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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 119 — Dual Boss

Chapter 119: Dual Boss

After finishing up his meal with his mind refreshed, Zhang Yang reconnected back online.

“Hey, warrior of stink-ass, where have you been?” the attractive voice of Han Ying Xue floated lightly by his ears.

“Entering the seventh floor! How’s the situation up there?” Zhang Yang asked casually.

“Stage clear! We’re currently clearing the monsters in the first floor, and we’re almost done with it. Give us another 10 minutes tops, and we’ll be able to enter the second floor!” Han Ying Xue spoke squeakily, as if she would not accept it if she failed to melt the others with her sweetness and charm.

“Oh, yea…” Han Ying Xue paused for a second, and said, “Sky Shaman and Snow Seeker had been asking about your whereabouts!”

The world system made the announcement, so everyone knew that the value of the land was definitely sky high. Sky Shaman and the others refused to believe that Zhang Yang would sit himself out of this golden opportunity, so it would be natural for them to suspect Zhang Yang planning some scheme in some dark corner of the game.

Zhang Yang asked, “Then what did you tell them?”

“I just told them you’re still crafting potions, you money-grubber!”

Zhang Yang burst into laughter. “You dare to accuse me of being a money-grubber? If I really am, you must be the female money-grubber! We’re meant for each other, then!”

Zhang Yang regretted immediately as soon as he said that. You could flirt with anyone else, just don’t flirt with this witch!

“Tsk tsk tsk, you don’t even have your pubic hair yet and you dare to make an attempt on me?” Han Ying Xue squeakily insulted him.

Zhang Yang thought about throwing back at her, “In fact, I actually have all my pubic hair.”, but giving more thought about it, it would be unwise to do so with this witch, giving her the opportunity to fire him from all directions. So he distracted her by changing topics.

The seventh floor and the floor before it were similar in a way that both were uncultivated and had a gloomy environment. Not a single monster was in sight.

Pushing forward.

“Gong!” the swampy ground rifted open all of a sudden, and a Skeleton with a shield equipped on its left hand and an axe on its right jumped out of it. It lunged towards Zhang Yang without holding back.

[The Shield Holder of Undead] (Elite)

Level: 36

HP: 60,000

A shield-armor warrior type?

Zhang Yang charged straight up to the enemy without hesitation.



Both the monster and Zhang Yang had the word ‘<Blocked>!’ appeared just above their heads.

Zhang Yang felt a pleasant rush, thinking to himself, how many times can this monster use <Block>? Could the monster really compete with him?

The first normal attacks were blocked on both sides. Only a little rage point had been accumulated over the battle as each second passed. It was not even nearly enough rage points to launch any simple skill, so Zhang Yang could only wait for the next turn to attack.



On their second clash, Zhang Yang launched another successful <Block> and avoided the damage while the monster took a solid hit from Zhang Yang’s swing of his sword.

With the accumulated rage point from the hit, along with the rage point from embracing the damage received, he was ready to launch his respective skills.

‘-1,390!’ <Horizontal Sweep>.


A normal attack followed by a skill damage was not enough to cut it, even after using <Block> once after every second. Zhang Yang made preparation for this early on, moving his body with his legs, as he dodged the heavy attacks.

The good thing was that the monster’s skills usually had very long cooldown time, unlike the players, otherwise Zhang Yang would have had to crack his head to win the fight.

Being a shield-armor type, not only did it have a significantly high shield armor defense value, it also had a passive skill that granted 20% damage reduction. Even after slamming 5 layers of <Cripple Defense> onto the monster, coordinated with <Eagle Eye> in effort to bring the defense down to zero, Zhang Yang could only cause so much damage that was still lower than his basic attack damage!

But a low damage was damage nonetheless. It did not bother Zhang Yang to make more cuts. It was just a matter of time, and it did not take that long for the monster to let out a screeching mourn before shattering onto the ground, turning into a pillar of white light and giving a substantial amount of experience points to Zhang Yang.

