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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 108 — So I See

Chapter 108: So I See

Lone Desert Smoke has done it again! They got the First Clear Achievement again!

The stream of announcements had sent many parties who were exploring new Dungeons into shock!

What in the world was happening?

During the series of challenges in the previous Hardcore Mode Dungeons, they could see a realistic gap between them and Lone Desert Smoke, even if they ultimately lost. They had managed to push forward until the boss transformed into the fifth stage. If it wasn’t for the bloody [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion], Lone Desert Smoke would never have stood a chance in finishing the battle. By doing so, the Lone Desert Smoke claimed the First Clear Achievement.

But this time around…there were no excuses! They had not even gone past the first boss yet! How could their party take out 5 bosses? Was there really such a big gap between their capabilities?

Furthermore, they only used 6 players to clear the whole dungeon! The elites from the larger guilds who took pride in their abilities begun to question themselves. Were they really elites in the end? Compared to those formidable members in the Lone Desert Smoke, they were not even half of what they were!

It was such a blow on their pride!


Many of them were infuriated beyond words.

“How can this be? Is our strength so far behind Zhan Yu and his party members?” Perfumed Water was so surprised.

Thorny Rose murmured, “Is that cheap liar really that powerful?”

“No way ------” Snow Seeker’s pretty eyes widened in realization. “Did any of you notice? It was about 10 minutes ago when that Fatty Hunter made an announcement in the region. 10 minutes!”

“Oh, that wretched Fatty?” Thorny Rose could not help herself, shivering from head to toe, “That disgusting Fatty that does have a pair of disgusting eyes. I remember the last time he checked me out, from top to bottom, it gave me such a fright! So I black-listed him ever since!”

In God’s Miracle, once a player black-listed another player, that player would not be able to see any news or messages sent by the marked player.

“Me too!”

“So did I!”

A series of voices rose up, 7 out of 10 girls there had blacklisted Fatty Han! If he ever found out about this, would Fatty Han take pride in his great “influence”, or would he burst into tears knowing that he was quickly becoming a renowned pervert!

Snow Seeker smiled bitterly, “The Fatty did mention that they were just about to challenge that Head of Butlers Mack! It sounded like they just got into the dungeon, simply declaring that they were joining the race for the First Clear title! Now that I think of it, there’s more to it than that! This could only mean… what do you guys think about it?”

White Orchid reacted instantly, “Oh! I get it! If the Fatty did not lie, they must have already taken down the other 4 bosses before that!”

Thorny Rose was stumped. “If the boss is over that area, how did they get pass without luring the boss?”

“You will find out once you’ve tried!” Snow Seeker made a prompt decision to walk along the road located at their right hand side. Moments later, she made it into another small alley.

Not even a glance in her direction!

Thorny Rose and the others followed through. They realized that none of them had startled the boss!

“So, it is real! We can make it without a fight!”

And so, they pushed forward, clearing a path straight to the second boss Venneya the Maid, the unfaithful girl.

“Winny the Maid, Master Waller's Lover, Level 34, 800,000 HP!” Moonlight Dancer read out the attributes of the boss.

“So I see!” all of the girls exclaimed!

So this is how it really is! The first boss had 3,000,000 HP, but the second boss only has 800,000 HP, isn’t this obvious?

“Sister Snow, you’re really brilliant. It didn’t take you long to see through their deceit!” Thorny Rose made no attempt at hiding her emotions, admiring and worshiping Snow Seeker. She continued, “Unlike me, having only big boobies without -----“

“Stop it right there! Stop! Thorny Rose, you have no brain, that part is true. But having big boobs? Oh please… do you want to talk about your D-cups in front of Sister Snow’s F-cup? B*tch, please. It’s totally obvious that yours are no match to hers!” Perfumed Water snapped.

Thorny Rose was furious, “You little c*nt, you better watch out, or I will put a stopper to that hole beneath your underwear with a gigantic cork and turn you into an old virgin for the rest of your life!”

Women seemed to turn into entirely different creatures when no men were around.


“So I see!”

As for the Sky High guild, they have also discovered that there was a hidden path that led them straight for the Head of the Butlers Mack, defeating the other 4 bosses on their way.

“Guild master, from the looks of it, Zhan Yu and his gang are not that amazing after all. All they did was discovering the shortcut!” one of the guild members spoke out dejectedly.

Sky Shaman shook his head slowly, “If not for the fat Hunter saying it out loud in the channel, we would have never even found out about the shortcut. So, tell me. How long would we have been stuck with the first boss before we even know that there’s a shortcut?”


“We must not be envious of others out of nothing. We must first be clear of our strength when compared to theirs. Then, only can we improve ourselves and overcome our own weaknesses, to catch up or even surpass them! Arrogance that ignore the strength of our rivals would only make us weaker!” Sky Shaman spoke with great insight.

The words were spoken with absolute sincerity. Sky High guild has been known to be one of the top guilds in the world. As many in-game players had been role-playing as powerful leaders for a long run, they might have become a little arrogant in their subconscious.

And from the looks of it, these people needed a slap to wake up and thanks to the Lone Desert Smoke, it happened!

Deep in thought, Sky Shaman could not help himself and wondered, “But, how did Zhan Yu and his party discover the shortcut to go around the first boss? All the Official forum did was to state that there are 5 bosses in this dungeon, and no further explanation was given! 3,000,000 HP is definitely too much for any party to handle. Normally, players would explore for alternatives in taking down the boss, thinking that their reason of failing was because they have not discover the correct ways to defeat the boss! It is just common sense for any of us! But why… why can they think so dynamically, so soon?”

