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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 81 — Another fight

Chapter 81: Another fight

As the battle ended, everyone had teleported back to where they were before.

Without a doubt, Frost Night’s victory had roused the crowd. Their passion could barely be contained by the very sky itself! Audiences started to fill the public channel with spams of insults and jeers.

“Hmph! Now you know how strong are the players in White Jade Castle! Go back to Crimson Moon City with the tail between your legs!”

“Haha! You couldn’t even win a girl! What can you say now huh!”

“Beauty Frost Night! Be my girl!”

“Crawl back to whence you came sucker!”


Ghostly Leaf was lost in silence for a moment, thoughts running in his head that nobody could have guessed, but after a while, he cried out. “Did you all seriously just send a girl to defend your pride? How could you still call yourselves men!? To think that you would send a girl to defeat me, are you all still babies suckling on yo mama’s tits?! ZHAN YU! WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU! COME AND FIGHT ME, ZHAN YU! ZHAN YU!”

Seeing that Ghostly Leaf was still unrepentant, everyone doubled the intensity of their insults.

Just as Zhang Yang was about to send a private message to him, Ghostly Leaf had sent a battle request.

‘Ding! Player Ghostly Leaf has sent you a battle request (Deathmatch). Do you accept?’

To send a battle request, both players must be in the battle arena. You could just insert the name of your opponent or the name of the party you are about to challenge to initiate a one to one fight or a party to party fight. This bloody bugger must have just written down his name without confirming his presence in the battle arena beforehand.

Since Zhang Yang now confirmed that Frost Night was in White Jade City, he could contact her any time after the match. He nonchalantly accepted the request.

‘Ding! You have accepted Player Ghostly Leaf’s battle request (Deathmatch). The match will start in 5 minutes. Please make your preparations!’

The battle arena’s announcement board appeared a message saying: Room 89, Zhan Yu VS Ghostly Leaf (Deathmatch). Starts in 5 minutes.

Some people quickly noticed this and made a ruckus about it. The local channel became messy again and soon, almost everyone in the city knew about the match. The current strongest player in White Jade Castle vs the hot-blooded punk from Crimson Moon City.

Unlike Frost Night who was still a stranger to all, Zhan Yu this name had been the center of conversation throughout the entire China server. Everyone wanted to know how could a Guardian obtain 3 consecutive First Clear Achievement. Now that there was a chance to see him personally in action, no one could miss this golden opportunity!

“Hahaha! You finally showed up, scaredy-cat! I will crush you like a bug!” Ghostly Leaf sent a private message.

Zhang Yang was stunned by this unprovoked hostility towards him. Neither of them knows each other to bear any vengeance or enmity…However he came across the answer to his own question. He was the famous tanker who had claimed the 3 First Clear Achievements consecutively and had gained the attention of every player in China server. He must have indirectly earned the ire from the other guilds that wanted to claim that achievement.

This player must be here to cause a commotion. He must have thought that if he could kill Zhang Yang off a few levels, he would be able to buy some time for him to raid the Marzerway’s Lair Main Wing!


Zhang Yang smiled quietly. To think that Radiance would actually go to the extent of sending their future, and possibly already rising superstar over here to commit their underhanded tactics! However, they must have had a certain level of confidence to not even consider the thought of him losing and getting himself down to level 20 or lower, to the point of being unable to participate in the raid for Marzerway’s Lair.

Did they put too much trust on this punk?

Zhang Yang had a sudden thought and sent him a private message. “Wanna bet?”

“Hmph! You think you have what it takes?” Ghostly Leaf replied with another question. He must be in over his head, or perhaps the previous loss had not been fully processed yet.

A fight between 2 Bandits highly depended on luck. Whoever first disabled the opponent’s stealth will be the winner. Furthermore, the opponent had the skill <Vanish> at level 21. He lost but he was not content with the unfair circumstances!

Zhang Yang replied. “If you lose, I want the [Destination Teleportation Scroll] that you have!”

“Eh?! How did you know…” He was obviously shocked. He replied after a short delay. “I only have 2 left. I’ll need one to go back home! I can only put 1 up for wager!”

“Hahahaha! So you know that you’re gonna lose!” Zhang Yang laughed provokingly.

Ghostly Leaf wavered. He did not dare bet on all the scrolls at hand. He actually was scared of losing!

“Alright fine! 1 scroll will do just fine!” Zhang Yang did not want to push him into a corner. He might call off the bet.

Ghostly Leaf said, “If you lose, I want…I want your shield!”

Hmph! He knew it! He was here to delay Zhang Yang! However…to think that he wanted his shield…How naïve! Did he not know that Zhang Yang was the one who made 80% of all the shields in this city!

Both party then proceed to place their items on the system. Once they had confirmed their selection, the system locked in their items so that nothing could be done to it. The item that were locked cannot be “Used”, “Traded”, “Sold” or “Destroyed”.

…4 minutes till the battle starts. 3 minutes…2 minutes…1 minute!


Shush! Zhang Yang could only see a flash of light and he was teleported into a corner of the battle arena. Behind him was a hallway and leads to outside of the battle arena. Since the pathway was not sealed, he could leave the battle. However, he will be considered to be forfeited the fight and lost his bet. The good thing was that he would not die, and therefore retain his level.

