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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 140 — Hunting Sheeps

Chapter 140: Hunting Sheeps

The White Spot Antelope was a social kind of animal, finding one would mean that you will find the whole herd. However, the number in each herd was only roughly 10 ;shorter time required to kill them all, but what upset Zhang Yang was that the antelope skins did not drop every time!

With only 3 antelope skins harvested from 17 White Spot Antelopes, the drop rate was considerably very low!

No other way, just keep searching!

White Spot Antelopes were all over the various location of Shiva Hills. To kill one or two herds, it was still easy. But to collect enough to support the criteria of elevating from neutral to friendly required 240 antelope skins. It was insanely difficult! Fortunately, Zhang Yang had [Skeletal War Horse] that increased his movement speed to extremely fast, enabling him to run the hills and the forest.

Even so, he could only collect 53 antelope skins by 6.p.m. And it was time for him to leave the game for his dinner.

After dinner, Zhang Yang went online again, continuing his quest to bring trouble to the doorsteps of the antelopes! In a while, came Han Ying Xue’s sweet-moving voice through the voice communication device.

“Silly Yu, it’s time to go down to the dungeons!”

Zhang Yang could not help himself but to give a gentle tap on his forehead, for him trying so hard polishing his reputation to the point that he forgot about his business in the dungeons tonight!

“I am engaged in a quest right now, you guys go ahead and find any tank you like!”

Han Ying Xue would not give in, and she said, “This cousin does not want to give her healing to anyone else! I only want to give it to you!”

Zhang Yang was full of black lines after listening to it. Big cousin, the tease was just so lavish! He smiled and said, “Oh why, you could not resist to be my second wife?”

“What the…” Han Ying Xue instantly broke out, “Become your second? Your pubic hairs are not even fully grown! Hmph, if I could be the first wife, then I shall only consider about it!”

“Fine, next time, we shall find a time and get married! That time, you'll belong to the Zhang household! Or, you can come over to warm the bed for your husband tonight?” One must be bolder and more direct than Sister Yu who loved to tease in order to scare her off!

Han Ying Xue went silent for a while and she said, "Silly Yu, so you have earned much wisdom and you even dare to take liberties with me!"

Zhang Yang smiled and said, “By the way, I am polishing up my Centaur reputation. The reputation shop over here has some really good stuffs, you guys can come over and check it out. If you feel there is a need, come and polish yours with me!”

“Oh, let me ask Yan Er and the gang then! Silly Yu, let me tell you a secret of mine. When I sleep, I don’t wear any clothes!”

Pak! Han Ying Xue disconnected the voice communication device.

You w… wit… witch!

Zhang Yang could not help himself into his own imagination, imagining Han Ying Xue lying on the bed with totally nothing on her, waking up in the early morning, with her upper body slightly lifted, the thin blanket sliding and getting stuck by her two prideful peaks, half-revealing pairs of plumpy boobs, some words were better left unsaid…

That was totally irresistible!

How could my will be so weak?

Zhang Yang ferociously slaughtered the herd of antelopes while sighing, admitting that the bewitched Han Ying Xue was indeed profound in her ways.

Hack and slash, slash and hack, all the way to 11.p.m. Where Zhang Yang went offline to sleep. He could only collect 97 pieces of the antelope skins, and it was still a long way before getting 240 pieces of the skins. However, his experience bar on Level 31 had advanced straight up to 87%, leaving him so much closer to Level 32.

He could have leveled up if it weren’t for the scattered spawning of the monsters, totally unlike the concentrated spawning of the monsters in the Misty Valley.

Next day in the morning, Zhang Yang finished up his training and had his breakfast before logging into the game.

It was still the endless slaughtering of the antelopes. Unlike the 1,200 pieces of meat that he easily collected, this collection of antelope skins was on a totally different level of difficulty. Looking at the bright side, the experience points were not that bad or slow either, he could treat it as a training.

In the end, he spent his whole day in the Sivar Hills before he went offline to sleep. All he ever did was to increase the collection of the skins up to the amount of 207. As for his level, he already reached Level 32 around 1.p.m. in the afternoon; he was about to catch up with Hundred Shots.

Earlier on, Zhang Yang spent a total of 12 days to craft potions. That was why he got stuck on Level 30, letting the rest of his 5 gang members surpass him.

Fatty Han was at Level 35, being at highest level among them because he spent the least amount of time in his profession quests. Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er could currently team up to kill monsters for leveling up purposes. Although their time spent in leveling up was not as much as Fatty Han did, they had also reached Level 34. Meanwhile, Sun Xin Yu did not fall behind even though she was not online much, because she had 50% additional experience points to boost her up. She was currently Level 34 as well.

On the contrary, Hundred Shots was currently only Level 33 because he had put too much time into his class quests.

It was 11.a.m into the third day, Zhang Yang had finally collected exactly 240 pieces of antelope skins, with a burst of grievance, he returned to Tulong Kukulo to deliver the quest request.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Clothes for the winter, received 40,000 experience points, Centaur reputation +250!’

‘Ding! You have completed…’

After the 12th time of his delivery, Zhang Yang received a glow of green light flashing across his body, representing that his Centaur reputation had been elevated to ‘Friendly’.

However, to elevate from friendly to a higher level required a substantial amount of reputation points! From Friendly to Respect required 6,000 reputation points, from Respect to Admire required 12,000 reputation points, and lastly, from Admire to Worship required 21,000 reputation points!