He touched the dead body of the monster to find only 3 silver coins. “Poor bloody bastard!” Zhang Yang could not help himself but feel despise again and again.

He spent more than 2 hours clearing all the way down and tossing himself around the dungeon before finally reaching the end of the seventh floor.

Rawgh! Rawgh! RAWGH!

Two heavily armored NPCs were clashing on each other. One looked short and fat; without a doubt being a dwarf, with a shield on one hand and a mace on the other. The other one is a big orc with a tall and sturdy body, holding a long spear with both of his hands. Horizontal swipe, slice, chop, poke, every move he made with his spear forged ahead with the vigor and vitality of a tiger!

To have the ability to hold a shield, it must have been either a shield-armor type warrior or a guardian. For the other NPC, it could either be a berserker or a Templar to be able to wield a two-handed weapon. Since both monsters had a rage slot over each of their heads, Zhang Yang was certain that they must have been warrior-type monsters.

[Brandon - The Ale] (Grey-Silver Boss)

Level: 36

HP: 380,000 / 500,000

Note: The battalion commander of the first battalion of Flame Wolves Army. It is definitely authentic!

[Akashic - The Lionheart] (Grey-Silver Boss)

Level: 35

HP: 300,000 / 400,000

Note: The battalion commander of the first battalion of Flame Wolves Army. It is definitely authentic!

So this was why he could not see any bosses on the sixth floor, as they were all gathered here!

Seeing the bosses battling fiercely with each other from afar, Zhang Yang suddenly widened his eye a little, as he suddenly had an idea, “Why don’t I wait until their HP depletes until 100,000 or 200,000 first before I charge in to kill both of them instantly?” So he waited quietly in the corner.

“Akashic, you dumbass orc! Today will be the day I tell you, only shield-armor type warriors are the true warriors of all, and I am the legitimate battalion commander!” Brandon was swinging around his attacks while screaming at his enemy!

Akashic rustled up with two stabs from his spear, “Nonsense! It will never be a coward shrinking in his own turtle shell! Only the fearless man is legitimate to claim the title of warrior! And to think, you becoming my battalion commander, I rather knock my own brain out to the ground!”

“You asshole! No one can criticize the great warrior of the dwarf, especially calling me a coward!”

“Hahaha! I shall pierce your weak turtle shell ass with my almighty spear!”

The two bosses were obsessed with slaughtering each other, leaving Zhang Yang to enjoy watching their drama, cheering quietly from the bottom of his heart! The more ruthless they fight among themselves, the easier it would get for him to clean up the mess afterwards!

The battle among NPC was on a totally different level compared to the battle among players. Just looking at the damage values that popped up on the screen was absolutely terrifying. Damages exploding at 100,000 and 20,000! Taking a moment to imagine, if this amount of damage was applied onto the players, there would be no way out of it at all! Death would be inevitable!

It did not take long for the bosses to bring down their HP to the stage, with one boss left with 30,000 HP while the other with only 10,000 HP.

Zhang Yang was uncertain of whether one of the bosses would actually die by the end of their battle, but he was sure of one thing, a boss being killed by another boss would never allow him to pick up its equipment!

Zhang Yang charged straight up to the bosses, ready to be the fisherman that collected the mussels before the crane, to take advantage of the situation. Bam!



With his <Horizontal Sweep> rising high, he dealt a substantial amount of damage in one shot on both bosses in an instant!

“Despicable c*nt! You dare to interrupt our sacred duel?” Brandon was furious in that instant, brushing up his battle mace towards Zhang Yang.

Akashic aimed the tip of his spear at Zhang Yang as well, yelling furiously, “Human filth! Only your filthy kind would know no shame! I will crush you, you shorty sheet!”

“You dumb orc, do not mention the word shorty in front of me or I shall knock your brain out!” Brandon yelled at Akashic almost immediately.


Both bosses turned their assault towards Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang prioritized his assault onto Akashic as he has the least HP. Using <Destructive Smash> and summoning Clear Lotus at the same time, he commanded her to join their attacks on Akashic.


