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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 95 — Not Afraid of Ghosts

Chapter 95: Not Afraid of Ghosts

Zhang Yang had just about enough. Just when he finally decided to leave, the door of the elevator opened and the two troublemakers hopped out again.

A policewoman walked out of the door, glanced at them, and moved on as if nothing had happened.

The two girls did not like her reaction, and they tried to move in closer to her. Wei Yan Er was dressed as a zombie, and she reached both her hands out to grab the policewoman’s shoulder.

Swoosh! Pak!

The policewoman swiftly turned around and caught her hand before Wei Yan Er could make any contact. She locked her shoulder and flipped her off her feet, causing her to fall onto the ground hard.

“Argh…” The little brat was tears. Her hand rubbed her painful butt. Her cute and happy little expression was now replaced with a painful one. Tears flowed down her cheek, removing a part of her thick make-up.

“Hmph! Dressing like a ghost in the middle of the night! You’re disturbing the residents who live here!” The policewomen scoffed coldly and took out a pair of handcuffs. “I’ll just bring you to the police station!”

“Hold up there!” Zhang Yang quickly stepped in. “Excuse me, officer! They’re just playing around. They don’t mean any harm to anyone! Try to reason with them! Maybe they just went slightly overboard!”

“Hmph! She was about to assault a poli-” She raised her head. Zhang Yang and her finally met face to face. She was completely stunned when they saw each other.

He was the man that had defeated me in the alley! Not to mention, he… he… grabbed…

She was the policewoman that Zhang Yang met when he encountered the scammers in the streets! The beautiful and sexy, but cold and arrogant policewoman!

“Hmm… Hmm! It’s you!” Her face tensed up as she looked at Zhang Yang with serious eyes.

Ka chack!

She cuffed Wei Yan Er and let her be; she won’t be leaving anytime now. The policewoman rolled up her sleeves and stared Zhang Yang with a strong killing intent.

Sigh…What a sheetty coincidence! He would not have left the car if he knew this would have happened!

Zhang Yang heavily sighed.

The policewoman kept quiet. She kicked off the ground and dashed towards Zhang Yang like a leopard going for the kill. She swung her leg out flying, aiming for his shoulder!

Zhang Yang had his dose of fighting experience with this woman. He knew that he should not underestimate her, which meant no room for mistake. He tensed up, gathered his focus and quickly raised his hands to block the kick.

When the first attack missed, the woman flipped around and went for her next attack! Furious as ever!

Zhang Yang was not a just a random street fighter. He was a member of the Wushu Club that beat the National Wushu Tournament all time champion down to a pulp. His strength was not something you could find randomly at anywhere in the world! But when these two titans clashed, their fight could be described like a tiger going at a lion; extremely intense!

Han Yin Xue immediately sobered up from the surprise “attack”. She quickly ran up to Wei Yan Er to help her up.

“Sister…wuu… My butt felt like it was cracked in two!” cried Wei Yan Er.

“Stupid little girl! You have two butt cheeks there!”

Ah… it was over. The policewoman must have caused this little girl to be the complete idiot of the century!

Han Yin Xue raised both her legs, lifting her skirt and almost revealing what lied beneath, and took off both of her high heels. She held them in her hands, preparing to hit the policewoman with it if she insisted on dragging her little Wei Yan Er to the police station.

After battling and trading blows for a while, Zhang Yang had finally gotten the upper hand! Zhang Yang had the body of a man that had always been stronger than a woman; even when his arts and skills were not as strong as a military man, he could still overpower with sheer strength.

Zhang Yang dodged and attacked, jumped and kick, and finally managed to pin the woman to a wall with a headbutt. He quickly reached out his hand and firmly grabbed her neck before she could turn around! She did not want to give in just yet, as she raised her leg backwards, trying to kick him at the very least. However, Zhang Yang was quick enough, and he was able to dodge the kick and quickly trap her leg between his thighs.

“Let go!” The policewomen cried out while panting tiredly.

“Sigh… If I let go, would you still fight?” Zhang Yang asked.

“Of course!”

Stupid! Why would you say it out loud?! At least try to keep it to yourself. How can I let you go now?

Zhang Yang shook his head and sighed. “Look, we have absolutely no reason to fight. Why would you come to me and start to fight like your life depended on it? Why don’t we put this all behind us and be friends? They say that we should solve a problem rather than letting it grow worse. If we continue this fight, an eye for an eye and soon the whole world will be blind.”

“Hmph! I don’t care! Try and hold me for the rest of your life, then!!” the woman scorned.

How stubborn could this woman be! Argh!

Zhang Yang got furious and yelled back at her. “Fine! I’ll hold you on for the rest of my life! Let’s see who will give up!”

Both of them were so busy at each other’s neck that neither of them realized their current position and their conversation could have a double meaning. After a while, the policewoman’s face flushed with embarrassment.

Holding on to her neck and legs, Zhang Yang could feel her tensed body suddenly relax and turned as soft as cotton.

Gah! That’s just so sexy!

“Officer! My cousin and I were just playing around! Please don’t take us to the station!” Both Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue walked over to her. The little girl raised her hands up, with her apologetic face full of honesty. Her makeup was completely removed, revealing a clean, natural beauty.

The policewoman turned and snorted. But she quickly turned back and stared at her intensely and said, “You’re Drizzler?”

