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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 94 — Two Ladies’ Arrival

Chapter 94: Two Ladies’ Arrival

“Sheet, the fatty is insulting us!” A young man took out a long iron bar from his back and started to act like a hero, and he charged towards Fatty Han’s direction. “I’m going to kill you!”

Fatty Han lightly stepped aside and the iron bar struck his arm. He grinned as if the iron did not hit him at all! As Fatty Han mentioned before, due to the fats in his entire body, he could not feel any pain in fights!

The young man was left helpless and stunned. Fatty Han lifted his foot and stepped on the young man’s foot. “AH!” He suddenly uttered a painful cry, dropping the iron bar onto the floor. He began rolling around on the ground with both his hands hugging his foot. It could be broken as it was obviously bent!

The other three young men panicked and were frightened when they say Fatty Han’s fierce and violent side. Brother Hair pretended to be courageous and said, “You… we’re the gang under Brother Ma. Do you dare offend Brother Ma?”

“Damn you, be it Brother Ma, or Brother Cow, I’ll beat anyone as soon as I see any of you!” Fatty Han charged at them like a huge bulldozer, rapidly rolling in and crushing three of them forcefully, easily breaking another three more feet!

All of a sudden, the four men in the alley were hugging their injured feet, wailing in sorrow with tears flowing from their eyes.

“Look at you guys, so useless!” Fatty Han’s face showed disappointment. “In my years, I broke two of my ribs and still continued fighting with the people. It’s only a small matter if your leg broke!”

Zhang Yang then spoke, Fatty, go get a taxi. Find a hotel room and settle this lady down first!”

Fatty Han nodded his head, carried the long-legged waitress and said, “Don’t worry, I’m a good guy! I’ll bring you to a hotel room and I’ll wait for you to wake up from the drug effect first!”

“Haha! Usually it’s the girl that decides whether you’re good or not but you actually gave yourself the ‘good guy’ title. Yeah, that’s really unusual!” Zhang Yang smiled and said.


Fatty Han did not delay any more time and took the taxi with the waitress and left the pub. Zhang Yang laughed and went back in.

He intentionally let him personally appear and settle the hooligans to let the lady have a sense of gratitude towards Fatty Han! He knew if Fatty Han liked her as well, they were best buddies and he was thinking for the sake of Fatty Han’s happiness.

If Fatty Han had any great ability, Zhang Yang thought that he could “roll” on the bed with her tonight! But having Zhang Yang imagining Fatty Han’s super plump body covering the whole bed, he could not help but to spit and say, “Oh my god, so bad luck!”

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

His cell phone was ringing and he then picked it up. Drizzler and Little Snow finally arrived and were waiting for him at the entrance of the pub.

When Zhang Yang stepped out, he saw two pretty girls standing at the entrance! One of them was mature and curvaceous, and she looked to be about 23 or 24 years of age. Dressed in her black skirt that accentuated her slender legs, curved booty, and slim waist that matched her 36E bosom, she was even more soul-stirring!

Her perfect and refined facial features that had beautiful eyes and lips that were flame-red were very sexy!

The little pretty girl looked like she was 16 or 17 years old with her innocent face. Though she was pretty, her skinny body did not really make her special as compared with the matured one.

They held beautiful and luxury handbags; Gucci and Chanel respectively.

Zhang Yang walked near to them and heard the little one talking on the phone, “Noob tank, are you out yet? Are you out yet? Are you out yet?” She asked over and over again and laughed nonstop.

Zhang Yang to her back but kept his mouth shut and stood there with his hands crossed. The mature girl noticed and glanced at him but she never thought that he was the “noob tank” that they were searching for, so she just smiled and not nudge the little girl about it.

“Noob tank, noob tank, noob tank!” The girl started to sing while she was calling him.

Zhang Yang shook his head and laughed. He placed his cellphone to her ear.

The little girl was stunned at first and pursed her lips when she realized that something was not right. 10 seconds later, she jumped, turned around and stared at Zhang Yang.

“Eh, you’re the noob tank?” She scanned Zhang Yang from top to bottom.

Zhang Yang sighed and said with a ridiculing tone, “You little brat, it’s not easy to raise you! You actually did not get abducted!”

“Idiot tank!” The pretty little girl got arrogant and said, “Let me re-introduce, my name is Wei Yan Er, and this me my cousin, Han Yin Xue!”

It was no longer a secret that her name was Han Yin Xue, because whenever the little bray was angry with Little Snow, she would grit her teeth and shout her actual name. Even though Zhang Yang had long ago guessed that Han Yin Xue might her appearance to appear somewhat ordinary, he never thought that she could be so gorgeous when meeting in person!

“My name is Zhang Yang, also called Zhan Yu, and noob tank!” Zhang Yang laughed.

“Let’s go! Let’s go in! I want to have a look at the pub!” Wei Yan Er was cheerful and full of energy. She pulled Han Yin Xue’s sleeve and walked in.

“You little brat, don’t pull me so hard! What if the sleeve tore off?” Han Yin Xue immediately exclaimed.


The three of them walked in, and the two girls, especially Han Yin Xue, attracted all the men’s attention regardless of whether they took a quick look or just ogled at her.

