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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 135 — Loot distribution

Chapter 135: Loot distribution

… The fifth minute, Zhang Yang activated <Berserker's Heal>.

… The sixth minute, the Lover’s Sword <Lifesteal> was activated!

… The seventh minute, once again <Berserker's Heal> was activated!


Chalvos had 150,000 HP remaining! After getting through the latest Chalvos’ <Collapse>, the whole team broke out in cheers, with victory in sight!



There was a sudden change! Chalvos’ body released a red aura, his grayish white colour body turning into bloody red colour.

‘Ding! Chalvos is enraged! All damage increases by 200%!’

“F*ck!” Zhang Yang scolded, this Chalvos had such a violent death throe! He was planning to drag Zhang Yang along!

Fortunately… <Shield Wall> was ready once again!

<Shield Wall> activated!

‘-1728!’ A huge damage text floated above Zhang Yang’s head.

All around, every member who stood within 30 meters away from Chalvos instantly died as ‘-9000’ damage texts popped up on their heads.

Fragrant Baby and Little Petal responded quickly, activating <Sacred Protection> simultaneously like synchronized divers. Two semi-transparent, golden hued barriers surrounded them. They were now immune to all sorts of damage and debuffs but their healing effect was now reduced by 50%!



The next damage dealing team in line immediately moved up, replacing the dead team.

However, the range of Chalvos’ <Shockwave> was 35 meters. They needed to run 5 meters in to strike Chalvos. Hunters with high Dexterity attributes could make it less than a second but Spellcasters needed at least one to two seconds to make it. They also they required a casting time in order to deal any damage, and if they came in at the wrong time, they would be killed before dealing any damage!

After Chalvos performed another cycle of AoE attack, the second group of damage dealing team were all annihilated once again while the first group of damage dealing team had only just resurrected and were recuperating. The group prior to that had just reached the end of the damage dealing queue. Snow Seeker hurriedly commanded the freshly killed team to start heading to the fight immediately. There was no point in recuperating any longer. With Chalvos killing them all with a single hit, there would be no difference between 1 HP and full HP anymore!

During this time, Chalvos still retained 29,000 HP!

Three seconds later, the latest attackers had reduced Chalvos’ HP to 20,000 but were also wiped out in the process!

Fragrant Baby and Little Petal died after their <Sacred Protection> effect ended.

The fight went on, and Chalvos was barely alive, at 9,000 HP

However, there were no attackers around! They had been killed faster than they could return to the fight, with the closest team 15 seconds away.

Snow Seeker anxiously yelled, “All healers come forward and use spells to attack!” Because it was pointless to keep the healers at this moment, it was better than nothing if they could cause even 100 points of damage!

The field instantly became a very gory scene, with Sacred Knights and Priests moving forward one after another. They could only use a <Punishment Ray> or a <Sacred Blast> before they died screaming.

Chalvos still had 3000HP remaining.

‘<Shield Wall> ended!’

[Servant: Clear Lotus] was summoned and Zhang Yang activated <Substitute>.



Although Zhang Yang had evaded the pillar itself, the <Shockwave> still came for him and Clear Lotus was needed to take that damage. As soon as she died, the invincibility quickly ended.

But Zhang Yang had just bought himself another 3 seconds to strike the boss!

‘-1575! <Horizontal Sweep>’

‘-845! Normal Attack.’

‘-821! <Force Strike>!’

“Ding! The party you are in has killed Chalvos! Obtained 416,717 EXP (50 points Party Bonus)!”


Chalvos the giant’s corpse crashed onto the ground and the battle had come to an end!

Hu! Zhang Yang’s heart nearly leaped out from his chest, that was way too close!

“We have killed Chalvos the giant!” Less than ten survivors cheered in excitement.

After a while, everyone had regrouped, the huge lady army fully assembled again.

The atmosphere was truly joyous, with all the girls were dancing and hugging each other, and Zhang Yang was dragged into the crowd, pelted with kisses and assaulted with hugs. His anti-harassment system alarm went off like sirens! At this point, ‘God’s Miracle’ had programmed it with equality in mind, so that both female and male players were protected by the anti-harassment system!

This gang of perverted girls!

Zhang Yang could not help but cry. He has not kissed anyone since his rebirth, and here he was, having his first, second, third and hundredth kiss robbed from him!

However, this event was indeed a good cause for such excitement! It may have only taken seven or eight minutes, but every second was as tense as anything else could ever be. A single careless mistake could have killed off their entire team! The lady army of Crimson Rage really couldn’t restrain themselves, having been stomped on by Chalvos the giant for an entire day previously!

Perfumed Water looked at Zhang Yang, smiled and said: “How is it, our sisters are really lively aren’t they! Would you like to join us?”

Zhang Yang laughed loudly and said: “Crimson Rage welcomes male players as well?”

“If it is someone else, of course not! But you Zhan Yu, I can make an exception for you and give you a title as the head of eunuchs!” After defeating Chalvos, even Snow Seeker visibly loosened up, joking with Zhang Yang casually.

Faced with these cruel and violent ladies, Zhang Yang hurriedly said, “Alright, alright, let’s loot from the giant! I can hardly wait for my loot!”

“Tch!” Thorny Rose pursed her lips and said, “Look at those sneaky eyes of yours, we are women, we always keep our word unlike you guys who cheat on women and always hide your true intentions!”

This woman must have been dumped by men more than hundred times. It was the only way her resentment could be explained! Zhang Yang was slightly annoyed at how she ruined the mood. “Guild master Snow, I do not want anything else, I simply want this woman as my servant!”

Thorny Rose stood up proudly, proclaiming, “You damn liar, can you even afford me?”