“Guild Master, could there be a Beta player among them?” one of the guild member took a wild guess.

“A Beta player?” Sky Shaman widened his eyes for an instant, remembering that he had heard about it before, from special channels. He knew that a small number of players took part in the beta test before! But, logically speaking, these beta players should not be even allowed to participate in the official release of the game. If they did, they would understand the game so much more due to their prior knowledge of the game. They could simply conquer all secret missions, main missions, becoming the kings and queens at the front line of the game! It would be so unfair!

The balance of the game would be broken! The Dreamtech company was not so foolish as to ruin their epic game in such manner!

“So what is it then?”

A big question mark etched itself deep within Sky Shaman’s heart.


“So…that’s how it is!”

The moment they saw the boss again after circling around the map and killing everything else, the members of The Dominator saw the simplicity of the dungeon!

“How could we not see it? We are such morons!” Humbly Gentleman spat on the ground, “He is damn lucky! I can’t believe he found the correct method for this so fast! F*ck! Why must it always him being the first at getting the good stuff! [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion]… “

Thinking about the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] scam again, Humbly Gentleman was overwhelmed with feelings of hatred, rage, jealous and even envy of Zhang Yang!

It was a huge market! A truly huge one!

4 gold coins for a bottle, what a rip-off!

Humbly Gentleman had no idea how much Zhang Yang could earn exactly, but there was one thing to be sure of, Zhang Yang was going to make a fortune out of it!

Zhang Yang must not be left to feel full of himself!

Humbly Gentleman narrowed his eyes, before turning his head around, “Sky Key, after we clear the dungeon, I want you to contact with that ruthless bunch, Sword and Fire Mercenary. Put a bounty on Zhan Yu, the reward for every level taken off him will be a 10,000 gold!”

“But boss, isn’t that too much?”

“Too much? You cannot trap a wolf without sacrificing a few children!” Humbly Gentleman put up a cold smile on his face, “It is best to sow discord between Sword and Fire Mercenary and Lone Desert Smoke! Never underestimate those “Scumbags”, they are all masters in what they do, even if they are small in numbers. Once provoked, they will make your life miserable, waiting to ambush you right outside the city wall for every single day. Even if you have 10 thousand members, there would always be a day where you will be alone. That will be when they strike!”


After the Lone Desert Smoke acquired the first clear title for that dungeon, many parties had commented on the chat channels, “Oh I see! We simply had to circle around! This dungeon is not too difficult, you just had to find the correct sequence on which boss to take out first!”

“Little Drizzler, come and get the share of the loot!” as Zhang Yang shouted at her from afar, he had just finished adding the newly acquired skill point into his <Block>. With the godly skill <Block> at Level 10, he could use it every second! This was going to make things even more interesting!

But it was a pity that this excitement will only last for another 5 months.

Wei Yan Er hopped over, “Let’s see, what comes out of my draw now?”

“Draw a hot chick like Little Drizzler!” Fatty Han was slobbering already.

Listening to Fatty Han call her a hot chick, Wei Yan Er decided overlook his perversion. As she giggled to herself, she fired back, “It’s a pity though, a pretty maiden like myself is special, there’s no one like me, but me!”

Zhang Yang laughed, “Take away your godlike narcissism, and you’ll be a petite little girl instead!”

The glee Wei Yan Er had quickly dissipated, and she started kicking and punching at Zhang Yang, releasing her tantrum.

While they were at it, Sun Xin Yu had walked up to the boss and touched the corpse.

[Pillar of Courage] (Gray-silver Weapon, One-handed Hammer)

Attack: 149 - 211

Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Damage per second: 120

< Level 1 Socket 1>

< Level 1 Socket 2>

Equip: For every hit on the target, there is a chance to trigger the effect of <Bleeding from Behind>, 50 points bleeding per second.

Level required: 30

Note: Forged by Head Butlers Mack for the captain of the platoon.

“What!!” Hundred Shots could not stop himself from laughing.

Fatty Han was in hysterics, “If you poke anybody with this thing, they are in for a load of trouble! HAHAHA!”

“An impressive weapon for Thief classes! It’s a pity though, having that name and that effect, along with that amazing description!” Zhang Yang shook his head around.

“So what is so wrong about it?” Wei Yan Er blinked her eyes a few times while asking, with her puzzled face.


Everyone was united on one mission only, to protect the pure and untainted seedling. They instantly changed the topic to avoid that.

“Let’s just put this in the guild’s warehouse then. At least 200 guilds out there would aid in increasing the value of a Gray-Silver grade weapon if we put it up for auction!”

Zhang Yang nodded in unison with the others. It was Fatty Han’s suggestion. So, the weapon would be taken by Fatty Han to the guild to be auctioned. Fatty loved running errands such as this, because when the equipment would be put up on auction, people would call him “Fatty Brother” in a tone of somewhat reverence, and it pleased him greatly so.

“Little Yang, why not use cash for auction?” Fatty Han could not understand it.

Zhang Yang shook his head, “Within the guild, we shouldn’t involve money, it ruins the mood! While handling a guild, we should make everyone feel totally at home! Just think about it. Do you pay your father for the rice you eat at home?”

Fatty Han fell silent. “ …”

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