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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 126 — Chimera

Chapter 126: Chimera

“Yo Boss. Not Telling My Name and I would take a while before we could rejoin you!”

44 Bandits and Not Telling My Name had just only revived themselves and had to start all over again from the first floor. It was just like any save point system of any regular dungeon. At the floor, both of them would have to fight the monsters with <True Sight> head on, since <Stealth> was no longer an option.

There were players around, joining them in their crusade down the tower. However, the other players were in similar circumstances as 44 Bandits and Not Telling My Name. They too, had died before and were separated with their main party. Alone, they could not perform any better and those who had just revived.

Dominating Blade was speechless. “How could you not beat Zhan Yu? There’re the two of you and only one of him!”

“That bastard was just too strong for me. It only took him 2 to 3 strikes to kill me off! I didn’t even have a single second to react!” 44 Bandits complained.

Dominating Blade ignored that ridiculous excuse, he continued on and asked the other guy.

“What about you Not Telling My Name? Didn’t you have the skill called <Blur>? What’s your excuse? That you’ve been killed without having time to react?” Dominating Blade was confused. Not Telling My Name was one of his elite members. He was only able to defeat Not Telling My Name in a friendly match thanks to his <Shield Wall>.

“I did use it!” said Not Telling My Name. “It’s still useless! That guy stuck to my back like a gnat! I couldn’t shake him off! <Blur> ended by the time I managed to get back on track!”


Everyone in Dominating Blade’s party sucked in a breath collectively. They knew that their own ability was fairly strong. They thought they could just play with Zhang Yang, like a lion playing with its food. However, when someone as strong as Not Telling My Name was defeated by Zhang Yang in such a manner, they knew that he had overly underestimated Zhang Yang’s prowess.

“What do we do now boss?”

“…pick up the pace. We have to kill him before he gets to the last boss!”

It was time for the prize!

Just by looking at it, Zhang Yang grew excited when he saw a silver glimmer.

[Hermione’s Staff] (Gray-Silver, Staff)

Magic Attack: 522-558

<Level 1 Socket>

<Level 1 Socket>

Equip Effect: Increase critical chance by 1%.

Level Requirement: 30

“Was Han Ying Xue’s staff a level 20 Gray-Silver?” Zhang Yang rubbed his chin as he tried to recall. “Oh well. I’ll give this to her if she needs it. Or I could sell it if she doesn’t.”

[Petrification Necklace] (Gray-Silver, Necklace)

Vitality: +15

Dexterity: +15

Equip Effect: Creates a chance to <Petrify> the target on every attack received. <Petrified> targets will be immobilized and cannot perform any action. Lasts for 2 seconds. This skill will only trigger once every 30 seconds.

Level Requirement: 30

OP equipment. It was too bad that the attribute was Dexterity. This item could be useful for Hunters and especially Thieves. Since Hunters were ranged attackers, and they had their pet to help them take damage, the effectiveness of the necklace would be at minimum. Thieves had to fight at an extremely close range. The necklace effect would be at best when Thief-class player trade blows rapidly with a monster or another player.

Hmm. Too bad Sun Xin Yu had logged out. Zhang Yang had wanted to have a little more fun with her.

The rest of the equipment here were only of Green-Copper tier. Zhang Yang did not even take a second look and scoop them all into his inventory.

“Warrior! We do not have much time left! I can feel the evil sorcerer’s magic grow stronger by the minute. We cannot drag this any longer!” said Merlinda.

Zhang Yang stood up and replied. “In that case, let us depart with haste!”

After the death of Hermione, a door at the corner of the library unlocked. The door opened and revealed a secret staircase that led down to the 12th floor.

‘Server announcement: Player Zhan Yu is the first player to set foot in the Underground Tower 12th Floor! Player Zhan Yu is now getting closer to the Land Lease!’

Keep calm… Keep calm…

Zhang Yang muttered to himself and observed the entire floor.

The area around this floor was somewhat smaller than the previous floor. He could clearly estimate that this entire circular field was only around 200 meters in size! There were lighted torches hanging on the wall. However, the light from it was so dim that they only illuminated 5 meters around each torch. The rest of the field, mainly the center, was completed covered in darkness. Metal chains dangled from all over the ceiling as if they were massive cobwebs. It felt like this was the lair of a beast that was currently hiding in the darkness, ready to jump out anytime.

“All du lah fe li zi do ri ah som lu!” Merlinda chanted as she pointed her staff toward the darkest region of the area.

Orbs of light started to form at the tip of the staff and flew across the area, giving off a bright and warm sensation as the light touched Zhang Yang, and the entire field was illuminated like stars in the sky.

“ROOAHHH!” A thunder growl blasted through the air. The walls and everything on it started to shake. Torches rattled in their metal holders. Dust dropped from everywhere.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Like the sound of a train crashing into one another, a huge beast appeared in the field. Its entire structure was the shape of a dog. It was almost 10 meters in size and 4 meters in height. It had 3 heads with boney wings attached to its back. The 3 heads were not that of dogs but of a wolf, a lion, and a tiger. Every head was panting, their jaws open and slack. Foul, viscous fluid was dripping from its lower jaws.

