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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 83 — Assault

Chapter 83: Assault

The next day, Zhang Yang logged in and joined the other 18 members of the guild and headed into Snow Sprite City. Frost Snow did not join the rest of them but she waited instead at the dungeon entrance for the party to enter. From the initial point, the party have killed their way towards the inner part of the city to complete the pre-requisite quest of the dungeon. After only 7 to 8 minutes, the quest has been completed and they headed into the dungeon.

“Be careful, there are at least 7 other Bandits lurking around here!” Frost Night suddenly announced in the party channel.

Zhang Yang was shocked and quickly screamed, “Everyone! To me, NOW!”

Some of them heard his call and complied, while the others were oblivious and ignored his call.

Just then, 7 to 8 figures appeared behind 3 of the day dreamers.

Pak Pak Pak! The Bandits casted <Ambush> and started to attack them.

‘Ding! The party Flamboyant Uncle has initiated an attack on your party. You have 10 minutes to counter attack!’

“F*cking hell!” Zhang Yang cursed. He quickly casted <Vanguard's Aggression> and covered the 3 party members and at the same time dashing towards the attacker and cried, “Attack! Kill them all!”

The party was in complete chaos for a brief moment, but when Zhang Yang laid down his command, everyone started to cast their AoE skill towards the attackers.

The opponents had a total of 8 Bandits. After all 3 of Zhang Yang’s party members were stunned by <Ambush>, the Bandits activated <Blade Dance> simultaneously.

[Blade Dance]: Attack all targets within the attacking range. Deal 100% melee damage (Deals the accumulated melee damage of both Main Weapon and Secondary Weapon. If only one weapon is equipped, deal the same amount of damage as the melee damage.)

Requirement: Melee weapon.

Cost: 60 Stamina.

One Bandit’s <Blade Dance> could deal about 200 damage, but when 8 Bandits casted <Blade Dance> together, the stacked damage could exceed 1,600! They could kill all 3 of the party members!

But Zhang Yang was too quick for them. The moment the enemy appeared, Zhang Yang had already casted <Vanguard’s Aggression>, covering the three members under a transparent light barrier, thus receiving only 10% of all damage dealt!

“F*ck. What skill is this?!” One of them spoke.

“Sneaky bastard!” Zhang Yang immediately used <Charge> the moment he entered the effective distance. He swung his sword, generating enough Rage to cast <Horizontal Sweep>.

All of them had their profile information hidden, obviously trying to hide their origin.






8 damage texts appeared and one of them showed such high damage that it immediately killed one of the enemy! It was a lucky strike!

“Damn son. Little Yang, please do ask me to PK with you!” Fatty Han could not help but feel intimidated! That crazy killing power is so strong that Zhang Yang could just kill off anyone within his sight.

“Relax dude! It’s not like a lucky strike comes around every day!” Before Zhang Yang could start his second attack, the remaining 7 enemy were all killed by everyone’s AoE skills.

“Why would they sneak up on us?” Drizzler turned to look at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang smiled bitterly. “Someone’s being a sore loser. They tried to mess with us so that we would not be able to claim this dungeon’s First Clear Achievement!”

Frost Night was the first one to cry out in rage. “Despicable!”

Even though her face was completely covered, but they could feel the rage that was within her. She looked like she was one of those people who could not accept cheating; a woman of justice!

Drizzler’s reaction was somewhat slower than an average person. She gasped and clapped her hands. “So, you’re saying that there are guilds out there that wanted to stop us from getting the First Clear Achievement and sent these guys to mess with us? Hm… Hm… I understand that our guild’s one weakness is that we lack high level players, that only today we could gather enough players at Level 20. So, if anyone us was killed and lose even just a level, we could not enter the dungeon anymore!”

Zhang Yang sighed disappointingly. “I really pity the teachers that taught you life lessons. How could you not understand this simple matter? Argh… it’s so hard to be a teacher!”

Drizzler got angry and her face turned red. Still, she could not find the words to refute him. She only raised her head and said “Hmph!” loudly and walked away. Looks like Zhang Yang hit the jackpot.

“I wonder what guild are they from?” said Hundred Shots.

“Well, Crimson Rage are all females…”

“It must be either The Dominators or Sky High!”

“It could have been The Dominators!” said Zhang Yang. He thought it that way since the alliance between Humbly Gentleman was a failure and he did leave with an unsatisfied manner. This was probably his way of answering Zhang Yang’s rejection. If he was indeed the culprit behind this attack, he would be considered brilliant. As long as any Lone Desert Smoke members were killed off by a few, Zhang Yang could not have been able to proceed with the dungeon raid!

The only thing they could not account for was Zhang Yang’s new skill <Vanguard’s Aggression> that foiled the attack! Hmm… hmm… The Dominators, you have strike us now but watch your back!

Zhang Yang cleared his throat and said, “Split up into four teams and fight the Front Wing and Middle Wing in Normal difficulty. You must do this to get the entrance qualification to the Main Wing. The other reason is to get used to all four of the bosses’ skills. The Main Wing boss Marzerway will use all four of them. I want all of you to get used to it so that we could perform better in the Main Wing. Alright, the team distribution should be me, Ironhill, 2 Pigs with Hunters as tanks, and the healer should be…”

“Damn! Little Yang! Pigs with Hunters? What the f*ck!?” Fatty Han got angry.