“Argh…!” Suddenly, both bosses let out a roar at the same time, and their bodies instantly glowed in red light.

“Ding! Brandon - The Ale used <Berserker's Heal>!”

“Ding! Akashic - The Lionheart used <Berserker’s Heal>!”



Two large numerical green texts popped out right on top of Brandon and Akashic’s heads!

“Oh, f*ck me!” Zhang Yang immediately cursed! Are you kidding me? Both bosses knew how to use <Berserker’s Heal>? If their cooldown is as expected to be 2 minutes long, killing the bosses would not be possible forever unless my firepower is strong enough to blow the bosses’ HP to zero in that time!

It was lucky that Zhang Yang used <Destructive Smash> on Akashic before that. Under the influence of decreasing 75% of the healing effect, the <Berserker’s Heal> only healed 100,000 HP!

At that moment, Brandon was at full health, while Akashic only had 110,000 HP!

This meant that Zhang Yang dealt a full 290,000 damage on the boss with one swing of his sword! This was even bossier than the boss! To do a 300,000 damage in a single attack, players would require to equip themselves with a full set of legendary artifacts and use high-level skills with long cooldown time before making that happen!

So cool!

While dodging the attacks from both bosses, Zhang Yang focused all of his damage output on Akashic, swearing to take out one of the bosses first.

With 2 bosses around, it was impossible for Zhang Yang’s <Block> to achieve zero damage! Even with his godly pick-and-roll dodging skill, he would still be caught in some of the attacks. So Zhang Yang tried his best to reserve <Block> for Akashic, because a Berserker warrior would have an insanely high damage output in a single blow which was way too much to be handled, as a Guardian warrior was well known for its low offense and high defense, which meant that Guardians could still hit back even after sustaining some damage!



Brandon’s basic attack was around 1,500, so when it hit Zhang Yang, the damage output was about 900 damage, and with the addition of the [Absolute Defense Ring] effect being superimposed, the damage dropped further to 800. But Brandon knew <Thunder Strike> that had the tendency of dealing damage that ignored <Block> and <Dodge>. The target would suffer as soon as they fall within the attack range. The boss would use the skill approximately after every 10 seconds, causing a considerable damage to the defending Guardian.

At the same instant, Zhang Yang would also tried to unleash his damage on Akashic. With the bosses attacking from both at the front and rear, <Block> was fully utilized to the point that the shield was hit hard, until it flew!

In just a minute, Zhang Yang was beaten to the bottom of his HP while Akashic only had 30,000 HP left! As for Clear Lotus, she took 4 direct hits of <Thunder Strike> and died, letting out a sad cry after.

<Berserker’s Heal>!


Zhang Yang instantly returned to full health and continued to unleash his attacks wildly on Akashic.

Suddenly, Akashic raised up his spear and started spinning in high speed!

“Ding! Akashic - The Lionheart used <Tornado Cleave Dance>! Speed increased by 100%, causes 3,000 physical damage to radius of 3X3 meters per second, last for 3 seconds!”

Zhang Yang would have used <Block> to embrace the boss’s skill if there was only Akashic on the battlefield, but the dwarf was just right beside him knocking him with that big-ass mace, pushing him to use <Block> on Brandon instead!

‘<Shield Wall>!’

Without hesitation, Zhang Yang made a life-saving decision by using the right skill.




10 seconds passed and the <Shield Wall> had faded, and Zhang Yang continued to unleash his assault. Fighting two bosses at the same time was really too stressful for him! But if he could somehow take out one of them, then he would be able to torture the other boss slowly to his death!

<Horizontal Sweep>, <Destructive Smash>, <Force Strike>, <Shield Bash>!

Once again, Zhang Yang was beaten to the bottom of his HP bar again!

The vampiric effect of the [Lover’s Sword] activated!

Kill! Kill! KILL!

Bastard boss, please die faster!

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