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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 134 — Collapsed and Crushed

Chapter 134: Collapsed and Crushed

Zhang Yang had just used <Block> three seconds ago, and there was no way he could evade that giant foot, so he simply had to take the full blow!

Time froze, as he did some quick calculations in his mind.

His Max HP was 5,780 and 2,112 HP had already been deducted as he received damage from <Shockwave> earlier. He had 3,668 HP remaining. If Chalvos’ attack did 4,000 base damage points, The damage Zhang Yang going to receive would be around 3,000, so he could withstand that foot just fine, even if it was cutting a little too close.

But to be on the safe side, Zhang Yang still drank a bottle of health recovering potion and instantly, his HP rose to 4,668.


Chalvos’ giant foot landed on Zhang Yang, and a huge damage text floated above his head, along with a debuff icon!

<Collapse>: You were stomped on by Chalvos! All your armor was completed destroyed. Increases all damage received by 100%. Last for 10 seconds


Zhang Yang immediately said: “Guild master Snow, why did you not mention this debuff from Chalvos!” Zhang Yang had defeated the Mountain Giant in his previous life, but there was nothing like this debuff!

“Ah, I forgotten!” Snow Seeker apologetically covered her mouth with her tiny hands, her eyes full of genuine remorse.

Oh god, this woman will be the death of me!

This time, <Shockwave> occurred yet again during the <Stomp>. Those who had landed on their butts not a moment ago, were hit by <Shockwave> again before they could get up! The interval between the two <Shockwaves> was just around one second and the damage inflicted in total was about 6,000, instantly killing a lot of players!

Luckily, Fragrant Baby and Little Petal had ten healers continuously healing behind the two of them. With their abundant HP and equally abundant healers, they survived the ordeal! However, they missed out on so many healing opportunities! They got knocked down, and got back up, and got knocked down again! It was just like the song "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba!


Chalvos swung at Zhang Yang with a pillar once again.


This time <Block> was used promptly without delay which gave Fragrant Baby and Little Petal enough time to cast healing spells.



Zhang Yang’s HP recovered up to 3,807.

“Little one, I’m going to crush your bones!” Chalvos laughed out loud, he raised the pillar and swung at Zhang Yang yet again.

Without a doubt, this time Chalvos would actually kill Zhang Yang! As Zhang Yang had a debuff, increasing all damage received by 100%, even a <Shockwave>, would cause at least 4,000 damage points to Zhang Yang. Once the tank dies, the whole team would be annihilated completely!

No wonder Crimson Rage was annihilated more than 30 times yesterday. When tanks encounter this situation, tanks would usually use lifesaving skills to buy some time. The problem was, how many times could the tank use such lifesaving skills?

Zhang Yang rolled aside once again to evade Chalvos’ attack, activating <Shield Wall> at the same time.


Terrifying! Even though Zhang Yang used <Shield Wall>, he still received at least 1,000 damage from Chalvos’ attack!



Fragrant Baby and Little Petal healed Zhang Yang steadily.


Three seconds later, Chalvos attacked once again with a pillar.




Hu! Zhang Yang let out a sigh of relief, finally, the debuff on Zhang Yang’s body had expired.

However, Snow Seeker’s brow was furrowed! As far as she knew, there were only two lifesaving skills for Warrior which was <Shield Wall>, used once every seven minutes, and <Berserker's Heal>, used once every two minutes. In addition to that, the lifesteal effect of Lover’s Sword could be used once every three minutes.

After going through many times of annihilation yesterday, she knew very well that Chalvos’ <Collapse> occurred as frequently as every minute! Under those circumstances, the most reasonable skill sequences used by tank should be:

1 <Berserker's Heal>,

2 Lifesteal effect of Lover’s Sword,

3 <Berserker's Heal>,

4 <Shield Wall>

5 <Berserker's Heal>,

6 <Lifesteal> effect of Lover’s Sword,

7 <Berserker's Heal>,

If no mistakes were made in this sequence, they could actually survive for seven minutes!

Crimson Rage could roughly reduce Chalvos’ HP by 14% every minute, which gave them a high chance to defeat Chalvos!

However, once <Shield Wall> is used first, they could only survive for four minutes! After four minutes, they would definitely be annihilated completely!

Certainly, this was only a theoretical scenario! In fact, if they made a slight mistake, it could cause the whole team to wipe out as well. They spent an entire day trying to defeat Chalvos, and the best record they manage was only five minutes as somewhere, somebody, or something would make a mistake, leading to the eventual collapse of the entire party!

This was why she invited Zhang Yang as their tank against Chalvos, and she was greatly impressed by Zhang Yang’s tanking ability!

“Forget about it, I should be blamed as I had never mentioned the sequence, he’ll figure it out himself the next time!” Snow Seeker said to himself.

99%, 98%, 97%… Although the party was huge, only about 50 players could deal damage at any given moment. Besides, they were constantly knocked down. This greatly reduced the total DPS, with most of the players only able to use use four to five skills before being killed off!

10 groups of damage dealing teams lined up one after another, each team containing 50 members. It was like an assembly line of attackers, whenever the damage dealing team at front line is killed off, another damage dealing team would replace them. The dead members would resurrect at the graveyard, recuperating. The distance between this place and graveyard was quite far, so these 10 groups of member were functioning in an endless cycle, 9 groups of member either dealt damage or were in the midst of running back after resurrecting, with only 1 group of member remaining in the graveyard to recover.