“Eh? How did you know my IGN?” Wei Yan Er startled. Just when she was about to raise her hand higher, she pulled the clutches between her hands as she was still in handcuffs, and nearly scratch herself.

“And you’re Little Snow?” She turned her gaze towards Han Yin Xue, or rather her breasts, since those were the things that stood out most.

They were always her most prideful “weapons”, but when they were stared at by a woman, it felt a little strange, as it was not the usual stare she would normally get. She took a step back and covered her chest with her hands and whispered to Wei Yan Er, “She’s not into girls now, is she?”

Zhang Yang stuttered. “Y-You… Are you playing ‘God’s Miracle’ as well?”

This kind of cold and arrogant woman, who had never seen smiling the entire time could actually be a gamer? Zhang Yang could not help but to think that he was actually dreaming right now!

“And you’re Zhan Yu, I suppose.” The woman turned back to him and stared menacingly. “I’ll beat you one day!”

Zhang Yang jumped. He let her go and withdrew. He picked up his courage and cried. “You are Frost Night!”

“Eh?! You’re really Frost Night? Oh my! You’re so beautiful! And I’d always thought that underneath that piece of black cloth was someone ugly!” As expected of a little kid, she always said what immediately came to her mind. There was no secret that she would keep from the world.

The policewoman turned back and flexed her arms and feet. She pointed at Wei Yan Er and scolded. “Next time, don’t go around troubling the neighbors!”

“Yes…” Wei Yan Er dropped her head and accepted the scolding obediently. She then raised her hands and said, “Miss Officer, could you please let me go? My wrists are hurting!”

“Hey! Little brat! How could you suddenly say something like that!” Zhang Yang teased.

“Hmph!” Wei Yan Er rolled her eyes.

The policewoman took out her keys and opened the cuffs. She then turned around and asked Zhang Yang.

“Do you live here?”

“He doesn’t live here! We do!” Wei Yan Er quickly interjected. “Miss Officer, you just came out from the elevator just now, did you came over for a case or do you live here as well?”

“I live here.” She answered coldly.

Zhang Yang could not help to think that this place was not a random place that anyone could just live in. This place was considered to be the “uptown” of the entire Zhou Su City! Each house here could cost at least 10 million dollars! How could a police officer like her have the money to live here?

Could she be the lover of some billionaire or a greedy government officer? Tsk tsk tsk…Such a pity. Such a beautiful lady and yet she would waste her youth for this… Zhang Yang could not help but to look at her in a different perspective.

Zhang Yang’s sudden change in perception was just for a second. A moment where no one could have even picked it up. Being as sharp as she was, she avidly managed to catch his thoughts and suddenly turned colder.

“You… you must be living a boring life that makes you want to die now, do you?”

What was that? Is she really an officer of the law or a street gangster?

However, Zhang Yang was not afraid. He only snickered evilly and said, “Hey, be nice. I’m still your guild master. If you’ve wronged me, I’ll make sure you’ll never get any equipment!”

“What kind of person are you? You sick bastard!” Wei Yan Er rolled her eyes at him and changed her look at the officer with great admiration. “Miss Officer, you’re so cool! You even know how to fight like a pro, unlike my cousin here who can only boast about her black belt karate crap. She can’t even beat me!”

“You little brat! Do you really want me to mess up your life?!” Han Yin Xue finally voiced out after being quiet for the entire scene.

“Cousin, I really think that you should get a breast reduction surgery! Or else you’re gonna have saggy breast by the age of 30! By then, you can’t even fight, what more properly walk!” Wei Yan Er said with a serious tone.

“Pfft!” Zhang Yang could not hold it in and choked. He laughed loudly and said, “Kids these days are really just plain scary, aren’t they!”

“Stinking brat! If I don’t teach you a lesson today, you’ll never learn how to behave properly next time!” Han Yin Xue growled. With one hand on her waist, and the other pointing at her chest, she said, “Look at these! How could you say that they would sag huh?!”

These two sisters are just the best!

“Miss Officer, which floor did you live in? Can I go and visit sometime?” Wei Yan Er’s innocent smile was just too pure to ignore. This little brat really knew how to take advantage of her cuteness to get close to others.

“Please stop calling me Miss Officer. It’s annoying. My name is Sun Xin Yu!” To be able to make her be treated like an acquaintance instead of a complete stranger was a feat that even Zhang Yang had to be impressed with.

This girl could someday win an Oscar Award!

“Haha! Looks like we have been fighting the wrong side after all. We are all a big family!” Living among each other, they should not start war when there was no reason to. Zhang Yang laughed and started to walk back. “You ladies have a lovely night. I have go back now to make more potions! Remember to bring me grinding tomorrow yeah! See you then!”

“Since when were a family, noob tank?!” Wei Yan Er rushed to Zhang Yang and pulled a face.

“I have to go now! You guys head back! Remember, no more pranking!” Sun Xin Yu ordered coldly.

“Okay…” Wei Yan Er answered like a baby. Her thought was wandering elsewhere, namely, how to bring Sun Xin Yu to play along with her. With her subzero cold expression, she could easily be the best ghost there was!

Just when Zhang Yang exited the building, Sun Xin Yu managed to catch up to him and said, “No matter in the game or in real life, I will defeat you!”

This woman was just so prideful!

“In that case, you have to put some effort into it! See you tomorrow!” Zhang Yang did not even turn back to look at her. He only walked on and waved goodbye.

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