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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 106 — Irresistible

Chapter 106: Irresistible

“Unforgivable Bandits! You killed all my beloved maidens! I shall rip you all into tiny pieces that even God cannot count!” Young Master Wrath let out a roar that would awaken the gods in the heavens, as his body began to increase in mass, “Plak Pak Plak”, the tearing of his clothes as his body bulged out revealed that there were dark long hairs covering his entire body. The handsome, pretty boy’s face instantly transformed into an enormous Werewolf!

“Ding! Engulfed by rage, Young Master Wrath transformed into his werewolf form, his attack interval decreased by 50%!”

“Rawgh --------!” The Young Master Werewolf mindlessly charged towards Zhang Yang with his deadly, powerful claws. Leaving Zhang Yang with no other options, Zhang Yang back-pedaled rapidly, evading the deadly attack by a paper-thin margin. At the same instant, he swung his sword in retaliation, managing to make a scratch on the Boss.

Fatty Han decided to step up on the assault! He started to unleash his heavy skills onto the Boss!

“Rawh! Rawh! Raaawwh!” The Young Master Werewolf kept on roaring in rage, as if he was speaking in the language of the werewolves. He ceased on his melee attacks and switched to the <Chain Lightning> skill.

2 breaths later, he shot out a bolt of white thunder from his hands. The blazing thunder struck Zhang Yang, inflicting a damage of 800. The thunder chained next onto Sun Xin Yu, inflicting a damage of 900. The bolt leaped at Wei Yan Er, with the damage decreasing to 800. Lastly, the attack landed on Han Yin Xue, the final strike diminished to only 700.

After the chain attack, Wei Yan Er hastily cast <Holy Prayer> on Zhang Yang, healing him by 600 HP. She quickly did the same to the other victims of the <Chain Lightning>. She tossed <Regeneration> on the remaining players off-handedly, keeping their HP bars filled. Showing great foresight, she had reserved her <Holy Shield> as a last resort.

Although Young Master Wrath had indeed become mighty, spurred on by the demise of his harem, his hit points were his Achilles Heel. 400,000 hit points was simply not enough to go against Zhang Yang and his party. Phase two had only begun for about 30 seconds, and the hit points of the Boss had already been reduced to 88%!

“Rawh! Rawh! Rawh! Raawwhh!” As the Boss let out another series of intimidating roars, a progress bar appeared right below his neck! He was trying to cast <Healing>!

With immediate reaction, Fatty Han shot a <Silencing Shot> over to the Boss, interrupting the boss from chanting.

Young Master Wrath was even further enraged. He bounded towards Zhang Yang slashing wildly with his claws. He immediately switched back to chanting his <Chain Lightning>.

So this were the disadvantages for having multiple skills! If the Boss focused only on chanting <Healing>, although he cannot avoid being pushed around, he could buy himself more time! However, due to having 3 different skills in the game, the game setting has set up the Boss to use all three skills circularly!

Even if the enemies in this game had been equipped with a sophisticated AI, and Bosses acting almost humanly, the sequence was set as so! So, if the Boss was interrupted while chanting <Heal>, he would switch to a few melee combo attacks, and then he would use <Chain Lightning>, before enhancing his attacks with <Traumatize>. The Boss would repeat the process all over, starting from <Healing> again!

The whole process only takes 5 to 6 seconds long, of course.

The second cycle of <Healing> by the Young Master Wrath was interrupted by Hundred Shots, and the third round of <Healing> was interrupted by Sun Xin Yu. However, when it came to the forth cycle, Fatty Han was unable to follow up. His <Silencing Shot> was still under cooling down period of 9 seconds. That was it! The Boss finally got his opportunity! It was as if the Boss had been suffering from constipation for the last 6 months, and that moment of relief was torrential!


It was quite a high recovery amount for the Boss. Still, the special effect of <Destructive Strike> had removed 75% of the healing effect, therefore, what that would have granted the boss 20,000HP only gave him 5,000HP now.

However, the healing rate of 5,000HP was already enough to take away the breaths of all the Priests and the Sacred Knights! Still, considering the fact that the <Healing> spell could only be triggered successfully every 30 seconds, the healing rate per second was barely over 200! The damage output from the party was over 400! His attempt to heal himself was just like pouring a cup of water into a burning cart of firewood!

