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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 132 — Invitation from Snow Seeker

Chapter 132: Invitation from Snow Seeker

Ah! What a waste! Zhang Yang had only earned 2,000 gold coins!

Zhang Yang sighed a little. He thought that he could have at least earned a little more before they gave up. Oh well, since they did forfeit their challenge, there was nothing else he could do. Zhang Yang summoned the mount and rode to his Little Merchandize Shop. From afar, he could see that there were at least 20 players in the shop, checking out the goods.

“Not bad.” Zhang Yang nodded.

Outside the shop were a few nerds surrounding Natalia. They would not stop peppering Natalia with questions. Natalia answered each and every question coldly. Her cool, devil-may-care attitude was truly impressive. She could make that bunch of lonely nerds drool all over the street.

Sigh…what losers. They would even try to flirt with an NPC!


The voice messenger rang. Zhang Yang glanced at the notification and saw that it was from Snow Seeker. He accepted the call without hesitation.

“Guild master Snow, is anything the matter?”

“Nothing…Why can’t I simply talk to you when you’re free?!” Snow Seeker voice was neither soft nor sugar coated. Her voice was something Zhang Yang could not properly determine. It was on a borderline of between direct and kind. It was somehow enticing, subconsciously convincing another to have a longer conversation with her.

“Of course you can!” Zhang Yang did not bother arguing. He knew that man will always lose to a woman in an argument.

Snow Seeker giggled playfully. “I merely jest. Indeed, I have some matters to tend with you. The reason I’m calling you was that I’d like you to help us, the Crimson Rage, to fight a boss!”

Zhang Yang was stunned by her sudden request. “Haven’t you guys already beaten the Garden before? I remember that you even managed to break the speed record!”

“No. I mean…It’s not a dungeon boss! Y-You have your own team. How could I ask you to waste your entrance count on us!?” Snow Seeker wavered a little. “It’s a field boss. Yesterday, we spent a whole day just trying to take it down. We suffered several complete wipe outs for at least 30 times!”

“Oh ho…” Zhang Yang raised an eye brow. He was interested at where this conversation was going. A dungeon is always there, always available. The refreshment period of the dungeon was short and quick. Anyone could form a proper party to raid the dungeon whenever they wanted to. That was why, even though dungeon loots were strong, they were never as strong as the equipment found on a field boss! There could be only 1 or 2 of them in an entire region. If someone else kills it, there won’t be another one replacing it anytime soon. The items that could be found from this field boss were extremely rare. Zhang Yang’s mount, [Skeletal War Horse] was one of such.

“What’s the boss name?”

Snow Seeker smiled. “If I tell you that now, you might take advantage of us. Who knows? You might even wait until every one of us is dead and claim the boss loots for yourself?”

“Hey!” Zhang Yang cried out defensively. “Do I look like that kind of person?”

“You’re not. But as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Humans are just wolves in a skin suit.” Zhang Yang could hear pain in her voice. She quickly laughed it off. “How about it? Will you lend us a hand? As a reward for your help, I will give you one item from the boss loots. I will even let you have the first pick!”

Zhang Yang started to think. He recalled the scene yesterday when every other guild were there to kill the boss for themselves. Snow Seeker on the other hand, had approached Zhang Yang to ask for cooperation instead. From a Guild master’s perspective, that was a rather bold move.

No matter. This is a kind gesture. A favor to be precise. That said, Crimson Rage is a strong guild now and will be even more so in the future. If he could get on their good side now, it would only benefit him and his guild, the Lone Desert Smoke!

Zhang Yang made his decision on the spot. He nodded. “Okay. I’ll help. Recruit me!”

Snow Seeker immediately sent over a party invitation. Zhang Yang was added into the main party once he accepted the invitation.

In ‘God’s Miracle’ the party member limit could reach up to one thousand. Within the huge party, 50 members would be compartmentalized as a sub-group. There would be a total of 20 sub-groups. In the party list window, those sub-groups looked like a series of chain webbing. You could click the name of each group to see a party of 50 players inside. Each sub-group would have their own communication channel. They could also be able to listen to the main party communication and see any announcement made there.

Crimson Rage’s expedition party had 13 sub-groups, with a total of 637 members. Zhang Yang entered the party and was immediately assigned to be in the first party with Snow Seeker.

Zhang Yang briefly scanned the area and found that all 49 members were female, by IGN at least. He was the only one that stood out among the crowd.

“Everyone, please welcome Guild master Zhan Yu!” Snow Seeker announced in the party channel.

Not long, a continuous chain of greetings in the form of chirps and shrill cheers broke through the air. They came in varying tones, cold, sweet, a little overtly excited, and a little monotonous. No matter the tone, all he could hear was the slightly higher pitched voices of females. Zhang Yang had thought that he had fallen into the Themyscira, the Amazonian island of Wonder Woman. He could not help but think that if other male players had joined Crimson Rage’s party, they would either be high in ecstasy or be completely femininized by them on the other end of the same scale…

“Attention. From now on, only sub-group leaders are allowed to use the public channel, the rest of the member are only allowed to communicate within their own sub-groups! Let’s proceed. Just like we did yesterday! Spread out, and rendezvous at the Bison’s Hill!” Snow Seeker laid out her instructions clearly and full of commanding aura.

Zhang Yang joined Snow Seeker and her team and gathered at the Gryphon Manager. Some of his team members were familiar faces. There was Thorny Rose, White Orchid, and Perfumed Water. All of them made up a party of 10.

When Zhang Yang joined the girls, he was greeted by the rest but was insulted by Thorny Rose.

“Hmph! Bloody Swindler!” It was hard for her to forgive him.

Zhang Yang curled his lips and defended himself. “Well. Technically, I didn’t rob of you of anything. In fact, you were very much on the winning side there. For your information, 2 pieces of [Refined Iron Ore] could be traded for more than 70 pieces of [Iron Ore]!”

