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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 96 — Speed Achievement

Chapter 96: Speed Achievement

Ever since the incident at the club, Fatty Han had been missing in action for the next two days, before finally popping online, during the afternoon of the third day.

“Fatty, are you all shriveled up now? Be careful not to break your hips!” Zhang Yang teased.

“Little Yang! Only today have I finally understood why men love hearing girls say “I want it”, but what that follows next, “I want more” is a nightmare! I’m telling you! For the past two days, I’ve had to listen to her saying “I want more” for 17 times! SE-VEN-TEEN TIMES! God! I’m all skinny right now!” Fatty Han “complained” about his proud achievement.

“Hah! Congratulations on popping your cheery!” Zhang Yang laughed.

Even though Fatty Han had always layered his speech with dirty talk, he never had been able to walk the talk. He has never carried out his spoken intentions. The closest friend he had was just someone called Jean, or was it Jenny…

Fatty Han snickered. “Little Yang! As a little brother, you must not talk like that to your elder! You’re still but a virgin! Alright, looks like this brother has to bring you to a hotel grand opening, it’s happening tonight! I heard that there will even be western chicks! Haha! Imagine having your cherry popped by a girl from overseas! Little Yang, you’ll make your country proud!”

“Get lost!”

“Hehe!” Fatty Han was happy. He had good news to share. “Just now when I checked my weight, I found out that I’ve lost 3 kilos! Girls are really like black holes, she has sucked all of my future generations if you know what I mean!”

“Fatty, I have always known you to be a pervert. But I would never have thought that your perversion could reach to this level! It’s my loss!”

“Hahaha! Oh right! Yun Yun has many friends around, I could hook you up with them if you want.”

“Please don’t. Keep them to yourself. Who knows, perhaps you could go for a threesome or foursome, even, sometime in the future.”

As they joked around, Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue logged in. Once they were partied up together, they bombarded Fatty Han.

“Pervy Fatty! It’s your fault! Why didn’t you log in yesterday! We could not break the dungeon speed record! Now, everyone is talking about how puny we are! They are also saying that we are even weaker than the mercenary group, which was why we never accepted the speed record challenge!” Drizzler complained.

Fatty Han was smiling widely from ear to ear since he had such a good time. He could not find the bearings to get angry at all.

“Chill. Fatty bro is here today! Let’s give them a show to remember forever! Oh right, wasn’t Frost Night with you guys all the time, why didn’t you just party up with her and take the speed record?”

“Sister Sun has been busy!” Wei Yun Er shook her head.

“Sister Sun? Who is that?” Fatty Han did not know that Frost Night was called Sun.

“Sun is Frost Night!” Zhang Yang answered him and turned to Drizzler. “Why is she so busy?”

“Something to do with gang fights. She’s had her hands full with that!” By the sound of it, it looked like Wei Yan Er had been hanging out closely with Sun Xin Yu.

“Oh right!” Han Yin Xue suddenly looked serious. “She wanted me to tell you not to mess around at any night clubs or anything like that. You might get caught!”

“Are you sure she said that? Or are you only speaking on her behalf?” The ice cold lady would never had said anything like that!

“Erhm…I erhm…I could tell from the look of her face!”

“Oh right! How was it that night? Did you guys actually meet up with each other?” Fatty Han suddenly recalled.

“Nishishishi…Once the noob tank saw my cousin, he was so excited that he actually had a nose bleed! He lost so much blood that he is now an even noober tank!” Wei Yan Er teased Zhang Yang.

“Is that so…” Fatty Han observed Han Yin Xue intently, his face full of suspicion.

“I never would have thought that Little Yang had so little willpower…”

Han Yin Xue had a devilish body for sure, but her complexion was only normal at the very least. She had those alluring eyes, but that could not have caused him to have a nose bleed! Fatty Han could not imagine it since he had never actually saw Han Yin Xue in reality.

