about the distribution of loots. They also wanted to establish a certain amount respect for the party leader, thus they offered the scroll to Zhang Yang. He on the other hand suspected that their inventory was already full, that they only offered the item to him because they could not take in more items!

“A bunch of f*ckers!” Zhang Yang grit his teeth.

“Okay! Let’s go people! To the fifth floor now!”

The 4 of them giggled quietly and walked down the stone stairs the lead to the fifth floor. Vastly more experienced than before, the crowd walked carefully as ever when they approached the entrance. However, when they peeked into the door, they could only see a plain field. The field was not big; it was about the size of a football field. The visibility was not very reassuring even when there were plenty of lit torches hanging around the place. They could make out something in the middle of the field, in the midst of thick, green colored gas that spread across the entire field.

“No monster huh.” Fatty Han muttered and he pushed Zhang Yang towards the field.

“F*ck!” Zhang Yang was not ready for it. The moment his body entered the field and made contact with the green gas, a debuff appeared on his head.

[Deadly Poison]: Causes the target to receive 500 Natural damage every 3 seconds until the target leaves the effective area.

Zhang Yang frantically jumped back onto the stairs. The debuff disappeared immediately after but not before inflicting 400 damage on Zhang Yang.

“This entire area is poisoned! We need to consume the antidote that the NPC had given us!”

Drizzler quickly took the antidote out and wanted to immediately use it when Zhang Yang stopped her.

“Hold your horses there. We still do not know where the boss is! Since the antidote could only be used 3 times and is restricted to a time limit as well, we might have to return to make more from the NPC if we use them all.”

“Is that the boss? That shady figure in the center of the field?”

Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, “Little Snow, put a <Holy Shield> and <Regeneration> on me. I’m going in to check it out.”

Little Snow nodded and waved her hands, casting a shield and a recovery spell on him.

“Don’t die on me now, noob tank!”

“Don’t jinx it!” Zhang Yang grit his teeth. With a quick step, Zhang Yang ran into the center of the field.

Damage absorb!

3 seconds later, a damage text popped out on his head.


Another 3 seconds passed and the shield was dispelled. Zhang Yang started to receive damage. On the other hand, <Regeneration> started to tick and healed Zhang Yang.



Zhang Yang finally got closer and he got a clear view of the shady figure. It was indeed, the boss!

The shadowy figure was a rider on a skeletal horse. The skeleton stood rigid and had flaming green fire burning in its eye sockets. There were red flames spewing out from its nostrils. The developers really put their back in designing this monster!

The rider on the horse was completely covered in a crimson blood color armor. On the right side of the horse’s saddle was a long sword and on the left side was shield with a griffin symbol embroidered on it. The unblinking eyes sent a chill down Zhang Yang’s spine.

[Shurian, The Fallen Holy Knight] (Gray-Silver)

Level: 30

HP: 400k

Once Zhang Yang had read the boss’ information, he quickly turned and headed back as fast as he could. All the way through, he was taking a lot of damage.

“That’s weird. The boss was certainly a Gray-Silver tier but there was nothing in the quest description that talked about a knight. It did mention a Necromancer Zac…” Zhang Yang whispered.

Fatty Han on the other hand, was happy with the news. “Haha! Isn’t that great! We can defeat two Gray-Silver bosses!”

Zhang Yang shook his head silently. He still thought that was something was wrong but he could not put a finger on it.

“So…how do we fight it? What’s the plan?”

Everyone turned to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang twitched. Even though he had been reborn to repeat his life again, that did not mean that he would magically know everything about every boss! He stopped to think for a while.

“I have no idea what skills this boss has. We could only find out about it when we fight it! Alright, here is the plan. We’ll take the potion and quickly rush to fight the boss as fast as we can! There cannot be any time wasted! Until the antidote’s duration runs out, do not use another charge until I say so! There is a possibility that we can’t even kill it! And when that happens, we cannot afford to waste time!”

“Okay!” Everyone nodded.

“On the count of 3, we’ll take the antidote simultaneously and rush in!”




Zhang Yang quickly used the [Properly-Made Antidote] and rushed into the fifth floor, charging towards the center and onto the boss. Fatty Han and the rest consumed the antidote and followed closely behind.

“Wow! Such a cool horse! I want it!” Drizzler screamed. “Noob tank! I want it! I want that horsie! I want! I want!”

Fatty Han laughed cynically. “Me too! Officer! Give me!”

“You f*cking fat f*ck!”

Zhang Yang originally did not have any thoughts on the skeleton horse but when Drizzler was screaming like a baby, he had to explained it to her. “Normally, a player can only buy a horse from an NPC after achieving Level 40. A player can also obtain it 5 levels lower, only when the guild has achieved Level 2 with full experience points! There is also another way actually, which is to farm a mount directly from boss! Still, a Level 30 boss does have the chance to drop a mount. However, even though the boss is riding a mount, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will drop a mount!”

“Haha! All the more reason to kill it!” Fatty Han got excited. So far as to the progress of the game, players could only depend on their own two feet to move around. If they could get their hands on a horse… imagine how grand it would be, sitting on a horse… stationed in front of a bank or the most crowded auction house! If only he could get his hand on the exact one right in front of his eyes! How many players would rush to him? Just to get a closer look at the awesome ride!

Zhang Yang continued to charge towards the boss to start the battle.

“Even though there is a chance the boss could drop a mount, it would be too microscopic to even happen! Say if the chance for a Pet Monster to drop is 1 out of 10,000, then a mount’s drop rate would be 100 times rarer than that!”

A regular Gray-Silver boss has a large aggro trigger range to begin with, and with this boss’ level being much higher than Zhang Yang’s, it kicked in immediately as the party approached them. The horse neighed loudly at a high-pitched tone, rearing on its hind legs! Blazing, violent fire erupted from all 4 hooves of the horse. It then charged towards at an unbelievable speed!

Its neigh was as loud as the thundering night sky, echoing through the entire field like a violent storm, bringing destruction to the barren land!

The fight has begun!

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