In front of him, he could see Ghostly Leaf on the other side of the arena. They were blocked by an invisible wall. They could only look but not approach each other.

‘Ding! You have 20 seconds left to prepare!’




‘Ding! Battle start!’

Kang Kang Kang! The iron bars descended behind them and the invisible wall was removed.


Ghostly Leaf immediately disappeared.

Zhang Yang did not panic like the average player, he walked to the front with a smug on his face.

“You bastard! See how I’ll stab you endlessly!” Ghostly Leaf sneaked closer to Zhang Yang, but when he saw the smug look on his face, he felt humiliated. He wanted to just stomp on that pretty boy’s little face as hard as he can!

10 meters, 8 meters, 5 meters…

As he approached Zhang Yang closer and closer, his eyes became more aggressive and vicious. The only thing in his sight was Zhang Yang’s bare back. He raised his dagger, ready to unleash hell onto him.

4 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters. He was almost approaching his attacking range!

But just as when Ghostly Leaf wanted to activate <Ambush>, he saw a bright light flashing in his eyes.

Eh? <Ambush> could not be activated! He was out of the stealth mode!


Ghostly Leaf face turned pale as he saw his HP was hacked away by 20%.

He screamed frantically. “Holy @#!*@!! What are you!? You’re not a Guardian!”

Even a Berserker with a two-handed weapon could not deal such insanely high damage! But more importantly, how did the opponent broke his invisibility? He was actually behind him all the time. That was a 0% chance of him even detecting his location!

Zhang Yang laughed maniacally. That single strike had generated 27 Rage, enough for him to cast another skill!


<Horizontal Sweep>!

“Mother****” Ghostly Leaf could not help but to cursed. He could understand if the previous strike a critical chance, but how could he explain the second strike?! That was definitely not a critical hit! He knew that a critical strike is calculated by doubling the damage count after the armor value was deducted from the initial amount! There is no way that a critical hit would be an odd number!

If he could cause close to 800 damage without a critical hit, how much would it be when it actually strikes a critical shot?

Ghostly Leaf withdrew quickly and took a health potion. He raised his daggers and asked immediately. “What kind of weapon are you using!? And also, what skill did you use to hit me the second time?” He was sure that the first attack was a normal attack since Warrior could not cast any skill without generating any Rage.

Zhang Yang activated <Block> without answering him. He had no interest in talking with the punk.

<Block>! +10 Rage

“-117!” <Block> reflect damage!

“-244!” <Shield Bash>.

Zhang Yang swung his sword and attacked Ghostly Leaf with a normal attack.


With a maximum HP of 2000, Ghostly Leaf was now left with only 200HP. If Zhang Yang just landed another attack, Ghostly Leaf will be sent to meet the Goddess…

“Send my regards to your guild master Sword Of Light!” said Zhang Yang as he brandish his sword and activated <Force Strike>.


Ghostly Leaf was defeated mercilessly!

Ghostly Leaf was not alone, everyone else who witness the battle was left dumbfounded. How could a Guardian deal such high damage!? Is he still considered to be a Guardian? Hell no! It’s time to train a new Guardian as well!

Shush! Zhang Yang was teleported out of the battle arena along with his new trophy, a [Destination Teleportation Scroll]!

“Zhan Yu! I’m not done yet! One more! One more battle!” Ghostly Leaf sent a private message.

Zhang Yang shook his head. “You’re now only level 20, will your current equipment even work?”

After he was killed by Frost Night and Zhang Yang, Ghostly Leaf had dropped from level 21 to level 19. His currently equipment level requirement was level 20. Even though he was wearing it, the equipment effect was locked out. Wearing it would be purely for aesthetics, attribute-wise he would be as good as being naked!

“Just you wait! I’ll be back for you!” Ghostly Leaf teleported back to Crimson Moon City.

“Remember to bring more scrolls yeah!”

Zhang Yang’s last words to him was drove the prick in his heart further in. After everything that happen, Ghostly Leaf felt like Zhang Yang was there only to squeeze out more money from him.

Back to White Jade Castle, the local channel was filled with chatters of Zhang Yang’s legendary tale of “Defense of Zhan Yu”.

Zhang Yang had defended the city from the enemy! He was naturally dubbed as the White Jade Castle’s Hero! The man of the people! The pride of White Jade Castle! His name and reputation sky rocketed throughout the entire city!

The gods were being nice to him. All he ever wanted was to obtain the [Destination Teleportation Scroll] yet what he got was more than he bargained. He actually became the city’s hero!

Zhang Yang shook his head and loosened his shoulders. He quickly sent a private message to Frost Night.

“Hello! Can I talk with you for a bit?”

After quite some time, she replied back. “Speak your mind!”

3 words, yet it was filled with the weight of the world. He could actually feel the coldness in her words. Hm…not bad. She chose her name right.

“Ahh…Ah! Right. I’d see that you have some skills. Coincidentally, my party lacks with people of your talents! Would you like to join us in raiding Marzerway’s Lair, Hardcore mode the day after tomorrow?”

Zhang Yang had secured his decision to pull in his future-to-be Queen of the Shadow Dance!

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