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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 128 — Lease Obtained!

Chapter 128: Lease Obtained!

“Rise! My slaves! Fight for your master!” Terpot Ryhar waved his staff towards the party, and many skeleton monsters began to crawl out from the ground beneath everyone.

Dominating Blade and Floating Up were quite responsive. They both unleashed <Thunder Strike> and <Devotion> in the split second to keep every monster there. At the same time, they were side stepping towards the boss to prevent any monsters to attack then from behind!

However, unlike Zhang Yang, both of their Defense values were only below or around 260 points. Even if the monsters were attacking from the front, they could deal at least 60 to 70 damage. The <Summoned Servant> skill would create 20 monsters for every player on the field. Since the party, excluding Zhang Yang, had 5 surviving members, the summoned monsters totaled up to 100! The tanks would at least have to “eat” 3,000 damage alone! Though they might have the <Brave> set-equipment, it would only help them recover 2,500 HP or so; it would not be enough to cover the HP they had lost!

3 seconds later, and another <Rain of Flaming Spear> dropped down.

‘Ding! Player Point And Kill has died!’

‘Ding! Player Beauty Healer has died!’

Boom! Just like that, they lost two more members, leaving only 3 men standing.

“Damn it!” Dominating Blade was so angry at himself. Initially, he thought that he could take advantage of the situation, to have Zhang Yang killed and claim the boss as his own. Who knew that the boss’ attack would be so strong that he could kill every one without even getting close to them! If Dominating Blade revived, he would have to start from the top of the dungeon all over again! By then, it would already be too late!

“Teeheehee…” Zhang Yang snickered.

“What an honor to meet the famous Mercenary! I had always wanted to meet you guys! Who knew that we would actually see each other here! What a coincidence?”

Coincidence, my ass!

The surviving members cursed under their breath, but there was nothing that they could do to turn the tide. How could a single Sacred Knight heal everyone?

Boom! Another <Rain of Flaming Spear>!

‘Ding! Player Dominating Blade has died!’

‘Ding! Player Floating Up has died!’

‘Ding! Player 7 Feet Boobies has died!’

That attack had killed off every single player from the Mercenary group.

However, the problem was not solved just yet. The summoned 100 monsters still remain even after the Mercenaries were defeated. Soon, every single monster turned around and set Zhang Yang as their new target to be destroyed.

Damn it! What a drag!

20 to 30 monsters were not a problem for Zhang Yang to control. But when the numbers increased to 100 and more, Zhang Yang was drowning in monsters like a drop of sugar among ants. With the monster all over his back and front, his shield defense lost its meaning. Every attack was around 300 and more!



Zhang Yang started to attack the monsters. He cast <Thunder Strike>, followed by a <Horizontal Sweep>. Countless of ‘-284’ and ‘-1,600’ damage texts popped out. Zhang Yang then used <Block> to give himself a little room to breathe and the reflected damage text popped out endlessly. On one hand, the boss was not chasing after him. Without the need to go closer, the boss could still hurt him since <Rain of Flaming Spear> had a massive attack range.

The moment Zhang Yang had dealt with the surrounding monster, another batch came flocking in. Zhang Yang tried his best to move around, to try and make the monsters to flock together into a cone shape so that he could at least try to bottleneck the monsters. However, no matter what he did, there were just too many to lure! If he were to expose his back for even a second, he would not be able to heal back the lost HP! There were many ‘-1!’ damages but also a lot of damages that exceeded 200!

Luckily the monsters had only 3,500 HP maximum. Since Dominating Blade and his war buddies had damaged them a little, Zhang Yang could wipe them all quickly after recovering his HP with <Berserker’s Heal>. Zhang Yang stopped killing when he had made sure that the remaining monsters were around 20 or so. Zhang Yang changed his target and started to hack and slash at the boss.

The remaining 20 monsters followed Zhang Yang while still hitting on him endlessly. With many ‘-1!’ damages Zhang Yang received, he was healing 100 HP all the way happily.

Finally! Zhang Yang gleefully screamed in his heart. He was able to solve that problem.

50%, 40%, 30%, 20%!

From the looks of it, Terpot Ryhar only had two skills, <Rain of Flaming Spear> and the <Summoned Servant>! If he had only used the massive AoE attack over and over, he would be the undefeatable boss Zhang Yang had ever faced so far. Lucky for Zhang Yang and bad luck for Terpot Ryhar, the boss had also used the <Summoned Servant> to “help” Zhang Yang turn the tides of war!

15%, 10%, 5%!

“We’re finally here!”


“The system had not announced anything yet! The lease is definitely still there!

“Look! There’s someone fighting there!”

“Go! Go! Go! Kill the boss and get that lease!”

Among the chattering, it looked like there were 60 to 70 players that just arrived to this floor. Following closely behind were many more players that were bottlenecked at the entrance!

“Take a look! The boss has only 4% left!”

“Haha! The timing was just right for us!” Humbly Gentleman laughed. “Brother! Get the boss! Get the lease! The Dominators are the strongest!”


“Go.” Sky Shaman on the other hand commanded his team calmly.

Snow Seeker was smiling on one end thinking, “Zhan Yu… Indeed you have proven yourself as the best fighter there is. To think that if we had arrived just a few minutes later, you would have gotten your hands on the lease! What a shame!”

She immediately contacted Zhang Yang via the voice messenger.

At the same time, the boss unleashed a wave of raining spears!




