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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 75 — Crisis in the Storm

Chapter 75: Crisis in the Storm

[Shadow Moon, Shurian’s Mount] (Gray-Silver)

Level: 25

HP: 300k

Two Gray-Silver bosses on his right and a controlled Drizzler on his left, Zhang Yang was cornered with danger on both sides!

Shush! The enemy attacked!

Pushing himself to the limits, Zhang Yang dodged every possible attack to reduce the maximum damage received!

Being the closest to Zhang Yang, Drizzler’s melee attack reached first, and in a blink of an eye, Zhang Yang was cornered like a chicken in a cage. He did not even have enough space to properly move around!

He quickly stomped the ground and casted <Thunder Strike>, effectively damaging all 3 targets. However, the slow effect only worked on Drizzler and the horse, as the main boss was completely immune to it. Zhang Yang could not have asked for more as he only needed to slow down two out of the three enemies. He quickly slid out of the danger zone and dragged all 3 of them towards the right side of the battlefield to ensure the boss’ attacking range could only hit him alone.

4 seconds later, Drizzler and Shadow Moon regained their speed and charged towards Zhang Yang. He quickly activated <Block> and dodged a series of attacks. When <Thunder Strike> was available again, he quickly used it and continued to kite the boss.

15 seconds after, Drizzler regained control of her own character and Zhang Yang had one less burden to worry about.

Zhang Yang activated <Horizontal Sweep> which he had been holding back since Drizzler was their enemy as he was actually afraid that he might kill her by accident. Now that she was back to their side, he could unleash hell on the enemy.

“Focus on the boss! Ignore the horse!” said Zhang Yang. If Shadow Moon had less than 100k HP, he might consider to kill the horse first; but that horse had an overwhelming 300k HP! Zhang Yang immediately skipped that thought.

“Yeah! Don’t even touch the horse! That’s mine to take!” Drizzler exclaimed.

Even though Shadow Moon was considered a summoned monster, it was still a Gray-Silver boss! Its damage was high enough that it can deal 1,000 damage in a kick! If Zhang Yang was careless and allowed himself to receive both Shadow Moon and Shurian’s attack, he will definitely be sent to the graveyard.

“Holy sheet…this is intense!” Fatty Han took a deep breath. He was afraid that Zhang Yang might make a mistake that would kill the team.

This situation allowed Zhang Yang to display his unusual combat tactics. He used <Thunder Strike> not as a means of attack, but to slow down Shadow Moon’s attacks on him. He also strategically used <Block> only to safeguard himself whenever he was sure he could not evade an attack. His ability to utilize his skills were beyond anyone’s capability. Still, his HP bar was riding a roller-coaster; going up and down at an incredible speed! Nonetheless, he was still standing strong! If another party had tried to take on this challenge, their tank could not possibly kite two bosses simultaneously while maintaining his own life!

“Little Yang, you have truly impressed me!” Fatty Han let out a sigh of relief.

“Impress, my ass! Attack the boss!” Zhang Yang did not hold back his words whenever he was talking to his “brother”.

48%, 46%, 44%… the boss’ HP continued to go down at a crawling speed.

“Come forth my loyal servants! Serve and fight for your only lord!” Shurian summoned the minions for the fifth time.

‘Ding! Shurian has summoned Death Servant!”

Everyone carried out their tasks; even Little Snow stopped her support to cast a <Divine Punishment> on the monster. They managed to quickly kill off the two summons, not giving any chance for Shurian to heal himself.

“Pesky little beings! I had enough of your stench! Rot in hell!” Shurian roared. Dark clouds started to seep into the cave through the slid in the walls.

‘Ding! Shurian has used <Demonic Rain>!’

Zhang Yang looked up to the clouds while kiting the boss.

“Be careful of those clouds! I’m sure there’s something bad about them!”

Just as he finished his sentence, the clouds started to dripped black color rain drops, showering two third of the entire field.



Everyone was on their feet and started to running to safety. However, some of them did not make it in time and was damaged by the rain for 300 Shadow damage!

With the burden of healing skyrocketing, Little Snow’s Mana bar went down like a landslide.

“Move quicker guys! Avoid the rain, or else I’m going to run out of Mana real quick!” Little Snow cried.

“Hahaha! A bunch of weakly lowly beings! Cry for your life! Wail in pain!” Shurian brandish its sword and laughed like a mad king.

“Sheet! When will this sheetty rain stop?!” Fatty Han groaned.

Zhang Yang slowly started to kite the boss towards the entrance of the fifth floor.

“Check the entrance! Please see whether the door is close!” Zhang Yang was thinking that they could all repeat the previous floor tactics, to hide behind the entrance and attack the boss from a safe distance.

After withdrawing a few steps, Hundred Shots turned around and sighed.

“The door is closed!”

Zhang Yang let out a sigh of disappointment and turned to face the boss. He thought he could save the trouble but now he had to put more effort to dodge both Shurian and Shadow Moon’s attack while looking out for the rain from the sky. What a pain!

