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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 102 — Cheating Boss

Chapter 102: Cheating Boss

Han Yin Xue quickly casted <Holy Prayer> to recover a portion of the HP and casted <Regeneration> to slowly heal them. Her current magic attack had reached 600, which allowed <Regeneration> to heal 240 HP per tick. Such an impressive healing power!

96%! 94%! 92%! The boss’ HP started to drop.

Winny suddenly around and shot an arrow towards Hundred Shots, crying out, “Explosive Arrow!”

A ring of twirling fire appeared around Hundred Shots and a debuff icon appeared on his head.

[Explosive Arrow]: Explodes after 5 seconds. Dealing 1 Fire damage to the target. 5,000 Fire damage will be dealt to targets around 3x3 meters of the vicinity of the target.

Hundred Shots immediately ran away from the crowd. It was not hard to run 3 meters away in 5 seconds.


A loud blast was heard and Hundred Shots blasted off like a rocket, with flames at his butt! He rose up about 10 meters into the sky. Fire waves spread out everywhere but stopped when it reached the 3-meter border.


Hundred Shots fell from the sky and slammed onto the floor. Even though he only received 1 damage from the arrow, but he also received 1,000 physical damage from falling down 10 meters from the sky!

After successfully surviving the blast, Hundred Shots immediately returned to his position and resumed his attacks.


“Master Waller! Help me!” Winny screeched.

An instant replied could be heard from the castle. Followed closely with a loud roar.

“My love! I’ll make sure you’ll be out of harm’s way!”

‘Ding! Winny has gained <Master Waller’s Roar>. Attack will be increased by 500%. Effect takes place after 10 seconds!’

After the boss gained the buff, Jenny the wife cried out angrily. “Waller! I’ll come home and strangle you myself!”

She walked a few steps and was trapped in ice again.

Without Zhang Yang needing to order, everyone turned their target and started to crush the ice.

With haste, Jenny was freed from the ice and shot an arrow to dispel the attack buff on Winny again.

“Damn you! DAMN YOU! I WILL KILL YOU! I WILL KILL YOU, B*TCH!” Winny screamed from the top her lungs angrily. She quickly drew her bow and shot an arrow towards Wei Yan Er. The red heart-shaped arrowhead pierced into Wei Yan Er’s body.

‘Ding! Player Drizzler received the effect <Mad Love>!’

Unable to control her character, Wei Yan Er turned to Jenny and ran towards her.


Zhang Yang casted <Provoke> and <Cripple Defense> on her. He quickly turned his sword back toward the boss. He would only need to temporary pull Wei Yan Er’s aggro. Once the effect wore off, she would regain control.

<Mad Love> effect duration was 12 seconds. Every passing second would increase its aggro towards Jenny. To counter this skill, a tank was needed to control the character’s aggro. Zhang Yang purposely chose the low damage and high aggro skill to cast on Drizzler, to prevent killing her before she could regain her character’s control.

Still, Wei Yan Er could see that Zhang Yang was dealing damage to her and screamed. “Noob tank! A little lighter, would you?! I’m being killed here, you villainous bastard!” 12 seconds went past, and she recovered with her HP reduced by only 1,000 points or so.

The boss then repeatedly used <Rain of Fire>, <Explosion Arrow> and repeated the cycle over and over again.

80%, 70%, 60%!

The battle went on smoothly without any hiccup, and Zhang Yang deepened his understanding to the phrase “One must not fear the godly strength of the enemy, but the imbecile and incompetent partner in battle”. He would never invite any player that he doubted into his party! He could not sacrifice quality over quantity to fill in the slots!

40%, 30%, 20%…

With every 10% HP lost, Jenny the wife provoked the boss, creating a lover’s conflict scene, like those typical soap operas!

14%, 13%, 12%, 11%, 10%!

‘Ding! Winny has gained <Transformation> effect. Attack interval has been reduced by 20%. Attack have been increased by 20%!’

Winny suddenly roared to the sky. Her body started to grow larger, tearing apart the maid uniform, revealing the furry body of a huge werewolf. She stood slightly higher than of a regular man. Her fangs were sharp and pale, carrying a terrifying and intense killing intent.

“Haha! I wonder what would Master Waller think when he sees you in this ugly form!” said Jenny coldly.

Winny could not speak or say anything at all. After transforming into a werewolf, she lost control of her verbal ability, being able to only huff and puff.

“F*ck! What the hell! How could a pretty sexy woman like her turn into an ugly beast?! Ahh… this is bad! I think I’m going to have a nightmare tonight!” Initially, Fatty Han wanted to think about Winny’s voluptuous breasts when he wanted to whack the stick, but that idea was completely blown off when he saw her turning into a beast.

Even though the boss had turn to a frightening beast, it did not stop her from her fate. After only a minute, she wailed and was defeated.

As soon as the boss fell, Winny returned to her human form. She was practically naked with her private parts hidden underneath thin broken pieces of cloth, though her snow white legs and the shape of her breasts could be clearly seen.

Jenny laughed coldly and turned towards the castle.

“What the f-f-f*ck!” Fatty Han could not help but cry out with saliva drooling down his lips when he saw her “naked” form. “I take back what I said about her. This boss died with a bang!”