“Oops. Sorry. Let me rephrase that. Hunters with 2 pigs…” Zhang Yang laughed. He assigned the team to have tanks and healers to make sure every party has its proper build1.

“Why don’t we just fight Hard or Hardcore Mode?” Someone questioned the thought since Normal mode was so easy that anyone else could have led the party instead of the legendary Zhan Yu.

“It’s a waste of time. Our main goal is just to get the entrance qualifications! Furthermore, the Hunter’s… pigs could only tank as much as Normal difficulty. Besides, Normal, Hard, or even Hardcore Mode bosses use the same skills, just having different damage output. So learn the skills properly; Normal Mode would be the best bet so that if anyone screws up their role or make a mistake, your party won’t be killed off!” Zhang Yang explained.

“Ok! Let’s raid!”

‘Ding! You have entered Marzerway’s Lair: Front Wing (Normal Mode)!’

Zhang Yang’s own party consisted of Drizzler, Frost Night, Angel Descend, and Face Floored. He intentionally placed Drizzler and Frost Night into his team, not because he was interested in them, but was because of their powerful attacking powers. He was afraid that other tanks could not hold on to the aggro.

In reality, Angel Descend and Face Floored were good friends, and they were Spellcaster and Priest respectively. Both of them are male and their names were quite funny when they were put together. Face floored (when) angel descended. Haha!

“Let’s start!” Zhang Yang unsheathed his sword and used <Charge> to start the fight. This round, even if it was a Normal Mode, he did not dare to kite the monsters all the way since they will self-destruct on death. Though the damage was significantly lesser in Normal Mode, even he could not handle all the explosions at the same time and be killed off.

“Frost Night, why did you choose that IGN2?” Drizzler asked curiously like a child. Being the only girls in the party, Drizzler felt comfortable to chat with her.

“Why are you so quiet?”

“Why did you cover your face with that cloth?”

“How did you know this noob tank? I tell you, this guy has a friend that is a horny pervert. You’d better watch your back!”

“How old are you? Are you working? Or still in school?”


Drizzler kept on bombarding her with questions that it became annoying. Luckily the only questions that she did not ask were ultra-private information like her 3 sizes or her virginity…

However, Frost Night was well behaved. Even after being bombarded with questions, she did not reply a single one. Instead, she continuously danced around with her daggers, fully focused on killing monsters.

“Little brat! If you continue on to be that noisy, your damage output is going to lose to everyone else!” Zhang Yang quickly interjected before she was about to open her mouth.

“W-what?! That’s impossible!” she cried and quickly opened the Damage Statistic.

[Damage Statistic]

Zhan Yu, 38%

Frost Night, 29%

Drizzler, 22%

Angel Descend, 11%

“Eh?” Drizzler blinked her eyes repeatedly. “Your equipment is much weaker than mine. But how could you deal so much damage?!”

Frost Night remained quiet as ever. Zhang Yang replied in her stead. “That’s because someone else was fully focus on attacking! Sigh…They say kids who can’t study well are very good in gaming. And then there’s you! The curious case of Drizzler who is both weak in studies and gaming. You’re like a piece of rock in the desert! Useless!”

Drizzler raged. “Who says I’m useless!? I’m just not fully focused, that’s it! One more thing. I’m not a kid!”

“Argh! Let’s fight again!” Drizzler looked at Frost Night confidently. She has completely fallen into Zhang Yang’s provocation.

Frost Night was still silent. However, Drizzler mistook her silence as consent and she finally kept her mouth shut. After closing the Damage Statistic, she cried out loudly and started to attack faster than before.

What followed proved that in the gaming world, the winner will always have the best equipment. Frost Night was and will be the Queen of Shadow Dance, but as of now, her equipment was much weaker than Drizzler’s. After killing the second boss, she lost by only 2% damage output! She was not a sore loser like Drizzler; even though her face was completely covered, her eyes radiated with a fiery battle spirit.

Drizzler was as happy as ever. Such a naïve little girl… When she wins, she’s happy. But when she loses, she’ll snort, sulk, and put on a sour face.

Zhang Yang felt sad for her. How could a girl like her, someone who was so realistic and naïve, still exist in this kind of society!? If Drizzler were to join the society now, it would not take even a day for her to be eaten alive!

After they had finished with the Front Wing, the party moved on to the Middle Wing. As this team had 3 strong players in it, they were the fastest in terms of progress among the 4 parties that went in.

When they entered the dungeon, Drizzler and Frost Night went on to have their fight. Even though Frost Night looked very cold and unresponsive, silent without uttering a single word, her intent to win the match was burning strong. Even when her equipment was weak, she had never thought of any reason to lose the fight. This forced Drizzler to be at her best; she did not dare to even slack for a second, fearing that Frost Night might surpass her at any moment.

On the other hand, Angel Descend successfully became side character. He did not even care to join in the fight. He only did his part, casting some hail on the monsters.

In just 15 minutes, the party successfully conquered the Middle Wing. This feat was quite impressive that even Zhang Yang had to praise their effort.

1A proper built party must have at least 1 tanker and 1 healer while the rest of the member should be attackers.

2 IGN is a common term for In Game Name.

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