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MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (Web Novel) - Chapter 183 — Nazghoul

Chapter 183: Nazghoul

Those who had low HP could easily retreat and heal back up, but those who were dead could only watch the event from White Jade Castle! It’s time to let the NPCs to take one for the team!

All 3 guilds fell back and made way for the rushing NPC army to take the lead in the war.

A knight in shining armor, riding a white horse rushed to the head of the army and cried, “Soldiers of White Jade Castle! Fight for the Empire! Fight for your nation!”


With a sudden strong war cry, the NPC army rushed forward and charge into the monster army.

Zhang Yang bellowed. “Kill the demons!”


Zhang Yang’s approach to using the NPC army at his disposal was rather different compared to the others. In contrast, at the other side of the battlefield, many other players had been cowering behind the army’s back, letting the NPCs take the brunt of the damage. By then, after two waves of monsters, their NPC army had been reduced by half, with the surviving ones left with very little HP.

With the NPC army at the front line, Zhang Yang’s side had it easy now. Working together with the NPCs, the players on this side of the battlefield were having a much easier time at killing the incoming threats. The pressure was significantly lessened.

50 minutes into the war.

‘Ding! The second wave boss Nazghoul has appear!’

The system notification rang and a huge, 20-meter-tall demon spawned. It was extremely distinguishable as its entire body was red in color. The demon strode towards the players, creating strong tremors as each step hit the earth!

The smaller demons had stopped spawning.

[Nazghoul] (Gray-Silver, Demon)

Level: 52

HP: 12,000,000

Defense: 500

“WTF?! What a big ass monster. Is that still considered a demon? I thought demons were mostly human sized.” said Endless Starlight as he saw the monster approaching. “If that’s the case, then we are the ones who are mini-sized!”

Be it by luck, or chance, whatever you call it, Naghoul was heading straight for Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang turned around and cried out to his charges. “Prepare to fight the boss! Remember the strategy! Move and spread out!”

All players from the 3 guilds started to move around to form a huge net like formation to surround the boss. The net consisted of 2 circular formations with the inner circle prepared to fight the boss and the outer circle ready to fight off other players that intended to KS the boss! With all 3 guilds working together, excluding Lost Paradise, Lone Desert Smoke and Crimson Rage were recognized super guilds, no players would dare to even try KSing the boss, unless The Dominators and Sky High actually formed an alliance to defeat them.

After all, everybody belonged to White Jade Castle. If you did not bump into them at one particular street, you would eventually bump into to them on another. If they wanted to try fighting for the boss, they would have to measure their own capability first!


Zhang Yang set off like a gust wind and collided with the boss. Zhang Yang used <Blood Rage> and gained 30 Rage. He then immediately cast <Destructive Smash> and <Cripple Defense>.

Spouting some random gibberish, Nazghoul cried and begun to move both its claws around like a tai-chi master. Apparently it was trying to cast a <Fire Ball>.



The <Fire Ball> blasted Zhang Yang directly, causing rather significant damage. That was not all, the <Fire Ball> seemed to have an AoE effect that caused a fan of fire to spread 3 meters around Zhang Yang. A few other tanks who were close to Zhang Yang had received around 4000 damage.

Nazghoul’s <Fire Ball> attack power was at around 5000. With the AoE effect of the attack, other tanks had taken 450 more damage than Zhang Yang since they did not possess any equipment that had damage absorption ability.

Zhang Yang took note of that and quickly made a decision. “All melee attackers move to the boss’s back! Make sure everyone stays at least 3 meters away from me!”

Bang Bang Boom Boom!

All elite players from 3 guilds started their attacks ferociously.

After 5 layers of <Cripple Defense>, the boss still had 300 Defense, but Zhang Yang had <Eagle Eye>. To him, any monster or boss that faced him would have zero defense after Zhang Yang had stacked sufficient <Cripple Defense>. For Zhang Yang alone, all attacks would technically be at their maximum strength without any restriction! An unrestricted attack by Zhang Yang was so strong that it could really send anyone’s jaw dropping.

Without talking about about Crimson Rage or Lost Paradise, even the players from Lone Desert Smoke who have never joined Zhang Yang in his elite raiding party, were all gasping as they saw how devastating their own guild master was.

“Eh, Panda, you said that Zhan Yu was a Guardian, right?”

“No…No…I er…It must be fake!”

“I mean look at that damage!”

Listening to other guild member chattering about the prowess of their own guild master, the members of Lone Desert Smoke were rather honored and proud! Even when they were not the ones tanking the boss, they could feel the glory and pride of having Zhang Yang as their own guild master.

90%, 80%…

Although Nazghoul’s HP was at least 2,000,000 more than the previous boss, Bangla, Zhang Yang’s side consisted of 3 guild’s elite forces. Their firepower was stronger than Sky High alone. So, even with more HP than Bangla, the boss was dying at a faster rate!

At the other side of the battlefield, The Dominators were standing idly.

“Boss, aren’t we taking that boss as well?”

Humbly Gentleman immediately replied without thinking. “Of course we are taking that boss! I don’t care if we miss the other boss, we must take the one from Zhan Yu! It’s him that I want to KS the most!”

