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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 109 — The End of the Hot Sale

Chapter 109: The End of the Hot Sale

“Sister Sun! Sister Sun! Please, let me touch it!” Wei Yan Er skipped towards the corpse delightedly. Sun Xin Yu simply wanted to move things on, but it didn’t matter to her on whoever touched the corpse first. So she stepped aside.

Wei Yan Er grinned, before putting her hands upon the cadaver.

[Skill Book: Berserker's Heal]

Use: Teaches the skill <Berserker's Heal>.

Required: Warrior.

“Eh, noob tank, what does the effect of this <Berserker's Heal> do?” Wei Yan Er looked up at Zhang Yang before throwing the question to him.

“This is actually a pretty practical skill, I must say. It depletes your rage to fully heal yourself!” Zhang Yang said. The skill was really extremely practical, but, the skill book had a decent drop rate as well. Almost every Warrior would have one in their hands as they progressed in the game, but to have it at Level 30 was pretty uncommon.

“Oh! Then I shall give it to you since you’re always dying!” Wei Yan Er did not hesitate at passing on the skill book. For a party, it was most vital for tanks to survive a battle. Although she could be a little mischievous sometimes, but she realized the importance of this.

Naturally, others also passed on the roll. Zhang Yang used it as soon as he obtained the book. Another new skill appeared in his skill set column.

[Berserker’s Heal]: Ignite the rage, immediately recovering 100% of health.

Consume: All rage point.

Cooldown: 2 minutes

After picking up another few rags and some coins, the dead body of the Head of Butlers Mack faded gradually.

“Alright, that’s it for today! You’re all free to your own devices!” Zhang Yang took out a [Teleportation Scroll] and tore it up, activating it.

Back in the White Jade City, Hundred Shots, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er went on to continue attempting their class specific quests. Han Yin Xue logged out immediately as healers couldn’t do much without other players to support them in combat.

Zhang Yang carried on crafting some [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] as it had reached its peak market value, every second now counted!

The day passed. Hundred Shots and the others who went on their own missions made no progress. They vowed to go again on the next day.

Sun Xin Yu managed to complete her mission on the third day by afternoon. By doing so, she has become the third party member who completed the mission in S-rank for her profession!

Zhang Yang was overwhelmed with joy ------- This was like a joke! In the China region, there were only a dozen players who managed to complete their S-rank missions of their own profession, and 3 such players were in his own party!

Five days later, Hundred Shots and Wei Yan Er were still unable to overcome the difficulties in their S-rank mission of their own profession. Wei Yan Er had almost gone mad. The frustrating battles with the blue giant had taken such a toll on her that she was nauseous! She could not take it anymore, so she attempted the A-rank mission instead. Of course, she accomplished her mission smoothly after that.

Hundred Shots persisted for another two days before seeing the fact that he cannot complete his missions, no hope at all! So he too had no choice but to attempt the A-rank mission instead. He completed it without a hitch.

At this point, all 6 of the party members had completed their respective Level 30 missions.

When they were gathered, Zhang Yang made a proclamation, “From now on, we will train on our own, unless necessary. This would mean that unless we are raiding dungeons, unless we are taking any missions that require more than a single participant, unless we are hunting field bosses, we shall be working on our own.”

Sun Xin Yu was especially pleased with this, being the eccentric, indifferent person that she was. She was most comfortable working as a lone wolf. Although others did not see the point of doing this, they did not object. It wasn’t as if Zhang Yang was disbanding them permanently, they were just going to train separately. That would also give them the freedom to plan their own schedule individually, without the limitation of compromising with others.

Zhang Yang had given much thought over this before he made such an announcement, of course.

Firstly, it would be a waste if they go in a team of six when it came to field leveling! It would be riddled with redundant combatants, and they would only get in each other’s paths.

Secondly, it concerned the potential futures of his prospective superstars!

He did not want to interfere in the development of Hundred Shots and Sun Xin Yu’s future! One would acquire the Red Dragon pet, while the other would acquire the <Shadow Dance> inheritance. When both of them did so, their accomplishments in the future would be limitless! So, if he intervened too much with their in-game progression, he might even deny them the destinies he had witnessed first-hand.

Zhang Yang had firmly decided to give them more freedom and space! Even though he inevitably affected them both, it was nothing profound. It could still be fixed, everything should fall back into place as they were meant to be.

Zhang Yang only focused on crafting potions over the next few days. He did not lead Fatty Han or Wei Yan Er to training, but urged them to find something they could grind their level with. He had no intentions of letting their levels fall behind! He would not want to see the first clear title for the “Shadowmoon Castle: The Castle Region Hardcore Mode” being taken away by other guilds!

As for himself, he will soon be able to resume his training after the sales of [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion], currently at its peak, has dwindled down! Furthermore, he already has planned ahead on a few special places for him to grind. He is confident that he would definitely catch up with the others!

After entering Level 30, the amount of experience required to proceed to the next level takes a huge leap! Even if a player stays online everyday to grind, it would still take 3 full days to proceed by 1 level. Dungeons in the castle region were labeled as Level 40 dungeons. Larger guilds would only be able to gather enough members to take those dungeons on, by the beginning of September.

Furthermore, the bosses in the castle region… Zhang Yang smiled again, knowing that the first 2 bosses were basically free kills, with the remaining 3 bosses being actual challenges. The forth boss would be so much harder to handle than the third with the fifth boss being an absolute nightmare! As Zhang Yang recalled in his previous life, the 3 bosses had held off every large guild for an entire month!

Knowing all this, he would be able to take his own sweet time.

On the 12th of August, the sales for the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] finally begun to die off. On the 9th, he had sold 5,000 sets, 3,500 on the 10th, 1,800 on the 11th, and finally only 700 sets on the 12th. The sales had finally ended! However, it did not mean that the sales for the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] is completely dead, they had merely stabilized as supply and demand found a singularity.