“What has that got to do with you running off with our [Iron Ore]s!” Thorny Rose was frustrated. She jumped up angrily, causing her 34D huge boobs to bounce up and down vigorously.

Zhang Yang sighed. “Didn’t you say it yourself, that you will not resort to sexual appeal whenever you lose in an argument against me! I’ve got to warn you though. I don’t have much resistance against that!”

Thorny Rose was even further infuriated. With one hand on her waist, and the other pointing at Zhang Yang, Thorny Rose held her chest up high. She was fuming mad.

“That’s enough Rose. You’re being fooled here. You’ll fall into his trap if you’re angry!” Snow Seeker laughed lightly as she pats her shoulder.

“Sister Snow! I really hate that guy!” Thorny Rose rolled her eyes at Zhang Yang.

“Alright, alright. Let’s go!” Snow Seeker cried. “Fly to Goodlands Town!”

Everyone sat on the Gryphons and flew off. Along the way…

“…Fei Fei, the guy that you met yesterday. How did the date go?”

The party channel started to filled with the idle conversation.

“Sigh…the guy is another big pervert. He would even get busy with his hands while we were watching the movie!”

“So Fei Fei, did you give him a good slap in the face?”

“Coral. It’s not like you didn’t know. Our Fei Fei is also a big sl*t, born to ride that stallion. She could do it forever till kingdom comes!”

“Damn b*tch! How could you even come up with such a description of me like that!”

“You stupid swine! Don’t keep those obscene thoughts to yourself!”

“Honestly though Fei Fei, did you really go twenty toes with him?”

“Yeah yeah! Say! Say! What happened?”

“I mean. What can I do? He wanted it. He took the shot! I’m not the kind that would say no, so yeah. We did it!”

“Hehehehe. How was he? Was he good?”

“Ehhh…He looked good, but he wasn’t that good in bed! I must say, he was so horny in the car. It was like he was so dry. I was thinking that he probably haven’t been with a woman in his past 8 lives! That guy got on me and was done before I could even feel anything at all! I had to go back home and do it myself. Sigh…”

“That’s right! Hah! Might as well get a vibrator than a boyfriend. Am I right?!”


“AHEM!” Snow Seeker purposely coughed loudly as she could no longer hold in her shame. “Girls, I’d like to remind you that we have a guest here!”

Only then did the girls lower their voices. Eventually their whispers turned into full conversations again. Zhang Yang could make out words like “length”, “size”, and “endurance”. Even Zhang Yang began to tremble at the power of a woman’s dirty talks. Once these women were brought together, they could just go on and on about any topics at all. It is no wonder that two women could just talk for an entire day!

The Gryphons’ speed were fast but even so, they took almost half an hour to reach their destination. Afterwards, they walked into the depths of the mountains. All subgroups of the party were beginning to converge there. The numbers started to grow as more and more groups arrived. The entire plain was filled with women’s chattering. There was a sense of power among the girls.

Even as a Guardian with super high defense, Zhang Yang knew that he could not withstand the number of lashes and heart piercing talks from the girls here. He lowered his head and followed Snow Seeker obediently like a dog and his owner.

As they proceeded further into the mountains, the region name changed from Goodlands Town to Bison’s Hill.

Bison’s Hill was pretty straightforward. There were Wild Bisons everywhere. However, no matter how ferocious they looked, they were just puny little calves from the girls’ perspective. There were even several girls there voicing out that they want to cut down the Bison’s horns, saying that they were better at performing compared to certain adult body parts. That topic alone induced a vigorous power among the girls.

The expedition took another 30 minutes to reach the peak of the mountain. The surface of the peak was extremely flat and wide. It felt like the peak was sliced away by someone else. The place was as huge as the football fields you see in the FIFA world cup! This field had a 10-meter tall and 1 meter wide stone pillar struck in the middle of it. On the top of the pillar was a gigantic humanoid monster sleeping on the flat surface of the pillar. It’s entire body was covered in pieces of grayish rocks. There was moss grown all over the rocks on his body. The giant rolled over and a gigantic arm dangled from the edge of the pillar. It was as long as 10 meters!

The monster was sleeping soundly. Its snores were so loud and powerful that the nearby sand and rocks were rolling back and forth with each breath.

Zhang Yang selected the monster and examines its properties.

[Chalvos, King of the Mountain Giant] (Silver-Gray, Elemental Being)

Level: 40

HP: 50,000,000

Note: He was a King. But he got exiled when he has lost the fight for the true King’s position.

Zhang Yang had never fought this boss before in his past life. But he did once fight another King of the Mountain Giant! That was a level 120 Mythical tier boss! One strike could kill you several times over! Every attack he has was imbued with AoE damage and Knockdown effect! A true party killer!

Zhang Yang turned to Snow Seeker. He knew that they had died over 30 times and must have a clear understanding on every skill the boss had.

Snow Seeker smiled knowingly back and said, “This is Zhan Yu’s first battle! I will now repeat the attack plan! This boss’s attacks are simple. He would either strike the target or stomp the target. Either way, both of his attacks has the same effect. Direct attacks would deal around 4000 physical attack, which would create a shockwave, causing 3000 physical damage to targets within 35 meters. It would also cause a Knockdown effect which would cancel spells or skills casting.”


Spellcaster, Hunters, ranged attackers could only have a maximum 30 meters attack ranged. Healer also had a 30-meter healing range. If anyone wanted to heal or attack, they would have to enter the boss’s blast wave range and take 3000 damage. On top of that, it was a AoE skill. This would inevitably end up with a huge mess. The boss also had the ability to interrupt skill casting. If the healers were interrupted, the tank could be killed instantly!

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