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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 121 — Rescue Merlinda

Chapter 121: Rescue Merlinda

Zhang Yang went up to open the silver chest.

10%… 40%… 70%…

Pow! The chest opened. Zhang Yang could see the loots in the chest with his own eyes. 3 pieces of Green-Copper equipment and a bottle of potion.

It was natural that Zhang Yang would not waste time on checking the Green-Copper equipment, as he readily loaded them straight into his backpack. He then took a closer look on the last bottle of the potion. All potions that would fall from bosses or treasure chests were impossible to be crafted or be learned to craft; they were normally very rare and valuable.

Just like these 3 pieces of Green-Copper equipment, they could also be considered to be a product of foundry, leather-made, tailored, but the pattern or design of the equipment was not something players could learn to craft.

[Beginner’s Colorful Potion] (Consumable)

Use: Increase all magic resistance by 1,000, last for 8 minutes.

Cooldown time: 2 minutes.

Level required: 30

As expected, the effect was astonishingly good!

There were 5 type of magic attributes in ‘God's Miracle’: Ice, Fire, Shadow, Nature, and Light. Alchemist players could learn to craft all 5 different types of magic resistance potion, but with only one effect in one potion, never more. It was just like Zhang Yang learning how to craft the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion], only enhancing the shadow resistance of the player. Zhang Yang carefully put the potion into the backpack with a wavering heart.

At first, he was worried about how to take on the final boss, the Evil Sorcerer Terpot Ryhar. Seeing obviously from its name “the Evil Sorcerer”, that boss was definitely a magic-casting monster which would deal in spell and magic damages. Battling an elite spell-casting monster was already hell to him, he would definitely die horribly if he went up against this boss!

But now there was still hope to give it a try after acquiring the bottle of [Beginner’s Colorful Potion].

Zhang Yang went into the tunnel and walked on the stepping stones, with twists and turns all around the places, as he finally found himself a way into the 9th floor of the tower.



“Please help me…”

The countless voices of crying and groaning were heard as soon as Zhang Yang set foot into the floor. He felt a chill straight up in his heart as he gazed around. He could only see the design of the floor and it looked like the wards in the hospitals, not being able to move his eyes away from the neatly placed experimental tables. In every table there was a soul tied up on it; human, elves, orcs, dwarfs, even gnomes!

Every one of their stomachs were ripped open and their limbs cut off. They look utterly in pain! With a few of them still barely alive, they moaned and cried miserably.

Countless Skeletal monsters were patrolling and shuffling back and forth, with all holding swords, maces, axes in their hands. Every step gave off the fractioning sound of the bone joints, combining with the moaning and groaning, making the atmosphere creepier than ever!

“There is no doubt he is one evil sorcerer, much eviller than Jack the Ripper or any BBK1 kind!” Zhang Yang instantly lifted his Lover’s Sword and started charging forward. In an instant, he approached a Skeletal monster and he continued to charge forward explosively.

[Elite Guard] (Elite)

Level: 36

HP: 80,000

Even though the HP was slightly more, it did not change the fact that it was still a monster that only dealt physical damages. That meant that the monster would only be tortured to death slowly by Zhang Yang!

A minute passed, and the elite guard roared in anger before turning into white light and died, leaving some loots behind.

Zhang Yang picked everything up and continued to push forward.

It was a slaughter all the way down, killing countless monsters, leaving countless insignificant items and equipment to occupy Zhang Yang’s backpack to the point that he had to cast away some invaluable stuff to clear out spaces for better things to come.


With another monster beaten death to the ground, Zhang Yang went on to touch the dead body as he would.

[No.1 Laboratory Key] (Special item)

Use: Open the door to No.1 Laboratory.

Zhang Yang went blank for a moment. Even though there were hundreds or even thousands of experimental tables, none of it was categorized as “room/laboratory”. He took a closer look at the monster again, noticing that the name was really different from the other monsters. This was labeled as “No.1 Laboratory Guard”.

It didn’t matter for now, just put it in the bag first and think about it later.

Zhang Yang kept the key and continued to move forward. Killing, slicing and chopping all around, it took him 3 hours to finally reach the end of the floor.

Look at the time, it’s almost 1am in the morning! Wei Yan Er and the gang had definitely gone offline to sleep by now.

But remembering what they told him earlier, Crimson Rage, The Dominators, Sky High and the other guilds were progressing overnight with the resolution to acquire the server’s No.1 [Land Lease] title!

Thus, Zhang Yang lost his courage to sleep or rest anymore!

With the bosses in every floor being taken out by him, there was no way the other players above would be delayed for too long by the monsters and the traps. He would wake up to find that he was surpassed by others, or might even loose his [Land Lease] to others!

So, he decided to go all out, then! It was just staying overnight for this one time!

The entrance of the 9th floor was similar with the 8th floor. With the door opened wide, it meant that there was no boss in this floor. Zhang Yang gazed further; if there was not any boss in the area, there should at least be a treasure chest lying around somewhere.

There was no treasure, but on the same spot where a treasure chest would be found, there was an intermediate small room made of stones with the door locked, and it would not budge.

Zhang Yang took out the key from his backpack, and with the slightest effort, “click!” he opened the lock on door and pushed the door wide open.

This was a standard laboratory with many reagent tubes braving a variety of color bubbles in the corners of the room. There was a large experimental bench in the middle of the room. On top of the desk lay an Elvish female, with her four limbs and her neck shackled in the form of strange halo. She could not even move an inch.