The HP bar continued dropping! 70%, 60%, 50%!

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Don’t hold back now! Give it all you got!” Fatty Han spammed his <Beast Link> at a rate that it was perpetually kept on cooldown! Relying on his Level 30 class’ passive skill, the damage he gave was pretty high indeed!

“Hey Fatty, why are you so pumped up all of a sudden? Did the boss poke your ass?”

“F**k this pretty face! I only have one pretty lady on my side, and this pretty boy has, wait… had four! I won’t forgive him!”

Everyone could only roll their eyes, to think that Fatty Han would be jealous of such a matter!

“Wow, Fatty is doing great… He is now the third on the damage statistics board!” Zhang Yang was surprised.

Wei Yan Er hurriedly checked on the list upon hearing that. Her jaw dropped.

[Damage Statistics]

Zhan Yu, 25%

Frost Night, 19%

Slim and Handsome, 19%

Drizzler, 19%

Hundred Shots, 18%

It made sense for Zhang Yang to be in the first place of the list, for Zhang Yang cleared a large number of weaker monsters with <Horizontal Sweep> and <Thunder Strike> during the Stage 1 battle, picking up lots of extra high damage points.

What about Sun Xin Yu? She did not use <Blade Dance> even once, how could she be one rank ahead? Wei Yan Er could not comprehend how.

Furthermore, Wei Yan Er managed to use <Tornado Cleave> for a few times during the Stage 1 battle, similarly picking up some extra damage points. However, her ranking was beaten by Sun Xin Yu, one rank above her.

At that very moment, Wei Yan Er felt the heat of adrenaline and anger, swinging her heavy mace with more gusto than ever! Her fury could not be any clearer! “You stupid Boss! I am going to crush you into pieces! Then I’ll crush those pieces into pancake!”

Good camaraderie did not count anymore when it came to a competitive situation! Every party member was fighting for their pride, with no one willing to be one step back. Every point counted, as some tried to surpass the players above their ranking. Likewise, those who were ahead were equally unwilling in letting those behind them catch up!

The unfortunate werewolf boss was a collateral, caught in the midst of this internal conflict. He was beaten to the point where he could only scream miserably, hardly able to retaliate! Instead of unleashing his wrath, he became the very punching bag for everyone to unleash their ire onto.

The HP bar dropped, going down to 30%!




Finally, the last trace of HP vanished! Letting out a roar, loud and long, Young Master Wrath collapsed in an earth-shaking heap. He was finally relieved of his misery!

Looking at Damage Ranking Report again, the results were to be expected. Zhang Yang is still in the first place of the list, but his percentage of damage dealt has dropped to 22%.

Meanwhile, Sun Xin Yu was the close runner-up, with 21% of total damage dealt. Fatty Han was overtaken by Wei Yan Er, falling to rank number 4. He only managed to score 19% of the total damage dealt. Wei Yan Er managed to climb up to the third place, scoring 20% of the total damage dealt. As usual, Hundred Shots was last in the ranking report, scoring only 18% of the total damage dealt.

Everyone knew Sun Xin Yu had a well-earned reputation. The moment she changed into top-tier gears, she would become the ultimate Queen of Shadowdance that Zhang Yang vividly remembered from his past!

“Sister Sun, how could you always be so awesome?” Wei Yan Er had to ask.

Sun Xin Yu, surprisingly did not ignore her, and posted a skill description for the others to see. “When I was Level 5, I did a secret mission and I was rewarded with this skill!”

<Rear Attacks>: Instantly attack the target with two weapons on both hands, dealing 150% damage of both primary and secondary weapons in melee attacks. User must be behind the target. Gain two consecutive combo strikes. Requirement: Dagger. Cost: 20 Stamina. Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

With tears rolling in her eyes, Wei Yan Er complained “How come all of you guys have these skills from secret missions? Sister Sun has hers, noob tank has one, even this wretched fatty” - she pointed a shaking finger- “has one!”

“Little Yan Er, why did you have to put it that way? What do you mean that even I have one! I am almighty! Completing a few secret missions was a piece of cake!” Fatty Han boldly proclaimed.

