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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 118 — Sixth Floor

Chapter 118: Sixth Floor

Zhang Yang reached out to loot Barga - The Mead’s corpse.

[Bow of the Fallen Moon] (Quest Item)

Item Description: Remnant of Barga - The Mead, one of the seven sanctified equipment of the Dwarves.

Sanctified equipment! It was just a grade lower than Celestial-tier equipment. Unfortunately, this was merely a quest item. If Zhang Yang got an actual sanctified weapon now, nothing would stand in his way!

Zhang Yang shook his head while smiling. There were two types of sanctified equipment, Holy-tier and Ascended-tier. The Holy-tier equipment could only be looted from above Level 170 bosses while Ascended-tier equipment could only looted from above Level 200 bosses. Zhang Yang was able to obtain only 2 pieces of Holy-tier equipment in his past life!

Dream Technology would not be foolish enough to release such divine equipment and break the balance, with the game being this young.

[Recipe: Legendary Beast Mane]

Use: You will learn to make Legendary Beast Manes.

Requirement: Advance Smithing Skill.

Mining Specialist had always been sending Green-Copper Bars to Zhang Yang, and thus, Zhang Yang already increased his Smithing to Advanced level as he worked on the craft in his free time. All he had to do now was to tap the recipe against his body and learn to smith [Legendary Beast Mane].

[Legendary Beast Mane] (Consumable)

Use: Add [Legendary Beast Mane] to ranged weapon and increase 50 Dexterity points.

It was awesome!

An additional 50 points of Dexterity was absolutely beneficial to Hunter job! The Hunter’s Dexterity was the equivalent of the Warrior’s Strength, and Zhang Yang had only about 170 points of Strength, even with his Gray-Silver equipment. A [Legendary Beast Mane] added so many points of Dexterity. As a result, this item was definitely divine at the current phase of the game!

But looking further at the ingredients for smithing [Legendary Beast Mane], Zhang Yang let out a sigh! It required 10 units of [Silver Bar] and 2 of the [Meteor Fragment]. [Silver Bar] could easily be obtained from the spawn points of Silver Veins but [Meteor Fragment] was a rare drop, and the chances of harvesting it was very low.

It meant that [Legendary Beast Mane] could not be sold in bulk like [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion]!

Zhang Yang thought about it before contacting Mining Specialist, asking, “Master Miner, can you mine [Silver Ore] yet?”

“I have achieved its requirements but I’m only Level 25 and will be unable to reach the locations of Silver Veins!” Mining Specialist replied immediately.

The spawning points of Silver Veins started as high as maps for Level 30 players, it was really hard for a Level 25 player to go reach such places.

Zhang Yang said: “Dude, you should train faster, I’ll be waiting to buy [Silver Bar] from you!”

“It’s not like I’m against the idea of levelling! I wish that I was Level 100 now, mining away Gold and Violet-Platinum Veins!”

Zhang Yang laughed and said: “You should cut down on mining and train more! Those low-grade ores won’t sell for long, higher grade ores are rare and valuable. Go ahead and train, claim your position in the ore market!”

“Alright, alright, I will train later! With more and more players picking up Mining nowadays, the spawning points of Iron Veins are getting scarce. Whatever that took me half a day previously to get takes a full 3 days now. If this goes on, I’m going to starve to death!” Mining Specialist complained.

It would be strange if Mining Specialist really did starve to death! Zhang Yang had bought over 100 stacks of [Green-Copper Bar] from him for 5 gold per stack. The exchange rate was 1 to 5, so Mining Specialist had actually earned 2,500 dollars! Besides that, he must have sold the remaining stacks to other players. It wasn’t much, but he could actually earn another 3,000 dollars.

Zhang Yang knew about it but he had nothing to gain from debunking Mining Specialist and said, “Fine, keep all [Silver Ore] for me when you get there, especially [Meteor Fragment]!”

“Okay, bye!”

Zhang Yang ended the conversation with Mining Specialist and continued looting from Barga’s corpse.

[Skill Book: 10 Strikes]

Use: You will gain the skill: <10 Strikes>.

Class Requirement: Hunter.

Level Requirement: 30.

Unexpectedly, it was <10 Strikes>!

This skill was useless in the beginning as it required 100 Focus Points to be activated and the damage was pretty low which only 40% of ranged attack. But this skill could be leveled up. Whenever a Skill Point was added to it, an extra arrow would be added to the skill as well. When it reached Level 10, ten arrows would be shot at once!

This skill would only start to shine when upgraded to at least Level 5. However, Skill Points were highly limited for players. Zhang Yang and his team who continuously claimed multiple “First Clear” and the additional skill points that came along with them were a different case. Regular players who obtained Skill Books were usually at a high level, but even if they learned <10 Strikes>, they would not have enough Skill Point to increase the skill level.

The requirements of levelling increased as players levelled higher. It would take 3 days for a Level 31 player to gain a level up to Level 40, while at Levels 41 to 50, each level would take 5 days. Players would only be rewarded with a Skill Point after one to two months. How many players could stand to invest in a long term skill like <10 Strikes> instead of gaining immediate advantages from upgrading other skills?

Therefore in his past life, while many Hunter players did learn <10 Strikes>, you would rarely find anyone with Level 5 <10 Strikes> or more!

