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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 123 — Double Assassination!

Chapter 123: Double Assassination!


‘Ding! Ron Weasley has used <Shadow of Death>, all physical attacks have been increased with additional 100% dark-shadow damage, last for 5 seconds!’

During the voice notification from the system, Weasley was swinging his huge sword, at that moment surrounded with dark-aura, charging towards Zhang Yang in huge steps, ready to cleave him in two!

<Shield Wall>!

<Block>! <Block>! <Block>!

‘-800!’ ‘-800!’ ‘-800!’

With effects of <Shield Wall> and <Shield Oath> in play, the damage was reduced by 80% The 3 huge swings that could have dealt 4,000 point of damage ended up only doing 800!

With his final trump card, <Shadows of Death> having been used up, the boss was finally set on the one and only path remaining - the path to his demise!

Zhang Yang was in the zone, swinging the sword in his hand, slicing and dicing, ferociously depleting the HP of the boss.

24%, 23%, 22%…

The boss’ HP continued to drop, from 15% to 10%, and then down to 5%. Victory was already beckoning Zhang Yang!

4%, 3%, 2%, 1%!

“Argh… Master Terpot Ryhar shall revive me! I will be back! I will definitely be back!” With that, “Clang!” Weasley dropped his huge sword and his tall body collapsed heavily onto the ground.

‘Ding! You have slain Weasley Ron, and acquired 600,000 Experience Points!’

Zhang Yang turned his head to glance around, and he could see that a new batch of monsters had begun respawning further away from him. The respawning boom would catch up to his position in no time! Time… There was no time to waste! He hastily grabbed all the loot dropped from the dead body of Weasley Ron and jammed them into his backpack, before he turned around and jogged to the 9th floor.

As he rushed back, two thirds of the monsters had already respawned and were blocking his way, leaving him with no choice but to clear them out one by one.

Taking advantage of that moment of brief respite to eat snacks to restore his stamina and HP, Zhang Yang finally had the time to look over the loots he obtained from earlier on.

[Glory of the Undead Warrior] (Gray-Silver equipment, Ring)

Vitality: +20

Strength: +10

Equip: Recover 30 HP in melee combat when attacking. Maximum rate of activation: Every one second.

Level required: 30

A <Lifesteal> ring!

Lifestealing equipment such as this one did not seem much by themselves, but if they were equipped as sets, a recovery amounting up to a few hundred points of HP would definitely be something!

Zhang Yang immediately replaced his initial ring with the new one, putting the Level 20 Gray-Silver ring into his backpack. Even though the ring was no longer useful to him, it was still an awesome piece in the eyes of 90% of the current players. It was still highly sellable.

[Proof of the Deceased] (Gray-Silver equipment, Holy book)

Intelligent: +54

Level required: 30

Profession: Sacred Knight.

Holy book was a special equipment exclusively meant for Sacred Knights and could be equipped in the secondary weapon slot. This was because Sacred Knights were unable to equip staffs despite being a magic profession. They could only wield maces as their primary weapons and Holy Books as their secondary.

“It’s such a pity that we don’t have any Sacred Knights in the gang at the moment!”

Zhang Yang could only sigh. Although Priests and Sacred Knight belonged to the same healing role, both of them had different focus points. Priests were more focused on group healing while Sacred Knights were more focused on healing individual targets. But with Han Ying Xue who has such a large large capacity (mana), supporting two players at the same time should not be a problem at all!

Other than the two Gray-Silver grade equipment, there were also 7 or 8 Green-Copper equipment. However, Zhang Yang was keener on getting a skill book, but that did not happen. Of course, the quest item [Elemental Stone] was among the loots, lying quietly within his backpack inventory.

After equipping the ring with the <Lifesteal> effect, Zhang Yang’s efficiency in clearing monsters had found itself on another level. A recovery of 30 HP in one second did not seem much, but over time, that would be a total of 1,800 HP recovered in 1 minute, almost equivalent to two Grade 2 healing potions!

Another half an hour passed, and Zhang Yang was finally back at the 9th floor.

The moment he walked out of the stairs, Zhang Yang could vaguely feel an unusual disturbance in the air. He instantly pulled his sword out and acted, and slash at the top left position in front of him.


Blood splashed, a shadow figure was abruptly hit by Zhang Yang and he came out from his stealth mode!

‘Ding! You have initiated an attack on 44 Bandits. You are now penalized with the Red Tag! If you are killed in this condition, you will drop by 2 levels and have a 100% equipment break off!”

It was this 44 Bandits again!

Zhang Yang lit up with a murderous glare, it did not matter if they tracked him on purpose or it was a meeting by chance, he would not hold anything back for the sake of his [Land Lease]!

“F*ck!” 44 Bandits let out a curse, “How the hell did you see me?!”

He also never expected to see Zhang Yang suddenly coming out from the stairs of the 9th floor. Even he was caught off guard, leaving him to wonder, how his opponent discovered him in stealth.

That could only be described as a sixth sense that Zhang Yang had developed over 3 years of experience in battling Thieves, nothing else!

Zhang Yang grinned, “Hey brother, there’s demand for my head again?”


Talking was one thing, but his hands kept moving. Those hands did not show a single bit of mercy, coming straight up with a <Horizontal Sweep>, he took a big chunk of HP away from 44 Bandits!

