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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 111 — Land Lease

Chapter 111: Land Lease

Zhang Yang waited for them to strike, to have them gain the Red Name Penalty first. With just an effortless swing, Zhang Yang activated <Horizontal Sweep> and took out at least 1,400 HP of everyone around him!

Some of the players were still confused on what happened, but they jumped immediately when they saw the damage they just took.

“Holy crap! This boss is strong as f*ck! Look at me! Half of my HP is gone!”

“Damn! His defense is strong too! I could only deal 1 damage to him!”

“Haha! Noob! The stronger the boss, the better the drops!”

“He must be a Gray-Silver boss!”

“No! Stupid! He must be a Yellow-Gold boss!”

Rogue Bunny was fuming with rage. He screamed. “Stupid bunch of mindless, good for nothing idiots! Look at the system notification! Stupid f*cks, it’s not a boss you dimwit! It’s a player! Eh?! Isn’t that Zhan Yu, the guy with the First Clear Achievements?”

As usual, Rogue Bunny was so brute and rude, the words that came out his mouth were filled with so much vulgarity.

Zhang Yang stomped the ground and released <Thunder Strike>. What followed was a series of attacks of <Charge>, <Destructive Smash>, a normal attack, and a <Shield Bash>. Instantly, he had sent one healer to the grave.

“Stop! Please! Stop! For God’s sake, please stop!” Rogue Bunny cried out.

But Zhang Yang did not. He raised his sword and proceeded to kill another healer with two strikes of <Force Strike> and one critical normal attack.

Bunny Bro 4 nudged and whispered to Rogue Bunny, “Psst… Boss. I remember this guy. He was the one that tricked us into dying in the valley last time!” He was sure it was the same guy that had tricked them to shout “Vee Arm Suu Pi”.

Rogue Bunny turned around and stared until he finally remembered the incident.

Yes! He was right! It was the same $%^& bastard that made them scream “We are stupid” all over the place! It was a shameful event and had them thinking of revenge, even when they were dreaming! Zhang Yang had his profile hidden when they met him then. What were the odds of finding him again in this vast world?

As the saying went, “when enemies meet, the world could be burning”. Why would they care about it, since their hearts were already burning with raging flames? Rogue Bunny did not care about his achievements or whoever had his back, as long as Rogue Bunny could finally have his revenge. If he missed this chance, there would not be a second time.

The entire team of Rogue Clan comprised of 16 members deployed there, with 3 of them as healers. Zhang Yang had already taken 2 of them down. The last healer was so petrified that he ran away into the crowd. Zhang Yang did not care about the others, and he waited until <Destructive Smash> finally finished its cooldown and to begin his rampage again. He killed the last healer in the manner as the others.

“What the actual f*ck are you guys doing!? How could you let one guy take down our healers while you were all standing like strawmen?! There’s so many of you! Get off your ass and kill him now!” Rogue Bunny screamed in rage.

Zhang Yang was laughing. He does not even have the slightest fear in him while slaying them all.

Without a healer, the wounded players could only consume their own healing potions and use their own bandages to heal themselves. Zhang Yang could not stop them from taking the potions but he would not let the remaining players finish fully applying their [Bandage]. Zhang Yang stomped his feet and casted <Thunder Strike> just in time to interrupt the [Bandage] effect.

They say you could not beat an army with just sticks and stone. But when Zhang Yang was facing the entire Rogue Clan, it was as if he was holding a machine gun with infinite bullet battling a bunch of weak-ass zombies (left 4 dead reference sv_infinite_ammo). No matter how many tries to battle, Zhang Yang could just simply kill them all.

Zhang Yang raised his sword to land a normal attack. Those who had already taken <Horizontal Sweep> twice would be dead in just one more strike. One by one, the Rogue Clan members were sent to the graveyard.

Rogue Bunny made an effort to intimidate him with threats. “Zhan Yu! Don’t get over your head, you pipsqueak! I am the guild master of the Rogue Clan! If you were to kill me, I’ll dispatch every single one of my guild members to find you and kill you!”