“None of my concern, really. I’ll just toss this skill book to Fatty Han and Hundred Shots and let the two of them figure it out!” Zhang Yang tossed the skill book into his inventory and continued looting from Barga’s corpse.

The remaining loots were a pile of Green-Copper equipment, a few pieces of [Cotton Cloth] and about 80 Silver Coin.

After looting, Barga’s corpse slowly disappeared.

The door beside the throne creaked opened upon Barga’s death, and Zhang Yang walked down the stairwell, turning 7 to 8 rounds before reaching the sixth floor.

It was a desolate land, and it smelled so rotten that even the Graveyard could not compare! The mud on the ground was masked by a black fog. Visibility was limited to about 10 meters. Zhang Yang couldn’t see anything beyond that.

“Stealth monsters again?” Zhang Yang thought in his mind. This place was wide and open, there were no stelae for him to hide this time, unlike the previous floor.

… This was too perfect for anything that lurked in the shadows!

Zhang Yang cautiously advanced.

One step, two steps… seven steps, eight steps!

The mud on the ground morphed suddenly. Close to his left foot, mud flew up and a figure jumped from the ground, charging towards Zhang Yang!

[Sleeping Warrior] (Elite)

Level: 36

HP: 50,000

Zhang Yang laughed at the circumstances, activated <Block>, simultaneously cutting at the black shadow using his sword.



The monster which attacked him had its whole body covered in mud, even its face was completely covered. Zhang Yang could only see its eyes, glowing with dark flames.

Such eyes were the feature of a spectre. Dark flames were their inexhaustible power source! According to the official statement, it was alright for spectral monsters to lose their limbs as they were undead, they only needed to reassemble themselves!

The spectral monsters would be killed only if their flames were extinguished!

Higher leveled spectres usually had their dark flames hidden inside their body, undetectable at first glance.

“Spectres everywhere! This is seriously getting old!” Zhang Yang slashed mechanically at them.

Suddenly, that monster started to spin at high speed, dull light reflecting off its sword as mud flew off its body.

“Ding! Sleeping Warrior has cast <Tornado Cleave Dance>. Lasts for 3 seconds!”

<Tornado Cleave Dance> caused great damage every second but Zhang Yang’s <Block> also came into effect every second. <Block>! <Block>! <Block>! 3 Seconds later, the Sleeping Warrior stopped spinning and Zhang Yang remained unscathed!

Currently, Zhang Yang was like a God, fighting in single combat against physical-type monsters!

Slash! Slash! Slash! Zhang Yang continuously attacked, removing the monster of all 50,000 HP in slightly over a minute!

‘Ding! You have killed Sleeping Warrior. Obtained 50,000 EXP!’

Zhang Yang looked at his EXP bar, it was at 96% of Level 30. He was close to levelling up! But when he glanced at the Player Level Ranking, Fatty Han and the gang were no longer in the Top 10. Currently, a Level 36 player was in the first position, while the 10th position was held by a Level 34!

The leveling addict, Floating Fire Ball was nowhere to be seen in the Player Level Ranking. According to Fatty Han, someone had hired Sword and Fire Mercenary to kill Floating Fire Ball continuously, causing him to drop 10 levels! Zhang Yang also had thought of killing him previously. However, Floating Fire Ball had a paranoid fear of death, and he always brought along hundreds of members along with him whenever he went training. Those members would lure the monsters to him and he had more than ten healers to stay behind him. So, it was really hard for a Guardian like Zhang Yang to kill him alone unless he killed all of them one by one. Otherwise, it was almost impossible to even spot Floating Fire Ball.

However, Sword and Fire Mercenary had sent out two Thieves who waited for the chance to kill Floating Fire Ball. They found their chance seven days later, to assassinate Floating Fire Ball even amidst his huge crowd of followers, and they had killed him ten times instead of once! Zhang Yang had to acknowledge that “Trash” Mercenary had some capabilities indeed!

Besides the Player Level Ranking in China Server, the system had recently added another new ranking which was categorized by Capitals, where system listed the top 20 Player Level Ranking in each Capital. Currently, those who were in the top 20 of White Jade Castle were the people from Crimson Rage, The Dominators, Sky High and Sword and Fire Mercenary.

Previously, these strong guilds kept their strength hidden. Nowadays, with the many spies pouring in from other guilds, there was no point in hiding any longer. So, the Guild Masters simply let it all out into the open. It was a good method of promoting their guilds as well!

Zhang Yang thought deep, and decided that it was time to show himself in the list again! He was already considered as “public figure”, anyways.

However, even the twentieth player in White Jade Castle’s Player Level Ranking was Level 33. Things were getting really competitive!

“I must get Fatty Han and the gang to train faster! They wasted too much time on the Level 30 class quest!” Zhang Yang sighed gently, “Anyway, those who just bother about getting their levels are going to regret taking the class quests lightly!”

Zhang Yang fought on for two hours before reaching the end of the sixth floor. It was strange that he was able to enter the seventh floor without having to fight a boss!

Zhang Yang walked in and out through the entrance of seventh floor, trying to trigger something, hoping that the boss may be stuck, or bugged, but nothing happened. Zhang Yang was disappointed!

Looking at the time, it was already later than 7 P.M.!

Zhang Yang immediately logged out from the game and went out to get food. He was so busy fighting through the Underground Tower that he had skipped his lunch! He was already feeling faint!

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