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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 142 — The Fall of the Evil Necromancer Zac

Chapter 142: The Fall of the Evil Necromancer Zac

What’s weird should remained weird.

Zhang Yang unsheathe his blade and dashed towards the monster, joining the centaur fight against the weird Amalgamation of Hate.


The moment Zhang Yang got close to the monster, Zhang Yang received a damage tick.

Amalgamation of Hate was an elite tiered monster, which was far stronger than a regular monster. However, no matter how strong it was, it could not last for long under the focus fire of so many NPC and Zhang Yang’s powerful attacking power. It died swiftly.

‘Ding! You have killed Amalgamation of Hate. Reward based on damage contribution: Obtained 27491 Experience Points. Obtained 50 Centaur Reputation Points!’

It was a pity that the monster only dropped several [Cotton Cloth]s and 78 Copper coins, and it definitely did not drop the skill book that Zhang Yang was hoping for.

After killing Amalgamation of Hate, all the centaurs returned to their original posts and reformed the absolute defense line. There, they continued to hold back the endless incoming spectres. However, after the battle, the centaurs had sustained heavy damage and had only little HP left. They could not last long against a single wave of spectral assault. Casualties started to increase as more and more spectres engaged the centaurs.

Zhang Yang took the liberty to attack the spectres on his own. The incoming spectres were so weak that Zhang Yang had only need to slash 2 to 3 times to kill one. However, he only obtained experience points and no reputation points.

To obtained the required reputation level to “Worship” Zhang Yang would need to kill 240 Amalgamations of Hate to obtain the required reputation points. The worst part of this quest was that the spawn time for each Amalgamation of Hate was 15 minutes. In an hour he would only encounter 4 of them, which would only earn him 200 Reputation Points.

To properly sum this up, excluding the time he eats and sleep, he would need to fight for at least 15 hours a day to farm 3,000 Reputation Points, for at least 4 days continuously. To make matters worse, the monsters around here were all spread everywhere. Once they appear, the centaurs will immediately react to their aggro and fight. Zhang Yang wanted to draw them all together and kill them all in one go. However, since they were drawn in by the centaurs, he was unable to lure them all and had to fight them one by one. It took him really long to simply grind and thus reducing his grinding speed tremendously. What that would usually take him a day has now turned into 2 days to gain a single level.

What could have been done, had been done. There was nothing else that could make things quicker.

4 days passed by in a blink of an eye and Zhang Yang had managed to raised his Reputation to Admire and he level to 36 with 2% experience points.

After submitting his quest, the most beautiful centaur in the camp had been ignoring Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang tried to take with every NPC with a name tag but none of them had any quests for Zhang Yang to complete. Zhang Yang then proceed on to talk to Tulong Kukulo and bought the [Recipe: Beginner Power Potion] and learned it. Zhang Yang could not find any other quest around and had to rely on killing Amalgamations of Hate to further raise his reputation. Zhang Yang felt that killing monsters alone for 4 days straight was as dull as ever. However, he was able to procure the recipe out of the mess. It made him slightly satisfied.

[Beginner Power Potion] (Consumable)

Use: Increases all attack by 20%. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Cool down time: 2 minutes.

Note: The cooldown period is shared among all other types of potions when using a potion.

Level Requirement: 30

Zhang Yang was unable to return to the city, thus he entrusted Han Ying Xue and the rest of his friends to help him buy ingredients for the power potion and mailed them to him. Once “Dwarf's Warning” was gone, he could immediately start making the potion to sell them at his Little Merchandize Shop.

It had been several days since he had returned to White Jade Castle. He would not have known how the shop was doing. Was Natalie harassed by any nerds or bypassers? Luckily, Zhang Yang had premade an absurd amount of [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] to begin with. It should last for a few days since the demand was not that high. Since Natalia was instructed to buy all sorts of ingredient and sell them at the price similar to the ones in the auction house, the shop would not be empty for a while now.

After what seemed to be 7 days of hacking and slashing, Zhang Yang was already sick of the sight of spectres. By then, his centaur Reputation had reached Admire at 20999/21000 to Worship. No matter what he did, it just would go any higher! At first, he had not realized it. He was so rigid and robotic-like that he had spent 2 hours wasting his energy and time on killing more Amalgamations of Hate. By the time he realized, it was already too late.

How does he get the last point of Reputation?

Zhang Yang turned back around to Maya Kukulo. There, he found a yellow exclamation mark hovering on top of her head!

Finally! If he could complete that one quest, he could raise his reputation to Worship! And only then, he could buy that [Bottle of Holy Water] and completed the “Fountain of Soul” quest. He could then finally be rid of the annoying “Dwarf’s Warning” and return to White Jade Castle!

With tears rolling down his cheek, he had been circling around for god knows how long! He can finally see a glimmer of hope of returning home!

“Human. Your timing is just right. I have an important task which only you could complete!” Maya Kukulo raised her head and spoke loudly when she saw Zhang Yang.

“O great chief! Please!”

“After sending off my precious warrior to search for clues, I have obtained information at the price of their precious life!”

Maya Kukulo faced darkened in rage as she continued her speech. “I have found out that these evil spectres were the creation of a certain Evil Necromancer! He is hiding deep in the valley! In the Castle Ruins!”

“Castle Ruins? Chief?” Zhang Yang tried to clarify.

“A few hundred years ago, we, the centaurs were a mighty race. We were split into 17 tribes but were united nevertheless, under one king! The brave Jean Lostark! However, like thunder, an earthquake struck the castle without any warning. The castle was destroyed and sunk into the earth!”