“But boss…Zhan Yu’s own Lone Desert Smoke had two other guild backing his back. That’s Crimson Rage and Lost Paradise! I also think that when we were KSing the boss from Sky High, they probably saw us! We might eventually have to face hostility from 4 g…”

That player did not dare to finish his sentence. The message was clearly understood.

Humbly Gentleman pondered slightly. “As long as we make the first move, the smaller guilds would not just stand idly by. It will be the same as before! Hmph! How could I ever let them take the boss so easily! Get ready! We will make our move at 20% HP!”

Although Zhang Yang had ful control of the boss’ aggro, it would still occasionally cast <Fire Ball> at a random direction! Every time the boss cast the skill, it always dealt 5000 damage to other players! The damage was strong! This, was the specialty of a field boss! It would almost always possess strong AoE damage!

Although the healers were doing their very best, they could not completely prevent events of instant deaths! Casualties will always occur in every battle. After around 400 deaths, the players had managed to reduce the boss’ HP down to 20%!

Humbly Gentleman cried out. “Brothers! We are taking the boss!”


An army of players were charging towards the boss.

Zhang Yang immediately had an idea and commanded his troops. “Open up, let them pass through!”

Everyone was baffled but obeyed his words nevertheless. The players around made an opening and gave way to the players from The Dominators.

Zhang Yang quickly turned around and kited the boss towards The Dominators. With a quick <Charge>, Zhang Yang was right in the middle of the crowd.


The boss cast a <Fire Ball> and hit Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang took the damage, also causing nearby players to take the damage as well!

Those players who only had a full set of Green-Copper equipment would only have 4500 HP at most! The attack from the boss was enough to instantly kill those players! Wherever Zhang Yang ran to, the players from The Dominators were mowed down like weeds.


Constant “-5000!” damage texts kept on floating up by as many more players were massacred! By borrowing the strength of the boss, Zhang Yang rushed into the crowd of players from The Dominators and killed more than 1000 players from their main attacking force!

Humbly Gentleman quickly turned pale as he saw what was happening. “K-Kill! KILL ZHAN YU!”

Zhang Yang laughed at his feeble words and led the boss to the death of more players. With quick reactions, Zhang Yang survived the onslaught with <Shield Wall>, <Substitute> and other skills.

The strength of The Dominators was not as strong as the combine forces of 3 guilds, but they had still dared to move against them. In turn, they wanted to incur the greed of other smaller guilds around. As those players charged in with no one in particular to be blamed for trying to KS from a super guild, the Dominators could then follow through for the steal! However, Zhang Yang had borrowed the strength of the boss and instantly killed thousands of The Dominators. The greedy players who were meant to be collaterals in the frivolous scheme were left shivering in fear, if The Dominators had failed to raid the boss, how could they possibly do so?

The Dominators initially had more than 10,000 men. They had lost around 700 when they pulled off that stunt on Sky High’s boss. Additionally, they had also lost around 300 men while facing the monster waves, even after having the NPC army fighting at the front lines. Finally, the Zhang Yang-boss union had killed over 2000 of their players. Their remaining players had been drastically reduced to around 7000! What else were they left with to fight the alliance of 3 guilds?

On the other side of the field, Sky High had come into the fray; to join the fight against The Dominators!

Dropping everything in hand, The Dominators retreated back to the top of the slope, leaving behind another 1000 more dead players. It was just like losing their wallets and returning home to find their house burned down; truly a series of unfortunate events!

Humbly Gentleman was stamping on the ground angrily. He could never have predicted that Zhang Yang would actually lead the boss to them and use its strength to butcher his own men! Like a butterfly effect, one action will lead to another. The Dominators had successfully incited the greed of others. This fault, Humbly Gentleman could only swallow by himself.

5%, 3%, 1%, 0%!

Nazghoul let out an ear-piercing shriek and fell over, equipment and items bursting out of it as it did.

Zhang Yang reacted hastily and quickly picked up all the shiny equipment and a few skill books.

Snow Seeker and Crimson Fire came by with a flash and picked up the items as fast as they could. But they were not as quick as Zhang Yang; the only loots that they could pick up were a few Green-Copper equipment. The good stuff was all in Zhang Yang inventory! Even though they were in an alliance, they were not in the same party! That was why, even with party leader distribution mode, others would still have the authority to loot items.

“Zhan Yu guild master…” Snow Seeker was rather straightforward. Without saying anything else, she thrust her hand out, gesturing expectantly.

Zhang Yang laughed. “Relax, I was worried that the good stuff might get taken by someone else!”

“You have sharp eyes, man! There isn’t a single piece of Gray-Silver equipment left!” said Crimson Fire as he snickered.

Zhang Yang gave both Crimson Fire and Snow Seeker 3 Gray-Silver equipment each. “There are 8 of them in total. I’ll take one for the team and keep two for myself! Erhm…let me have some Green-Copper equipment for a change!”

Crimson Fire was rather delighted and gladly gave Zhang yang 4 Green-Copper equipment as a trade for the 3 Gray-Silver equipment. For Lost Paradise, it was an extremely rare case for them to obtain any level 50 Gray-Silver equipment. Even with back-breaking effort and a die-hard attitude, the guild had only been able to obtain the Gray-Silver equipment after raiding two bosses from the Castle Interior dungeon. To them, it was the best achievement they could ever obtain. Everyone smiled from ear to ear as Lost Paradise returned to their own position.

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