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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 89 — Distributor

Chapter 89: Distributor

Zhang Yang first sent 1000 bottles to both Snow Seeker of the Crimson Rage and Sky Shaman of the Sky High. After approximately 10 minutes, only did he send 100 bottles to Humbly Gentleman. What that needed to be done has been done. There was nothing he could have done if Crimson Rage or Sky High still somehow manage to fall behind The Dominators.

Anything that could be done for level 20 had been done thoroughly enough. The only thing left was the Hardcore mode speed record! However, Zhang Yang was not keen to obtain that achievement, the reward was not luxurious enough for him!

On the other hand, there’s the case where things might get a little dull! If only him alone was responsible for claiming the First Clear Achievement or even the Speed Achievement, there would be no chance for other guild to grab the spotlight. Even the audience would feel bored if Zhang Yang was the only one remaining in the limelight.

There was also another matter. If you don’t provide some chances for others, others will not give the chance for you as well! Other guilds might form an alliance solely to take down his guild! Even with his overwhelming ability, he could not fight with everyone! That is why, Zhang Yang prioritized on only getting the First Clear Achievement. The Speed Achievement, was just there for fun, as an optional pursuit. There was no need to make it the top of his priorities!

He called all 4 of his friends to join him in grinding at the Desolated Ghostly Flatlands. He had already set his goals for the two level 30 dungeons in the Shadowmoon Castle. He already had 5 qualified party members for the 10-man dungeon. He only needed to find 4 more to form the team.

Frost Night rejected the grinding invitation, saying that she had to go back to work.

Zhang Yang could not help but question her ability. This woman worked full-time, how did she even manage to increase her level so rapidly?

Zhang Yang logged in after dinner and formed 3 parties to raid the Bangar Crypt. The other party was led by Ironhills as the main tanker, with Little Snow as the healer. Zhang Yang wanted improve the entire guild’s fighting ability. He could not completely depend on his friends to dominate the limelight.

After the dungeon runs, Zhang Yang went back to grind. By 10pm, he had reached level 24 with 91% experience points, almost touching the tip of level 25. He then logged off and went to hang out in the web.

He went on to the official site and found an interesting news!

The American movie company Miramax Studios will collaborate with the game developers Dream Technology to produce an in-game shooting production called “A Knight’s Soul”! The script, director, and actors were all already decided and the shooting will start soon!

This particular news had heated up fans of the game. Some comment, while others complaint. Some showed their interest while other expressed the impending failure of the production. There were so many opinions littering the forum!

Zhang Yang only sighed heavily. This event was exactly as it was in his “history”.

“A Knight’s Soul” was the first movie to be produced inside ‘God’s Miracle’. Borrowing the game’s unrivaled realistic scenery and human characters, they had successfully produced a historical movie! The movie was deemed to be very successful because of their exceptional utilization of the elements in the game. The real world ticket profits had exceeded over 700 million USD while the in-game “movie tickets” had reached an astonishing number of 8.8 billion gold coins!

The event only happened 6 months after when the exchange rate dropped to a rate of 1:1. 8.6 billion gold coins could be exchanged for1.5 billion dollars!

To think that the original production cost was only 2 million USD!

It’s safe to say that “A Knight’s Soul” was not only a successful business expenditure, it was the stepping stone for the entire movie industry as well! After Miramax studios showed their successful profit, other movie producers started to follow their footsteps and begin to move their projects towards ‘God’s Miracle’!

There were countless benefit in producing a movie with ‘God’s Miracle’ but the main advantages are as follows:

Low Production Cost

You could easily replicate the scenery of earthquakes, crumbling earth crust, explosion scenes, or even Armageddon itself! They could be easily reproduced in the game! On the other hand, actors could have their appearance easily modified to be as handsome or as beautiful as they wanted it to be! Dream Technology could work hand in hand with the producers to replicate any elements of the movies they wanted. They could even manipulate the building structure to be ancient-themed or create an entire post-apocalyptic dystopia, or a streamlined sci-fi skyline! They could also produce unlimited number of NPCs to act as extras! They could literally produce a second earth!


While producing a horror movie in real life, some additional expenditures have to be dedicated to the horrifyingly creative and ever-ingenuous death scenes. The acting and effects would have a limit to it. However, in ‘God’s Miracle’, there are no limits! You can kill a person by any means possible! After all, the character would only need to revive after getting killed! After the success of “A Knight’s Soul”, many movie producers had shifted their projects involving collaborations with ‘God’s Miracle’, putting a large effect onto the society. Jobs like make-up artists, stunt doubles, special effects team and so on lost their jobs! Soon, the democratic country, the people that were mainly effected had joined together to pass a bill to stop or limit any movie production that involved collaboration with ‘God’s Miracle’. However, their appeal was completely denied. All 14 members of the jury happened to be loyal players of ‘God’s Miracle’.

To watch a movie in ‘God’s Miracle’ is absolutely stunning. The audience could see 360-degree scenery, which is more ‘3D’ than an actual 3D movie!

It did not stop there! More and more industries had their eyes on this game and many had already transferred over! Some of them were publishers, advertisement companies, music record companies and many more! By then, ‘God’s Miracle’ was no longer just a “game”, it had morphed into a super enterprise, giving birth to a whole new world of culture!