Maya Kukulo suddenly turned solemn. “The great king and all of his successors had perished! After the incident, all 17 tribe leaders started to fight for the king’s position. Eventually, the war and torn us apart! The kingdom was lost! Yet we, the Kukulo tribe remained here! To serve the king and protect the Castle Ruins!”

“That wretched Evil Necromancer! How dare he disturb the souls of the palace! He had turned them into restless spectres! I will never forgive his impudence!” Maya shook with fury. “That one named Zac, the Evil Necromancer must die!”

‘Ding! Maya Kukulo has a quest for you: To Protect the Holy Land. Will you accept it?’

‘Ding! Main Story Quest: Hunt down the Evil Necromancer Zac! Completed. The proceeding quest had been activated: The Last Strike!’

[The Last Strike] (Difficulty Level: S)

Quest Description: Kill the Evil Necromancer Zac! The sinner of the world has to pay for his crime! Bring your friends! Zac is very strong!

Progress: Kill Evil Necromancer Zac 0/1

Zhang Yang was stunned. He would have never thought that he would stumble upon the main story quest here! After he recovered from the surprise of having unexpectedly progressed in the main story quest, he quickly accepted the quest offered by Maya Kukulo.

“Hey! Stupid Yu! I saw the main story quest suddenly changing!”

“Noob tank! What did you do? Why did the main story quest suddenly change?”

“Little Yang. Did you notice any changes with the main story quest?”

Everyone’s private messages came flooding in.

Zhang Yang instinctively added all of them into his party and told them the situation.

“I’ve just discovered a quest to kill Zac. That was why the search for Zac quest had completed. I found him! Now it has turned into a kill! Get over here! Let’s complete the main story quest!”

“Little Yang. Sky High and The Dominators have already started to explore the Shadowmoon Castle: Castle Interior Hardcore Mode! If we get distracted with the main story quest, we might not be able to claim the First Clear Achievement!” said Fatty Han worriedly.

Zhang Yang smiled. “It’s not that big of a deal. Honestly, the Castle Interior is very strong. I think the guilds might need to take about 10? 20 days maybe, to even try defeating it. Let’s leave it there. For now, we’ll complete the main story quest and get awesome rewards! We might even get stronger to kill the dungeon boss easier!”

Even though Sun Xin Yu did not trigger the main story quest, Zhang Yang had still invited her to the party! Zhang Yang had let them complete the “Escort Bangar Kukulo” quest to gain a certain amount of reputation. Otherwise, they could not enter the Kukulo Centaur tribe area safely without having their Reputation status changed from Hostile to Unfriendly.

The escort quest could be done with many people simultaneously. The party, except Zhang Yang, had gathered at the Sivar Hills and waited at the path where they would stumble upon the wimpy Bangar Kukulo. When they had arrived at the tribe camp, they saw what the Reputation Shop items have and lit up in excitement. They even scolded Zhang Yang for not telling them earlier.

Zhang Yang rolled his eyes. He had actually invited them to come over to join him several days ago but neither of them had expressed their willingness to join. Yet now they are pushing the blame on him instead! Zhang Yang was completed dumfounded but he was too lazy to even argue with them.

Zhang Yang checked the quest and found that the rest of the party had been able to proceed on with the quest “To Protect the Holy Land”. He could not help but felt a little cheated. He had spent so much time and energy just to farm the ridiculous amount of Reputation only to have the party leech off from him!

[To Protect the Holy Land] (Difficulty Level: S)

Quest Description: Kill the Evil Necromancer Zac and protect the Holy Land of the Centaurs!

Progress: Kill the Evil Necromancer Zac 0/1

Both quests overlapped in mutual conclusions, both of them required the killing of Zac! Thankfully neither of the quests asked them to submit the beheaded head of Zac, or else they would not know which one to submit first!

The time was already 5pm. Zhang Yang prompted the party to log out of the game and to reconvene at 7pm after having their dinner!

Zhang Yang logged off as well. He took off the gaming helmet and stretched his neck to the left and right, rubbing his eyes. He was a little tired after all. He blinked his eyes and searched for his wallet. He picked up the flatten leather pouch and open it, only to find he had only 7 pieces of 10 dollar bills. Even though he had at least 8 digits in his savings account, he could not use his card to purchase box lunch for a street stall. 70 dollars was enough for him to last for at least 5 to 6 days. After that, he had to visit the bank to withdraw some hard-cold cash.

“It is time for me to change a place to live? Or perhaps I should get a car?”

In his previous life, Zhang Yang had entered the A-tier Professional League and became one of the few rich men in China, having a large summer house somewhere and a luxurious car. Truth be told, Zhang Yang had missed that life. More importantly, he missed the car. Which man in the world would not love cars?”

“Argh…perhaps some other time! There will be another chance for me to earn a fortune when the Level 50 dungeon Flame Poison Land is released! The more capital I have, the better money I could make!”

Level 50 Flame Poison Land party dungeon was the second dungeon that was used to farm the game’s second set-equipment. Outside the dungeon, there will be an NPC standing at the entrance. He will grant a buff that will grant immunity to Flame Poison at the cost of a [Solid Iron bar]

No matter how strong the party is, without the buff, setting foot inside the dungeon alone would kill you, let alone fighting the boss!”

Which is why [Solid Iron Bar] was a must-have item if you wanted to raid the dungeon!

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