Snow Seeker, however said with a deadpan expression, “Zhan Yu could indeed afford you! Did you think about how he sold plenty of [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potions] on previous days? He could have at least earned 10,000,000 to 20,000,000!”

“Sister Snow, how can you help the outsider?!” Thorny Rose shrieked, hugging Snow Seeker, causing her bosom to squish against Snow Seeker’s own plump bosom. The scene would have given any other men a nosebleed!

Zhang Yang did not share Fatty Han’s dream to have many girlfriends and set up a huge harem. But this did not mean that he could not admire pretty girls throughout his life. Faced with this hot-blooded scene, he definitely could not act like a gentleman, who would politely look away, but instead crossed his hands and stared directly at them.

Thorny Rose had thought of making a fool out of Zhang Yang, but she never thought that Zhang Yang would look at them so blatantly, so she was greatly disappointed and released Snow Seeker, rolling her eyes.

“Sister Snow, loot Chalvos’ corpse. We worked so hard to defeat Chalvos, it just has to reward us fairly!” All the girls said together.

“Okay, okay, don’t yell at me. I’ll go deaf from all of you!”

“Sister Snow, the technology is developed nowadays, hymens could be replaced, your eardrums are no big deal!”

Zhang Yang felt cold sweat streaming down his head, these women were dangerous!

Finally, Snow Seeker looted Chalvos’ corpse. Because she used Leader’s Distribution Mode, she had to post each of the loots one by one.

[Salamander Battle Armor] (Green-Copper, Armor)

Defense: +10

Strength: +48

Vitality: +24

Dexterity: +8

Level Requirement: 40

“Ah, guild master Zhan Yu, why don’t you take this equipment? It’s for Level 40s and is definitely the first equipment of it’s type in this game!” Snow Seeker smiled and said.

“Pass! Pass!” Zhang Yang hurriedly said.

[Stone Skin Boots] (Green-Copper, Leather Armor)

Defense: +6

Strength: +40

Vitality: +8

Dexterity: +32

Level Requirement: 40

“Guild master Zhan Yu, what do you think of equipment?”

[Chalvos Nose Ring] (Green-Copper, Necklace)

Strength: +10

Dexterity: +10

Level Requirement: 40

“Guild master Zhan Yu, what do you think of equipment?”

Snow Seeker incessantly posted seven to eight pieces of Green-Copper equipment together with their attributes continuously.

“Sister Snow, you are really bad!”

All of the girls were laughing hysterically.

Finally, Snow Seeker entered her businesswoman-like demeanor and posted a few pieces of decent equipment.

[Bloody Chestplate] (Gray-Silver, Armor)

Defense: +20

Strength: +96

Vitality: +48

Dexterity: +16


Level Requirement: 40

[Heavy Stone Shield] (Gray-Silver, Shield)

Defense: +400

Strength: +160


Level Requirement: 40

Only these two pieces of equipment were applicable for Zhang Yang, but due to the new version’s update, special effects and sockets would only revealed after being identified by an Item Binder, so he could not know all the attributes of the equipment.

“That’s all? Are you serious?! Equipment is not the most important loot from open world boss, but valuable skill books are!” Zhang Yang looked at Snow Seeker.

Snow Seeker could not help but shook her head and said, “Can’t you just be dumb for once?!”

Zhang Yang laughed, “If I was dumb even for this instance, then I shall suffer a big loss!”

“There’s always something to be won from losing, I’m sure some famous author actually said that before, right?” Snow Seeker smiled and said.

Nevertheless, she did as he said.

[Skill Book: Slice and Dice]

Use: You will grant <Slice and Dice>.

Class Requirement: Thief

Level Requirement: 30

[Skill Book: Deep Wound]

Use: You will grant <Deep Wound>

Class Requirement: Warrior and Knight

Level Requirement: 30

[Servant: Mountain Giant] (Copper-Tier Servant)

Use: Summons a Mountain Giant to fight for you and lasts for 5 minutes. You can only summon a servant at the same time. If you summon any other servants then all servants will undergo the same cool down timer. Cool down time: 60 minutes.

Level Requirement: 40

“That’s it?” Zhang Yang asked.

Snow Seeker smiled forcedly and said, “There’s really nothing else!”

Zhang Yang nodded his head and said, “Then I want the [Skill Book: Deep Wound]!”

“Zhan Yu, you have enough power already, give this [Skill Book: Deep Wound] to our Little Apricot!” Perfumed Water said and pushed Little Apricot to the front. Little Apricot was a pretty girl with sweet lips and slim long legs, “Ah, well. How about Little Apricot giving you a kiss for it!”

“Nope, nope! No kisses. I just want that skill book!” Zhang Yang said hurriedly.

Perfumed Water shook her head and said: “Sigh, you hurt our Little Apricot’s heart!”

Snow Seeker saw that Zhang Yang had already made up his mind, and so, she gave the [Skill Book: Deep Wound] to him and kept the rest of the loot into her inventory. How they distributed the loots among themselves was none of Zhang Yang’s business.

“Guild master Zhan Yu, happy working with you!” Snow Seeker reached out her tiny hands towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang did a handshake with Snow Seeker, smiled and said: “If there are any good tasks like that in future, you are more than welcome to find me! I also hope that Lone Desert Smoke and Crimson Rage could form an offensive and defensive alliance and together become famous in ‘God’s Miracle’!”

“He he, we also thought of forming an alliance with Lone Desert Smoke!”

“Then, I’ll take my leave first!”

“Bye bye!”

Zhang Yang left the team and tore off [Teleportation Scroll] before the eyes of violent and cruel lady army, he was promptly teleported back to White Jade Castle.

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