“Hehehe! I don’t think we could bring the little brat into this dungeon anymore. This dungeon should be tagged 18-SX!” Zhang Yang laughed.

Wei Yan Er bit her lips and said, “Hey! Every day is an 18-SX moment when I wake my cousin up in the morning!”

In a split second, Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots, and Fatty Han all turned to look at Han Yin Xue, imagining her on her bed sleeping, with her blanket knocked off to the floor, wearing nothing but her panties…What a breath-taking scene indeed.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Han Yin Xue crack her fingers and screamed at the guys. “All three of you must really love for me to pluck your balls off, don’t you?”

“Hahahahahaha! Good one! Open the corpse!” Wei Yan Er seemed to be enjoying her time.

[Sword belonged to Winny’s Lover] (Gray-Silver, One handed sword)

Weapon attack: 310-362

Attack interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 120

<Level 1 slot>

<Level 1 slot>

Equipment Skill: Grants <Lifesteal> effect on the next 3 attacks, restoring the same amount of HP. Last for 10 seconds or 3 strikes.

Cooldown time: 3 minutes.

Level requirement: 30

Note: This sword was a gift by the Defense Army Captain Lothar! Dear, this sword represents our everlasting love!

“F*ck! What kind of mess is this? This is much worse than the 8:00pm TV drama show!” Fatty Han sighed.

“Not bad for a cheating boss!”

There was no other Defender, Guardian, nor Bandit in the party, so the item automatically went to Zhang Yang. In fact, he could get the item if he wanted to; he would just voice it out and no one will object him.

After equipping the new sword, Zhang Yang used a [Level 2 Whetstone] and increased its attack power, raising to (597 - 649) x 110%. The 110% extra damage due to the 5 set equipment he was wearing.

[Small Sack of Gold]

Use: Open to obtain Winny’s personal savings.

“Mine! Gimme!” Wei Yan Er cried.

A tiny fight broke out between the two cousins but was eventually won over by Han Yin Xue with 78 points while Wei Yan Er only got 44 points. Han Yin Xue smiled from ear to ear when she obtained the 17 gold coins. On the other hand, Wei Yan Er was wielding her weapon and tip toed towards the boss, trying to imitate Jenny to do something to her sister.

“Was that all?”

They picked up another 88 silver coins and 4 pieces of [Cotton Cloth]. The corpse disappear after.

“Let’s move on!” Zhang Yang said. “With the current Level 20 set equipment, no one was willing to swap their equipment for any helmet, chestplate, boots, or anything else that this Level 30 dropped! Why? Because it will break the set equipment and its effect would not activate. Still, the developer was smart enough to raise the equipment stats! If they want to have players raiding this dungeon, they would have to let the boss to drop some random equipment. The quantity is just few enough for the players to enjoy! However, this way was much better. Originally, rings and necklaces could only be farmed at hidden bosses or field bosses. However, these items can now be found in this dungeon as well! Think of it as a reimbursement!”

Rings and necklaces drop rates were extremely low. Majority of players would still wear the accessories obtained from the Level 10 dungeon. There were players who did not even wear them; leaving their accessories slot empty!

“What’s next, boss?” Han Yin Xue asked since she was born to be a directional idiot.

“It’s a circle! It does not matter if we go upwards or downwards. We could just circle around the garden and we will encounter the other 3 bosses.” Even though Zhang Yang may have said that, he still followed his habit of turning left, following counter clockwise.

There were many minions along the way. After clearing waves of them, the minions changed from a cute maids to large, well-built men. All of them looked like the gardeners of the dungeon, trimming trees and cutting grass before they jumped at Zhang Yang when the party approached them.

[Tough Gardener] (Elite)

Level: 32

HP: 50,000

Still, no matter how strong the minions were, they were unable to survive the attacks by the monster-like party! As Zhang Yang proceed further into the garden, they found the second boss right in front of them.

Standing right beside a huge Red Pine Tree, was a man in his 30’s, trimming the branches of the tree by a stool. The scenery was beautiful, as if it was taken directly out of a painting.

[Laxus the Gardener] (Gray-Silver)

Level: 34

HP: 800k

“Ahem!” Zhang Yang cleared his throat, signaling another long explanation.

“This boss doesn’t have a super strong skill that requires attention. He would randomly cast fire pits on the field during the battle, and you will receive DoT damage when you step on it! You would need to occasionally check the ground and avoid it. However, the boss does have a chaotic skill that would cause us to run around. At that moment, there would be a large chance for anyone us to run into the fire pit. This boss’ main challenge lies on the healer, but we won’t have to worry since we have Little Snow the Super Healer! With her, any boss would be as simple as tofu.

There was one point that Zhang Yang had skipped, which was the powerful physical attack. However, since he had the 2 second cool down <Block> which he could activate any time he want, and if needed, he could activate <Shield Wall> any time as well. There was no reason to be afraid of his attacks anymore! The best bosses to fight with were the ones that had ultra-high attacks but super-slow attack intervals! He would only need to master the timing to activate <Block> and he could basically be free from any damage throughout the entire battle!

That was why the nerfing of <Block> was a huge deal. If it wasn’t, all dungeons would be as easy as pressing a button!

Since Zhang Yang had gained so many extra skill points to invest in the skill, he needed to take this chance before the patch to make use of this skill!

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