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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 149 — Family Vengeance

Chapter 149: Family Vengeance

“This guy must be suffering from a massive trauma! He’s been acting all crazy!” muttered Endless Starlight.

The boss had been constantly screaming “Bastard!”, “Pathetic!”, “Dreadful!”, “Wretched!” along with other kind of insults.

“Perhaps he was in love with a handsome young centaur like himself and the society stopped them from being together! However, in search for true love, the young prince went through hell and back to be together with his lover! Once the king knew about this, he had the prince’s lover killed to maintain his status! Thus, the angered prince cast a curse and sunk the entire castle down to ruins in order to be together with his lover forever!” said Daffodil Daydream with a yearning face.

Zhang Yang and everyone else exchanged a look and came to a conclusion. “Fujoshi1!”

Fighting this boss would undoubtedly require a whole lot of patience and stamina, no matter what class you were! The attacking classes must always pay attention to the boss’ <Reflect Sword> status while Thieves and Berserkers would have to run away from the boss to evade the <Tornado Cleave>! The tank would have to always be ready to cast his life preserving skills to prevent them from wasting their hard work if he were to die! The healer was the worst; having to constantly maintain the tank’s HP! If the spell was slower, even by a micro second, the tank would die and would end up in a team wipe.

40%, 30%, 20%…

It was luck that the boss did not have any other skills aside from <Reflect Sword> and <Tornado Cleave>, and the multi target blast wave he used when he was at 50% HP! However, just with two skills alone, Zhang Yang and the team had their hands full! Neither one of them dared to relax for even a second!

15%, 10%, 5%!

Finally, after what seemed to be a whole lifetime of attacking, the boss’ HP was approaching to its end. The party got lively and cheered all the way.

“Don’t let your guard down just yet! A dead boss is the safest boss!” said Zhang Yang.

3%, 2%, 1%, 0%!

‘Ding! You and the party members around have killed Chateau Turk. Obtained 110,050 Experience Points. (50 points party bonus)!’


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and plopped down on their butts! They were completely worn out!

Shush! A white light flashed by and a figure stood at the top of the boss’ body. It was Chateau Turk!

Everyone was shock onto their feet!

“Z-z-z-z-z-zombie!” cried Wei Yan Er.

“Crap! A dead boss is still not safe, yo!”

“Calm down!” Zhang Yang cried out. “Look at him properly. Don’t you see that he is now just a Level 1 ghost?”

Everyone selected on him and was relieved when they had checked on his properties.

[Soul of Chateau Turk] (Normal)

Level: 1

HP: 0/50

Zhang Yang once faced a similar event in the Underground Tower, which was why he remained calm upon encountering Chateau Turk’s soul.

There was a yellow exclamation mark on top of his head, indicating a quest ready to be received.

“…It seems that you have defeated me, foreigners!” This time, his tone was completely different than before. A majestic look and royalty aura emitted all over him even when he was just a ghostly figure.

Zhang Yang asked. “My lord prince, what had happened here? What caused this castle to fall?”

Chateau Turk’s ghost remained silent for a while before he began to move his lips. “I thought that I could have ended it all with the destruction of the castle. Never had I thought that I would be reincarnated by a Necromancer and had my soul trapped in a body full of anger, despair, and vengeance!”

He wavered a little before he spoke again. “I have a request for you! I want you to kill two people!”

Was it the two people that caused this prince to turn into a mindless and raging spectre?

Zhang Yang nodded and said, “My lord prince, who do you need us to kill?”

Chateau Turk went silent again for some time before talking again. “My father, Kinglose Turk and…the princess, Annie Balrum!”

WTF!? Internal affair?

The “fujoshi” inside Daffodil Daydream burned with a raging passion. She quickly asked, “My prince, they are both your close family! Why would you do so?”

Chateau Turk’s face turned sour, expressing anger and menace. He angrily waved his arms out and replied. “They are not worthy! That lowly b*itch! I treated her as my treasure! I provided her with anything that she could ask for! No matter what or how ridiculous her requests were, I tried my very best to satisfy her! But… but… she would dare to cheat on me! With my father!”

“The moment I had caught them in the act, my heart was broken into smithereens! How could it have happened?! How could she betray me? My father, of all people in the world! Why would he…! GRAHHH!!! Ha… Ha… hahaha. In the end, I activated the Castle’s restricted magic. This magic was to be used when all else have failed during an enemy invasion. To bring down the enemy along with the centaurs! The castle was then sunk deep into the earth, killing… everyone!”

“I will not become the laughing stock of the Centaur race! This shame! This humiliation shall be cleansed only through death!”

Everyone stared with a blank look in their eyes when they found out that it was just a family dispute! Daffodil was the most disappointed among all. She actually hoped for the forbidden love drama to appear here!