Zhang Yang could not care less. After removing the healers from the equation, he moved on to kill the Spellcasters, and took care of the physical attackers last. He had a thick defense; strong against physical attacks but weak against magic. The only defense for magic attacks was the passive skill that gave him 20% damage reduction. That was why he had to kill in that order.

He had the overwhelming advantage against every single one of the Rogue Clan in terms of strength, level, and skills. As compared with Rogue Bunny that was at Level 28, which was the highest level in the guild, Zhang Yang’s <Horizontal Sweep>, <Eagle Eye>, and <Destructive Smash> left Rogue Bunny and his entire guild with no chance to stand against him.

With little effort, Zhang Yang killed everyone, leaving Rogue Bunny alone among the corpse of his guild members. He was left withdrawing endlessly like a little girl being cornered.

“Bastard, if you stop now, I-I-I would let you g-go! Or e-else, y-you’ll r-regret it!”

Zhang Yang lowered his sword and pressed his hands on his chin, posing as the Thinker. Just when Rogue Bunny was just about to escape from his grasp, he grinned evilly and said, “I’ve thought about it, and if I don’t kill you now, I’ll definitely regret it later!”

He raised his sword and struck the killing blow. There were corpses everywhere and equipment lying around. Even though Zhang Yang was not interested in them, but since he could do more damage to the Rogue Clan, he would gladly do it. He picked up the equipment one by one and kept them in his inventory. He then summoned his horse and started to lure more monsters. As for the consequences of his action against the Rogue Clan, he was not at all afraid of them coming for him, if they dared to come anyway. Zhang Yang would gladly send them back to the graveyard.

After two hours of luring and killing, Zhang Yang actually managed to clear every monster around the valley, and then went back to the old soldier NPC to complete his quest. Just as he predicted, the monsters’ spawn rate was not as fast as his killing speed. Aside from the mist, there were literally no monsters left for him to kill. There was still a few monsters left, but they were not worth being dragged to kill. As for the Rogue Clan, not one of them appeared around the area. They were probably scared sheetless by now.

“You’ve done it now, lad! Great work!” Baylor praised Zhang Yang gratefully as he waved his hand.

As the system notification popped out, Zhang Yang had obtained 50,000 experience points with nothing else. Just when Zhang Yang was about to turn around and leave, he stopped when he saw an exclamation mark on top of the NPC’s head. Zhang Yang than prompted him. “Why are you still here, soldier?”

Baylor sighed heavily and had a sad expression while looking up to the sky, as if he was reminiscing the past.

“20 years ago, I was part of the same battalion that perished here. I… no… We were soldiers of the Empire that were dispatched here to safe guard this area. And one faithful day, I was off-duty and went to the nearest town for a date with a young lady. I had funs, but when I got back to report in, everyone was already dead! No, worse! They had been cursed with Necro magic! Their skeletal remains were filled with malice and only killing would satisfy them!”

“By the time the rest of the army arrived to investigate, they reported that it was the contaminated food supplies that caused this massive massacre! The Empire did not want to waste any more resource to clear this area. In the end, they were left here alone to wonder the valley for all eternity!”

“Lad, I do not want my friends to die in vain! Which is why I spent 20 years to personally investigate their death! And finally, I’ve found it! Deep in the valley lies the resident of the Evil Sorcerer! It was him! He killed all my comrade; my officers!”

Baylor’s expression gradually changed from sad to rage as he continued, “Brave young lad. Would you help me kill the Evil Sorcerer and bring justice to the fallen heroes?”

‘Ding! Baylor as a quest for you: Enact Justice! Would you accept it?’

Zhang Yang heart sank a little. Could it be the same Sorcerer that he was supposed to search for the main story quest? If it was, then Zhang Yang must call in the rest of his gang to finish the quest!


“I thank you lad! May the god of war beseech you with the strength of a thousand men!” Baylor said as he saluted Zhang Yang.