“Hmph! I don’t give a sheet!”

“Come on, little one. It’s time to look at our loot!” Zhang Yang waves his hands at Wei Yan Er.

Wei Yan Er pulled a funny face at Fatty Han, as she would always. Then, she trotted to the dead body of the Boss for the loot.

[Lovely Mantle] (Gray-Silver, Cape)

Vitality: +20

Strength: +10

Equip: Each normal attack has 10% chance to add 20 strength points for 5 seconds.

Level requirement: 30

Note: “Sewn by the four maidens thoroughly, full of their love!”

“I already have a [White Bone Cloak], you guys can go for it!” said Wei Yan Er while curling her lips.

An equipment that purely increased strength was not what a hunter or a thief would want. Therefore, Zhang Yang took the mantle without any hassle.

[The Maiden’s Long Dress] (White-Wood, Cloth Armor)

Equip: Makes you into a cute maiden.

Level requirement: 1

Requirement: Female

“Holy cow! The uniform of seduction!” Fatty Han’s eyes bulged at the sight of it!

Zhang Yang turned to the girls. “Would any one of you like to have it?”

Both Han Yin Xue and Wei Yan Er shook their heads instantly. So Zhang Yang turned to Sun Xin Yu. As expected, the woman stared at him with a cold glare, pulling her daggers halfway from their respective sheaths. “Xing!”

“You guys have no appreciation for treasure! Abandoning such a great piece of fabric!” Fatty Han shook his head dejectedly.

“Cheh! You fat sheet! If you like it so much, why not wear it on your own!”

“You guys can forget it then. I can use as a gift for someone!” Since all three of the girls did not want it, Fatty Han benefited greatly from it. It was a wonder whom he would give it to. His new girlfriend, or the few so-called “Soul mates” back in the Feet Wash City? They could only wait and see.

“Finally, we have cleared the small minions, shall we move on to the final Boss then?”

“The Head Butlers of Brokeback Mountain!”

“Very witty…”

If the party went straight ahead, the distance to the final Boss would be shorter, but they would have to take on a few waves of smaller monsters. On the other hand, if they doubled back on the path they’ve already taken, they would need to walk further, but there won’t be any pesky monsters.

After having some thoughts about it, Zhang Yang has finally decided, “It is better to take the shorter route, kill everything in our path! We would gain experience points, additional items and equipment as well!”

“And also coins!” Wei Yan Er added on.

“Yes, coins!” Zhang Yang nodded his head to express his agreement with Yan Er.

The party continued to push forward. After seven or eight waves of monsters, they arrived at the center of the garden, a plaza!

The Head of Butlers Mark remained where he was, languishing on the edge of the fountain pool, with his face filled with tranquillity, like the old aristocrat he was.

[The Head of Butlers Mack] (Gray-Silver Rank Boss)

Level: 34

HP: 1,000,000

The boss’s HP had decreased considerably, comparing to the first time when they freshly stepped in. It was just about as much as the HP of Marzerway in Hardcore Mode.

Zhang Yang let out a sigh of relief, “This Boss does massive damage at melee range, inflicting a debuff that decreases healing effects on tankers by 50%. So, I say we keep an eye on the level of healing while Little Snow reserves her shield! That shield absorbs damage, and has nothing to do with healing at all. It should not suffer as much as healing effects!”

“The boss also tends to knock back the player who holds the most aggro, dealing a certain amount of damage. More importantly, it also decreases the aggro held by his target by 50%!” Zhang Yang let out a deep breath before he continued, “Well, hunters have <Fake Death> and Thieves, their <Vanish> to withdraw themselves from battle to clear their own aggro. So that leaves you, Drizzler, in a dangerous situation!”

“Hahaha! Well, if you fail to keep his aggro onto you, I am going to break your skull myself!” Wei Yan Er cracked her knuckles while saying it.

To be able to keep the Boss at bay, two tanks were required at the scene. But Zhang Yang just could not find any tank who could keep up with the aggro of Sun Xin Yu and the remaining party members. Adding one additional member without the capability to do that would be a completely moot!

”Dear Drizzler, if you do not wish to die, focus on the aggro bar. Do not let it exceed 50% of my aggro!”

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