Everyone received a devastating damage.

Zhang Yang was not afraid of them coming in to KS1 the boss. He was more concerned about the <Summoned Servant>! Right now, there were so many players that just arrived. If the boss used <Summoned Servant> now, it would definitely spawn a large swarm of skeleton monsters. When the players would be killed off, who will the skeleton monster target next? Even if Zhang Yang did everything that he could, he would still be trampled alive by the sheer number of them!

Zhang Yang picked up the call. “What can I do for you, guild master Snow?”

“I’ll be direct. We will help you to block the other players here to buy you some time. In return, I want my guild to have a part of the [Land Lease]!” Snow Seeker offered him a bargain with hopes that someone as smart as Zhang Yang could accept. Unless Zhang Yang was a GM2 of this game, he could not survive the attack from all 3 super guilds at the same time! Even so, there were no GM in this game in the first place!

Without showing any sign of slowing down, Zhang Yang laughed and replied. “Guild master Snow, I suggest you’d better withdraw from this floor! You could at least still save some repairing cost!”

“What are-“

Boom! Another wave of <Rain of Flaming Spear> came down and caused a chaotic scene among them.

“What the hell? Did the boss just use another ulti?”

“Damn it! Heal me now! I only have 346 HP left!”

“Go back! Go back to the entrance! Wait until the boss is finished with his ulti and then we’ll come back around!”

“Stop your bull crap! By the time we wait until the boss finishes his ulti, he will be dead! Just rush in and kill the boss! The skill will stop when he’s dead!”

Some people were just being a Captain Obvious. The skill will stop when the boss is killed. That seemed natural. But could they even come close? Even the Mercenaries could not get close enough and died midway, how could a mediocre “elite” team from 3 super guilds handle the pressure?

“Rise! My slaves! Fight for your master!” When it all came down, the boss used the one skill Zhang Yang feared the most.

The field was instantly flooded with countless of skeleton monster that started to swarm the guilds.

Boom! Another wave of flaming spears! Just in the nick of time!

‘Ding! Player MahGroin has died!’

‘Ding! Player Stormbringer has died!

‘Ding! Player Annie RU Okay has died!’

A series of system notification flooded the channel.

Zhang Yang did not pay any attention to them. He continued to concentrate on killing the boss




By the time the boss hit 1% HP, everyone was either healing on one side or running around like a lunatic on the other. The situation was chaotic! The Skeleton monsters formed a brigade that looked like a swarm of hornet. Wherever it went, no one would survive! Just in a little time, all 3 super guilds were completely killed!

Thousands of skeleton monsters turned around and started to “buzz” towards Zhang Yang!




With only a drop of blood left to kill of Terpot Ryhar, the swarm of monsters had arrived and flooded Zhang Yang.

<Shield Wall>!

<Merlinda’s Shadow>!







‘Ding! You have successfully killed Evil Sorcerer Terpot Ryhar! Obtained 10,000,000 Experience Points!’.

Thud! The boss dropped on the floor. Zhang Yang did not stop. Swiftly, he took all the loots and shoved them into his inventory without even glancing at any of them. He did not even notice a black glowing orb that was among the loots.

‘Server Announcement: Congratulation! Player Zhan Yu had obtained the first [Land Lease]! The battle of Underground Tower is now concluded! All monster respawn rates in the tower will return to its normal rate!’


<Shield Wall> ended after 10 seconds and Zhang Yang started to receive damage faster than a minigun could fire! Zhang Yang become a hero just by enduring a few seconds in the last scene!

‘Ding! You have died!’

Zhang Yang let out a long sigh of relief. He then released his soul from the body and was sent to the nearest graveyard. He was not alone there. There were many players around who were still wondering how did they perished!

“Zhan Yu……” Snow Seeker contacted Zhang Yang again. “I had never thought that you could still grab the lease when its completely chaotic down there!”

“Haha! Guild master Snow should not be that disappointed. This is not the only lease in the world you know! There will be a chance for you to have them as well!” Zhang Yang consoled her. Zhang Yang was not bluffing. In his previous life, Crimson Rage had obtained many land property in the past and one of them was on the hotspot, right in the center of Crimson Sky City where its true value would be shocking to know.

“Hehe! In that case, you would not mind that if you would hand over the lease to us! We will return you a lease the next time it’s available!” said Snow Seeker while wearing a playful smile on her face.

“Huh? Hello? This is odd. Why can’t I hear anything? Hello!! HELLLLOOO! Guild master Snow! Are you still there?”


Zhang Yang ran to the entrance of the Underground Tower. Without any command prompt window, he felt a sudden jerk and was revived immediately on the spot.

“Luckily I had managed to prolonged my death for a little longer! Or else, I had to run all the way down again to collect my goods!” That thought alone sent shiver down his spine. To think that he had to go through the sea of monsters again, he could actually feel sick!

Zhang Yang tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and went back to White Jade Castle. It was already morning by the time Zhang Yang was done with the tower. Zhang Yang immediately logged off.


1KS - Kill Steal. A term used by most MMORPG gamers whenever someone else come to deliver the last killing blow to the monster that he or she were killing first. In most games, the last hit was the determining strike that will have the player who strike the last blow to have the most benefits. Other player might be able to steal the other players’ monster’s loots by delivering the last hit.

2GM - Game Master. The administrative personal of the game itself. They have complete authority over the game and can basically do anything they want.

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