Chateau Turk looked to the crowd and said, “Now that both of them have been reincarnated by the Necromancer, they even have the shame to live together! Adventurer! I ask for your help! Kill them for me!”

‘Ding! Chateau Turk has a quest for you: Kill Them Both! Will you accept it?’

Since they would need to kill them either way, might as well take a quest for it!

[Kill Them Both!] (Difficulty Level: A)

Quest Description: Kill the King Kinglose Turk and the Princess Annie Balrum! These shameless creatures should not be alive! Send them down to hell!

Progress: Kill King Kinglose Turk 0/1 Princess Annie Balrum 0/1

“Take this spear with you! In it, remains a fragment of my soul. I want to see them die right in front of my very eyes!” said Chateau Turk menacingly.

‘Ding! You have obtained the item “Chateau Turk’s Spear”’

[Chateau Turk’s Spear] (Quest Item)

Use: Summons Chateau Turk vengeance spirit to witness the death of The King Kinglose Turk and the Princess Annie Balrum! Who knows what would happen? He might lend a hand!

Cool down time: 30 minutes.

After accepting the quest and the item, Chateau Turk’s ghostly figure disappeared.

“Little brat! Time for our loots!” said Zhang Yang as he gestured towards the boss.

Wei Yan Er quickly ran around and reached out her timid hands.

[Sharp Rotten Tooth] (Gray-Silver, Dagger)

Weapon Attack: 274 - 334

Attack Interval: 1.9 seconds.

DPS: 160


Level Requirement: 40

“Woah! 1.9 seconds attack interval! This is a good item! If you use this to attack from behind, I think you might deal more than 1,000 damage, no?” Zhang Yang praised.

There was only one Thief class player in the party, and that was Sun Xin Yu. The Ice Queen took the dagger and equipped it. She then applied poison on the blade and it gave off a greenish hue glimmer.

“I have some thought in my head for a while now that I could never understand.” Fatty Han had been quiet for some time now. He opened his fat lips after he could no longer hold it in.

Everyone turned around to look at him, expecting some sort of rubbish topic.

“…The Centaur are all 4 legged, aren’t they? So how could they…do it? No matter how hard I could think, it just doesn’t make sense!”


[Genuine Love] (Gray-Silver, Ring)

Vitality: -20

Intelligence: +60


Note: Friend, you’ve been blinded by the power of love! It’s time for you to replenish your intelligence for a change!

“How strange! It reduces your vitality and HP?” asked Hundred Shots.

Zhang Yang scratched his chin a while and explained. “It actually a worth trade off. Rings usually have 2 attribute bonus. For example, Vitality +15 and Strength +15. A Level 40 Gray-Silver ring should have +20 both attribute. If you look closely at the attribute arrangement of the ring, it was an even trade! You must know that Vitality is the “cheapest” attribute among all. To trade off 40 Vitality for 40 Intelligence is worth double its value!”

Everyone understood the significance of the ring once Zhang Yang explained it. Still, if you could make sure you won’t receive any damage, having 100 HP and 10,000, HP would make a difference! However, having extra 40 Intelligence points was worth 400 MP and 40 magic attack damage! This was definitely a strong damage and healing endurance upgrade!

This magic type ring was rolled by Han Ying Xue and Daffodil. This time, Daffodil had a change of luck and obtained the ring at 89 points while Han Ying Xue had only rolled 67 points.

[Skill Book: Crash Magic]

Use: Teaches you <Crash Magic>.

Class Requirement: Guardian, Defender

Level Requirement: 30

Before Zhang Yang could say anything, Endless Starlight gave up his roll for the item, saying, “I would have rolled for the item if it was an equipment, since we’re fighting a Level 40 boss that will drop a Gray-Silver Level 40 equipment. Based on the party strength, I’m sure it would be a walk in the park! But a skill book is a whole different matter, it would only appear once in a lifetime. There’s even a chance that it will not appear again!”

What Endless Starlight said was the cold bitter truth. Equipment were easily discarded after obtaining a stronger one. But a skill could be used from Level 1 to Level 300! A skill may seem to be useless at first but in certain situations, it could be used to obtain certain victory!

Zhang Yang laughed. “Thank you, Starlight!” Zhang Yang rolled and obtained the skill book. Zhang Yang immediately learned the skill.

[Crash Magic]: Use your shield to strike the target. If the target was casting a spell, the spell will be interrupted and the target would not be able to cast any skill for the next 3 seconds!

Requirement: Shield

Cost: 10 Rage.

Cool down time: 10 seconds.

He had finally learned an interruption skill! Zhang Yang was happy. He would not have to fight as hard the next time he faced a magic type; especially elite magic type monsters!

