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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 133 — King of the Mountain Giants

Chapter 133: King of the Mountain Giants

The special feature of a field boss was that they had at least one powerful AoE skill. Even if there was a sea of players coming to kill him, they would be killed off with a clean sweep! The key to victory was not about the number of players!

“Zhan Yu will position the boss dead center in the field. The rest of us will spread into a circle. The first 50 attacking will attack within the 30 meters’ range. The healers will form another circle 20 meters behind the first circle to escape the boss’s attacking range. The first group of attackers will surely die as the healer will be unable to heal in time. Once the first team is down, I want the second team to take over the line. Do not break the chain!” said Snow Seeker’s beautiful voice echoed clearly in the party channel.

“Fragrant! Petal! Both of you are in charge of healing Zhan Yu personally. Bitter Coffee, your team will stay behind and heal Fragrant and Petal. You must not let them die!”

“Yes Ma’am!” said the female army in unison.

Zhang Yang turned around and saw two human Sacred Knights standing behind him. Both of them were quite beautiful. Fragrant Baby was slightly taller than Little Petal. However, both of them were very well built. Their waists were slim and slender. Their butts matched the size of their breast, both pairs were full and well developed.

Zhang Yang checked their properties and was surprised to see them.

[Player: Fragrant Baby] (Sacred Knight)

Level: 32

HP: 4320

MP: 1520

[Player: Little Petal] (Sacred Knight)

Level: 31

HP: 4260

MP: 1510

Both of them had such high HP! They must have added all their AP (Attribute Point) to Vitality! There was no way they could have more than 4000 HP when their equipment was only level 20 Gray-Silver tier! Their MP was at 1520, that’s just too little!

The most orthodox method to build a Magic class character was on a ratio of 3 AP on Vitality and 2 on Intelligence. The other common method was 2 AP on Vitality and 3 on Intelligence. If they had followed the orthodox way, they would have around 3600 HP maximum with their current equipment. Unless they had somehow managed to boost their HP, there was no way that their HP would exceed 4000!

Zhang Yang had to open his mouth. “As expected of the infamous Crimson Rage super guild. You have all sorts of dedicated builds here!”

Magic type classes all depended on Intelligence. Now that those two guys had sacrifice that and had invested all their AP in Vitality, they must have a tough time grinding their level. In order to level up properly, they would have to depend on others to, in a way, donate experience points. However, it looked like their levels were rather high. It must be the work and dedication of their guild!

Snow Seeker smiled gently. “We have many types of healers here with special builds. There are the full Vitality builds, but we also have full Intelligence builds and also full Spirit builds. All these are designed to handle different types of situations!”

Zhang Yang nodded his head, acknowledging her ideals. This was how a guild performs. How could you ask someone to give up on their plans and to invest in this sort of unorthodox, highly risky build? However, this was still the early stage of the game. When players start progressing further, the weapon levels will go higher, thus providing more bonus attribute. The bonus attribute could get so high that the attribute invested by the free AP would be negligible. You could even stock up all your AP without investing them and you’ll get 1500 AP when you reach level 300. That amount was nothing compared the attribute points gained from equipment!

Still, right now, those two had only over 1500 MP. How are they going to last?

Frowning over their stats, Zhang Yang stared back and forth between the girls and Snow Seeker.

Somehow, she knew what Zhang Yang was thinking about and answered him. “They have <Grace>!”

[Grace] (Passive): Recover MP every time you receive healing. Convert 10% of the healing amount to MP.

<Grace> is a skill that only Sacred Knights could learn. This skill was not obtainable from the class quest, but through skill books. According to the early designs of the game, this skill was made specially for Sacred Knight. Since Sacred Knight is a class that depended on both Vitality and Intelligence, their MP and HP could not be as high as the other class. Originally, their MP would not last after a series of skills. How else to replenish their MP, but need to acquire this skill and have others healing them.

What a heavy expense!

Zhang Yang sighed mentally. <Grace> skill books were extremely rare, yet both of Crimson Rage’s Sacred Knights were able to procure these skills. They must have a certain amount of strength to do so! The skill does not shine really well in normal fields. However, now that they could fight bosses like Chalvos, this skill has become their ultimate weapon!

Argh! A guild’s power sure are strong!

Zhang Yang had to praise her. “Guild master Snow, you sure have a full head of ideas huh!”

Perfumed Water smiled slyly and said, “Hehe! Our Sister Snow here indeed has her head full of ideas. But you know what else is full and huge? Her tits!”

“Perfumed!” Snow Seeker uttered a rather cute squeak. She was so abashed that her cheeks turned pink. Normally they would have made similar jokes amongst themselves and Snow Seeker would not have anything against that. However, now that there was a male around, she was embarrassed beyond words.

Little Petal started to laugh. “Brother Zhan Yu! Our Sister Snow is still single, and ready to mingle. We could help you pull some strings and set you up on a date! Sister Snow is a lady among ladies! Not only that she is beautiful, she was also very smart and brave. She is the perfect wife any man could have!”

Once by one, soon the entire party started to talk up Snow Seeker to Zhang Yang. The scene was like several sales promoters in the supermarket, trying their best to get you to buy their product. In this case, the thing that they were selling was none other than their own guild master.

“Please…STOP…” Snow Seeker quickly stopped the scene before it could get any worse.

“Please get ready for the fight now! Take your potions!”