“Fatty, did that girl suck out your intelligence as well while doing it? Do you seriously believe what that little brat just said?” Zhang Yang shook his head disapprovingly.

“Woah! Pervy Fatty! Were you with your girlfriend for the past two days!?” Wei Yan Er tried to butt into his private life. “Where does she live? Is she fatter than you are?”

“Please…that girl has the body of a super model!” Fatty Han said proudly. “Her 3 sizes are 34C-23-33. How ‘bout that? Impressed?”

Wei Yan Er had always hated it when people started to compare body figures with her. She rolled up her sleeves and showed her fist to Fatty Han. “Pervy Fatty, do you want to know how hard I can punch?”

By the time they had their fun joking around, Hundred Shots logged in and the team started to head over to the hunting fields.

So far, Zhang Yang and Hundred Shots were at Level 28 while the rest were at Level 27. Even though Sun Xin Yu was rarely online, she managed to keep up with them at Level 27.

The guild’s experience points had reached the maximum points for the first level. Everyone in the guild had two benefits to enjoy. All experience points obtained from monsters or quests were increased by 10%. All equipment repairing fees were reduced by 5%.

Additionally, the guild shop had started selling items to all members of the guild. The shop had special items, but they were low in stock. Most items will only be unlocked when the guild reaches Level 2. For example, the Windy Wolf Mount! However, to achieve a Level 2 guild, they would need to obtain the Level 2 [Guild Upgrade Order]. As far as Zhang Yang knew, this item could be found at the Hardcore Mode of the Shadowmoon Castle, in separate pieces, as loot from the last boss.

Because the Order could only be farmed in the Hardcore Mode, most guilds would have to raise their members’ average level to the mid-fifties to farm the dungeon. They could also buy the Order as a last resort if their luck was terrible. However, at this stage, nobody had any idea how high the pieces of [Guild Upgrade Order] could be sold! There was no known price for the item in the market.

There were tens of thousands of big or small guilds in this game, but how many party could really be capable of raiding that dungeon? Furthermore, the item’s drop rate was not fixed! There was a chance for the item not to drop at all!

Sun Xin Yu did not log in the entire day. Perhaps she was so preoccupied with work that she could not play the game. It was a good thing too. Zhang Yang did not have to crack his head too much in selecting from his current party when it came to the speed run.

If she had been online, Zhang Yang would had have to leave one member out. Even if they remained passive about it, nobody would be happy about being kicked selectively for a favoured player. Zhang Yang wanted to avoid that situation.

For the past few days, Zhang Yang had learned and made [Level 2 Dexterity Potion] and [Level 2 Intelligence Potion]. He kept some especially for the party members. They might not be necessary for normal monster fights, but when it came to attempting the dungeon speed record, every tiny upgrade was worth it. A [Level 2 Dexterity Potion] only provided a bonus of 10 Dexterity points. Even though it’s a very small bonus, it still counted!

The party started their attempt at 7pm sharp.

They raided the Hardcore Mode of Marzerway’s Lair for 4 times already. As they were the main attacking force of the guild, they also accumulated a lot of guild contribution points! Not one party member had been left out from claiming the loot exclusive to the Hardcore Mode. Wei Yan Er was the luckiest of them all. She was only lacking one more Gray-Silver set equipment to complete her set while Zhang Yang was only lacking a helmet. The rest of the party all had at least 3 pieces of the set equipment. Their levels and attack power were strong enough to handle the entire dungeon with ease.

Zhang Yang started the timer and initiated the raid. By the time the party had killed their way till the second boss, Zhang Yang cried out. “Stop. Stop. Stop! Time out! 3 minutes break!”

“What?” Everyone was confused. They were here to break the speed record, but why were they stopping for a 3 minute break? What the hell?!

“We’re too god damned fast!” Zhang Yang exclaimed.

Everyone was even confused. Isn’t being fast a good thing?