[Chimera, the Demon Hound] (Gray-Silver)

Level: 38

HP: 800,000

Note: Terpot Ryhar’s experimental product.

“By the gods! That sorcerer! He has done it! H-he has done it!” Merlinda’s face went pale. Her voice was shaken.

Zhang Yang asked calmly. “What is that?”

“He had always wanted to create the ultimate beast. He had been experimenting with animals. To combine them all into one, to make a Chimera so powerful that it has the power to crush an entire civilization! T-the world…We are doomed!” Merlinda dropped to her knees and cowered.

“H-he has done it! Our world…the Union…everything will be destroyed!”

“ROOOAHHHH!” All three heads growl together in unison and started to charge towards Zhang Yang.




Zhang Yang quickly countered the attack. He gritted his teeth and said. “As long as we kill that sorcerer, as long as we kill the source of this madness, the world will be safe from this kind of threat!”

Merlinda raised her head. Her pointy ears flicked. “T-that’s right! The world will be safe without the Evil Sorcerer Terpot Ryhar! In the name of the Moon God and everything he stands for, bless this humbler follower! Grant this servant of yours strength to vanquish this evil from this earth!”

She waved her hand out and casted a <Higher Regeneration> to Zhang Yang.

The Chimera would not stop attacking him. Each head had its individual rhythm of attack that it felt like there were 3 individual monsters attacking him at the same time. <Block> could not properly negate every single attack from the beast.




Zhang Yang stacked 5 layers of <Cripple Defense> and summoned Clear Lotus immediately after. Because of its insanely quick attacking frequency, Zhang Yang had to maximize <Block> to its full capability, simultaneously raising his overall damage since <Shield Bash> could be triggered every time <Block> was used.

‘-304!’ <Block> reflect damage.

‘-607!’ <Shield Bash>.

Just these skills alone had 900 DPS!

Even when Hundred Shots, or Sun Xing Yu, or Wei Yan Er were hitting a stationary boss, their DPS was only around 700 - 900! So far, anyone who had DPS higher than 500 was considered to be insanely strong!

If he included his normal attack and the other skills such as <Horizontal Sweep>, <Destructive Smash> and <Force Strike>, his DPS would already sky rocket to 1,800! That was not normal! It was not even beyond insane! Zhang Yang had reached a level beyond any professional player!

Just like that, Zhang Yang’s super powered attack had managed to reduce the monster’s HP by 10% in just 40 seconds!

“HOOOAHHH” The Chimera howled and spread its wings out, covering nearly every inch of the stone chamber.


The wings started to rotate like a high-powered screw driver. The sight of it truly struck fear into anyone who witnessed it.

‘Ding! Chimera the Demon Hound has used <Mad Wings>. Every target in the effect range will receive 2,000 damage per second for 3 seconds!




Everyone, including Merlinda and Clear Lotus took damage. Clear Lotus had only taken 2 damage ticks and fell defeated.

Zhang Yang had to quickly consume a healing potion to save himself. The Rage gauge was already filled instantly by that attack, allowing Zhang Yang to spend it all to attack with a chained skill. [Servant] was just too weak against strong AoE skills.

However, if she was replaced by any other player, they would have suffered the same fate as she did.

89%, 88%, 87%…

Even without the summoned [Servant], Zhang Yang could still deal as much damage as before.

The boss unleashed <Mad Wing> again at 80% HP threshold. Zhang Yang activated <Berserker’s Heal> and survived the onslaught.

75%. No other skills.

50%. No other skills as well.

Looks like this boss had only one skill. However, that skill alone was enough to kill 99% of other party!

Zhang Yang could not help but worry. What if, he had brought the others along with him, how would they have attacked?

…Supposedly, it should start with normal attacks. Before the <Mad Wing> could be unleashed, Zhang Yang would have the party withdraw all the way to the entrance of the floor. The party will come back and continue the attack only after the skill was cast. It looked like the skill range could not surpass the border to the previous floor. During that time, the tank would have to rely on his own potions and skills to endure the damage.

40%… 30%… 20%!

No matter how earnestly the boss unleashed the skill, Zhang Yang managed to survive each time by switching between <Berserker’s Heal> and the <Lifesteal> skill from the sword. It was just the same against any other physical attack type boss facing Zhang Yang. Their attempts to kill him would be the same as a dog trying to eat a porcupine.



Over and over, the boss could only roar as no matter what it did, it cannot stop Zhang Yang from tearing it apart.

7%! 4%! 0%!


The monster fell in an enormous heap! Like a crumbling mountain, it sent tremors all over the place. The stone floor even cracked at where it fell.

‘Ding! You have successfully killed Chimera the Demon Hound! Obtained 800,000 Experience Points!”

“You’ve made it! Oh! Brave warrior! The world will be indebted to you!” Merlinda praised. “I have never seen a valor of warrior such as you!”

Alright… stop kissing my ass.

Zhang Yang swept every loot into this inventory without taking a look. Except one.

[The Bones of the Chimera] (Gray-Silver, Shield)

Defense: +300

Vitality: +120

Equip Effect: Every attack you received will have a 2% chance to miss.

Level Requirement: 30

It was a pity that the shield Zhang Yang was currently wearing had a +1 <Block> effect. He could not use the new shield there and then.

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