The team kept 10 or more Green-Copper equipment and moved on.

After a long flight of stairs, the team fought many more Centaur Maids and arrived at the 3rd floor.

Compared to the 1st and 2nd floor, the 3rd floor had fewer monster count. Zhang Yang scanned the area and had only observed many Spectre Saber Tooth Tigers patrolling around. Some of them had their skins impaired, while some other had exposed rotten, dried innards and white bones. All of their eyes were the same; glowing in green emerald color flame!

[Saber-Tooth Skeleton Tiger] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 43

HP: 86,000

Majority of wild beast had the skill called <Mangle>. This skill was a form of DoT skill which would cause high damage per second if they were stacked. Zhang Yang did not know whether or not these zombie-like tigers had that skill. So, instead of going commando and taking on a bunch of these monsters, Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight went on and took one monster each to test it out.

‘Ding! You have received <Mangle> (stack 1). Receiving 100 <Bleeding> damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds!’

‘Ding! You have received <Mangle> (stack 2). Receiving 200 <Bleeding> damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds!’

‘Ding! You have received <Mangle> (stack 3). Receiving 300 <Bleeding> damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds!’


As expected, even after turning into a spectre, the tiger still retained the <Mangle> skill. To make matters worse, the skill did not have a stack limit! The initial damage was small but once the skill stacked to about 10 layers or so, any player could definitely feel its pain.

If that was the case, the party could not lure a bunch of monsters to kill them all in one go! If they did, who was going to kill who?

The party targeted the monsters that Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight had attack and killed it quickly, turning it into a pillar of light. The monster dropped a few pieces of [Tiger’s Fang] and [Tiger’s Bone].

“Hundred Shots, take this Tiger’s Bone and take it with whiskey! I hear that it can cure “flabbiness”!” said Fatty Han as he handed over a large bone to Hundred Shots.

Hundred Shot did not say anything but rolled his eyes at Fatty Han.

Endless Starlight quickly interjected. “Hundred Shots bro is probably already a “man”! If he took anymore supplements, who knows, he might really be a father tomorrow!”

“Alright, break it up guys! Or else, I’ll ask Hundred Shots to shoot your ass inward!” Zhang Yang gestured the team to move forward with him as the lead.

Even though they could not multi-kill the monsters on this floor, they were making a rather quick progress since the number of monsters around here was just a few. By the time they had defeated the prince, it was already 10:00 at night. Now that they had progressed further into the floor, and covered approximately a quarter of the area, the time was already reaching past midnight.

Zhang Yang then quickly disbanded the party and ordered the team to continue tomorrow morning.

Zhang Yang recalled that it was almost time for students to return to school. And since, tomorrow was a Monday, Zhang Yang had to ask Wei Yan Er. “Little brat, looks like you really can’t make it tomorrow huh?”

Wei Yan Er stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry. “Just wait and see!”

After the night, everyone logged in and gathered together at 9:00 in the morning. Surprisingly, Wei Yan Er was there.

Zhang Yang asked suspiciously. “Little brat! Did you skip school?!”

“Skip school?” Wei Yan Er patted her flat chest and said proudly: "I took leave like an honest person!"

Han Ying Xue quickly interjected her. “Yan Er, lighter! Not so hard! If you pat any harder it might concave in!”

“HAN YING XUE!” The little brat was triggered ever so easily. Like a cat’s tail being stepped on suddenly.

“How did you even manage to apply a leave? Did you really say you wanted to play some games?” Zhang Yang asked while resisting his laughter.

Wei Yan Er looked at Zhang Yang with a hidden message “You’re an idiot” and said, “My cousin called the school principle and said that I had a fever! That settled it!”

Zhang Yang turned over and stared at Han Ying Xue, who was still wearing a smug on her face. “What kind of cousin are you? Are you purposely trying to destroy the budding flower of the country? You’d know that this little brat is already stupid! Why did you stopp her from actually learning?”

“Hey! Noob tank! Who says I’m stupid!” Wei Yan Er stomped the ground, throwing a fit.

Han Ying Xue pout her lips and said, “Tch. What can you learn in school anyway? It’s not like you’re actually going to apply everything you’ve learnt in school! Tell me, when have you ever used the triangular formulae, or even the force or acceleration… that kinda thing… something about periodic graph or table…Widely taught but not of any importance! So tell me what’s the use of learning it in the first place? Yan Er will one day take over her father’s business! She only needs to learn what she needs to learn! To be frank, she went to school to learn about people and business relationship! That’s the important lesson that could only be learned on the job!”

Wei Yan Er was grinning all the way and scoffed Zhang Yang provocatively.


1Fujoshi is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of novels that feature romantic relationships between men (Yaoi).

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