In the future, he would be able to sell even more than the 90,000 sets that he already did for now. At the moment, the player base from China had a population of 5,000,000, but the number might grow up to 9 billion! A full 9 billion! Even if only 1% of that amount bought the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] from him, that would be 9 million purchases! 450,000 sets!

Of course, it would take another 5 years before the population ever grew that much, a whole different level compared to the 90000sets of sales that he has generated over the brief, brief period of the past 22 days!

Zhang Yang checked on the amount of savings he have at the moment ------- 34,870,000!

Even if a similar outcome was to be expected, gazing upon that amount with his own eyes still shook him deeply!

In terms of numbers alone, in his previous life, he had only managed to deposit about 40,000,000 into his savings account. This was before taking into account the many hardships he experienced just to get there. But now, this was the result after freaking 22 days! 22 days!

Knowledge is wealth.

Zhang Yang had unconsciously allowed a smile to creep upon his face as he thought about it. It was broader than the sun now. It was also a relief, as he only needed to craft 500 - 600 sets of [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] to satisfy the market’s current demand. It also meant that he only had to dedicate an hour a day, crafting potions to make that future happen. The final product would be divided among the 8 main cities to be sold, and the price will drop from 4 gold pieces for one bottle to 1 gold piece for each. However, the price for the herbs will also drop down to 20 silver pieces a set, consistent to the old price margin. He could still benefit from it.

In this period of time, Zhang Yang had naturally earned the most. Since he was a little biased to his own city, he had sold half of his stock in White Jade Castle. Fatty Han profited the most from it, earning 1,700,000. As for the sales in the other 7 main castles, other than Yu Li, each one of them earned about 300,000! They were all grateful to Zhang Yang as he had made them all wealthy folks, with grins glued to their faces throughout the days!

Always have faith in the veteran!

Relieved of the heavy demands, Zhang Yang could finally prepare himself for his insanely intense grinding plan. Firstly, he planned to mount the two sockets on his weapon with gemstones. Even if there was a rate of failure when mounting gemstones, the fail rate for Level 1 gemstones was negligible, at just 10%. When Zhang Yang’s high luck value came into play, it would decrease the failing rate significantly, and the two [Vitality Gemstones] will most probably be successfully mounted in one single attempt!

Even so, purchasing the required gemstones required 20 gold. Hiring an NPC to mount them to the sockets required another 10 gold. That would mean 30 gold would be spent in an instant! The current gold and the cash had a ratio of 1:5. It would be like spending 150 dollars in real life! All in the blink of an eye! Zhang Yang was shaken in the face of that reality. The gaming company would always be the biggest winner, the 30,000,000 that he just earned, if compared with the earnings of the company, would be like an insignificant tiny little fish in the ocean! It’s not even worth being mentioned!

Of course, he could choose to save the money and not mount those gemstones. But how many battles could he endure without them?

In ‘God’s Miracle’, the vitality attribute was the most invaluable attribute among all others, having the priority ratio of 2:1 compared to other attributes. At the same level, vitality gemstones could give a +10, but the gemstones of the other 4 main attributes, the intelligence gemstone, spirit gemstones, strength gemstone,and agility gemstone only gave a +5 statistics.

Zhang Yang proceeded to craft some [Intelligent potion], [Agility potion], [Strength potion], [Healing potion], [Mana potion] and mailed them to his party members. Then he equipped himself with enough [Strength potion] and [Healing potion] before heading to his special training ground.

After grinding his weapon on the [Whetstone] and consuming some [Strength potion], Zhang Yang boosted his attributes temporarily:

[Player: Zhan Yu]

Level: 30

HP: 4,750

Defense: 260

Strength: 226

Melee damage: (646-698) X 110%

Critical rate: 11%

Lucky one hit rate: 0.5%

Zhang Yang summoned his Skeletal War Horse and mounted the saddle. Under his command, the war horse galloped upon it’s hooves of flame, picking up speed until they were but a blur to the players he passed. Indeed, as he went on, he attracted the attention of many players. There it went again, the screams to get his attention, the requests to get into a relationship with him, the offers to get in bed with him.

After interacting with the Griffin keeper, Zhang Yang sat down on the saddle behind the beast and took off to Tullon Town.

Even though flying was so much faster than riding on the ground, the map for ‘God’s Miracle’ was just too vast. It still took Zhang Yang approximately 20 minutes to land in Tullon Town.

After getting off the Griffin, Zhang Yang summoned Skeletal War Horse once again to ride on towards the Misty Valley located at the outskirt of the town.

There were a number of players in the town. Looking at Zhang Yang on his war horse, male players would drool, female players would scream again and again, chasing after him until he left town. They were eventually left behind as he went on, leaving them to stare at his back longingly.

Even so, it was enough for them to exchange a few words with their idol.

The Misty Valley was labeled as a Level 30+ training area on the map. The monsters ranged from Level 30 to Level 39, with Spectres making up the majority of the monsters’ population. Rumor had it that a fierce battle once occurred there, and the dead soldiers, discontented with the nature of their deaths, never moved on, staying long enough to turn into Spectres roaming around in the valley.

Knowing that these poor souls would never leave the valley, the Imperial had stopped sending armies to cleanse those Spectres. Even though cleansing them once and for all was the safest way to do it, clearing the Spectre Crypt would also cause a lot of casualties. With the presently tensed situation, any loss was a great blow to the strength of the Imperial!

Zhang Yang stopped at the entrance of the valley. He sent Skeletal War Horse back into his inventory, stepping forward to meet a NPC with a yellow question mark at the top of his head.

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