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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 117 — Barga - The Mead

Chapter 117: Barga - The Mead

Barga - The Mead tried to regain its distance. As an archer, despite being a boss, it was not going to take any situation lightly and avoid any melee contact.

However, moving back while fighting, and fully rushing towards the enemy were completely different matters altogether. 4 seconds later, the speed reduction effect had ended and Zhang Yang rapidly rushed towards Barga.

14 meters, 12 meters, 10 meters… 5 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters!

Barga - The Mead used <Tumble> and jumped backwards by another 10 meters!


Zhang Yang had been saving his <Charge> earlier on for this very occasion!




Zhang Yang immediately swung his sword, slashing vigorously. After the series of normal attacks, he used the <Horizontal Sweep> combo along with <Destructive Smash> instantly dealing a massive amount of damage.

“Wretch, you dare challenge my archery?!” Barga cried out according to the script, but due to the situation, ironically raised his two fists and punched Zhang Yang.


Bosses were definitely on another level when compared to typical monsters. Although Barga was a ranged attack class boss, it could still deal about 1,000 base damage with its bare fists. However, whenever Barga punched Zhang Yang, the damage was assimilated by Zhang Yang’s 20% immunity to offense, combined with his 260 defense value. Thus, the damage that actually got through was only half of its original value!

Barga - The Mead suddenly swept a stout leg beneath Zhang Yang, and the latter received another debuff.

‘Ding! You are affected by <Stumble>. Movement speed reduced by 50% for 5 seconds!’

Zhang Yang only smiled as he stomped the ground and activated <Thunder Strike>, returning the favor, as Barga was afflicted with a movement reduction effect as well.

Barga - The Mead tried to turn around and regain distance but with its movement speed reduced by 50%, it was useless, and he could only continue engaging in melee combat with Zhang Yang.




Zhang Yang continued recovering HP due to the set equipment, as Barga continued attacking him.

Zhang Yang laughed triumphantly as he summoned his servant, Clear Lotus and tag-teamed Barga.

Because Zhang Yang had accumulated so much aggro, Barga’s back was completely at the disposal of Clear Lotus and damage texts floated across Barga’s head as she struck at leisure.

Half a minute later, Barga - The Mead’s <Tumble> was ready again so it immediately jumped backwards.

Foosh! Zhang Yang chased after Barga with <Charge>. At the same time, Clear Lotus servant used <Shadow Walk>, flickering behind Barga and continued attacking rapidly like a furious cat.

Zhang Yang alone could cause up to at least 1,000 damage to Barga and Clear Lotus servant caused about 300 damages. In total, they caused up to at least 1,300 damage; they removed 40,000 HP from Barga within 30 seconds!

“Nasty Warrior, if you have any guts, feel the draw of my bow!” Barga loudly proclaimed, continuously using <Stumble> to try shaking Zhang Yang off. Each attempt was reciprocated with <Thunder Strike> and nothing was gained from it as they plodded along together in reduced speed.

Zhang Yang could not afford to be careless so he had to time <Thunder Strike> precisely. If he used <Thunder Strike> too early, or too late, Barga could pull away from him successfully.


Barga - The Mead drew his bow and released an arrow at Zhang Yang at point blank. Zhang Yang’s character got <Dazed> and kept on turning around in the same place.

‘Ding! You are affected by <Breaking Shot>, Dazed for 4 seconds!’

Zhang Yang hurriedly selected Clear Lotus servant’s <Substitute>, instantly removed <Dazed> effect and Clear Lotus servant replaced Zhang Yang to keep on spinning around at the same spot.

Hoo! Finally Zhang Yang had forced Barga to use <Breaking Shot> but <Substitute>’s cooldown duration was 5 minutes long, meaning it could only be used once per summoning of Clear Lotus. However, <Breaking Shot> only had a cooldown of 1 minute. Zhang Yang would have to find a way to deal with the following <Breaking Shot>.

90%, 80%, 70%… Barga’s HP dropped rapidly due to the bombardment by Zhang Yang and his Clear Lotus servant.


One minute later, Barga - The Mead’s <Breaking Shot> cooldown’s time was up and unleashed an arrow towards Zhang Yang once again.

This time, Zhang Yang could not remove the debuff but commanded his servant step in between them both.


Barga - The Mead successfully pulled away from Zhang Yang and unleashed an arrow towards Zhang Yang


Barga consecutively unleashed a second arrow towards Zhang Yang and his HP dropped by more than 50%!

4 Seconds later, with the <Dazed> effect ended, Zhang Yang used a health recovery potion and dashed towards Barga.

Barga being foolish, shot an arrow towards the sky and a volley of arrows fell from the sky like rain.

‘Ding! Barga - The Mead cast <Barrage>, duration lasts 10 seconds!’

‘-1338!’ A damage text floated above Zhang Yang’s head but he quickly rushed out from the range of <Barrage>!

Silly boss!

<Barrage> was used to attack a bunch of enemies but this idiot used <Barrage> on a single target! Besides, once <Barrage> had been activated, it would continuously rain down at a fixed area as Barga remained rooted to his spot. Thus, Barga had turned himself into a huge wooden pole, unable to react to any attacks!

Zhang Yang strode purposefully towards Barga and began a series of attack with his sword.