[Enact Justice!] (Difficulty Level: S)

Quest description: Kill the evil Necromancer Terpot Ryhar and assert justice to all fallen warriors! You can find the Sorcerer at the Underground Tower in the Misty Valley. Note: Terpot Ryhar is very strong. Please bring your friends to fight this evil Sorcerer.

Progress: Kill the Evil Sorcerer Terpot Ryhar 0/1

What a shame! The Evil Sorcerer was not the same one he needed to find!

Zhang Yang summoned his horse again and rode deeper into the valley. After some time of searching, he arrived at a graveyard. After searching for a little more, he found a glowing lever, pulled it and the ground trembled and a half-moon doorway rose from the ground. The doorway had a 10-meter-tall, 6-meter-wide steel door that gave off a strong presence.

Zhang Yang pushed the steel door with great strength and it opened, revealing a dark pathway that led deeper inside.

Poof! Poof! Poof! One by one, the fire torches lit, illuminating the entire pathway.

‘Ding! You have opened a steel door and found a new area!’

‘Ding! You have discovered Underground Tower. Obtained 5,000 experience points!’

‘Server announcement: Underground Tower have been found by a player. The tower has 12 floors and each floor would have unlimited number of monsters for players to challenge! The first player to defeat the Underground Tower final boss, Evil Sorcerer Terpot Ryhar will obtain the game’s first Land Lease and will be able to buy the specific land in this city! Before anyone claims this Land Lease, all non-boss monster spawn rate will be increased to 1000%. The location of the Land is : XXXXX, YYYYY.’

Holy f*cking Moly! Land! It’s Land!

In a flash, Zhang Yang’s eyes flashed with the symbol of money! If Han Yin Xue and Wei Yan Er were here with him, people might think that they all shared the same mental disorder.

What is the most valuable thing in the real world?


That’s right! Land!

It’s the same in the game!

If a player could get their hands on a land property, he could open his own shop! There would be no need to pay for any service charges like in the auction house! If business was good, it could be the same as opening a shop in the real world!

Previously, out of 100 players that made a fortune in ‘God’s Miracle’, 90 of them possessed property!

However, buying land property in the game was not just about money; you would also need a lease! You could only obtain a Land Lease by killing a boss and the drop rate was so low that you could even farm two or three more mounts before getting one! That was not the worst part. Every piece of Land Lease could only buy a fixed land! That meant that even when a player worked his ass off to farm a Lease, the area in which he was supposed to buy the land would be a dead town. So even if he could buy the land, it was not worth one bit!

Just like reality, the most valuable and expensive property would be those that were near the business center. However, the original land near those area were so scarce that once it was sold out, there could never be a second one.

That was how valuable land properties were! In his previous life when Zhang Yang had first entered the game, all of the lands near the main city were already grabbed away. He could only watch in tear as other players counted their money until their fingers bled!

He had never known that he could have found the game’s first Land Lease!

Even though he was on cloud 9, he could not stop cursing the bloody system!

What the hell!? Why would it even announce it to the entire world?! Did the system gain self-awareness that it bore a grudge against Zhang Yang’s luck?! Just like that, the system let the entire world know about how valuable the Lease could be!



:Red Name Penalty- When Player A strikes the first attack to Player B, Player A will gain the Red Name Penalty. This penalty will incur a two-level deduction and have a chance to have one of the currently equipped equipment to drop.

:Interupption- Spell or item interruption. During a casting of a spell, a player can stop the spell for being cast by casting an interruption skill. This is also applicable stopping someone from using and item as well. In other case, when an enemy had successfully casted a spell, which require channeling*. A channeling spell is a spell that will continue in effect as long as the caster did not stop the spell. Like a flamethrower, the flame will continue to spit flames as long as you press the fuel. A channeling spell can be interrupt in the same manner. This is also applicable to items like [Bandage]. [Bandage] does not require channeling, but it can be dispel with an attack from someone else or by moving.

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