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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 141 — Aura Effect

Chapter 141: Aura Effect

The centaur warrior let out a series of roars in rage, once again flailing the long spear in his hands about, finally drawing first blood on Zhang Yang.


The attack was really ferocious, it’s basic damage must have gone up to 2,000!

But Zhang Yang had help from [Servant: Clear Lotus], his damage per second has exceeded 1300. To strike down the mere 35,000 HP of the centaur warrior would only take about 30 seconds or so! With all sorts of survival skills activated, he could blast the centaur warrior to death without budging an inch.

“Ding! You have defeated the Centaur Warrior, received 100000 experience points, centaur reputation +125!”

After attempting to speak further to Andark Kukulo garnered no response, Zhang Yang stepped up to his face. The centaur finally said, “The warriors are resting now, you should come back another time!”

Since he had much time to spare, Zhang Yang went out to the outskirts of the valley to train and level-up. After an hour, he would go back for another challenge. Within a day, his experience bar had increased to 91% of level 32, but his centaur reputation had only increased by 1,500 points, it would take some time before it reaches 6,000 points.

On the other hand, without Zhang Yang as their main tanker, Han Ying Xue and the gang did not adjust well, they could barely handle the dungeons, but they could at least still clear the Hardcore Mode of the Garden dungeon. Zhang Yang had initially intended to let Fatty Han lead other dungeon parties, he was happy to see them slowly adjusting without him being around.

Another two days had passed. Zhang Yang had his centaur reputation at ‘friendly’ level, with 5,250 points at hands, he was about to break through into ‘respectful’. Moreover, he had trained himself up to level 34, being the same level as Hundred Shots, leaving Han Ying Er and the gang speechless.

On the third day at, Zhang Yang defeated the 48th centaur warrior, and a green light flashed through his body, indicating that his centaur reputation had finally reached another tier!

After delivering the quest to Andark Kukulo, the NPC said, “Human, you truly are a wonder that surprised me well! In just a few days, you have beaten many brave centaur warriors! Oh my, do you have the slightest idea on how much herbs are being wasted on us?”

Zhang Yang burst into laughter, and he said, “The centaur is a sturdily strong race, such scratches shouldn’t hurt them at all!”

Andark Kukulo smiled wryly at the indirect gloat and said, “Alright, you have proven your strength, and now, you have earned the right to speak to our chief, she may have some quests awaiting you! However, human, I must warn you. Do not ever have any improper thoughts towards our chief, because the most beautiful female centaur can only be married to the greatest male centaur!”

Improper thoughts my arse! Even if I ingested all the aphrodisiac that the world can offer, there is no way that I will be turned on by a horse’s ass!

After leaving Andark Kukulo, Zhang Yang was back to see Maya Kukulo.

“Very good, human, very good indeed! We now consider you a friend to the centaurs! However, to further win your favor over, you must put more effort in contributing!” Maya Kukulo looked at Zhang Yang and said, “Human, do you know why our camp have so few of us here that we even need outsiders to help us prepare food and clothes in anticipation of the winter upon us?”

“Why?” Zhang Yang asked back at her.

“About 2 months ago, there evil souls were constantly rising from the ground in the area of the second half of this valley, and they launched their assaults on our camp! To protect our home, we centaurs were forced to send most of our bravest warriors to the front line to defend against the undead!” Maya Kukulo expression turned dark, and she said, "The prospects are not looking good for us, we need more warriors, so, human, are you willing to help us?"

“Ding! Maya Kukulo has given you a quest: The Crisis of the Centaur. Will you accept it?”

[The Crisis of the Centaur] (Difficulty: Rank-B)

Description: The constantly rising of the undead is slowly invading the defense line of the centaur, they are desperately in need of your help! Slay all the evil undead, lay ease upon the stressful situation of the centaur!

Progress: Reputation Level for Centaur race at Respect / Admire

Upon accepting the quest, Maya Kukulo kicked Zhang Yang out of her tent. Fortunately, it wasn’t literal.

Zhang Yang headed to Tulong Kukulo before anything else, having his reputation at ‘respectful’, he could finally buy something from the reputation shop.

[Roasted Meat] (Consumable)

Use: Recovers 8,000 HP and 4,000 Mana in 30 seconds. Can only be used under non-combat situation, any movement or entering combat would disrupt the consuming effect.

Required: Centaur reputation - Friendly.

Level required: 30

Bound on acquire.

The [Sweet Bread] in Zhang Yang’s backpack heals 2,000 HP and 1,000 mana points, which is vastly inferior! Without having second thoughts, he immediately threw the [Sweet Bread] away and purchased two sets of [Roasted Meat].

One set of [Roasted Meat] contained 200 pieces, so 400 pieces should last him for a while. He was mainly limited by the space of the backpack, he could not afford to have the snacks occupying all the space. The price for one set is 2 gold coins, which is already equal to 10 dollars.

[Powerful Whetstone] (Consumable)

Use: Use a weapon on it, increases critical strike rate by 1%.

Requirement: Respectful centaur reputation.

Required level: 30

Bound on acquire.