Perhaps it was too much to call Barga an idiot because it was part of his design. <Barrage> always existed in its skill list to deal with a bunch of players! The bosses in the game were set up to deal with entire parties of players, even more so when the boss was an open world boss, where there was no limit to the number of players allowed to engage them. AoE skills would be a staple part of their combat mechanisms.

All skills that existed in Barga’s retinue would be used based on the situation, and thus, <Barrage> was finally used! In fact, Barga’s <Barrage> was truly destructive as it inflicted 2,000 points of damage for every volley of arrows. If <Barrage> was cast to a group of players crowded together, three volley of arrows would absolutely wipe them out!

Barga had to rely on its comparably weaker melee attacks and every punch he threw was being nullified by Zhang Yang’s <Block>. It only served in activating the set equipment’s HP recovery effect, and a series of green ‘+100’ appeared above Zhang Yang’s head continuously, until he was fully healed!

<Tumble>, <Charge>, <Stumble> and <Thunder Strike>. Zhang Yang corresponded to every skill Barga used and he stuck closely to Barga like a parasite throughout the fight.

Barga used <Breaking Shot> once every minute which posed a significant threat to Zhang Yang but Barga would often do so in poor timing. Whenever Barga happened to cast it at the right time, Zhang Yang used <Berserker's Heal> to remove the debuff!

Five minutes later, Barga - The Mead had lost 370,000 HP and Clear Lotus suddenly turned into a ray of white light and disappeared into thin air.

It was a fair bit of damage output lost, with the servant’s departure, but Zhang Yang kept his cool and dealt with Barga patiently.

30,000, 20,000, 10,000…

Another ten seconds later, Barga - The Mead cried out in agony, falling to the ground and dying in miserable manner.

Finally, it was over!

Zhang Yang raised his fist, his posture clearly conveying his excitement.

Suddenly, Barga - The Mead’s corpse turned into a ray of white light, swiftly reforming again! It was as if he just resurrected himself!

Zhang Yang reflexively swung his sword at Barga, before any thoughts could take form in his head.

His sword hit nothing but air, and Barga remained untouched.

“Warrior, stay your hand, don’t be nervous! For I’m just a soul right now!” Barga - The Mead spoke gruffly.

Don’t be nervous? You assh*le of a corpse, how could I not be nervous after what that just happened?!

Zhang Yang looked carefully and saw that Barga’s corpse had remained on the ground. The Barga that stood beside the corpse, was actually different compared the translucent Barga that stood over it. It was definitely how “ghosts” in game looked like.

[Barga - The Mead’s Soul] (Normal)

Level: 1

HP: 0/50

Zhang Yang let out a sigh of relief as on the head of Barga’s soul showed a huge exclamation mark which marked the availability of a quest.

“Sigh, I had been turned into spectre, no thanks to that Evil Sorcerer. Because of the Dwarves’ secret technique, a part of my soul had survived, unaffected by that Evil Sorcerer, but I have remained trapped in my own tainted body! My soul has finally been released upon my defeat!” Barga - The Mead bowed its head to Zhang Yang and said warmly, “I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Warrior!”

This was a rare scene of a boss thanking a player for killing it!

Zhang Yang smiled and said: “Dwarf, do you have any other wishes that I can help you fulfill?"

Dwarves were a race, bold and straightforward. Iit was easy to deal with them, unlike the ‘hum and haw’ pondering and musings that the noble elf race enjoyed so much, and also unlike hypocritical humans, often riddled with malicious motives. In a way, Dwarves were similar to Beastmen.

“Please, take my my bow, and hand it over to my son at the Hammer Heart Castle!” Barga’s soul looked at Zhang Yang earnestly.

“Ding! Barga - The Mead’s soul has a quest for you: Remnant. Will you accept it?”

“Okay, you have my word!” Zhang Yang nodded his head and accepted the quest.

“Thank you, I hope the God of Titans will always be with you!” Barga’s soul bowed to Zhang Yang again, before dispersing in gentle light.

[Remnant] (Difficulty Level: D)

Quest Description: Hand over Barga - The Mead’s bow to his son, Sith - The Mead! Sith - The Mead lives in the Hammer Heart Castle.

Progress: Hand over [Bow of the Fallen Moon] to Sith - The Mead (0/1)

“Noob tank, have you killed the boss yet?” Wei Yan Er sent a message and asked.

She had already asked once when Zhang Yang was still fighting Barga, but quickly read the situation and left him alone.

“Yeap, he’s dead!”

“Wow, did it drop another servant? You promised to give me a servant!”

Zhang Yang shook his head and smiled as he had never made such a promise, Wei Yan Er had put those words in his mouth. “Little brat, servants don’t fall from the sky! Besides, the tradable servants are only Copper-tiered, they’re nothing much!”

“Waa, you piss me off! I want to kill the boss, I want the servant!”

“Stop fooling around, how’s the situation outside?”

“Hee, people are dying by the dozens, and most of them have given up! It’s so much quieter here now! The Guild Masters of Crimson Rage and Sky High have been unable to contact you but they would like to work with Little Snow and me. They plan to set up a toll at the Underground Tower, keeping the monsters dead. The toll would only allow entry to members of the guilds involved. So what do you think, should we accept?” Wei Yan Er said.

Zhang Yang limited his private messaging function to only his friends, which was why he could not be contacted. He thought about it and said: “Accept their request!”

Although this was somewhat domineering to others, but, in order to become a strong guild, instilling a degree of fear and respect was necessary. Otherwise, people would think that they were pushovers!

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