Zhang Yang saw the confused faces around him and laughed. He quickly quoted, “Nothing lasts forever, everything falls from grace”. Our target was only to break the Sword and Fire Mercenary’s time record! We should not be too greedy. It’s only enough that we defeat them, not more than that! Understand?”

Han Ying Xue was the first to respond, “Oh. We have already obtained 3 First Clears from the Level 20 dungeon. Now that we have done that, the other guilds can only claim one more thing. That would be the dungeon Speed Achievement! It’s one thing for us to beat their record reasonably where others would still have a chance. But if we set the gap way too high, others will be floored by it, and in a bad way too. If they see no chance of breaking our record, they could only direct their ire elsewhere and name us public enemy number 1. Soon, they will gang up and try to wage war with us!”

“That is why, we must give them room to claim some glory for themselves. Otherwise, it could end up badly for us!” Zhang Yang nodded his head and said, “This is like piracy on the internet. If the main publisher is too greedy, more consumers will turn to sites like Pirate Bay! The main victims would be themselves in the end. Since they aren’t earning anything from their customers, they would be digging their own graves! That is why, we cannot be too greedy with all the glory, we have to leave achievements behind for others!”

Wei Yan Er looked at Han Yin Xue with her eyes wide open, full of admiration. “Wow! Sister, I would have never known that you’re so smart!”

Han Yin Xue lifted her chest that caused her breasts to jiggle. “Of course I am!”

Neither of the guys could find the nerve to open their mouth once they saw the heavy bounce of her well-endowed bosoms.

“*Ahem*, it’s about time. Let’s go!” Zhang Yang unsheathed his blade and charged at the boss.

The last battle started.

After 1 minute into the fight…

“Please, show some restraint! Don’t be too aggressive! We only need to beat the record by 10 seconds!” Zhang Yang continuously reminded the party as their attacks rained down, sending the boss’ HP down like an avalanche.

With some careful micromanagement on Zhang Yang’s part, Wei Yan Er and the rest managed to hold back on their attacks. They finally managed to beat the boss 7 seconds earlier than the stipulated time! That meant that the party had defeated the speed record of Sword and Fire Mercenary by 17 seconds!

‘Ding! You and the party members around have broken the speed record of Marzerway’s Lair: Main Wing (Hardcore Mode)! This result will be recorded in the Hardcore Speed Achievement Board! As the party leader, please key in your team name!’

Zhang Yang keyed in “Lone Desert Smoke” and the server’s channel was filled with server-wide announcements!

However, the reward for breaking the speed record had been reduced. Everyone got 10 gold pieces, 250 Reputation points, and a [Level 2 Gemstone] by class category. Zhang Yang obtained a Vitality Gem which provided +20 Vitally effect. Wei Yan Er obtained a +10 Strength Gemstone, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han both obtained a +10 Dexterity Gemstone, and Han Ying Xue obtained a +10 Intelligence Gemstone.

“Sister! Look at these stones! Kyaa! They are so shiny and beautiful!” Wei Yan Er screamed like a little girl as she observed the Gemstones.

“Keep that thing! Shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourself?!” Zhang Yang sighed and shook his head. He said, “Level 4 Gemstones and anything lower can be bought at any Gemstone Shop! This one piece here costs 100 gold pieces at most! Oh right! You have those equipment that can equip Gemstones, have you put them to use?”

Hundred Shots shook his head. “Not yet. I haven’t reach the level yet! My socket is still empty!”

The rest of the party also shook their heads.

“Just go and insert. There is actually a success rate for slotting in a Gemstone. You’ll need money to buy Gemstone. You’ll also need money to insert a Gemstone, and it would not be 100%! Level 1 Gemstones have a 10% failure rate, Level 2 Gemstonse have a 20% failure rate, that failure rate will go all the way up with the Level 8 Gemstones at the top having a failure rate of 90%! What a load of fortune wasted there!” Zhang Yang complained.

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