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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 101 — Sister’s Revenge

Chapter 101: Sister’s Revenge

“Here I go!”

Zhang Yang swung his sword and used <Charge> to dash to the boss. After one normal attack, he gained enough Rage to immediately cast <Horizontal Sweep>. Both maids received nearly 1,000 damage each and had their aggro was fully fixed on Zhang Yang. He then quickly tagged a “Sun” symbol and cried out. “Kill the Sun-marked monster!”

Everyone started to attack and monster and completely drained her HP.

“What an Ill-behaved guest! You have dirtied Master Waller’s flower garden!”

When her HP dropped below 50%, the maid let out a loud scream. She held the broomstick with both her hands and horizontally cleaved everyone.

‘Ding! You have received the <Expulsion by the Maid> effect! Dazed for 3 second!’

<Dazed> and <Stun> were two different type of status effect. Under <Dazed> the character could not perform any action, but once attacked, the character will regain its senses and will be able to continue to fight. <Stun> was different, rendering a character completely immobile and there was no way to recover from the effect until the duration expired.

Once everyone was dazed, the two maids continued their attack on Zhang Yang since he was still holding onto the aggro. With one hit and Zhang Yang immediately recovered. He quickly activated <Block> and easily endured the next 3 seconds alone, attacking both of them.

Everyone recovered after and continued their attack until the enemies were defeated.

Wei Yan Er opened the corpse and obtained a Black-Steel equipment.

[Stolen Boots] (Black-Steel, Leather Armor)

Defense: +2

Vitality: +9

Dexterity: +6

Level requirement: 30

“F*ck, these maids are cheaters!”

“Don’t mind that first. Keep the boots in the guild storage!” Zhang Yang said. Even though neither of them wanted the equipment, one man’s trash was still another man’s treasure. Other normal players would want to have it.

The party then moved forward and deeper into the garden. Along the way, they met several more maids and they would only drop the same Black-Steel equipment and many [Cotton Cloth].

[Cotton Cloth] was important for raising a Tailoring mastery. It was also an important material to make [Cotton Bandage]. Only Level 30 humanoid monsters would drop this item. The party continued pushing and obtained a number of [Cotton Cloth].

Finally, the party had come to the end of the pathway. Further up was a curved road which led to the other parts of the garden. On the left side of the party, was a beautiful woman in a red maid outfit, sitting on a stone bench enjoying some desserts and afternoon tea. She seemed to be having the time of her life relaxing and enjoying the day.

[Winny the Maid, Master Waller’s Lover]

Level: 34

HP: 800k

“Holy f*cking moly! The master of this castle even has a lover!” said Fatty Han as he widened his eyes and stared at every inch of the boss’ body. “Hmm…Target confirmed. Three size: 34C-23-34. WTF! Master Waller sure has good taste in women!”

“Calm your d*ck Fatty! Let the noob tank explain the strategy!” Han Yin Xue rolled her eyes.

Zhang Yang laughed at the new insult she used. “This boss would require very good teamwork. Her attacks are not as strong but when we start the fight, she would gain a buff called “Master Waller’s Roar”. It will increase her attack by 500%! Whoever she attacks will be definitely be dead!”

“Crap! Then why are we still here?! Let’s bail!”

“Chill… there’s always a way to win!” Zhang Yang explained further. “The buff would only last for 10 seconds after activation. Which is why in 10 seconds we…”

“We must kill the boss in 10 seconds?!” cried Wei Yan Er.

“Kill your sister!”

“But I don’t have a sister!”

“Kill your cousin then!”

“Damn you Zhang Yang! You want a piece of me?” Han Yin Xue rolled up her sleeves.

“Okay! Alright! Okay! I give! I give!” Zhang Yang went back to the main topic. “In this 10 seconds, there will be another NPC appearing into the fight. She would be Master Waller’s real wife. Her…”

“WTF! What’s wrong with this Master Waller! First, a lover and now he has a wife too?! Argh! What a lucky man!” Fatty Han suddenly interject!

“Master Waller is the owner and master of the Shadowmoon Castle! He will be the Castle Interior dungeon’s last boss! F*ck you all really! Would you please let me explain everything in one go?!” Zhang Yang finally complained.

“Sorry. Please go on…”

“Go, your mama! Where was I?!”

“The wife part.”

Zhang Yang scratched his head in frustration and sighed. “When the wife comes into the fight, she will purge the boss’s buff! However, when the wife appears, she will fall under the boss’s trap. She will be encased inside an ice block with 10,000 HP. We must break her free out of the ice and only then can she purge the buff off of the boss! After purging, the buff will reappear after 30 seconds. Again, she would be trapped in the ice and we would have to repeat the saving process over and over again.”

“Wow! Sounds like fun! Will the boss and the lover fight each other?”

“On the other hand…” Zhang Yang continued to speak. “The boss will randomly control any players aside from the player with the most aggro. The controlled player will automatically attack the wife and since her pitiful HP is only about 3 to 4 thousand or so, she will be killed off quickly and we will fail this dungeon! During the controlled period, I will be the first to pull away the controlled player. All you of just focus on the boss and ignore the player and me. The effect lasts for about 10 seconds, I think. After that, the player will regain back their control.”