There was an infusion tube inserted into one of her arm, transmitting some kind of green chemical substance into her, only god knows what that could be!

The Elvish female overheard the sound of the door opening, forcing herself to look over. When she realized that it was an actual pure human walking through the door, her face instantly revealed her surprise and joy buried within her heart, “Brave warrior, please help me!”

[Captived Merlinda - Song of the Forest] (Elite)

Level: 45

HP: 38,123/45,000

Right above her head was a huge yellow exclamation mark!

“Friendly elf, can you tell me how could I help you out of this place?” Zhang Yang did not believe that he could easily cut those strange looking halo shackles off her so easily.

“I have been held captive by the Evil Sorcerer Terpot Ryhar with his Shackles of Shadow, and only the Elemental Stone can free me from these shackles! The Elemental Stone is in the hand of Ron Weasley - The Death General. He is in the deepest place you can find just beneath next floor. Brave warrior, please help me, I can feel that my will has been forcefully shaken, the evil force of Terpot Ryhar is affecting my beliefs to the God of the Moon, and I will not be able to hold it for much longer!”

Merlinda uttered a painful groan.

‘Ding! Captived Merlinda - Song of the Forest has assigned you a quest: Rescue Merlinda - Song of the Forest, accept or decline?’


[Rescue Merlinda - Song of the Forest] (Difficulty: S-rank)

Description: Slay Ron Weasley, take the Elemental Stone from him, and rescue Merlinda - Song of the Forest! You can locate Ron Weasley at the 10th floor of the Underground Tower.

Note: You must be fast. If Merlinda’s soul is being controlled by Terpot Ryhar before that, the quest will fail.

Progress: Rescue Merlinda -Song of the Forest 0/1

Zhang Yang noticed that the HP of the NPC dropped by 90 since she began talking. It was dropping about 3 HP every second! If the NPC supposedly hit the bottom of her HP bar, it would only mean that she would be controlled, just like the bosses in the previous floors, becoming an undead soul!

After a series of calculation, Zhang Yang realized that he only had 3 hours left! Although it seemed well, but in practicality, clearing the monsters and minions of the whole floor would take about 2 to 3 hours, in addition with the time to slay the boss, the time gap just got so much tighter!

Without wasting any precious time, Zhang Yang headed straight to the entrance of the 10th floor after accepting the quest. Even though he did not know what the use of rescuing the NPC was, but since the system has assigned an NPC here, she must have a special role in it!

‘Server Notice: Player Zhan Yu has become the first player to enter the 10th floor of the Underground Tower, getting closer to the [Land Lease]!’

Zhang Yang just set foot into the 10th floor when the system decided to give him a big surprise with an announcement!

With shock going through his spine, Zhang Yang almost cursed out of anger!

The plan to make a fortune silently had been interrupted by the server announcement that attracted the crowd. Fine, I can live with that. But announcing him setting his freaking foot onto the 10th floor? That was like informing every player on the top without getting anything in return; telling them that there was someone clearing the floor faster than them!

Originally, conflicts exist among guilds such as Crimson Rage, Sky High, and The Dominators. Even though they were temporary joining forces together to charge further down the tower, they would still try to slow each other down, hoping that they were leading at the front line. A little delay in time could do no harm anyway. It would be even better if they could get other guilds to get themselves killed in the process!

But in this sudden event, being made a fool by the system server, whether it was the guilds in the White Jade City, or the remaining guilds in the other seven main cities, everyone temporarily put down their grudges against each other and worked together to clear the floors all the way down the Underground Tower!

Fighting against each other again? Things were about to be taken away, what kind of fart do they still think about fighting against each other for?!

The original plan was to enter the stage quietly, but now… This is just great, the whole world knows about this now!

“F**k me!” Zhang Yang was already rushing to complete his quest, and now he could afford to make any more mistakes.

The 10th floor of the Underground Tower had fewer monsters, but the monsters were mostly magic type. It was the most hated monster-type of all for Zhang Yang to face in battle!

[Hermione's Witch Apprentice] (Elite)

Level: 34

HP: 30,000

With a <Charge>, followed by summoning a puppet, he continued with some mad hack and slash attacks!

As Zhang Yang held all his anger and grudges within him for quite some time, he finally found a chance to vent it all out on these monsters. Charging his way through, he staggered his <Berserker’s Heal> and the <Lifesteal> effect of [Lover’s Sword] together to put them into good use, and when both skills are on cooldown, he would use some bandages to make up for it.

The lucky thing was that there was not that much monsters on the way. Zhang Yang already reached the end of the stage in about 40 minutes or so.

The door to the 11th floor was tightly shut, with a gray shirt man standing in front of the door with his sword. The man had an extremely tall body and both eyes blinking with a ghostly green flame, indicating his identity as one that became an undead soul.

He held a large and long sword in his hand.

[Ron Weasley - The Death General] (Gray-Silver leader)

Level: 36

HP: 600,000

Note: Terpot Ryhar’s best servant.

This should be a physical-type boss!

There was no need to fear! Not to mention it had just 600,000 HP. With even 1,000,000 HP, he could still take the boss out!

With a raise of his [Lover’s Sword], Zhang Yang charged forward to the boss with quick steps.

With no time to lose, he had to act fast, whether it was to rescue Merlinda, or to stay in the lead to obtain the [Land Lease]!

1BBK - The author used this term to describe a sort of horror element. I have no idea what this BBK stands for.

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