Han Yin Xue ordered a martini, Zhang Yang got a beer and Wei Yan Er was just drinking a Sprite with a straw. She wanted to actually try alcohol but Han Yin Xue stopped her so she got upset and ignored them both.

While Zhang Yang and Han Yin Xue chatted for a while, a man could not bear with her prettiness that he came over and tried to strike up a conversation with her. She generally refused him by saying Zhang Yang was her boyfriend. Another guy came over and tried to chat up Wei Yan Er this time, but she was cunning as well. She used Zhang Yang as her “boyfriend” to deter them. The rejected men glared at Zhang Yang with envious and jealous eyes. In their mind, they were probably thinking, brother, you’re too greedy. You already have such an enticing girl and you still want to have the little one? You’re so voracious to have two girls at the same time! I curse for you not to be able to get it up!

“You girls are so cruel! I bet if I walk out of the pub now, I’m going to be pounced on by the other men!” Zhang Yang laughed. “Did you two do it on purpose?”

Han Yin Xue and Wei Yan Er laughed like a blossomed flower.

After their conversation, Zhang Yang knew that Han Yin Xue was a top student that just came back from UK, studying Business Management and she was currently unemployed, resting at home. Wei Yan Er was just an ordinary high school girl on her summer holiday so she came over to stay at her cousin’s place.

As they talked, joked, and laughed, more single people visited the pub to spend their lonely night at about 10:00pm, and the atmosphere of became more uncertain. Han Yin Xue was worried that Wei Yan Er would follow the bad examples so she insisted on them heading home.

But Han Yin Xue could not hold her liquor at all, and her footsteps were not steady anymore. When Zhang Yang saw that she was almost drunk and her insisting on driving home, he stopped them in case they would get into an accident because of this!

It was no wonder Zhang Yang never heard of these two girls’ name in his previous life. Perhaps this pitiful little brat died due to her cousin!

“Little brat, do you know how to drive?” Zhang Yang asked.

Wei Yan Er shook her head. “My dad didn’t allow me to learn driving yet!”

Zhang Yang sighed, and said, “Hey, drunk girl, go and sit at the back. I’ll send both of you home!”

Han Yin Xue’s cheeks turned red, making her even more attractive than before. She squinted her lovely eyes, laughed foolishly and said, “Stupid guy, are you trying to get a chance to go to our house? Yan Er, get the pepper spray and use it on him!”

“Yes!” Wei Yan Er was always spirited when it came to monkey businesses like this. She immediately took out the pepper spray from Han Yin Xue’s handbag and triumphantly waving it in front of Zhang Yang.

Looking at her, he said, “Little brat, think carefully. If she drives while being drunk, you girls might hit into an electric pole! It’s okay if a girl dies on the spot, but what if she hit her face and became disfigured like this…” Zhang Yang pulled his cheek and made a contorted expression. Shocked, Wei Yan Er suddenly threw the pepper spray on the ground.

“Cousin, I command you to sit at the back immediately!”

“Hey, sunny side-up, you’re brave now, huh? How can you talk to me like that?” Han Yin Xue was inebriated as she reached out to pinch Wei Yan Er’s face.

“Han Yin Xue, go to hell! You’re such a cow, how can you be so heavy?!” Wei Yan Er tried to move Han Yin Xue directly into the back seat but it was exhausting to do so.

Zhang Yang shook his head and opened the car’s back door. “Let me move her to the back!” He directly pulled Han Yin Xue from the driver’s seat to the back and closed the door.

He then drove the car skillfully and headed for their home.

In his previous life, he bought a luxury car that was the same brand as the one he was now driving and it was his precious. After so many days of not driving, made him miss his car even more.

Zhang Yang stopped under a residential building that was 30 stories high. Wei Yan Er helped Han Yin Xue out from the car and into the residential building.

“Yan Er, let’s scare people with some ghost make up!” Han Yin Xue laughed foolishly.

Wei Yan Er’s eyes radiated. “Let’s go! Let’s change our clothes first!”

Zhang Yang thought of leaving as soon as he sent them home, but hearing what they just said made him think that they would be coming out once again to be up to no good. Zhang Yang merely found a spot and stood there to see what they would do.

After a while, the two girls were dressed in white, head with disheveled hair and ghostly make-up on their face. Form the pretty face they once had, it was now pale white.

They laughed foolishly and guarded the entrance of the elevator.


As the elevator door opened, a rich lady in her 30’s walked out, holding her Chihuahua. The two fluttered to her side, slowly turning their head and looked at her with their eyeballs rolled upward, only showing the whites of their eyes!

“Oh my god!” The rich lady was terrified. Shocked, she threw her pet dog upwards and ran back into the elevator, frantically pressing the button. “Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The Chihuahua somersaulted a couple of times before landing and ran back into the elevator as well, barking at the girls. “Bark! Bark! Bark!”

Han Yin Xue and Wei Yan Er were laughing uncontrollably.

But Zhang Yang was bored and started counting the number of people that were surprised by these two. Within half an hour, there were already eleven people frightened back into the elevator!

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