But, although the [Powerful Whetstone] looks promising, it’s effect was still not as good as the [Level 2 Whetstone]. Because, even skills that had the highest damage output such as <Horizontal Sweep> and <Destructive Smash>, would only range between 1,586 - 1,701. 1% of that was only equivalent to 15-17 points. On the other hand, the [Level 2 Whetstone] increases 20 damage points at most, so it was still more effective than the [Powerful Whetstone]

However, as Zhang Yang updates his equipment, the addition of a 1% critical strike rate that the [Powerful Whetstone] offers will surpass the effects of the [Level 2 Whetstone]. Any item that adds effect by percentage are categorized as progressive type items, where the higher the basic stats, the higher the value will become after the amplification based on the percentage presented.

Without hesitating, he bought the [Powerful Whetstone]. This place is far off, it isn’t easy to travel here, so purchasing a set and depositing them into the bank for the moment until there is a need for them can save him the trouble of traveling back to this location.

After the necessary preparations, Zhang Yang summoned his [Skeletal War Horse] and traveled all the way down to the bottom of the valley.

The place was fortified with guards, not only with a dozens of sturdy and strong centaur guard, but also with rows of spiked wooden walls, it was truly amazing. A few days back, Zhang Yang came by and he was held back by the guards there. That made him believed that they were actually guarding the [Fountain of the Souls] all along!

“Human warrior, you are hereby declared qualify to enter the battleground!” While Zhang Yang was riding by, one of the centaur guard shouted at him, saying that, “Hey, human, you better not die in there! Rumors told me that you have bested many centaurs, but those aren’t elites! The greatest centaur warrior is standing right in front of you! When you come back alive, I shall teach you a thing or two about the true strength of the centaur!”

“Pui, the greatest centaur warrior is me, Bala Kukulo!”

“Bullsheet it is, I dare to swear on the name of the prettiest Maya Kukulo, Kukulo, Chief of the Centaur Tribe, only I, Nianba Kukulo, am the greatest Warrior of all centaurs!”

The centaurs were in dispute of who is the greatest, shouting among each other.

Zhang Yang rode past the level and entered a brand new area.

This area is actually a part of the valley too! The centaur camp was located in the valley corner of a gourd. The area was divided into two parts, the front half and the back half of the valley, and the level is located just in between!

But, at the moment he entered the back half of the valley, Zhang Yang instantly felt a strong silent murderous intent! Not far from him, there were hundreds of centaur warriors formed in a straight line of defense, battling and fending off a variety of undead creatures. There were many kinds of undead creatures, a variety of beasts, and there was even undead centaur warriors among them!

It was obvious that the centaurs had the upper hand of the situation. With centaur warriors in the front line sweeping the undead army with their spears, the centaur archers can focus on releasing their arrows onto their enemies from afar. Moreover, the spawning undead creatures are just normal grade monsters, with not much HP on them. Before they could even touch the front line, they had already lost half of their HP, a few more stabs and slices from the spears, finished them off swiftly.

Suddenly, an undead creature with a very huge body slowly approached from afar, it looked humanoid, albeit at least five meters tall, and being obese as f*ck. It’s belly was hollowed out, and puddles of green slime constantly dripped out from the hole. Other than the two normal arms, there was a limb hanging right behind it’s back. Upon a closer look, it was apparent that this monster’s body was stitched together with the metal wires. On the way to the front line, it left behind puddles of green gas, which took a pretty long period of time to slowly disappear.

[Amalgamation of Hate] (Elite, undead)

Level: 35

HP: 100000

The Amalgamation of Hate had a vast area of aggro. Unexpectedly, it had already entered into combat mode with the centaurs being 30 meters away, increasing it’s movement speed, spilling the green slime on the ground all the way through.

The centaur warriors had also taken note Amalgamation of Hate, surrounding the monster up to initiate their attacks. However, the moment when centaur warriors got near the Amalgamation of Hate, they were receiving a damage of ‘-200’ for every second they stood around that monster.

As Zhang Yang was gazing upon the scene, he discovered that the monster was constantly surrounded by an effect, it was called <Decay Aura>.

[Decay Aura]: Causes 200 natural damage in every seconds to targets within a range of 2 meter diameter.

So it is an aura!

An aura is a kind of very special skill, and it was unobtainable from instructors, this kind of skill can only be acquired through skill books. Aura does not differentiate professions, in theory, any players with any professions or classes can learn any kind of aura skills. But the truth is, the aura skill books have minimum rate of falling, making the number of players with aura skills poorly low!

In conclusion, there are two types of aura: One affects oneself and the friendlies around, the other affects the enemies around.

For example, <Vigor Aura> increase 10% strength of the friendlies within the range of 30-meter radius, and for the other example, <Weaken Aura> lowers 5% damage dealt by enemies within the range of 30-meter radius.

If any wild dungeon party can get a player with aura skill, it would lower the difficulty of the dungeon by 10% at least! Therefore, players with aura skills were like big bosses, they were very popular no matter where they went, every single one of them will be have their *sses kissed up to the top of the world!

Aura skill books will only fell from bosses that were at least level 50 or above. Therefore, Zhang Yang knew that it was extremely rare to see a level 35 Amalgamation of Hate having aura effect around it!

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