However, in this game, the durability of equipment would decrease by 10% each time a player dies. So, when a player has died ten times, then the durability of equipment would almost be gone and they would need to search for a blacksmith to fix their equipment! When each team having died more than 10 times, it would cause their damage dealing to be reduced even further, unless they have second equipment set!

A minute later, Chalvos’ HP reduced by 14%.


Zhang Yang raised his shield to withstand the pillar hurled by Chalvos towards him. <Shield Bash> immediately activated at the moment of impact.


After applying 5 stacks of <Cripple Defense> on Chalvos, Zhang Yang’s damage dealing skills were maximized!

Chalvos roared loudly, suddenly lifting up his giant foot to stomp on Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang instantly received huge damage, at the same time, once again receiving a debuff from <Collapse>!

Fragrant Baby and Little Petal were interrupted when they cast healing spell half way, they both fell flat on their backs, their skirts slipping up to reveal their pink undergarment as well as their slim, fair legs.

“Hahaha, I had fun playing with you guys!” Chalvos laughed out loud, once again knocked over with pillar!

Even if Zhang Yang evades the direct blow and merely takes damage from <Shockwave>, with a debuff increasing all damage received by 100%, and with his current remaining HP of 2,868, he could have died even if he drank a bottle of +1000 HP recovering potion!

‘<Berserker's Heal>!’


Zhang Yang instantly recovered to full HP, at the same time rolling aside to evade Chalvos’ attack.


A stupendous damage text carrying a ridiculous number floated above Zhang Yang’s head!



Fragrant Baby and Little Petal had finally cast healing spells on Zhang Yang, relieving Zhang Yang’s urgent need of HP recovery!




Three seconds later, Zhang Yang’s <Block> cool down timed up, giving the Sacred Knights time to heal him.


The debuff of <Collapse> had finally worn off, and Zhang Yang immediately drank a bottle of health recovering potion, recovering his HP to 2,448.

They survived Chalvos’ <Collapse> once again!

They continued fighting and reduced his HP.

85%, 84%, 83%… Chalvos’ HP reduced at snail’s pace!

After <Block>’s cool down time was amended, tanks were forced back to the ear when they needed to anticipate a boss’ actions before deciding to use <Block>, otherwise, the one second duration of blocking frontal attacks from the enemy would be wasted! However, Zhang Yang started this game earlier in this life, except for him, no other Warriors ever enjoyed one-second duration of blocking frontal attack from the enemy, so it did not matter whether he used to it or not.

Still, how the <Block> was used would actually reflect the differences between an excellent tank and an ordinary tank. Zhang Yang always used <Block>just right in time without wasting a <Block>. Therefore, he also saved a lot of room for the healers to cast healing spells and subsequently reduced the possibility of the tank getting knocked down which could lead to the demise of his team!

72%! They had lasted 3 minutes!

Zhang Yang used <Block> once again to dodge Chalvos’ attack. But at this moment, Chalvos lifted up his giant foot again!



<Shield Wall>, ready! <Berserker's Heal>, ready!

Lifesteal effect of Lover’s Sword activated!

Once again, they got through the third time of Chalvos’ <Collapse> thrillingly!

At the third minute, <Berserker's Heal> cooled down completely and they got through Chalvos’ <Collapse> once again.

At the fourth minute, Chalvos’ HP remained at 44% and the fifth occurrence of Chalvos’ <Collapse> was coming!

Snow Seeker could not help but sigh. At this time, all of Zhang Yang’s skills were not ready, how could he possibly survive this?

Despite her slight disappointment, she was still full of admiration towards Zhang Yang. From the beginning till now, except for Zhang Yang’s skill sequence was incorrect, he performed perfectly in all aspects, he never wasted his <Block> and every round he only absorbed the damage from <Shockwave> which greatly eased the pressure for healers to perform healing!

In comparison, Crimson Rage’s main tank, Little Apricot, was not that strong. First of all, her <Block> cool down time was longer than Zhang Yang, besides, she could not successfully block frontal attacks from Chalvos every single time, nor could she reduce damage by taking the <Shockwave> instead of the direct hit. Thus, contrary to the seven minute scenario Snow Seeker had calculated, Little Apricot usually dies within two to three minutes.

Hu! Chalvos raised his giant foot and stomped on Zhang Yang once again.


Boom, stone and mud flung to the air, Fragrant Baby and Little Petal’s healing spells were interrupted and both of them fell on their bottoms!

Chalvos waved the pillar in a wide, unstoppable arc towards Zhang Yang!

Health potion! <Merlinda’s Shadow> summoned!



Zhang Yang’s HP instantly increased to 4,868!





<Merlinda’s Shadow> was impervious to all forms of damage and debuffs. She casted three healing spells and recovered Zhang Yang’s HP bar to full.


<Merlinda’s Shadow> stayed on for 10 seconds, so they easily got through Chalvos’ <Collapse>!

“Zhan Yu, what skill is this?” Snow Seeker gawked with her eyes wide open. She was not the only one. The rest of the members were shocked at both Merlinda’s great healing spells and her plump bosom!

“Hehe, secret! It is a secret!” It was better not to reveal his trump card. Zhang Yang immediately smiled and said.

“Stingy!” Thorny Rose said angrily.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m being stingy or generous, it’s as long as we can fight against Chalvos!” Zhang Yang replied Thorny Rose.

I don’t owe you anything and you are always trying to get on my nerves, if I really got angry someday, I’m going to mark you with a circle and cross!

Thorny Rose could not help but stare down at her chest, the corner of her mouth twitched a little!

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