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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 90 — Infuriated Humbly Gentleman

Chapter 90: Infuriated Humbly Gentleman

The public channel started to get rowdy when Miss Yu Li revealed her existence. Zhang Yang had to message her privately to avoid unnecessary chatter. “Miss Yu, I’d like your help in selling some stuff in Emerald City!”

“Ok. Sure.”

She only replied back after quite some time. She was probably busy replying those nosy bastards from earlier.

“Zhang Yang, have you found a job yet?” She asked.

Would this stint in “God’s Miracle” count as one? Zhang Yang replied. “I’m still getting myself hooked up with the game. I’m still trying to find some method to earn money here!”

“That won’t do! Little Zhang Yang! You’re wasting the 4 years of time in your university! Yet now you’re wasting your time in this game! Is this how you’re repaying your parents?” Once a teacher, always a teacher. Yu Li immediately started to lecture Zhang Yang about life lessons. Zhang Yang wanted to just press the log out button and be done with it, he was in no mood to put himself through this mental assault. However, for the sake of Emerald City, he had to endure this. It took a while, but Yu Li was finally willing to accept the job, but it was not that simple. She would help Zhang Yang to sell those potion under some ridiculous conditions. If the potion sales were bad, Zhang Yang would have to give up on his ridiculous dreams to be a professional gamer and start searching for a real job!

Zhang Yang sighed heavily but couldn’t help feeling thankful for her lecture. Zhang Yang had never been fond to listen to her life lessons but he knew that Yu Li was only being concerned. The future and well-being of her students was her priority. That is how Yu Li is, and Zhang Yang understood that clearly.

It was extremely beneficial for Yu Li to take this job as one of Zhang Yang’s distributor. It was predictable that within the next few days, this potion will be a complete hit in the market around the globe and its profits would exceed the millions. Since Zhang Yang had agreed to share the profit 9:1 with them; with the prospects being that profitable, Yu Li could depend on this pot of gold to avoid becoming what she would be in the future!

However, things got out of hand when not only Yu Li insisted to reject her share of profit, she had also lectured him on his capitalistic ideals, going against her position as a teacher of the society! She also insisted that Zhang Yang stopped forcing her to accept her share or she would not help him sell the potions altogether!

Zhang Yang obediently accepted he conditions. He believed there could be a way for her to make a fortune, regardless.

Zhang Yang lingered for a little while more and went to bed after a good relaxing shower. The next morning, Zhang Yang went out his house to practice his jog-punching, the art of shadowboxing while jogging simultaneously. He logged in at 9am sharp after having his breakfast.

“You stinking piece of sheet! You actually dared to cheat me!?”

Zhang Yang logged in and the first thing he saw was Humbly Gentleman’s message. “You f*cking low-life! Just because you achieved a few bloody Achievements, you think you can do whatever you want?! Who do you think you are! I can simply crush your low ranked guild with a flick of my fingers! Give me back the money you robbed me of, and add another 10000 to that for compensation! Or else, you won’t be able to handle what I’m about to bring down on your house!”

Last night, when Humbly Gentleman had received the 100 bottles of [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] and paid the staggering 50000 gold coins to Zhang Yang, he quickly gathered a team and successfully raided the Hardcore mode Main Wing of Marzerway’s Nest!

Humblty Gentleman was delighted. He laughed at Zhang Yang’s short sightedness as he was about to send the recording of his successful raid to Sky High and Crimson Rage to humiliate them! But who knew, before he could send the recording, he had received a news from his spies placed in both rival guilds. Both guilds had successfully raided the Hardcore mode of the dungeon 10 minutes earlier before he did!

Humbly Gentleman was infuriated! He could never believe that both guilds had gotten their hands on the potion recipe and managed to be one step ahead of him! This must be the act of Zhang Yang!

Greedy little fox! He did not mind the price he paid for the potions but Zhang Yang actually sold the potions to his rivals as well! Humbly Gentleman had offered such a high price in the first place to empty Zhang Yang’s stock! This was to ensure that his guild be the first to complete their sets of Gray-Silver set equipment! He could have been ready for the level 30 dungeon raid!

But he was played out like a fool! All 3 guilds were raiding the dungeon in the same time! He had spent so much money for some pointless results! Of course he’d be infuriated at the very least! Furthermore, the money for the potion came from his own personal wallet! He could at least request for reimbursement for the potion if he had been the second guild to successfully raided the dungeon! Now that he was the fourth guild to perform the deed, how could be ask for any imbursement!?

Zhang Yang merely laughed it off. This guy…could he be asking for a battle to set things straight?

“Guild master Humbly Gentleman! Surely 50000 gold coins is nothing but spare change to a rich gentleman like you!”

“You prick! Give me back my money!” He roared. “If you insist on playing this game, I’ll get Sky High as well as Crimson Rage to expose your trickery! Do you think you will be able to endure attacks from us 3 big guilds?”

Humbly Gentleman was under the impression that Zhang Yang had simultaneously cheated all 3 guilds. That was why he wanted to get the two other guilds to be involved in this little skirmish. He wanted to inflict an overwhelming, crushing pressure on Zhang Yang! However, if he only knew that he was the only person Zhang Yang had cheated, the expression on his face could have won “Face of the Year”!

Zhang Yang only shook his head. How could someone as grumpy and ill-tempered as Humbly Gentleman could be the guild master of a future super guild?

“Ehm… If I remembered correctly, I recall that I did not want to sell you the potions in the first place. It was because of your insistent begging that I finally parted with 100 bottles! How could you suddenly push the blame back to me?”

“You…” Humbly Gentleman could not come up with another word. The amount of rage in him was taking his breath away! “Zhan Yu! Are you going to pay me back!?”