Still, it was sensible that the developers discouraged players to make use of the terrain bug to make killing the boss any easier. It looks like the entrance could only be opened when either the boss or the entire party was killed.

Since the entire party had to look out for the rain, the party damage dropped tremendously. Previously, they were already at a turtle-crawling speed, now they could be even slower than that. The boss’s HP dropped slowly… 1% at a time.

By the time the boss had 30% left, everyone’s antidote effect had almost reached its time limit. Zhang Yang noticed it and quickly yelled. “Guys! Take another antidote!”

Zhang Yang felt a little regret for not taking a few more of those [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion]! 100 Shadow resistance could reduce at least 100 Shadow damage! That would make a whole lot of difference!

27%, 26%, 25%!

“Come forth my loyal servants! Serve and fight for your only lord!” Shurian summoned the minion again, and simultaneously, pointed its sword at Fatty Han.

“Slim and Handsome! Bow down and serve your lord!”

‘Ding! Player Slim and Handsome is now affected by <Shadow Control>!’

“Crap! The damage would not be enough!” Fatty Han complained as he could not control his character. He raised the bow in his hands and took aim at Little Snow.

Zhang Yang quickly held his steps and called out. “Hundred Shots! Little brat! Both of you take on the left minion! Brat, don’t use your <Charge>! Keep it for later!”


Hundred Shots quickly shot a <Concussion Shot>, slowing down the monster on the left. Drizzler arrived just in time when it was slowed to slice the monster.

Zhang Yang on the other hand was kiting the boss and Shadow Moon towards Drizzler. The minion on the right was heading towards him at an incredible speed! In just 4 seconds, it was almost 10 meters away from the boss!


Zhang Yang bashed the second minion and laid down a <Thunder Strike>, quickly chaining his attack with another normal attack and a <Horizontal Sweep>. His combo dealt up to 1,300 HP. Since skill activation was an instant act, it did not clash with a normal attack. All of Zhang Yang’s attacks were almost in an instant!

Zhang Yang turned around and continued to kite both the boss and Shadow Moon away from the pursuing minion. 2 seconds later, the minion recovered from the stun and started to head towards its master. However, its movement speed was slowed by <Thunder Strike>!

“Little Yang! That was a great move! As expected of this great Fatty Master who had taught you that!” Fatty Han snorted, taking all credit for Zhang Yang’s incredible feat.

On the other side of the field, Hundred Shots and Drizzler were fighting with their lives on the line! The petty 3,000 HP felt like almost 300,000 in their eyes!

4 seconds later, the second minion regained its normal movement speed and started to get closer to the boss.

“Little brat! Use <Charge> on the other minion now!” Zhang Yang kept calm even when danger was imminent. He continued to guide the party.

Drizzler gave up on the minion with 500 HP left to its death and headed towards the second minion! She quickly used <Charge> when she got in range and stunned the minion to get into her stance and attack.

On the other side of the battle field, Little Snow found an opportunity to chant <Divide Punishment> and casted it on the first minion! Hundred Shots drew his bow and attacked the minion in the same time, sending the demonic creature back to whence it once came!

“That’s good! Keep it going! Kill the next one!” Zhang Yang was very pleased by their performance.

2 seconds later, the second minion recovered from the stun and started to dash toward the boss. Even though Zhang Yang had been kiting Shurian all the time, the second minion managed to catch up to him in just 3 seconds!

Hundred Shots quickly chased after the second minion to attack. This minion was brutally damaged by Zhang Yang, having only 1,500 HP left to its demise. Drizzler had damaged it as well, leaving only 700 HP left! However, the minion’s movement speed was too fast! Without any slow effect on it, Drizzler could not even catch up with it!

Which left Hundred Shots alone to able to strike it!


An arrow flew across the air and landed on the minion.


It looks like there was no stopping it from reaching its destination!

“Hahaha!” Shurian laughed madly. It raised it sword up high and was about to slice the incoming minion!




“Fuuh! Looks like I’d made it in time!”

In a split second, Zhang Yang flew across the field and activated <Horizontal Sweep>, simultaneously attacking all 3 foes with high damage!

The second minion fell defeated before it could serve its purpose.

The boss’ sword swing only hit the air around it. It groaned in anger!

“F*cking beautiful!”

Everyone praised Zhang Yang for his last minute rescue.

“Haha! It’s nothing! Don’t stop now! Attack the boss! Victory is just ahead of us!” Zhang Yang laughed it off.

24%, 22%, 20%…

Everything was smooth…until when the boss’ HP dropped to 10%!

“Shadow Moon! Come to me! Together we will trample these annoying bugs to hell!” Shurian somersaulted back and landed onto Shadow Moon’s back. The pale white sword turned bloodied-red!

‘Ding! Shurian has gone berserk! All attacks have been increased by 50%! Attack interval is reduced by 50%!’

“@#$%! The boss berserk!?”


1 Kite or Kiting is the act of luring and dragging an enemy towards the user’s designated direction.

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