44 Bandits only had a total of about 4,000 HP, give or take. Being sliced two times by Zhang Yang had taken half of his health already! Shocked, he groped for his HP potion while trying strike back, “That’s right, you better be frank and let me slay you a couple of times, who knows if I’m in a mood, I might just kill you a few times lesser!”

Zhang Yang was surprised at those words. He consulted his instincts. A Thief being forced out of his stealth mode, facing a same level Guardian with the same level of equipment and a full health bar, yet had that expression on his face. This was not bravado! There must be another agenda behind it!

That was the instance where Zhang Yang felt another faintly unusual disturbance behind him… there must be a second Thief!

With an instant change of mind as swift as lightning, Zhang Yang summoned his servant Clear Lotus.

< Ambush>!

Another vague shadow appeared from behind of Zhang Yang, striking straight on the back of Zhang Yang’s head, knocking Zhang Yang into stunned state.

“Haha, you must have never thought that there were 2 of us. Let’s see how you die with our dual attacks! I shall get my revenge for the - Huh?” 44 Bandits was still laughing proudly until he saw servant Clear Lotus’s appearance, suddenly he uttered a sound of surprise!

“Who is this… No, a servant! What is this sorcery?”

<Substitute> skill activated!

Servant Clear Lotus immediately replaced Zhang Yang to be stunned. Zhang Yang swung his sword and took another slash at 44 Bandits.



At the same instant, the two Thieves unleashed a flurry of attacks, but they could only helplessly watch their attacks invoke the word that crippled their psyche - <Immune>.

Zhang Yang burst out in laughter, activating his <Destructive Smash>!


A critical attack that directly sent 44 Bandits to his demise!

Zhang Yang turned around and faced the other thief directly, Not Telling My Name.

Hmm, another famous player to be in the future, it was unfortunate for him to face Zhang Yang this soon!

Not Telling My Name was the type who let his actions do the talking, calmly reentering his stealth mode. His opponent had just been hit with regular attacks, there was no way for the opponent to instantly activate any skills at the moment with so little rage points. He will evade the enemy for now, before striking like a poisonous snake in the dark. When the opponent was at his most vulnerable state, he would jump out of his hiding to give the final blow to his opponent!

Zhang Yang closely followed after the thief, with his invincibility still in effect, the thief’s <Ambush> posing no threat whatsoever.

<Blood Rage> activated, increasing his rage value by 30 points!

<Thunder Strike>!


Not Telling My Name was instantly forced out from the shadow, a damage value appearing on the top of his head. His face unable to hide his surprise, never expecting Zhang Yang to have this much Rage points.

The 5 seconds of the <Substitute> effect was over, and Clear Lotus recovered from her stun. With a “poof!” she instantly appeared behind Not Telling My Name with <Shadow Walk> and began her assault!

Zhang Yang had also followed up in tandem, slashing wildly.


The whole body of Not Telling My Name turned translucent.

Both Clear Lotus and Zhang Yang found themselves striking a ghost.



The word ‘missed’ appeared on top of Not Telling My Name’s head, with no changes to his HP bar. Some attacks from Clear Lotus managed to deal some damage occasionally, however.

Zhang Yang widened his eyes for a bit, and said, “So you have learned <Blur>!”

[Blur] (Level 1): Draw from the power of shadows to shroud your attackers, causing them to miss 75% of their attacks. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown time: 10 minutes

Had it been mastered it to a full 10 levels, the cooldown time would be reduced significantly to 5 minutes. It was an emergency life-saving skill like the Guardian’s <Shield Wall>! However, <Blur> was not one of the skills taught by the Thief Class Instructor, it was a rare drop from a certain Field Boss!

Not Telling My Name did not say a word, swinging his 2 long sword he resumed his assault on Zhang Yang. Unlike 44 Bandits, he was a fighter-type thief, far more effective in direct combat, unlike the literal cloak and dagger play style of agility-type thieves.

But the moment he swung his blade, he lost sight of Zhang Yang, unable to even see a trace of his shadow. The two swords landed on nothing but air. He vaguely realized that Zhang Yang had moved behind him, so he quickly turned. As he turned and turned, he could only see Zhang Yang’s shadow out of the corner of his eye as the Guardian fleetingly stayed in his blindspot!

Not Telling My Name was shocked and stunned, as he attempted to charge forward, backpedal, side-step rapidly in order to face Zhang Yang! But Zhang Yang was just like a chewing gum, staying on his *ss!

A master player! Definitely a master, second to none!

Not Telling Your Name had used the same tactic before to toy with some players before killing them. This required both operational skills and situational awareness that far surpassed the capabilities of the opponent. He once took pride in that, but now the role of the predator and the prey had been switched, leaving him with cold sweat and a bottomless pit in his stomach. He wanted to bang his head against the wall, having been played with like that!

10 seconds had passed in the blink of an eye, <Blur> was over!




With a series of cuts, Not Telling My Name was manipulated, tortured to death, and butchered alive, with no chance of facing Zhang Yang from the front at all!


Zhang Yang sheathed his sword, looking at the two corpses on the floor, smiling broadly.

Those who might become master players in the future were still in the learning stages, like how toddlers learning to walk. With an additional five years of experience, on top of his vastly improved self in his new life, Zhang Yang would not let anyone surpass him!

So tremble on, rookies!

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