Zhang Yang had faintly felt a pain in his eggs, no, felt his eggs being crushed!

Tulong Kukulo stared at Zhang Yang and smiled, “Human, you have done us a great deal of favors, even our chief has heard about your brilliant achievements! You see, she even commanded me to invite you to her tent! My admiration is all on you, human, master chief is the best beauty there is among the Centaurs, she is indeed a dreamy lover to all our Centaur men!”

Zhang Yang looked at Tulong Kukulo’s head and there were no sign of any exclamation mark other than his title.

Obviously, Tulong Kukulo would not publish any quest at the moment. To proceed with the elevation of reputation, one must meet with the chief of the Centaur.

Zhang Yang asked Tulong Kukulo for the location of the chief, and he went to the largest wooden house in the middle of the tribe.

“Halt, human!” two female Centaur guards were guarding the wooden door of the house. Armed with their long spears and their heads looking down to him, it was extremely intimidating.

So, Zhang Yang informed, “I am here under the invitation of the chief herself!”


The two Centaur guards pulled their spears aside and said, “Go in ahead, the chief has been expecting you!”

Zhang Yang took a big step into the wooden house, he could only see a female Centaur wandering around the house. Noticing his footsteps entering the house, she instantly turned herself over and looked at Zhang Yang.

What a huge Centaur! Centaurs such as the kind of Tulong Kukulo was considered as tall and big, but to compare this Centaur with the others, others would become inferior in an instant, just like comparing the size of a baby elephant with a mother elephant!

[Maya Kukulo, Kukulo Centaur Tribe Chief] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 80

HP: ???

With a firm fist of his right hand placed on his chest, Zhang Yang greeted with a respectful gesture of an adventurer, and he said, “Master chief, thank you for your hospitality, it is my great pleasure!” While talking to her, Zhang Yang also felt a sour sting in his heart.

Maya Kukulo seem pleased with Zhang Yang’s performance, she nodded her head and said, “Human, you have made a series of contributions to our tribe in recent days, I have knowledge of it! Very well, you have proved your sincerity to, but, to be a friend to the Centaurs, sincerity is not enough. You must have enough strength in you! If you have thoughts to befriend us, go and have word with Andark Kukulo!”

Yet another ‘kick you out of the house’ scene has presented itself!

It was just like some office, A told you to find B, and then B told you to find C, and C would say it was none of his business and ask to look for D, and D would inform that you would need a stamp from A before you could proceed.

Andark Kukulo was located just above a platform set up with woods, with a shiny yellow exclamation mark above his head.

This was just like a chain pulling another chain, if the reputation had not reached friendly, Tulong Kukulo would not have allowed players to meet with the chief, which the talk with the chief would not happen, and Andark Kukulo would not be here publishing new quest.

[Andark Kukulo, Duel Manager] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 80

HP: 120,000

“Human, we Centaurs will never be friends with useless people! Come, prove your strength and see if you are worthy of becoming our friend!”

While waiting for Zhang Yang to come over, Andark Kukulo spoke in a low and draggy voice.

‘Ding! Andark Kukulo has given you a quest: Ever the victorious! accept or decline?’

After clicking down the accept button, Zhang Yang immediately pulled out his quest list to check on it.

[Ever the victorious] (Difficulty: Optional)

Description: Challenge the Centaur opponents, prove your might and strength! You can only challenge once in every hour, you can choose your enemies among 4 difficulties, A, B, C, D. Defeating an opponent of different difficulty will reward you with different amount experience points and reputation points.

Rank-A difficulty: 100,000 experience points, 125 reputation points.

Rank-B difficulty: 50,000 experience points, 75 reputation points.

Rank-C difficulty: 30,000 experience points, 50 reputation points.

Rank-D difficulty: 10,000 experience points, 25 reputation points.

Progress: Centaur reputation reaches Respect. Current reputation: Friendly

The game was fair, players with stronger strength acquired reputation points faster than average players!

Zhang Yang immediately said, “Andark Kukulo, I would like to make the challenge now!”

“Very good, I favor your courage, please pick an opponent for your challenge!” Andark Kukulo laughed hard.

In the game interface, a selection box came out suddenly, and Zhang Yang picked the Rank-A difficulty without any hesitation.


With a blur in his eyes, Zhang Yang found himself teleported onto the platform on the side above him.

Gong gong gong!

A huge Centaur entered the platform from the other side, and the heavy weighted body pressed against the wooden floor making a series of creaking sound ‘creak creak creak’.

[Centaur Warrior] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 35

HP: 35,000

‘Ding! The challenge will commence in 10 seconds!’

10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1!

“Rawgh!” The Centaur warrior let out a loud roar, opening up all four of his legs and started charging towards Zhang Yang with his long spear in his hands straight up. This attack would break a boulder or worse!


In a flash, Zhang Yang charged and rammed over. Very good, a stun effect, giving a gap of 2 seconds for him to make his next move. Summoning his servant [Clear Lotus] would not cause any cool down problem because only one challenge can be made in an hour.



The Centaur warrior regained conscious very quickly, roaring in rage and striking his long spear towards Zhang Yang.

<Block>! +30 rage points.

‘-254!’ Block damage deflected.

‘-557!’ <Shield Bash>.

The HP of the Centaur warrior was going down fast like an avalanche.

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