“Now, even though the wife is fighting the boss, she’s not on our side, which is why we can’t heal the wife’s HP! So, when there’s nothing happening, please keep yourself away from the wife. It’s better since I can have more time to react when none of you are controlled!”

Zhang Yang paused a while. “Everyone keeping up?”

“The boss has two other skills. The first, she will randomly cast <Rain of Fire> on a random player that will cause a fixed total damage of 10,000. This damage can be shared among us, so when the skill pops, we should stand together to split the damage. The second skill is <Bomb>. It’s a simple bomb that will explode after 5 seconds and will cause only 1 damage to the targeted player but causes 5,000 damage to the surrounding players! So, we must be alert to run away from the targeted player and regroup only after the bomb has been triggered.”

“Everyone take a minute to digest the information I just gave. If there’s anything you want to ask, now is the time. Don’t f*ck up our plan!”

No one was showing signs of confusion; they looked confident. However, Zhang Yang immediately received a private message from Fatty Han.

“I’m already confused. Just remind me what to do, okay?”

“Damn you, really fat f*ck!”

After a while, Zhang Yang gave the signal to attack.

“Let’s go!”

Zhang Yang was the first to attack. He quickly noticed the moment he approached the boss.

Winny was startled and jumped off the stone bench and screamed from the top of her lungs.

“Master Waller! My beloved! Someone is here to kill me!”

Immediately a response was heard bellowing from the depths of the castle.

“Fear not my love! I will grant you powers to slay these killers!”

‘Ding! Winny has gained <Master Waller’s Roar>. Attack will be increased by 500%. Effect takes place after 10 seconds!’

Just in the nick of time, a green colored shadow suddenly jumped out of the bushes nearby and roared. “Waller you stupid dog! How dare you betray my love! Winny you sick woman! Why would you even want to take my husband away!?”

[Jenny, Master Waller’s Wife, Winny’s Elder Sister] (Normal)

Level: 44

HP: 4,000

However, just as she stepped into the battlefield, she stepped on a trap and was instantly encased in an ice block. She could not move, yet her face was expressing her anger.

Fatty Han was happy all of the sudden. “Oh ho… the lover is the wife’s little sister huh…! This is just so exciting. To think that he could actually pull it off! Mr. Waller is now my idol! You have my full respect! Such a pity that both of them couldn’t get along with the idea. What a shame indeed!”

“Fatty, work more on your arrows instead of your mouth! Save the NPC!” Zhang Yang used <Charge> and slammed at the boss. Once he was at melee attack range, he unleashed his skills and swung the sword around.

Jenny was saved fairly quickly when everyone other than Zhang Yang was attacking the ice.

Jenny took out a bow and fired an arrow to her sister. “Go to hell!”

‘Ding! Winny’s <Master Waller’s Roar> was dispelled!’

Even though Winny’s attack was at around 2,000, and Zhang Yang would only receive about 1,300 damage after his passive skills. Zhang Yang had been depending on <Block> to block out 80% of all Winny’s attacks! The amount of damage he received was so rare that Han Yin Xue had nothing to do! She only casted <Regeneration> on him to completely heal him!

Without the help of the attack buff, this boss’ attacks were nothing worth mentioning at all!

On the other hand, Jenny had been attacking repeatedly with her arrow. Although her attacks were full of wrath, her damage was so low that they could not even measure it. Still, she was useful enough to dispel the <Master Waller’s Roar>.

“Hundred Shots, Fatty, Little Snow! Come to my side and attack from behind me! Don’t stray too far!” Zhang Yang made an arrangement to their position.

“Enough, Jenny! You’re annoying!” The boss suddenly took out a bow and shot a love shaped arrow head to Sun Xin Yu.


Sun Xin Yu’s instantaneous reaction was astounding. She vanished instantly as soon as the arrow was about to hit her.

‘Ding! Winny used <Cupid’s Arrow> on Frost Night!’

‘Ding! Frost Night used <Vanish>!’

Two system notifications appeared almost instantly. Sun Xin Yu reappeared and started to attack the boss like nothing happened.

Zhang Yang saw everything, but no words could get out of his mouth. He could only stare at her in awe. Strong!

There was a moment, in only a split second… no, 1/10 of a second, when the character would enter stealth mode, and if there was no enemy around, the user would gain an “Invincible” effect, nullifying all damage and status effect!

However, the timing of activation had to be perfect! Too early, and you would have missed the I-frame1, too late…than what was meaning to it? Only those with extraordinary reaction speed could fully utilize this skill to even evade a boss’ skill!

This cold lady… no wonder she could be the strongest Thief in the game!

Winny continued her attack on Zhang Yang when she suddenly raised her hand up in the air and said, “Ah… the romance under the rain of fire! Burn to hell, O’ invaders!”

Simultaneously, a cloud appeared on top of Wei Yan Er and rained droplets of fire.




Chains of damage text floated across the heads all of 6 members. Luckily, they were all wearing almost a full set of Level 20 Gray-Silver equipment and had more than 3,500 HP!

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