She turned over to Zhang Yang; he could still some pinkish hue on her cheeks that had not faded away. “Zhan Yu, everything is in your hands now! Yesterday, we were wiped because Fragrant and Petal were interrupted during their healing. The tank was killed instantly which eventually leads to a team wipe!”

Zhang Yang nodded his head. “I understand. I will do my best!”

“Prepare yourselves! We are starting now! Healers! Team 1 attackers! In your positions now!” Snow Seeker than gave the signal to Zhang Yang and he nodded back.

“Here I go!”

Zhang Yang unsheathed his Lover’s Sword and dashed towards the boss.

1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters,…10 meters…20 meters!

Still, the boss remained asleep! Even when Zhang Yang was already so close to him, he was still snoring happily.


Zhang Yang slid across the ground and stunned him.

Unfortunate, the boss was not stunned. Instead, he merely stood up. His gigantic body was so tall that it looked like he was touching the sky! Chalvos looked down at Zhang Yang and bellowed. “Who dares disturb Chalvos’s slumber! Chalvos will destroy him!”


Zhang Yang swung his sword in answer and raised his Rage to 41 points. Both <Cripple Defense> and <Horizontal Sweep> were cast simultaneously. The boss’s defense was so strong that Zhang Yang had to stack up 5 <Cripple Defense> to see how he could damage him.

Crimson Rage’s first attack team got into their position. After an instant, fireball, frost arrows, arrow heads were raining down on the boss.

The boss growled loudly and stretch out his arms to grab the pillar.

Crack! Boom! Chalvos pulled the pillar out of the ground, sending tiny broken pieces of debris flying everywhere. Some of them hit Zhang Yang armor, bouncing off with metallic “Ding Ding Tang!” chinks.

The boss then swung the pillar around like Sun Wu Kong and his golden staff, smashing Zhang Yang with its edge.


The pillar struck Zhang Yang hard, at the same time giving off a strong shockwave that emanated everywhere. The first attacking team was hit by the waves and received 3000 damage each.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

All players within 30 meters around the boss had fallen down, revealing their hidden regions out to the sky as skirts bunched up and legs spread eagled! The healers outside the main circle was healing as hard as they can.

“Hahahaha! Now I have something to play with!” Chalvos laughed menacingly.

Zhang Yang had received around 3000 damage in an instant, causing his Rage gauge to fill up instantly. With a swift stroke, Zhang Yang quickly converted all that built up Rage into damaging skills.

<Cripple Defense>!

“-314!” <Cripple Defense>.

“-1610!” <Horizontal Sweep>.

“-764!” <Force Strike>.

“-224!” <Thunder Strike>.

Since Rage was currently not a problem for him, he could just spam all his skills without worry.



Fragrant Baby and Little Petal’s heals had landed on Zhang Yang. As Sacred Knights, they had stronger healing in terms of single target. Even though they only had around 500 magic attack, they could heal over 1000 HP by casting <Holy Light> which took a mere 2 seconds each! That was even stronger than Han Ying Xue’s healing capabilities!

Chalvos’s attacking speed was not fast nor frequent. He only lifted the stone pillar after 3 seconds and struck Zhang Yang’s head with it.


Zhang Yang immediately used <Block>. Since he had equipped the [Combined Elemental Shield], <Block> skill level had dropped down to level 9. The cool down was at 6 seconds!


Even though Zhang Yang had blocked the attack, the attack could still generate the shockwave that exploded everywhere and caused everyone around to fall over.

Both Fragrant Baby and Little Petal fell, but they quickly got up and recast the healing spell to heal Zhang Yang.

Chalvos was laughing happily as he saw the players around falling over. Zhang Yang had deduced his laughter to be as innocent as a child playing with a dog. He then lifted the pillar and struck Zhang Yang like the game, whack-a-mole.

This time, Zhang Yang had no <Block> to use. He quickly rolled over and evaded the attack!



Even though he was able to avoid the attack, the shockwave was generated and knocked him off his feet. Zhang Yang leaped to his feet as swiftly as he fell and quickly attacked the boss.

Zhang Yang had managed to stack 5 layers of <Cripple Defense> but the boss’ defense was so strong to begin with, that it still had a Defense value measuring over a hundred. Hunters around the boss were having a headache but the Spellcasters were not affected.

Chalvos attack pattern was indeed quite simple and straight forward. He would use the pillar to smash and the shockwave would knock down players around. Zhang Yang could endure the attacks but the attacking team could not. Even though they had a team of healers supporting them, eventually, they would all still perish after 1 or 2 turns of smashing.

Zhang Yang continued to slashed the boss as he talked to Snow Seeker. “Why didn’t you recruit just a few elite attackers instead of a whole team? They could last longer if all the healers here were only focusing on a few of them instead of 50?”

“It’s too slow! The fight will be dragged on for too long. The tank might not be able to last the whole fight!” Snow Seeker replied quickly.

That explanation didn’t seem to make sense to Zhang Yang. The boss’ attacks occurred once every 3 seconds. His <Block> cool down was 6 seconds, which would enable Zhang Yang to properly block off half of the assault. The remaining attacks would not be a complete hit either! Zhang Yang would only receive damage from the shockwave instead. 2000 damage was not that much, and 6 seconds was a luxurious time for the healers to heal him back!

As if he wanted to further confuse Zhang Yang, Chalvos smashed Zhang Yang once with the pillar and suddenly lifted a humongous foot, and brought it down on his head. Almost like a mountain dropping on his head, Zhang Yang felt a huge pressure crushing his skull.

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