That would all happen in just 6 months!

Zhang Yang took another deep breath. The premiere of “A Knight’s Soul” will launch at the same time as the game’s first update. This update would include the launching of the Professional League as well as the implementation of an improved battle system, and many more in one game-changing patch!

Zhang Yang opened his friend list and went to the tab in which he had categorized all his classmates and acquaintances from school. He found that practically all 37 students were online together. 10pm was still considerably early and was the most active time for all night owls.

“…Argh! I’m only level 19! Tomorrow I’m going to raid Marzerway’s Lair!”

“Hey guys! Yesterday, I manage to farm a Green-Copper boots! I’m telling ya! Its damned OP!”


“Hey! Li Qi just got in! Perfect timing. Ask him to join the Brilliant Star guild, he won’t need to worry about not having equipment anymore!”

“Hey hey. I’m only a member of the 3rd party! There are still 20 over elites on the other group!”

“Eh! Guys! Look! Zhang Yang finally logged in! You little bastard! Graduation day was 100 years ago dude! Why are you only online now!”

Li Shang Yuan was the first person who called out to him. Zhang Yang quickly greet him back.

After Zhang Yang replied, he added, “Yo! Ex-class monitor! Did you play ‘God’s Miracle’?”

“Yeah I did. Awesome game. I’m playing together with my work colleague! Hah! I’d just logged off the game not two minutes ago! You could have met me in the game earlier!”

Li Shang Yuan paused a while and recalled something. “That’s right, didn’t you once say that you wanted to be play the game for a living! So…how are you now?”

Zhang Yang snickered. “Well, I’m still alive. So, that a plus for me! Li Shang Yuan, what city are you in now?”

“Tranquil Wind City, you?”

“I’m in White Jade Castle!” Zhang Yang grinned as he answered, “I could use your help for a thing. Could you do me a favour?”

“Sure! Speak your request!” Li Shang Yuan had always been a straight forward man. He had always been the man to walk the talk. No hesitation!

Zhang Yang nodded his head in satisfaction. He had found the right guy for his to carry out his plans.

“I have here an item that is very popular now in the market. But I could not make much in my city alone. I’m asking you to help me to sell some off in your city as well, as well as gather some ingredients!”

“Hoho! Sure, I’ll help you! Just mail them over to me. Oh, what kind of item is that? How do plan to sell them?”

Zhang Yang replied. “The item is [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion]. It will increase 100 Shadow resistance. You can sell them off in the auction house for 1 gold each!”

“Zhang Yang! My dear lord! That is just too expensive! 1 gold each!? Bro, when I buy some level 20 skill I would only have about 7 to 8 gold left! I can’t even repair my equipment with this sorry amount that I have!” Li Shang Yuan expressed his doubt.

Zhang Yang only laughed. “It’s alright! Just try and sell the item with that price! It’s fine if the item doesn’t sell But if it does sell well, shall we split the profit 70/30?”

“Haha! This is but minor deal. I’ll follow what you say!”

“Come on man! That amount is huge, not something as minor as you think it is!”

“Urgh…fine! In that case, lets not go with 70/30. You could just pay me with what you see fit!”

Right now, Li Shang Yuan could still not see the amount he was about to make.

“Alright then, I’ll send it over tomorrow!”

Once Tranquil Wing City was dealt with, Zhang Yang proceeded to find more ex-classmates, at the very least, he needed to find those who were close to him or he could trust. One by one, he asked whether they were playing ‘God’s Miracle’ and which city they are in. After 10 people or so, beside Emerald City, he managed to find “Distributors” for all 6 main cities!

He went around and asked more people but he could not find a single player who was in Emerald City. Zhang Yang scrolled down and check the rest of the student list. Neither of them was close enough for him to bother messaging them individually. He then switched to the public channel and posted. “To all friends that are playing ‘God’s Miracle’, is there anyone who are in Emerald City?”

After a while, there were some replies.

“I’m in the Black Dragon City! Why’d you ask?”

“What’s so special about Emerald City?”

“Zhang Yang! What is your current level!? We are now ranking the Leveling King! So far, Li Shang Yuan ranked first with level 21! Tell us yours!”

There were many who replied but none of them was about Emerald City! Zhang Yang could not help but feel disappointed. There were so many people in the beginner village, but why has none of them picked Emerald City!? What’s wrong with it? Does everyone hate the color green now?

“Uhm…I’m in Emerald City!”

Among the chatter, Zhang Yang spotted a tiny little message. Zhang Yang selected the message and found of the person behind the screen was his university lecturer Yu Li! The same person he will have one night stand with 5 years later!

Yu Li had always been “hidden” but she had suddenly revealed herself!

“Woah woah woah! It’s Miss Yu Li!”

“Hi Miss Yu Li!”

“Miss Yu Li! How I’d missed you!”

“Wow! I’d never had thought that even Miss Yu Li would play “God’s Miracle’! What is your IGN?”

Only guys would show such excitement! These bunch of horny guys were the one with the hots for this sexy teacher! She could easily be the illegal “drug” for boys!

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