“Sky High guild master, there are things that better remain in the dark. Don’t you agree? For example, the case of several hidden Bandits that had ambushed my guild yesterday! I don’t think the gentlemanly guild master of The Dominators would not have planned something like this now would he…”

Humbly Gentleman stunned. How could he have figured it out?

To remain anonymous, Humbly Gentleman had even expelled the Bandits from the guild for their “mission”. He would then recruit them back into the guild once the task was done. Tch! Which cowardly bastard spilled the beans!

“Tch!” His secret exposed, there was no reason for Humbly Gentleman to further involve himself with Zhang Yang anymore. He knew that Zhang Yang would certainly not return his money back. Obviously, it was Zhang Yang’s way of getting back at him! He disconnected his conversation with him abruptly and headed towards the other two guilds to pitch his proposal.

However, what happened next left him even more disappointed. Shy Shaman ended the conversation with his last words being, “F*cking hypocrite!”

Snow Seeker held the conversation as politely as she could but she did not show any interest in Humbly Gentleman’s idea. Humbly Gentleman could not have been in more despair. Lone Desert Smoke was already on the rise and yet The Dominator was still growing from its seedling. Many old members were still playing other games and had yet to join this one. If they were to initiate a guild war between each other with such a late start, there would be no winners in the end!

As a sponsored guild, they could not initiate a fight with other guilds. They could try and oppose them fair and square but not to the point where he would get hurt! If Humbly Gentleman would forcefully start the war with Zhang Yang’s guild, he could be fired by the sponsors! Currently, there was nothing he can do but lick his own wounds.

Humbly Gentleman could do nothing but clench his fist. He could only wait until every single member of the original The Dominator gathers together to restore the true power of the guild and take down that Lone Desert Smoke!

Zhang Yang retrieve the mails he received yesterday and withdrew a total of 52000 gold coins from yesterday’s trades. He then proceeded to withdraw stacks of potion from the storage and sent them to the distributors he assigned yesterday. He also put some up at the auction house and sold them for 1 gold each.

Just when the “gang” logged in, Zhang Yang added all of them into his party and raided the Front Wing and Middle Wing Hardcore mode of Marzerway’s Lair.

In the middle of the dungeon run, Zhang Yang had received many friend requests from all his university friends. One by one Zhang Yang accepted the friend request and was bombarded with private messages.

“What the hell! You’re that Zhan Yu! Seriously!? I see that you’re doing quite well huh! 3 consecutive First Clear Achievements, and the first to kill a field boss! Hmph! I’m starting to think that the hidden named player could be you as well!”

“Zhang Yang! Brother Zhang! I’ll join you in the near future! Please carry me through dungeons for equipment!”

“Zhang Yang! I also want a First Clear Achievement!”

Zhang Yang ignored most of the messages and focused on the dungeon. After only a brief moment, Li Shang Yuan sent a message.

“Zhang Yang! The potion! They’re all sold out! I sold them for 1 gold each and they were all bought off almost instantly! My god! How could people spend so much money on this potion! What can this miracle potion do?!”

Zhang Yang laughed. The only people who could and would buy the potion were people from exploration parties of big guilds, scouting the Hardcore mode of Marzerway’s Lair. Middle-tiered guilds would buy them for the exploration party of Hard mode only. No matter how good the sales were today, it could not be compared when the game reached its maturity stage where the common players would be the prime consumer of this potion!

Zhang Yang thought for a while and replied, “Haha! That’s great news. Let’s try increasing the price to 2 gold coins per bottle. If the potions are sold off at the same speed, try increasing it even more! Let’s see how far can we raise the price to the market’s limit!”

He remembered that in the future, [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] would be sold at a flat rate of 1 gold per bottle. But that would be in the far future where the game had almost reached its full maturity! So far, with the game being recently launched, the set equipment was as important as gold itself! Besides, there were no high-level players to help raid the dungeon for the low-level players, so this potion could still have a high profit margin!

Li Shang Yuan snickered on his side. “Hehe. Bro, you sneaky bastard!”

“Hey! When the demand is high, the prices go up!”

Not long after, Zhao Xiao Song, Zhou Zhi Yuan, and more distributors came in with similar reports. Zhang Yang then repeated his suggestion to hike up the prices. When almost all of his distributors had reported to him, Yu Li had yet to report her situation. She also did not send him any friend requests. He did not know whether or not she was online. Zhang Yang had sent a friend request over but she had not responded. He thought that she might still be in class and decided to send a mail to her later when he heads back to the city.

After he was done with the dungeon, he went back to the city and retrieve his mail. The potions that he had sold at the auction house were completely sold out. He had put up a total of 5 stacks of potion and had earned himself 100 gold coins.

Zhang Yang then called Fatty Han over and asked him to sell 100 bottle for him at a rate of 7:3 in terms of profit sharing. Zhang Yang wanted to give Fatty Han a 5:5 rate but he knew Fatty Han would never agree with it. He then settled with 7:3 sharing. However, Fatty Han would still not accept it. After he knew that Zhang Yang had 7 other distributors, he forced Zhang Yang to give him a 9:1 sharing and finally agreed to sell it for him.

He predicted that within 2 to 3 days, the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] sales would reach its peak, until more players reach level 30. With levels on their side, most players could survive Marzerway with ease, thus dropping the sales down a little.

Still, the number of players had yet to reach the game history’s peak point. 3 years into the future, there would be around 1 billion players registered in the game. Even though the majority of the players would not waste several days of time and effort raiding their way for the first set equipment, a minority would still go for it! That would still grant him huge profits!

However, when the time comes, Zhang Yang would definitely lose his monopoly. His profits would definitely decline. But with such huge number of players, he would still have consistent sales.

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